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  1. Didn't DFB also beat Buford after so many FL teams couldn't pull that off?
  2. Next round posted For those who don't have a Twitter you can vote below
  3. Next round matchups will be posted soon
  4. Oh yeah, he is to blame He should have stayed away from the girl in first place as she was clearly bad news but his immaturity was on full display by getting involved with her
  5. They do if they feel the money to buy themselves out is easier to give up than the stress of time in court
  6. If she was really raped she wouldn't have accepted a payoff She would have pursued charges, the fact she took any payoff only shows she was after money, they probably paid her because simply the accusations was damaging both brands whether true or not and they wanted it to end because even if it was proven in court that she was a liar (and I believe she was based on what I read up on the case) there would still be people out there (like you) who would still assume he was guilty because you want him to be guilty to fit your agenda She mimics all the signs of a liar based on what I read up with the case
  7. DNA proved they had sex, didn't prove rape Maybe it's stupid but people these days have sex long before getting married and the girl lied about being raped because he broke up with her and she wanted to get him back by costing him his career If he was such a thug why has he gotten in no trouble since leaving FSU? That's right you don't have any rebuttal to that one Move along boyscout
  8. Did you also forget when it was proven that girl was a liar and there was no evidence? Well I guess since he was accused it means he was guilty, right? Maybe I should accuse Alabama and LSU of manipulating test scores for athletes since if they are accused it must be true using your logic Maybe the NCAA will ignore it, or at least ignore the bama accusation as they want to protect their money pig from any real consequences as long as they don't get caught be any federal authorities
  9. Your right Texas A&M blew that but that win was no fluke, Alabama got out played And why are you surprised? When has A&M ever been a great program?
  10. Well I'm sure a ton of QBs would look good with all that talent around them
  11. Blah blah blah blah You hate on every school that gets mentioned on this board but are such a insecure bitch you can't handle the tables being turned And before you post another meme about irony @954gator the difference between me and him is I have never lied about Columbia or how I'm involved with them or how I gather my information Los can't say the same as he has never been honest about how he has really gotten so much information
  12. In all fairness I said that because I thought the starter was gonna be that kid from First Baptist over in Naples area I did research on him and I wasn't impressed in the slightest and was going to be a definite downgrade over casteel who was ok but nothing too special Zion Turner is no star QB by any means but I suppose with the talent STA has you don't really need a star QB to win But I'm sure someone like Los may think he a top 10 QB in the state of Florida which would be a complete lie But again Zion don't need to be a top level QB to succeed at STA, STA is a Ferrari They just need someone with the keys who won't crash the car and it will be all good
  13. Columbia also has had 13 players play in NFL all time and is currently in top 10 among most current players among Florida schools https://www.pro-football-reference.com/schools/high_schools.cgi?hs_state=FL Also notice the county size of every school tied or ahead of us in current players with Florida Columbia county has less than 70k people with Lake City being around 10k The only 2 schools up there who are in a county of less than 1 million people is Lakeland and Immokalee (who come from Polk county and Collier county) Polk county is over 800k and Collier county is over 250k Just some food for thought
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