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  1. SJR vs Phillipsburg stream.... https://t.co/tDCMFVEOHV?amp=1
  2. PC got stomped by Wayne Valley.......ouch....maybe schedule St MArys next year......
  3. heard Iona prep is pretty good this year....is this a close game for bosco? so calpreps has these scores...... SJR 38 - 14 over Phillipsburg BC 63 - 3 over Smyrna Bosco 28 - 14 over Iona Prep
  4. the dude interviewing Joe needs to take a class in investigative journalism. I had differences with GSB, do not believe he is scamming anyone. BS saga is just that....no difference then eastern christian...or red lion etc from MD....they just seem shady playing on friday and saturday.
  5. to be clear....Imagoodboynow does not speak for SJR....where as I would welcome the challenge of Mater Dei...but not feasible in this scenario. Even Nashville or Chicago are bit far as this needs to a regional bus ride. But we will take what we can get on short notice.
  6. well for all the NY State schools who want a piece ..come a get it....any and all help would be appreciated by this forum. all the best. any ideas or leads, DM. have direct line to our coach and President of the school
  7. you should get a one way ticket to afghanistan and be the press secretary for the taliban. go jump in a lake.
  8. Pretty sure they already do....2015 St Eds state championship team suffered one lose to Saint Joseph Regional....and they beat Bergen Catholic by 3 pts. .the more you know !! Date TBA Time TBA Stow-Munroe FallsStow Neutral • Playoff W45-7Box Score Recap Sat, 8/29 6:00pm GilmanBaltimore, MD Neutral • Non-Conference W14-13Box Score Recap Sat, 9/5 7:00pm GlenvilleCleveland Home • Non-Conference W52-20Box Score Recap Sat, 9/12 1:00pm St. Joseph RegionalMontvale, NJ Away • Non-Conference L22-20Box Score Recap Sat, 9/19 7:00pm ElderCincinnati Home • Non-Conference W31-20Box Score Recap Sat, 9/26 1:00pm Bergen CatholicOradell, NJ Home • Non-Conference W31-28Box Score Recap Sat, 10/3 2:00pm CocoaFL Home • Non-Conference W24-14Box Score Recap Sat, 10/10 2:00pm MainlandDaytona Beach, FL Home • Non-Conference W47-28Box Score Recap Sat, 10/17 2:00pm C Canada Prep Academy Neutral • Non-Conference W42-10Box Score Recap Sat, 10/24 5:00pm Archbishop MoellerCincinnati Home • Non-Conference W49-17Box Score Recap Sat, 10/31 2:00pm St. IgnatiusCleveland Home • Conference W35-28Box Score Recap Sat, 11/7 7:00pm Cleveland Heights Neutral • Playoff W20-12Box Score Recap Sat, 11/14 7:00pm Mentor Neutral • Playoff W34-10Box Score Recap Sat, 11/21 7:00pm Euclid Neutral • Playoff W33-0Box Score Recap Sat, 12/5 3:00pm WayneHuber Heights Neutral • Playoff W45-35Box Score Recap Print
  9. Planted the seed of a Super Regional Catholic league with our President at game...Big 3 / MD catholic league / Philly Catholics. Have a set rotation every year keep our travel costs down and national competitive games.
  10. Final thoughts ...was at game. SJR started slow...QB looked shaky. Give credit to SJR staff, make in game adjustments in the first half. too many mental mistakes by SJR. SJR O-Line played better than my expectation. Key holding penalty on final drive was a killer. Smiechowski is a baller...Columbia getting a good one. #2 needs to get fed the ball more. NO TE hurts. Overall, SJR competed and gave themselves a shot to win the game. Young teams, need to learn how to win and hopefully they will figure out this season. Good win by GC, and we travel to them next year.
  11. Vito needs to get some new T-shirt s Burgin Catholic with waterboy graphics !!!!! hoban coach blows also
  12. GSB - you tell they are virtual ... u can see and feel their delay ... just saying but quality camera work
  13. Ok - the goat monkeys were touting this kid .... where did their QB go ? Mentor ? Ed’s Or iggies ?
  14. To all D1 coaches do not ... do not offer Hoban QB a scholarship ... move on ... play another position .. ypu are not good Bc sack / fumble on Hoban 20
  15. Hill billy goat monkey - it’s called finishing your run not falling forward 28-7 BC
  16. There in Austin Texas .. FlO HQ
  17. Wow ... 3 attempts at Bergen name ... what the fuck ... fuckety fuck
  18. Tell color guy to stop talking over the plays and shut his pie hole ... ur not Romo on FLO ....
  19. I am definitely sending a haterade email to FLO ... the color guy cannot say Bergen but has said burgin like 10 fing times ... ... if BC had more pizans starting the color guys head would explode trying to pronounce the names . Also don’t care about your non career at the Hilltoppers #goatmonkey
  20. Hoban is bad ... this should not be this close ....
  21. The PA announcer is way better than the goat monkeys
  22. 14-7 ... BC defense cannot contain the Edge ... horrible plays by both ends letting a athlete over rated Hoban QB pick them apart on 2 plays
  23. Burgen Catholic —- again WTF
  24. Please tell them these goat monkeys are not calling the SJR game !!!!!
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