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  1. Five people sharing one tooth🤪
  2. That’s a real fancy way of saying “I know you are but what am I” you had to dig real deep for that one.
  3. Your statement is my substance, no need to provide more, it’s a slam dunk. I suppose your next gong to tell me the earth is flat and you have proof.
  4. That’s got to go down as the stupidest statement of the year and we have Texasfrog on this board. Here’s you sign.
  5. The NBA was on its last legs when Magic and Bird came along, they are the main reason the NBA is the money machine it is today. Jordan showed the players how make more for themselves and what a crazy work ethic can accomplish. Kobe and LeBron continued Jordan’s legacy and then came Curry who changed the game the most since Magic and Bird.
  6. From what they have coming in and coming back Georgia is the favorite, but if the past is a look into the future then the coaches will screw it up somehow.
  7. Do a little research before you talk shit then maybe you won’t talk shit🤪
  8. League minimum, not including travel expenses plus per diem on the road and free food at the training facilities and a bunch of free shit for being in the league. I guess they ran out of money gambling so they pulled out there ATM card (Glock 45) and made a withdrawal.
  9. These are trying times and 500k a year and up is not enough to get by on so you got to do what you got to do. I feel there pain ✊
  10. That’s the trend, my granddaughter graduates from 5th to jr high And the school was doing formal pictures with announcements. Of course I get sucked in and buy her a trip Disney World this summer (she lives in Cali so it’s a big deal for her). Now I know it’s a scam perpetuated by the deep state graduation industry🤔
  11. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance you baffle them with bullshit. Nice answer McFly🤪
  12. So when did they start giving mulligans in football, they lost now move on. If your going to call out teams like that then why don’t teams from Texas do home and home with teams from Cali?
  13. Come on Nick, do you really think any Texas public school would schedule two oos teams of that caliber in the same season.
  14. Your not a 6 star just because you ate 3-2 stars.
  15. Whatever Sammy says is the poll of record. Dude knows his shit and is the most knowledgeable and highly respected poster we have. If you look up “poll of record” in the dictionary there’s a photo of Sammy holding a staff with a crown on his head. All Hail Sammy and his Tiers!!🤴
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