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  1. The funny part is these players taking the NIL money and after a year leaving for another payday and it’s all legal.
  2. 🎤 drop quote! Wait until the Ivy League starts putting there endowments into play, there all screwed🤪
  3. The way you trash Servite one might think MD is pulling Admins from the bottom of the barrel.
  4. Nicks going to love this one.
  5. No! My daughter was a victim of rape in high school. I don’t joke about that shit unless the perpetrators are on the receiving end.
  6. If they prosecute someone from MD for molesting 100 boys then you could compare them to Penn State. Until then your just being an insensitive asshole to the young boys who had to endure such atrocities. Try to be better!!!
  7. You have the most expensive auto insurance because they take credit score in account. 450 state average credit score doesn’t help your cause. Why do you think they have a Rent A Center on every block. Did You know they give you 440 points just for signing your name correctly 🤪
  8. He goes slow because it takes extra time to read the street signs. I guess LA education system sucks on purpose to keep the auto insurance rates down.
  9. Your assessment of Eli was not the asshole part, it’s your opinion based on a meaningless test. The asshole part was the remarks on Young and other quarterbacks with inferior spark scores. At least the other qb’s have proven themselves to some extent against top notch competition, Eli hasn’t done a damn thing other then score high on a agility test. Quit being a asshole!
  10. Red already knows that, he’s just tried to be an asshole and was successful.
  11. So the school investigated itself and found no wrongdoings. I’m not saying it did or didn’t happen but internal investigations run by those being investigated don’t mean shit to me. That’s the same as having arbitrator being hired by the people wanting arbitration, conflict of interest anyone?
  12. So the whole ritual, for lack of a better term, of “bodies” or mutual combat (as some like to describe it and I tend to agree with) on campus has never existed?
  13. How could you tell when LA struggles with reading and education as a whole. I’m still surprised you can afford internet access with the median income being so low. I guess those Obama phones are getting a lot of use around your parts.
  14. Dion Sanders, Arguably the greatest corner in history couldn’t tackle himself out of a paper bag.
  15. I’m just basing my opinion on the information at hand. Could be wrong, we’ll see.
  16. Ok let’s say it was mutual combat, do you think the whole ritual of “bodies” could be considered hazing? Do you think per pressure and desire to be accepted into the MD culture could have been the motivator to participate in such a dangerous endeavor. Maybe we can just call it an initiation, but to me it’s just another type of hazing. If the administration or coaching staff turns a blind eye or even condones that sort of behavior (this is by no means a isolated incident) and it’s proven that they knew and didn’t report it, they should be prosecuted. The NCAA would call that a lack of institutional control, so would I.
  17. If I had to bet I’d say the AD is telling the truth. She was hired in 2020, which was well into the FB teams rise to national prominence, so with all the people watching the administration probably vetted the crap out of her. Who up and leaves one of the premiere jobs in all of high school athletics after one year. When the MD lawyers called her an outright liar after they tried in vain to squash her deposition. I just don’t see how she would benefit from lying, this just doesn’t add up.
  18. If that’s what happened at Mater Dei then it only proves that Rollo and Rush are on the same douche level. Rush is at the bottom, you can only catch up but not pass him on the douche meter.
  19. And talk about how they are going call there lawyer. How is a criminal defense attorney going to help in a civil matter? There broke ass can use a public defender they used on a previous case🤪
  20. Yah, sure it does. Do you feel better now? Your Koolade sippy cup needs a refill.
  21. This is not about whether or not it’s being taught it’s about creating a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Let’s call it the “Boogyman Syndrome” the left and the right both use the concept to scare there constituents enough to have them vote for them because they will be saved from a non existent entity. And all you dumbasses drank the cool aid. Learn the think for yourself (not just spew the party line) and use credible facts and common sense to make informed decisions.
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