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  1. Say what you will about Lake Placid but it's an accredited school where, as far as I know, a parent didn't stab two of the players on the team during practice.
  2. MIAA doing some major realignment which will impact OOS games @CODBEARD Pallotti to the A Conference and Loyola to the B Conference being the most notable moves. A Conference: McDonogh, Gilman, Calvert Hall, Saint Vincent Pallotti, Mount Saint Joseph, Archbishop Spalding B Conference: Loyola, Concordia Prep, Boys' Latin, Saint Paul's, Archbishop Curley, Saint Mary's, John Carroll, Annapolis Area Christian C Conference: Saint John's Catholic Prep, Mount Carmel, Severn Lot of B Conference coaches upset they allowed Loyola back into the league as a B Conference school. Th
  3. Do you ever wonder what Dusty's end game was? Like if it wasn't for COVID, what then? What possible excuse could he have come up with to justify continuing the scam? It's beyond delusional. I don't know how you can operate like that, going from one scam to another, and still look yourself in the mirror every day.
  4. Seriously, he's class of '21, should have some fake offers from Steel City Prep and Palmetto Prep the like already but nothing on his profile. Everybody gets "offers" these days, even if they're from D3s that are only offering a roster spot or from "prep schools" that are more like club teams. I saw a kid post his "Top 10" the other day. It was 7 bad D3s, 2 horrible NAIAs and a new prep school I'd never heard of that apparently is starting up in MD this fall. Class of 21 is getting screwed hard with everyone getting extra eligibility and the grifters and con-artists are swarming right now. If
  5. I like how GSB had to start a new thread because BS was getting shit on so much in the other one. Wendywoowho disappeared pretty fast too.
  6. I went back and looked at some of the old USAA threads the other day for nostalgia's sake. Interesting to note that KW appears to have deleted all of his tweets referencing USAA and ditto for GSB with all of his posts, the only ones surviving are quoted posts. A lot of Dusty's various and sundry business pages appear to have disappeared as well. Coach Clay still doesn't appear to have gotten the memo, his tweets about his whirlwind experience as the head coach of the most prestigious football academy in the world are all still up. All the other major players seem to have metaphorically burned
  7. Don’t need to, you guys need better opsec if you’re going to try to be all secretive.
  8. Can't believe COVID's been around so long we're diving in to USAA Round 2. If they weren't screwing over so many kids I'd almost welcome the distraction. I have to say "we won't tell you where our school is unless you call a random unlisted number so we can vet (Google search) you" is pretty high up there on the sketchy scale. Even Dusty had a web presence beyond a twitter and had a PO box and mailing address. Apologies for recycling an old USAA meme. If Children of Bishop Sullivan's Faith or whatever they're calling themselves to hide from the bank this week establishes some staying
  9. No, I'm saying reputable hsfb programs that aren't the level of DM and SJC aren't scheduling them because they know they'll get their asses handed to them and decided they'd rather play other teams more comparable to them in talent. This leaves the DMs and SJCs of the world woefully short of home games and they have to take games versus literally whomever is willing to play them, namely the disreputable programs I mentioned previously, just to fill their schedule. You think if DM could find literally any other school in the DMV they'd still play BS or one of the random Canadian teams? Hell no.
  10. Because BS would travel to ISIS Prep if they cut a big enough check and the aforementioned programs can't fill schedules because actual reputable teams have better scheduling options than "get paid to take an ass whooping from a recruited-up all-star team." The BS's of the world are no different than the myriad of "colleges" that popped up to play body bag games against D2/FCS schools in the early-mid 2010s until the NCAA and NAIA finally banned their members from playing them. Amazing how quickly schools set up to "help kids live their dreams" close up once those kids can't be exploited
  11. For those interested in seeing what football looks like in other countries, the second half of the Italian U14 (essentially middle school) is live now on YouTube featuring teams from Rome and Turin playing in Florence. They play 5-on-5 because there aren’t a lot of tackle players at the U14 level.
  12. I must have missed SJP's players from France, VA, FL, etc... all living in school provided housing paid for by the HC in total contravention of PCL league rules #FalseEquivalency #ApplestoOranges #TeamsWithCoachesWhoCanActuallyCoachFootballDontNeedNationalAllStarTeamsToWinStates
  13. Dove is AWOL; I'm at more MIAA events than he his and I don't even live in this country full-time anymore. I've not seen Dove make an in-person appearance in over 3 years. It may be a Weekend at Bernie's situation at this point. Side note: good money McDonogh won't play. Probably not Gilman either. Same with most of the B Conference schools. I could see Spalding, CHC and MSJ trying to work something out with the Philly Catholic League.
  14. I could probably write a book on that topic. As soon as accredited online education became a thing, sketchy "schools" offering football really took off. The first one I remember being really aware of was "Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy" about a decade ago. That's a real (tiny) military school in Southern Maryland but it turns out the team had absolutely no affiliation with them whatsoever. They just took their name and tried to convince the MPSSAA they were totally a real school team and should be sanctioned to play MPSSAA schools. In reality they were pretty much a homeschool team that en
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