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  1. Wrong! See that was easy. NowI can win every argument, court case or debate for the rest of my life. Thank for the magic words.
  2. If that’s the case, then why are you here, your obviously to smart for us cretins. Why don’t go hang out on a board with people who aren’t pea brains PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!!
  3. To have any credibility in a forum that elicits debate, yes you do! You must of killed it on your debate team with your 2 word answer to the for or against “Your Wrong!” Won it every time 🤪
  4. Yes he had a claim, which put the burden on him to provide evidence for his claim if asked to do so. Then you claim he was wrong so you put the burden on yourself to back up your claim. See how that works, if you can’t live by the same rules that you expect from others then you have zero credibility with your response.
  5. If a poster states that a team is not a top 10-14 team that means he believes there are at least 14 teams better. Would you agree with that statement Canes? If so than name them so we can understand your train of thought. If not then explain why you would make such a claim and not support it. Since we don’t understand your the burden of proof please define that for us also. You expect everyone here to post under a defined set of criteria without providing us with the definition. You can’t have it both ways, or in your case every way.
  6. No matter how you spin it you’ll always be a big fat................
  7. What does that say about Texas college football when the locals want to bolt to Cali to play. If your gonna be a troll don’t be a dipshit troll🤪
  8. Your still a trolling douche, but that was a good one😀
  9. Come on Block, I’m a die hard Niners fan and we don’t need any of your bad mojo. Look what happened to Folsom. Your mom even said she can’t find you a new daddy because you won’t STFU! down in the basement.
  10. He’s sold his soul, now he has to see it out.
  11. My bad, I got the scores twisted, but frog is still a douche. Carry on😀
  12. Come on, just admit 76 points is a number that a top 2 team should EVER give up. I MEAN EVER! And my post had more to do with all the shit Frog talks about everyone except Texas.
  13. Wow, #2 team in the country giving up 76 points. Frog has got some explaining to do!
  14. DV sucks, everybody’s polls on here sucks, TN football sucks. I think they should just ban football everywhere because it all sucks. Wait, nix that, I would have no self worth if I couldn’t come on here and criticize everybody’s post without ever adding anything of substance🤪 Your Truly The Guru, Los, Canes or whatever name I sign in on this month.
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