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  1. Well I asked about week 9 previously and GSB put DFB in touch but neither team could afford to lose a home game I haven't asked him about week 5 openings in a while since Columbia seemed unwilling to budge on week 5 as a bye week until now
  2. Maybe see if Columbia could move their week 3 game around if Lake Brantley would play week 3? Grant tech is a independent so they may have flexibility to move the game around
  3. We need a homecoming opponent At least it's in state lol
  4. Apparently Lake Brantley thinks we a powerhouse because they too much a bitch to come to lake City even though we share a opening
  5. We haven't turned anyone down that have offered to come to Columbia Only games we have turned down involved travel because we were already traveling 5 games and have to pay another team to come to us
  6. Not our fault that most teams are scared little bitches who won't play I will gladly put every school who turned down playing us on a list up here
  7. We don't need some old dude that lies daily on the board LMAO
  8. Harriot wouldn't shake the Venice coach hand after playoff game this past year I would go into more detail but if i say more that jackass Los will show up because anytime anything is said not kissing STA ass and saying how great they are the dweeb boy returns to whine and bitch
  9. Seems the privates haven't really been attracting much in Broward this year Sure Chaminade picked up some and CG and STA picked up a few but not really overwhelming If anything DFB and Western been the hot places in Broward county this off-season
  10. 2a is weak overall in the north I could easily see champagnat winning 2a
  11. Funny how Jeff Fisher propping this result up but when IMG was getting blasted in a preseason game he acted like it didn't matter And that was much closer to real football than this crap
  12. Maybe if the Hillsborough county AD finally moves into the 21st century and actually allows in state regular season games against FL schools outside of their little bubble
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