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  1. Tell FLO you need dudes from Jersey calling all of these games ... these guys are asshats
  2. BC 7-0 .... BC caused fumble by Hoban on their 15 yard line 4/1 run from 5 yard lone
  3. Please GSB for love of God ... get rid of these announcers .... the worst
  4. Color guy - butler from BC is committed to Princeton., thats a very intelligent school . WTF the wtf ... paying 20$ a month for an idiot announcer from waterboy
  5. These announcers are horrible ... GSB tell FLO to hire Dan long.... dudes can barely speak proper English
  6. Like Dan as well....no homer....knows his stuff...so whats the line on BC vs Hoban ? pick em ...Hoban by -3 etc
  7. can you watch replays after the game ????
  8. who are the announcers for this game? works out well....hopefully BC wins for NJ and then go out watch Yanks go for lucky 13
  9. can someone post link. Thanks
  10. as noted above, SJR graduated another stellar class and its reload time. OL is probably biggest concern with only 2 starters returning but plenty of depth to fill out including a nasty Conor Mcallen at RT at 6 4 295. Skill players should be very good with talented WR's all over, Luke Tucci at RB is a meatball with legs, think Giants Joe Morriss...gets it done. QB is also the big question, as heralded Luke Heinrich takes the reins at QB as a JR. Athletic, strong, fast, great arm. SJR has been waiting to see if this is the next great SJR QB ! Defense - All world Wrestler Mullen has been moved to DE , insane athletic will give GC tackle run for his money....hand speed advantage no doubt...LBs will be interesting replacing Monte who set the bar and is a top 10 all time SJR LB..( we have made many stud LBs)....Smiechoski will be leading the LBs with Raguan Harvey (soph) with LSU offer....entire secondary returns. should be interesting game...would think GC is gonna be bigger with SJR countering with maybe better team speed.
  11. Gents - any body have an overview of Good Counsel prior to the game this saturday vs SJR. Will post various previews of SJR etc. Thanks
  12. tell that to lower third of this country....
  13. Redzone- the game was in 2012 at Annapolis. the final score was 14-10 GC. They won on a bomb in the rain towards the end of the game. Thats point #1. Number #2, their Head Coach wanted no part of the two way contract next year and canceled bc he saw how loaded our soph / Junior class was and was happy to escape with a win. The 2013 SJR team absolutely spanked a top 15 national team in Dematha 42`14. So let's recalibrate on the word spanked, Like I just spanked your ass on this thread !!!!! @RedZone
  14. this is the historical all tine by state ,,,,this does not include 2021....NJ top ten.... https://www.businessinsider.com/us-olympic-gold-medals-by-state-map-2014-1
  15. anyway POST 2 Gold Medals for NJ...........
  16. Great game --- SJR's Matt Turner ...2012 alum,, another clean sheet...Goal keeper of the Gold Cup
  17. Hopefully all will go as planned and the field will be done in time for the home game vs Good Counsel on 8/28
  18. That is actually very nice of you and much appreciated. Not that we need the cash but its a very nice gesture. A heartfelt thanks
  19. 2013 SJR vs #5 Dematha 42-14 for a huge win for SJR Spence Aukamp QB highlights - https://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/spencer-aukamp/s0JyQPTyEeKZ5AAmVebBJg/videos.htm?videoid=8ae99e44-9a5b-4b87-9ccf-a56be11bb6e9
  20. will be at SJR vs GC in person....still not sure why we are not offering our own service
  21. wonder what Zack says about GC not coming north to play SJR in 2013 after our loss by to GC in annapolis in 2012 14-10.....2013 SJR was beast mode.....
  22. your entire statement is pure conjecture. no one has any idea who win these games until they actually play games....and yes our publics suck so we have to fill our schedules with OOS....so $ and returns factor in....going to Cali to play is a 80k trip....so we have done it and will continue to ....a regional Catholic super league makes sense for the BIG 3 or 4 w SPP / Philly / MD / Baltimore.....
  23. and more.....we have done this ad nausem....NJ has traveled more than most.....This has been documented before....pretty sure there is post someplace with all of OOS games....point being we dont have to defend ourselves...we have made our bones many times over ....all from the Big 3......wonder if the jackass from the cajun state even knows who the " Big 3 " are??????
  24. ooohhhhh......SJR is ranked #80 and Desoto is ranked #34...oh my god....really scary.....in our past we have beaten the #5 ranked team in the country in Dematha.....and beat St Eds when the won it all in ohio and only lost to SJR that year.....rankings are that chauncey.....and if it matters....we play #10 SFA #12 Bergen Catholic (NJ) # 40 Good Counsel / #59 Saint Peters (NJ) ...etc we lost half our starters and 3/5s of our offensive line....and this our schedule....any time.....they say in texas dont mess with texas...signs all over the roads... in reality don't fuck with Jersey....we know where the bodies are buried
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