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  1. I think he meant FERPA (Federal Educational Rights Privacy Act) lmao... I guess Slapout, Alabama won't be the new mecca of HSFB after all.
  2. There really aren't any rules and that's the problem. There is absolutely no oversight of these programs and they're all run by snake oil salesmen selling hopes and dreams to kids with no other options. Nobody is checking and making sure the kids are actually enrolled in a CC or taking the right classes to get an AA or to get their grades up to transfer. They're just expensive semi-pro programs wearing the veneer of a "college prep school" to trick kids into thinking that if they just play one more year they'll get those grades up and get that D1 scholarship. Maybe 1 in 25 or worse goes on to college. The rest get scammed out of a few thousand and spend a year living 40 people to a 4-bedroom house or in a recently abandoned motel. A few years back guys were doing this but claiming to be an actual college and playing college teams up to and including FCS programs. The first one was "College of Faith" and was started by a homeless street preacher from Memphis. These teams would schedule teams that either needed a win or needed a home game and get blown out in exchange for having their travel expenses paid and a guarantee paid to them as well. These schools eventually got blacklisted by the NCAA but not before a bunch of programs set all their records against a team of guys paying to attended an unaccredited, online only "Bible College." The takeaway from all this should be that there's a lot of Dusty Devaughn's (snake oil salesmen in way over their heads) out there and very few Biff Poggi's, i.e. people who actually have the money to follow through with their grandiose plans of building a football powerhouse no matter the cost. Here's some further reading on some scandals involving these kinds of schools for those interested: - Nation Christian Academy (2018, USA Today) - Redemption Christian College (2015, USA Today) - North Carolina Tech (2011, ESPN) - Arizona Prep Sports Academy (2016, Arizona Daily Star) - Jireh Prep (2016, Courthouse News) - College of Faith and University of Faith (2014, Reddit) - College of Faith and University of Faith, Part 2 (2014, Reddit) - College of Faith, Part 3 (2015, New York Post) - College of Faith and University of Faith, Part 4 (2016, Reddit) As you can see, these schools have been operating on the periphery of the football world for at least a decade. Nobody has ever really cared enough to do a deep dive into them though because they didn't do something stupid like start their school and program with a news conference with stadium renderings and then hire one of the biggest names in HSFB to be their HC and then schedule a huge number of big name HSFB programs with actual fan bases because no one could be that dumb, right?
  3. MTI Prep is pretty bog standard for the new wave of "prep schools" that have popped up in the past decade. It's really exploded in the last few years. Generally they're founded by coaches or whomever who realize what it's surprisingly affordable to start your own football team and get that "HC" title. They charge the kids a few grand for equipment/gear/housing/meals and then the kids have to pay to go to classes at a community college near wherever the school is located on top of that. Usually the guys in charge go in with decent intentions but then either end up in over their head or start taking more and more of the money for themselves. Florida has become a hotbed for them, there's got to be at least 8 operating in the state now. Part of that is due to the fact that Florida doesn't allow public community colleges to field football teams. Combine that with Florida having a reputation (at least when I was coaching college football) for having lots of great athletes with terrible grades and Florida being an attractive location to pull kids from all over the country and you get a perfect environment for these sketchy programs to thrive. There are also simply not enough traditional prep schools to support the demand/need for them so it really is a simple supply/demand thing where the free market is providing options (however shitty they might be) to compensate. Delaware has actually had one of these programs for several years, going by the name "Delaware Gamecocks." Maryland has "Maryland Prep" as well. Most of these programs last a year or two before folding so it's hard to keep track of them all. I don't really try to keep track of them but do make note of them as they pop up and try to warn people about throwing away a year of their life and $8-10k for nothing.
  4. To add to the questions: are you legally permitted to divulge the whereabouts of the "founder" of USAA?
  5. Any of the USAA reclassers good enough for SFA? Poggi isn't running a charity operation.
  6. He's already moved on to the CIA cultists. Hopefully all the schools that scheduled USAA put a hefty no-show/cancellation fee in their contracts, though I wish them luck collecting it.
  7. If there's a shift to online instruction it will be the death knell for a lot of schools. I know I would advise anyone who asked who was a freshmen or sophomore with gen eds remaining to go spend $6,000 for a semester at a community college vs. $20-60k at a 4-year school. There were plenty of colleges circling the drain before this mess as the number of high school aged kids is dropping and continuing to drop. States like OH and PA simply have too many colleges. They built up these massive public college systems in the 50s and 60s when the population was much larger. Now that people are moving south and not coming back you're left with a surplus. There's no way PA needs 14 public D2 schools in addition to a dozen or so Penn State branch campuses, community college(s) in virtually every county and dozens and dozens of private colleges. On the flip side in states like Florida that are rapidly growing you are seeing new public colleges being founded. FGCU opened in 1997, moved to D1 by 2011 and now has 15k+ students. The mid-2020s will be the start of the worst of it for many colleges as there was a dramatic drop off in people having kids at the beginning of the great recession and the birth rate has never really recovered. This is a problem throughout the western world. There is no country in Europe or US/CAN/AUS/NZ/Japan where there is a positive replacement rate for the population. Hungary has gone so far as to give large income tax breaks to incentivize large nuclear families. These tax breaks increase for each child you have and once you have your 4th child you are exempt from income taxes forever.
  8. Pretty crazy coincidence that our last update from 'ol Dusty was right when the travel ban went into place. You think he did the smart thing and took all the money and hopped on a plane to a country that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the US? Be on the look out for his announcement of Ultimate Soviet Athletes Academy based in Stalingrad coming soon! #comestarvewithus #letsdie
  9. No. Unlike IMG who has a separate MaxPreps page for every team, SFA has yet to set up any sort of way to keep up with the B team. They had 2 or 3 games scheduled last year but to my knowledge they didn't play any of them.
  10. Yeah but if you don't offer scholarships to the Scientologists Tom Cruise might put a curse on you so it's not worth the risk.
  11. Certainly either would be better than our experts suggestion of West Toronto Prep. Given McDonogh already has 6 home games they could easily travel to SJP as well. Seaford (DE) and Maryland Freedom Home School are open that week but that would be like saying West Toronto Prep was their best option. I have almost no games listed for Avalon, Central Maryland Christian Home School, Green Street Academy, Maryland Christian Home School, Mount Carmel, National Christian, Royalty Institute, Saint John's Catholic Prep or SEED School, so I can't really tell what's open and what's not for those schools.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think they played a single "B" team game last year after saying they would play a full schedule.
  13. They seem to be backing off the national scheduling like the rest of the MIAA. Sule more concerned with winning percentage than a challenging schedule. Right now they're sitting at 6 home/3 away as well. They have a major P5 recruit at QB which could make the game tempting. Would be a signature game for them to keep up with MSJ, who's going to St. Iggy's on 8/29, though. Here's where they're sitting right now: McDonogh Week 0 28-Aug Concordia Prep Week 1 4-Sep at La Salle (PA) Week 2 11-Sep Saint Mary's Week 3 17-Sep Bullis Week 4 25-Sep Avalon Week 5 2-Oct at Calvert Hall Week 6 Week 7 16-Oct Mount Saint Joseph Week 8 23-Oct Archbishop Spalding Week 9 31-Oct at Gilman
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