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  1. Columbiafan

    It’s official, STA at DLS on 8/23

    Yeah He basically looks like a computer nerd minus the actual intelligence
  2. Columbiafan

    It’s official, STA at DLS on 8/23

    Los isn't tough enough to be a physical threat to anyone He would say something to wrong person and get knocked out in one punch
  3. Columbiafan

    It’s official, STA at DLS on 8/23

    He don't even go to the games in FL lol
  4. Columbiafan

    Best defense thread

    They did though In the national tournament
  5. Columbiafan

    Miami Norland

    I saw that, it's sad to see a kid so young taken just as he was about a year away from graduating and getting his shot to make a impact as a maturing adult in society Prayers for his family and friends
  6. Columbiafan

    It’s official, STA at DLS on 8/23

    LMAO "95% of board is like this with their own team" Los has to be the biggest hypocrite on this entire board, he shows up anytime anyone is saying STA isn't greatest team of all time and bashes them for it, probably because Los is so starved for attention and credibility that he thinks them winning is thanks to his work when in reality they have never once gained a single win from anything he has done there It's laughable how some people can't see how stupid he is
  7. Columbiafan

    My Florida folks.

    Even though nolebull was fooling around with the backstory, the game he listed with Escambia hosting Crestview may be the best game in that area
  8. Columbiafan

    It’s official, STA at DLS on 8/23

    Careful gator Los might come after you next because you didn't feed his ego LMAO
  9. Columbiafan

    My Florida folks.

    I had Escambia between 65-80 range at worst
  10. Columbiafan

    My Florida folks.

    In terms of Pensacola your best bet is probably Escambia or pine Forest for large schools and Pensacola Catholic for small schools A little further East may be worth a trip is Crestview who may be best overall team in panhandle, Navarre also same area and niceville may be a great atmosphere as one of largest and loyal fanbases in FL
  11. Columbiafan

    It’s official, STA at DLS on 8/23

    Your wasting your time with him Los has never coached a day in his life so he is too stupid and narrow minded to comprehend the actual work that goes on behind the scenes and he thinks that STA is the only school doing things correctly and everyone else is stupid and irrelevant
  12. Columbiafan

    2019 IMG Schedule

    Being forced to make a 2 year commitment at the cost IMG has per semester is sure to limit how many choose to go that route, especially as other academies begin to pop up both in FL and across the nation
  13. Columbiafan

    2019 IMG Schedule

    Nice find!! I'll definitely go back and watch some of it tomorrow, what you think of what you saw?
  14. Columbiafan

    It’s official, STA at DLS on 8/23

    No it's Los
  15. Columbiafan

    It’s official, STA at DLS on 8/23

    If Los became head coach at STA he would run them into ground more than the Flanagan athletic director has ran them into the ground Hell he probably would do it faster too