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  1. Amico, io vivo en Italia. I love the Italian people. They are the best people on earth. Kind, friendly, caring. I could go on forever. I've been all over the world and nothing beats Italy. The "Italians" in New Jersey, however, give them a terrible reputation.
  2. I swear there is no sharper contrast on earth than between Italians who stayed in Italy and those that came to America, specifically NY/NJ. I have a theory that the Italians all made a pact to convince the shittiest people in their country that America was the promised land so that they'd leave Italy for good.
  3. Is Testadura another GSB sock puppet or just another NJ grifter? Testa dura in Italian means tough nut/head if you translate it literally. In Italian-American slang it's come to mean cunning or shrewd. In real Italian slang, it means stubborn. What better name for someone of Italian heritage that happens to think they're the smartest person in the room to use for their alternate account?
  4. We're dangerously close to someone giving a pregame speech along the lines of "If the Taliban can beat the US, we can pull off this upset" GSB cashing those FloSports checks for Viagra and $1 bills I see.
  5. Just bumping this to post that another one schyster Joe's fake schools appears to be losing momentum. Backed out of playing SFA by the looks of it. https://www.maxpreps.com/high-schools/life-christian-academy-eagles-(chester,va)/football/home.htm Their schedule lists 3 wins over "varsity opponents" before the 20 point loss to Milton. Who are these three mysterious teams they beat? They play at Ravenwood and at SJC the next two weeks but after that, their schedule starts to get interesting again. On 9/24 they're supposed to play host to Silver Oak Academy, a prison school from MD who is not able to field a team this year. So scratch that game. Their next game scheduled is not until 10/15 against Royalty Institute, long time fans of the grift will remember this fake school inside of an indoor soccer complex that made the "students" bring their own wifi hotspots and had the founder himself stating that they're definitely not an accredited school on the site. Students could also discount their tuition by working for local businesses in a form of indentured servitude. Royalty is 100% defunct, head grifter in chief Cornell Wade is now the RB's coach at McDaniel College. Scratch that game too. Next on 10/22 they're supposed to play Rock Creek Christian, a 1st year football program founded by the dude who started the National Christian program. He brought all his players over and NCA has folded. They end their season on 11/5 against the best of the DC Charter schools, Friendship Collegiate. So between 9/18 and 11/5, they have 2 games on the schedule. They will play 5 real games all season. Now, who set up this masterpiece of a schedule you might ask? Why look no further than our pal at Prep Gridiron Logistics, of whom Life Christian Academy is a proud partner. What a ringing endorsement of the value of his services.
  6. Are you the drug addicted stripper in this analogy?
  7. Gentlemen, what can I say, it’s an honor and a privilege to be part of such a distinguished group. Wish GSB would have warned me, I’d have worked up an acceptance speech.
  8. Youtuber with close to 500k subscribers... nice GSB/PGL shout out at the end of the video
  9. What's the over/under on how many of them are undercover IRS/FBI/Ohio Law Enforcement etc...? "Hello this is Bob Johnson from Very Real High School. We are interested in being a client of yours. Can you please walk us through your financials."
  10. Just the board's friendly ex-pat popping in to confirm that people in fucking Europe are aware of the BS fraud and it has been brought up to me several times today by non-Americans. Also, I hope CODBEARD is reading this thread on a beach somewhere with a smile and a cold beer. He was a instrumental in exposing the USAA fraud in 2020 and I know seeing GSB fall flat on his face again will bring him joy.
  11. Deeper into the rabbit hole: reddit sleuth uncovered a fake college where many BS players get "offered" or go on to play. One of their coaches even used this "RPA College" as a defense when someone on twitter mentioned they weren't sending guys to CFB: https://old.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/peugmz/rpa_college_the_bishop_sycamore_of_colleges/ RPA college went 0-3 this past spring against TX JuCos and finished with negative total offensive yards for the season.
  12. I'd like to apologize for getting political by posting that Baghdad Bob meme last night. I know GSB is a big supporter of the Baathist Party and the glorious leader of free Iraq, Saddam Hussein (PBUH). I will refrain from all critiques of the Baathist Party going forward in his honor.
  13. GSB burner twitter? https://mobile.twitter.com/thepistol46/with_replies
  14. Didn't another coach claim in another place, that you yourself posted on the OH board, that they took their name from Zacchaeus who climbed up the sycamore tree (who was never a Bishop... but I digress). They can't even get their origin story straight.
  15. It was funny seeing Nole chime in on twitter like GSB's little pet under the PGL accounts posts defending BS. Making a bunch of false equivalencies. Don't ban GSB, this is like a soap opera to me. I love the crazy twists and turns this saga takes. Watching him come up with ever more and more ridiculous excuses. I didn't think anything could top the USA academy saga, but season 2 has me on the edge of my seat... an implosion on national TV, what a plot twist!
  16. Their certification is based on a lie. The documents you yourself posted clearly state they are certified to be an educational institution for 6-18 year olds. We have proof that there are many over the age of 18 playing for them.
  17. Good thing the BS players are all over 18. I think that game would have legally constituted child abuse if they had actual HS aged kids on their roster.
  18. Would just like to point out the fact the Bishop Sycamore is currently the #22 trending topic on American twitter... under the header "entertainment".
  19. Apology for recycled meme Where were you when Bishop Sycamore was shut out? I was in Corfu when GSB ring "Bishop Sycamore no score" "No"
  20. Seriously, you don't see me plastering the MIAA schedules all over this board, they made a conscious decision to step away from being nationally competitive and therefore don't matter to this board. I haven't heard a single alumni complaint over that decision. Harvard and Princeton don't need to play Alabama and McDonogh and Gilman don't need to play Saint Frances. Saint Frances chose to try to be IMG. They made that decision, made an ill-advised play of the race card, burning every bridge in Baltimore in the process, and now have to live with that. Also, coming at me with attacks on McDonogh isn't really the best angle. "Eaglesinsider" has been my handle for almost 10 years now, across multiple boards, because I used to be way more involved with my alma mater. Since they unceremoniously fired Dom Damico, who gave them the best 20+ years in the 148-year history of McDonogh football, without even a press release thanking him for winning every MIAA title in school history and shepherding the program from the B Conference to the A Conference, I could care less about McDonogh football. The fact that they replaced him with an assistant who had never been a coordinator at any level of football or coached anywhere else without an external search or any alumni input in the process showed exactly how little they cared about the football alumni. I haven't given a dime to the school since that day.
  21. Never got an official statement from SFA on the coach, hired by Biff, who was involved with multiple students at the school. Here's a 35+ years more recent headline than the one incident that you cite religiously. https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/crime/bs-md-ci-st-frances-teacher-arrest-20180515-story.html Now please kindly go fuck yourself.
  22. Biff still ain't given Messay the passwords to the SFA socials, huh? No posts on any of the official SFA accounts since early signing day 2020
  23. Bishop Sycamore in good company in the TCAL with fellow national powerhouses like (I promise this is the real name of the school, you can look it up) Smoking for Jesus Ministry Christian School.
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