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  1. That kind of shit isn't tip toeing the line it's fucking crossing it by miles Los should have been banned on the spot for what he's told other posters on here, people on here have been banned for a lot less than what he's done
  2. It shouldn't be removed they should be banned for that Especially when they have done it multiple times
  3. Both are lies The picture I have of that bum there's no way he has ever won a fight in his life He's one of those people that get fucked in the locker room and passed around like jailbait for male on male convicts
  4. Truly amazing the level of scum that's allowed to exist on this board to protect one bum that adds nothing to anything and people wonder why this bum has gotten so bad People are afraid to do anything
  5. So mentioning someone's first name is horrible but telling posters on multiple occasions to kill themselves is perfectly fine And all to protect someone who adds nothing to any conversation and hasn't in the 2 decades he's posted on all these boards
  6. I doubt he made that slang insult of his name public on his own volition Los would have doxed others if he had enough brains to figure out someone else's name
  7. So GSB gets banned for promoting a scheduling agency helping teams we talk about daily on here My post gets removed for mentioning Los name Los can call other members by name, bully other posters and even tell posters to go kill themselves and nothing happens This is some next level bullshit, where the fuck is @PrepGridironat
  8. You can't fight your own battles anyway so it's no surprise people have to protect you You have always been a little shrimp hiding behind real men all your life and wishing you could be 1/100th the man George Smith is or 1/100th the athlete every real athlete to ever walk those STA halls were but you will never be anything more than a parasite on this board and everywhere in your life but keep hiding and telling other posters to kill themselves and relying on mods to protect you We all know your too much of a bitch to do anything
  9. If this board is gonna be doing that double standard bullshit than I have no interest posting here either But hey you all have lost plenty of posters to keep one troll so what's one more real poster to protect a stick in the shit who claims to be an insider but doesn't even live in SFL
  10. Is it any different than Los referring to GSB by his name? Why does Los get special immunity on the rules?
  11. Oh wow Los you bitched about my post and asked it to be removed so I couldn't expose you What a coward bitch you are
  12. So now we just need to get your worthless ass off and this board will get a lot better
  13. So does Los, he just can only go a few months before forgetting his login and having to make a new one
  14. I think this and how Notre Dame did against Toledo shows that Notre Dame shouldn't be ranked much less top 10 Cincinnati should be able to beat them
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