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  1. Blah blah blah Utah! You got me! Do I need aloe with that burn! Strike 2 Tulane's bitch boy.
  2. Nice try, swing and a miss. Have fun at the LSU Sucks So I’ll Be Tulane's Bitchboy Bowl.
  3. Unhappy with our top 6 bowl bid. Where’s LSU playing next? That’s right, you bailed on them and started pimping Tulane.
  4. So Tulane is the best team in LA. So you pumping your chest about Tulane. Kelly in his first year at LSU can’t even surpass Tulane. How the mighty LSU has fallen. LSU wins at Alabama is a testament on how far they have fallen losing to a second rate 4 loss LA school. If all else fails jump on the Tulane bandwagon because that what the LSU faithful do when they suck balls.
  5. Norcalnut


    That’s a Redzone kinda stupid comment. Your talking like they had really high expectations this season and didn’t live up to them. Show me any pundits that predicted this good of a season. You can’t, because it never happened. In a couple of years if this is the same outcome then it’s warranted but for the time being your just talking shit just because you can not because your smart.
  6. Norcalnut


    A win tonight and they’re in the playoff. Fight On!
  7. Norcalnut


    That’s it, they got him.
  8. If you want to shit on somebody, the ND backfield would be a great candidate.
  9. I don’t give a shit about DJ. How does taking your bet change the fact that Manning hasn’t lived up to the hype so far. Manning could win NC’s and multiple Super Bowls and it still wouldn’t change my opinion that he hasn’t live up to the hype while in High School.
  10. So basically you woke up and said, “I’ll be my self today”
  11. Are you sure you want to make another prediction, you’ve kinda sucked at that lately🤪
  12. After all of the predictions you made and bulls shit you slung this is the stand your going to take. You have to the the biggest, sore losing, pussy this forum has ever produced. A simple admission that you are wrong would have sufficed, but no! You double down and make yourself even look stupider then before. There is nothing you can say, no stat you can roll out no previous game you can recall that can wipe the loser off your face. Have a nice day😂
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