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  1. I’m pretty sure this topic is about this years super bowl. Try to stay on point.
  2. Here’s an interesting stat that Redzone omitted from his Super Bowl love fest. Guess how many players from LSU are on a Super Bowl roster? zero, nada, zip, not a single one
  3. In his case, it’s not to bad, not much was expected of his professional career in the first place.
  4. Niners D did what they had to, other then penalties, gave up 269 yards on 70 plays. Offense on 4th string quarterback, no chance playing with that.
  5. Other then the first drive (which shouldn’t have scored because of a bad call) the Niners defense has dominated.
  6. Niners have blitz more in the half then they did all season.
  7. What’s interesting is the way we talk about recruited up football academy’s (MD, SJD, SF, IMG ext) when Blair Academy and Wyoming Seminary are basically the wrestling versions of said football teams.
  8. I think the Niners linebacker corp will be the difference. You have three players that can cover like DB’s and play like defensive ends when needed. Purdy could have a field day with the middle of the field when the Eagles stack the box. The biggest mistake people are making is that Hurts can’t screw up, he’s a young QB with the same amount of playoff experience as Purdy (2 playoff games) so who’s to say he can’t have some deer in the headlights moments.
  9. It was GSB, he was getting tired of talking to himself on his site.
  10. I’ll pass, I’m content on just critiquing that one bad photo. Thanks
  11. That’s not a great picture, he looks like a crackhead who just copped a fix.
  12. A win over the Crygirls in the playoffs is a celebration that last all year round. I do understand your point though, after the win over the Eagles and then the Chiefs in the SB, I will be sidetracked for a few weeks. Don’t worry I’ll come back and enjoy the win over the Crygirls for the rest of the year.
  13. As a Niners fan I get comfort from your predictions.
  14. And the Niners beat them all and scored the points they should have. It wasn’t like they averaged 10 points during all those wins.
  15. I would definitely say Calipari underachieved at Kentucky considering the amount of talent he’s had to work with.
  16. He might make a field goal but miss the 3 extra points so 31-21 is more likely to happen.
  17. Great win for the Spartans. If you looked in the dictionary for the definition of a baller his photo definitely would not come up.
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