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  1. I'm definitely a FL guy but I can probably think of a few TN teams I would nominate if that list gets moved forward Brentwood Academy and MBA both had some good teams this last decade as did Ensworth and Oakland and 2014 and 2015 Maryville and Ravenwood had 2 very competitive state championship games in the largest class (2014 was a OT game) and Maryville might have a few teams this past decade worth considering
  2. Who are you redzones second account because if you note the title this thread had nothing to do with no QB transfer so why your bringing this to my attention I have no idea
  3. I thought you broke the tie yesterday
  4. @georgiagator1 is the only sensible one in that group Ga96 is a hypocritical assclown and MTP is a bumbling idiot that even the Lowndes fanbase is embarrassed by
  5. (1) 2014 Colquitt County (8) 2018 Archer (5) 2016 Cartersville (4) 2013 Norcross 2010 Buford (3) 2011 Grayson (7) 2013 Buford (2) 2017 North Gwinnett
  6. I must be deep in his head for him to make such an error of posting this on a forum I would see instead of a forum I wouldn't see
  7. Well used to be i would use calpreps projection to break ties which I suppose you could do but if you yourself aren't voting in the round you can be tiebreaker, that's what the designated tiebreaker was in the national tournament this year but I don't think I even had to use it
  8. Ironically Columbia lost to Buchholz in the regular season the following season but not in 1990 Ely they faced off in a bowl game but that was back in the 70s
  9. We have only played one of those teams in regular season or postseason (Apopka) but it wasn't a postseason game I think the last one will come as a surprise but I would suggest best shot is focus on the last remaining nationally ranked team which is someone from the list I posted
  10. I agree That's why I said what MNW did in 07 has very little to do with the recent OOS struggles
  11. 2013 for football I believe but they have never played in a postseason game in FL
  12. Especially for people who claim to not care what I have to say you show up in loads of my threads LMAO Guess you can't handle it when I expose you both as nothing more than insecure liars who can't keep their stories straight
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