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  1. Oh boy, is Gds Christian Academy giving me some USA Academy vibes. Down the rabbit hole we go: First off, here is their Twitter: Lots of red flags, besides the obvious copyright issues of just straight up committing identity theft on Penn State. Only 7 tweets/retweets, none since March 3rd and none mentioning the program since December 23rd, 2020. They have no website and no other social media presence. They do have a Hudl account that strangely now appears under the name of Miami International Academy, again with branding ripped straight off a college team, albeit this time mor
  2. I meant legit as in an actual school that will show up and field a team.
  3. Oh boy, let's break this down: 8/13- GDS Christian Academy (Literally Who?) 8/21- Godby (FL)- legit opponent 8/27- Canada North (CN) (one of the very average Canadian teams; also the Canadian border is still closed and Canada says you'll need vaccine passports to travel) 9/2- Milton (GA)- legit opponent 9/10- Ravenwood (TN)- legit opponent 9/17- Saint John's (DC)- legit opponent but not the SJC of years past 9/24- Silver Oak (MD)- prison school with a max population of about 60 boys 10/1- Avalon (MD)- tiny private Catholic school living off the glory of
  4. Lmao at the hard core cope from GSB here... the worst team in the WCAC just beat that SFA ass like a rented mule. Spring, summer, fall or winter... an asskicking is an asskicking. All that Poggi money and he still can't coach his way out of a paper bag
  5. I guess the long anticipated GC-SFA game scheduled for today never took place?
  6. MoCo, Baltimore City, PG County and DC more than all others, even Howard and Baltimore Counties are playing now. Sports in the more rural areas have been going on since January at least and Western MD even got on the field for a few weeks this fall. County/City Execs have gone power mad and aren't excited at the prospect of COVID winding down and them having to turn over the dictatorial powers they've gotten used to wielding over the past year so they're going to cling to them as long as possible. The funny thing is that these are supposedly the most "woke" areas of the country and care
  7. WCAC very quietly kicked off football season today. Good Counsel getting cleared to play while the Board of County Commissioners in Montgomery County won't even allow the public school teams to practice in groups of more than 25, put on pads, have any contact or use any equipment highlights the absurdity of the past year. Not to mention that this same board has cleared lacrosse and ice hockey (already been playing for two months) to play, probably because these six-figure salaried assholes have kids that play those sports and not football. Anyway, enough rants, here are the results:
  8. MD public schools will play in some areas, mostly intra-county schedules of 4-7 games, no state playoffs. As far as I know: - MD Eastern Shore (7 games) - Carroll County (6 games) - Frederick County (5 games + 1 scrimmage) - Anne Arundel County (4 games) - Allegany County (4 games) - Montgomery County (3 games) - Howard County (TBA) MIAA and WCAC appear to have given up on the idea of football this year. 12 MIAA schools played 1-3 games this fall and 12 public schools in Washington, Allegany and Garrett Counties got 2-4 games in in the fall as well
  9. Say what you will about Lake Placid but it's an accredited school where, as far as I know, a parent didn't stab two of the players on the team during practice.
  10. MIAA doing some major realignment which will impact OOS games @CODBEARD Pallotti to the A Conference and Loyola to the B Conference being the most notable moves. A Conference: McDonogh, Gilman, Calvert Hall, Saint Vincent Pallotti, Mount Saint Joseph, Archbishop Spalding B Conference: Loyola, Concordia Prep, Boys' Latin, Saint Paul's, Archbishop Curley, Saint Mary's, John Carroll, Annapolis Area Christian C Conference: Saint John's Catholic Prep, Mount Carmel, Severn Lot of B Conference coaches upset they allowed Loyola back into the league as a B Conference school. Th
  11. Do you ever wonder what Dusty's end game was? Like if it wasn't for COVID, what then? What possible excuse could he have come up with to justify continuing the scam? It's beyond delusional. I don't know how you can operate like that, going from one scam to another, and still look yourself in the mirror every day.
  12. Seriously, he's class of '21, should have some fake offers from Steel City Prep and Palmetto Prep the like already but nothing on his profile. Everybody gets "offers" these days, even if they're from D3s that are only offering a roster spot or from "prep schools" that are more like club teams. I saw a kid post his "Top 10" the other day. It was 7 bad D3s, 2 horrible NAIAs and a new prep school I'd never heard of that apparently is starting up in MD this fall. Class of 21 is getting screwed hard with everyone getting extra eligibility and the grifters and con-artists are swarming right now. If
  13. I like how GSB had to start a new thread because BS was getting shit on so much in the other one. Wendywoowho disappeared pretty fast too.
  14. I went back and looked at some of the old USAA threads the other day for nostalgia's sake. Interesting to note that KW appears to have deleted all of his tweets referencing USAA and ditto for GSB with all of his posts, the only ones surviving are quoted posts. A lot of Dusty's various and sundry business pages appear to have disappeared as well. Coach Clay still doesn't appear to have gotten the memo, his tweets about his whirlwind experience as the head coach of the most prestigious football academy in the world are all still up. All the other major players seem to have metaphorically burned
  15. Don’t need to, you guys need better opsec if you’re going to try to be all secretive.
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