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  1. That DLS loss is the only one where they were completely dominated, not one of there best teams but a still a good thrashing.
  2. Yes, for immunity it is but 100% effective from serious illness and death. Have you ever been vaccinated for anything before?
  3. Actually that was a San Diego lower div championship, they didn’t win state that year. They play in the Ninth lowest div in Cali AKA the pimple division.
  4. Sorry that we don’t have sociopathic coach to implode right before your eyes like Rush but I’ll keep a look out. We do have Block though so there’s that.
  5. Jealous much? Your just mad because Louisiana football sucks, you have all this talent and can’t get a decent football team together. How many MNC’s does the swamp have? All that methane gas must be rotting your brain.
  6. Ouch! You got me! Sorry for bringing it up.
  7. And your point is? How many NC did those teams win? Your an idiot!
  8. And there one championship is widely considered the worst SOS in the modern history of NC.
  9. DLS 10 NC JC 1 NC Not even close swamp boy.
  10. A few years back, when John Curtis had a decent team, DLS tried to get a game and JC wanted no part of them.
  11. If he could have played only Manning then he would be in the hall of fame.
  12. Of course there’s always a unicorn in the bunch but the record books are littered with small school quarterbacks and receivers that couldn’t handle the big time competition.
  13. Exactly, no O-line or defense. A few good players decided to ride the Manning train and pad stats. There’s no way of knowing how good they are until college, everything else is just speculation.
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