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  1. Call Something Something Trail, would give them a better game than Folsom.
  2. Thank you Los for being prepgridirons resident “Karen”, your dumbass point may have backfired😀👌
  3. I don’t think Los has said anything that would require being banished, I just think he’s being a dick for the sake of nothing better to do. In his mind he’s making a compelling point about how much a person should get when people are being generous not realizing that nobody wants to hear it. Come on Los, have a little compassion, don’t be that dude.
  4. You are the epitome of a classless troll. You comment on any subject just to hear yourself talk. Didn’t you get enough attention growing up? Maybe we can set up a play date with Block and see who can come up with the most mindless drivel. Do you feel better feel now that you turned a story of hardship and compassion into your own personal shit show? Good job, you accomplished your goal. It must be lonely living on that island.
  5. I’m glad you cleared that up, I almost listened to the doctors, infectious disease experts and to all the people fighting on the front lines of the pandemic. All I needed to do was to wait for Texasballsack to give me the 411. Now it’s safe to lick some doorknobs🤪
  6. Rippers, Trolls got nothing, he’s just arguing for the sake of argument. Gotta give him credit, he’ll godown swinging no matter how stupid his argument is.
  7. You still haven’t refuted my previous post so no new answer needed. Try again🤪
  8. It wasn’t an insult, it was an observation, take it as you will.
  9. Your a special type of stupid. The article said “might” and only possibly the N95. What the hell does that have to do with cloth or surgical masks.
  10. That’s not what the article you quoted is saying. I’m a building contractor with a hazardous material removal certification so I know a little about the use of masks and respirators. I can’t think of a single mask or respirator that restricts oxygen molecules. Can you please provide me with the lab results that says otherwise.
  11. So was your point that all masks “Might” (which means maybe, could be, not sure but I think so) cause oxygen deficiency or just N95 masks (which 99.9% of the general population don’t even use)?
  12. You mean you pulled out the relevant information that suits your narrative.
  13. Myth: Face masks can reduce oxygen getting to the lungs and bloodstream | Digital MEdIC.webarchive
  14. I’m not bias, they also have left wing nut job news sources .
  15. I’m sorry, it’s actually the whole Stanford article you had quoted. Did you read the whole thing or just grab a quote from the right wing nut job news source?
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