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  1. However he wants to do it but mater Dei is clearly a tier above everyone else this season
  2. These tiers would be much better if you did the right thing which I've been pushing for 2 weeks now Have Mater Dei at tier 1 by themselves (they defeated perhaps the second and third best teams in the country convincingly) Bump rest of tier 1 down to tier 2 and go from there, if you have to just go down the list and move the remaining tiers a spot down (current tier 2 to 3 and current tier 3 to 4 and so on)
  3. You know you actually suck at being a clown too Clowns are supposed to be funny, or were you going for the sad and pathetic clown route? If so your doing a professional job of that task 🤡
  4. No rebuttal on your end No surprise, your a clown with nothing 🤡
  5. And even with 4 losses people on this board still care more about Columbia than "undefeated Rummel" Maybe that's why your so insecure And even with you thumbing down all my posts (except the ones you accidentally give me a free like on) I still have a higher rep than you, but you're supposed to be a good poster 😄
  6. @HawgGoneIt is there any way to do a actual block feature on this site Since this clown too much a bitch to respond to me directly I may as well block his access to see any of my posts so he can clown elsewhere
  7. Nah you just Choose to defend them anytime someone bashes them and bash any other team Funny you also talk good about STA opponents, probably to make STA sound better
  8. Rummel isn't a elite team clown 🤡 And you don't know football, go talk on some regional board, or Start your own blog You know they say terrible ideas will work successfully if you try it enough times
  9. Him and redzone may as well start posting with same account since they are complete clowns and ass kissing each other lol
  10. Who you dating? A mirror? Who are you? Charlie Brown?
  11. Iowa and Wisconsin are definitely beatable Ohio State probably not
  12. Or maybe your a even worse liar than Los is And that's saying something
  13. Oh we will still bring the horn Lee can't say anything unless they want to leave the cannon to the shed
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