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  1. I'll be sure to send you a schedule once the games are set on our end Also did you see the message I sent breaking down the area?
  2. You mean the shotgun right? Because Fran Tarkenton was a scrambling QB as well Plus Ken Stabler would occasionally scramble but not as much as Staubach or Tarkenton
  3. Cool Check out the message I sent a while back if you want a idea about the teams in that general area (I included breakdowns of all the surrounding counties as well)
  4. I think Columbia has a deal with Sonny's BBQ and ik baseball has a deal with zaxby's as they have a foul pole sponsorship along a bunch of other ones Didn't you say you moved to Jacksonville area?
  5. And before someone comes and says "well you probably played one of their weaker sports in a down year, your pathetic program could never beat a good STA program" The STA team Columbia beat went on to win a state championship in that sport the same season and their win was in a tournament finals (a very prestigious tournament I might add)
  6. Funny you should mention that considering STA has actually played Columbia before Just wasn't in football but you are correct, STA has never beaten columbia
  7. Interesting, I actually wish more places would stay open later on Friday nights for that very reason
  8. Duds? Like Mainland who knocked off a 4a runner up in Bolles, same team who blasted 3a state champ TCA Oh yeah scored 21 points against TCA without our head coach, AHP was shut out by same team And maybe you are deaf or ignorant like lowndesloser96 but if you were paying attention you would know our JV team is 95% freshman and 5% bench warmers, we just don't waste time and money having a freshman team when very few teams in Florida actually have freshman teams But maybe you are also not paying attention to the multiple links I've been sending your a
  9. What @TheMaximumHornetStingsaid is about on the money, btw did you ever check the message i sent a while back about Florida? And I can add some more teams in other sports (if you would be interested in that) as well as a few more to keep an eye on in football if you would like @SoCalFball I'm busy today but I'll start looking into it and send a message when I get a chance if you would like
  10. I always look at the micro level because I can't just assume that I know everyone's situation so I try to be as respectful as possible to only comment on stuff I have seen first hand or spoken in depth with someone about
  11. No I was talking about the spring sports who didn't get to finish their senior year and I guess I could lump the senior class in general Football got to have a season in the fall in a majority of the states
  12. Well I think I remember seeing a story about a country not going into lockdown but I think they took better approaches to the protective guidelines than we did too and I bet they weren't going out of their way to be defiant towards precautions
  13. So because you deem that kids haven't had to deal with adversity it is all great to go ahead and screw them over? Your right there is an difference in age and part of that was the fact I was in high school when the seniors last year were freshman, it's easy to say they haven't faced adversity but with all due respect how would you know that when you don't personally know those kids, everyone faces adversity in their daily life and it comes in different forms and again I'm not minimizing the effect the virus had outside of sports What I'm saying is I felt that had this country done
  14. There is no way to socially distance while playing and having the largest roster means more chances of someone getting exposed in daily life and infecting the entire team If football could have played then I won't be convinced that they couldn't have done the same thing in the spring
  15. In terms of sports with easiest way to pass the virus during the game yes it is the biggest risk
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