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  1. Why is it when I say the same thing About that clown I'm the bad guy?
  2. Nothing is more of a joke than you or lowndesloser96 Wishful clowns wishing you could be respected but have done nothing to earn it
  3. I'm here because I'm a better poster when I'm asleep than you could ever be awake
  4. That's because he's a whiny bitch hypocrite 😂
  5. He thinks he's a bigger deal than he really is He and Los would make good friends as they have so much alike
  6. @HawgGoneIt Isn't this the same dude who wanted the basketball threads a few months ago moved because they were OT? And before he uses the excuse of their being football players on the baseball team, there are basketball players who also play football
  7. Lowndesloser96 is one of the most insecure people I've seen in my life If people aren't talking about how great lowndes is every 5 minutes he's making a new thread to crap on other hard working coaches and players or Making a thread begging for attention It's pathetic
  8. Gee I wonder why What's more amazing is there are posters on here stupid enough to actually believe your this insider you claim to be
  9. But when has St Frances went into the season as the favorite to win the national championship like lowndes has gone into the season as the favorite to win a state title
  10. St Frances also plays a lot of teams that lowndes will never try to schedule
  11. What's sad is they may be recruiting and still can't win a state title even when they are favored to do so 😂
  12. I was standing next to @HawgGoneIt @67packer at halftime if you weren't smart enough to walk down to the track that's not my problem, I didn't hide the fact I would be at the game
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