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  1. Definitely kid was a nonqualifier and/or serious off the field concerns. To have a 3* not end up anywhere is a serious red flag. Most FCS schools would kill each other to add an additional 3* and within a 2 or so hour drive of SFA's campus you have Towson, Howard, Georgetown, Delaware, Delaware State, Villanova, UPenn and Morgan State so it's not like there aren't multiple FCS schools in his backyard that could have offered him. FCS's don't pass on a 3* for being "fat." It's one thing when a public school can't get a kid past the (ridiculously low) Clearinghouse bar, for a private school
  2. It'd be one thing if they were legitimately good without all the sketchy transfers/reclasses. It'd be one thing if Biff wasn't an egotistical asshole who delights in taking the best team money can buy and running the score up on whatever poor teenage boys from Canada, Connecticut, prison or an indoor soccer arena they happen to be playing most weeks. SFA manages to do both and then whines when most schools want nothing to do with them Biff has been an ass for years but when he was at Gilman they kept him on a pretty tight leash because despite all his money, Gilman had more and Biff was
  3. IMG game was played at Morgan State which seats 10,000+. That game drew maybe 2-3k, granted that's about 10x their normal attendance so maybe they were so dazzled by the "big" crowd it seemed like a sell out. Also, as far as games people actually care about, not the most important game in Baltimore that week, let alone its history. Would rank it below any decent rivalry game as 99% of Baltimoreans could care less about two football academies trying to see who can out-recruit the other.
  4. Because Harbaugh (who like Biff can never win the big one) is the only major college coach dumb enough to allow the Poggi circus in town so in return Biff pushes kids there even if it's not in the kid's best interest. Biff's other son played at Iowa and Kirk Ferentz was smart enough to keep Biff as far away as humanly possible.
  5. Believe it or not, Poggi played a main role in getting the Sun forum shut down too. He was tired of getting shit on and all his lies being exposed on there. They closed it down right around the time the MIAA schools refused to play SFA because the Sun and Poggi's personal lapdog Kathy Dunn were parroting the "MIAA= racist" narrative and they didn't want any dissenting opinions out there. Just to hammer home your "Poggi can't win the big one narrative.": against teams ranked higher than his team since 2009 his record is 1-15. He's 6-14 against teams ranked in the top 100 nationally in thi
  6. Hopefully HBO made sure there's no loopholes in the contract in case Poggi and SFA ever have a falling out. NFL films made a great documentary on McDonogh-Gilman for the 100th game back in 2015 but Poggi managed to get it nuked from existence when he left Gilman. You can't find it online anywhere and as far as I know neither school has it. That's next level petty, even for Biff.
  7. I’ll never not be impressed by McD’s campus. They were blessed with those 1,000+ acres. I always wished we played more public schools. Maybe just one or two a year. McD didn’t play a single public from the mid-90s until 2003 or from ‘04 until ‘13. We played the public McDonough in ‘03 at their place and didn’t play one again until Franklin in ‘13 or ‘14. Saturday games were the worst and we played a lot of them until DHB paid for lights. I was partial to the 3:00 Friday kickoffs tho, especially as we usually played terrible B conference teams in those games. Running clock win an
  8. Reminiscing about the good old days has been a lot of fun, definitely more than talking about some recruited up all-star team. This is the real Baltimore football community. A coach like Sean Murphy at Curley actually did all the good Biff claims to have done with 1/1,000 of the resources and without ever seeking attention. He took kids from awful situations, got them a great Catholic education and got them out of Baltimore. And he developed the unheralded kids coming to him with no offers and no 8th grade All-American accolades. You see the worst Baltimore has to offer on the drive into Archb
  9. Deonte Harris is a typical Curley kid too. Partial scholarship to D2 Assumption, works his ass off, makes multiple All-American teams, goes undrafted, makes the Saints roster as a UDFA and then is a Pro Bowl KR in his rookie season. Matt Hatton who is the AD at Curley now and I go way back. I always try to swing buy when I'm in the area. I love B Conference football, reminds me of what the A Conference once was. Plus a lot of them still play the 3:30 Friday kickoffs which means you can go hit their game and a 7:00 MIAA A or public school game in the same day with time for dinner in betwe
  10. Curley was definitely the Catholic school for the working man's sons from Essex, Dundalk or Sparrow Point. I once met a Curley lineman whose dad was a Baltimore City beat cop and mom worked in Baltimore City corrections. Hard to get much more tough nosed/blue collar than that. Pretty representative of that group in my experience. Agree on the all-black unis and Princeton helmet. With those Sean Murphy coached teams you knew you were in for a four quarter dogfight in a phonebooth. Murph is HC of a startup 8-man football program at a tiny Catholic school in the Greenville, NC area now. In o
  11. Nothing but fond memories of the Curley Bowl. From the terraced seating that was BYOC (bring your own chair) to the worst grass I've played on anywhere to the neighborhood kids clinging to the fences shouting "y'all white boys gonna get yo ass beat today" as we entered the venue. Then you had to face Curley running the double wing with 4 tiny but crazy fast backs and an all 300+ lb OL who Coach Dom once referred to as "looking like the midnight shift at McDonald's." They've since gentrified and gotten turf and now it's surrounded by new mixed-income apartments and townhomes on 3 sides and
  12. Damn, Biff let you up for air long enough to reply but didn't bother to arm you with basic facts or any new counterattacks to the truth. It's a fact that SFA was a member of good standing with the MIAA/IAAM with 100% minority enrollment until Biff Poggi took over there. It's a fact that SFA dominated boys/girls basketball for years and no one complained because they followed the rules and won with local talent. It's a fact that since Biff Poggi has arrived at SFA, the number of African-American students and percentage of minority enrollment in the school has dropped. It's a fact
  13. Does Biff at least look you in the eye from time to time when you bend over and take it for him on a daily basis?
  14. Dove is AWOL; I'm at more MIAA events than he his and I don't even live in this country full-time anymore. I've not seen Dove make an in-person appearance in over 3 years. It may be a Weekend at Bernie's situation at this point. Side note: good money McDonogh won't play. Probably not Gilman either. Same with most of the B Conference schools. I could see Spalding, CHC and MSJ trying to work something out with the Philly Catholic League.
  15. Biff is broke! SAD!
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