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  1. I think you would have a easier time convincing Allen to travel than lowndes At least Allen wouldn't mandate that the band travel expenses be paid for
  2. Oh and another thing you petty bitch ga96 I'm not the one on here bitching and complaining about a team trying to cheat to beat us by not allowing our band into the game I'm not going thread to thread telling people where they should post something or that the moderators aren't doing their job by not moving something to OT while I sit there and do the very thing I complained about Grow a fucking pair and toughen the fuck up or leave but you aren't gonna scare me or anyone else off this board just because you don't like what I or others on here have to say
  3. And that shit show of a program has still produced more NFL players all time and currently than lowndes What's wrong? You dope the players up in high school to win games and they run out of steam in college?
  4. I'm at least half your age but at least I can fight my own battles, I don't talk shit from a press box then beg a cop to save me when someone chooses to fire back You should be embarrassed by how big of a coward you are and you claim to be a coach? What are you teaching kids? How to be a bitch when people don't bow to you? Pathetic Also your the one who chooses to not keep Columbia out of your mouth, if you 2 losers would mind your own business then I wouldn't even care to bash lowndes but if you and @MTP28 gonna sit here with lies the
  5. Columbia has put more players in the NFL than your great lowndes has but we are sorry right? LMAO And before you try to lie and claim we had more players because we been around for longer, prior to lowndes opening in 1966 columbia had only produced 2 NFL players so even if you take that out and compare it within the time both schools have been open columbia still leads lowndes in this category So I guess @HawgGoneIt you can see why ga96 and MTP are so desperate to bash columbia, it's pure jealousy
  6. Just look at who is posting it He thinks lowndes is on par with St Thomas Aquinas and IMG and mater dei type of teams and think everyone else out there is garbage yet you don't see lowndes trying to schedule any of these Texas powerhouses He coaches at the middle school but is so insecure that while he's trashing teams from a press box during games that he calls police to remove people from the stands that responds back to him, he's not a expert he's a phony
  7. Which poll specifically are you referring to? Are we talking high school or college?
  8. Well 3 but the third one is actually knowledgeable MTP and GA96 are both lowndes posters and both are liars and incompetent
  9. That might have been the mistake in the first place, often times players don't get all the information and usually are getting information being relayed from multiple sources since I don't think the coaches can disclose who actually gets tested positive whether false positive or real positive so they aren't gonna be a perfect source
  10. Would that have been the 1997 game? Is that game broadcast still out there?
  11. Even when he is wrong he is still 100 times better a poster than the 2 lowndes bitches who do nothing but whine and beg for posts to be taken down just because they don't like it
  12. What you gonna do? What you gonna do? Whine to hawg after you started it? LMAO cop begging bitch
  13. You know nothing about Florida so fuck off you pathetic weasel
  14. You talk a lot of shit on here but you wouldn't say shit to my face so we are done here But go ahead and call the cops like a bitch because I hurt your feelings you pathetic weasel
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