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  1. Just eastern and central for Columbia but how many teams can say they have played a game in Cuba
  2. STA vs Lowndes would be considered a big time OOS game if we took a lot of ranking services into account and neither team needs to fly to make that happen It just depends on the matchup and in some cases teams could have a big OOS game that is just across the border
  3. A fanboy would be someone like you who has never contributed to a team and wants to ride their dick
  4. We used to have a new jersey guy on here who was a huge bama fan What difference does that make?
  5. There are probably middle school girls more mature than some of the idiots who post on this board
  6. That's what I say to people whining about the salaries of pro athletes I usually get gibberish and hickory bibble babble as response but then again it's mostly talking to clueless hicks who don't know anything like most the people that live in that stupid hick town that I can't wait to get away from
  7. Obsessed? Nah you are just a troll in my eyes I make all these posts about you so OTHERS far more relevant can see how full of shit you are, think tank
  8. It won't go away completely but companies may be more cautious with how much they invest and the market will start leaning towards bidding races once players become made commodities (like Trevor Lawrence was when he led Clemson to the national guard)
  9. You know as much about the future young adults in this country as these redneck coke heads in Lake City know about growing for the future Who the fuck are you to assume you know anything about these kids? You don't coach any of them? You don't even volunteer for any youth program but you think you know everything about everyone And you were in another thread saying how this board is full of liars?!!! Your the biggest one of them all you fucking imbecile
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