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  1. In what way is that? Creating a new account? He's made dozens of accounts, mostly after he either gets banned or forgets his simple password to login in LMAO
  2. How would you have any idea anyway You aren't a insider
  3. 10 most confident, 1 least confident 10 IMG Academy 9 Dematha DC 8 Eastside Catholic WA 7 Christian Bros 6 Trinity 5 Longview TX 4 Narbonne 3 Northwestern FL 2 Loyola Academy 1 St. Xavier OH
  4. Until you do a poll yourself Shut the fuck up
  5. That actually looks similar to Los high school senior photo LMAO
  6. For me I just realized that since Los placed me on ignore I can have some fun making him look like a idiot and he is just having to sit back and say nothing It shows he is intimidated by me
  7. Hey look You finally posted a picture of yourself after all this time dweeb boy
  8. Like I would give no credit to our rival and would normally prop Columbia up My thought process was that my feelings about my team and our opponents had nothing to do with my ability to keep peace as a board moderator
  9. The short version was I was removed to ease tensions because one of the members was upset because he felt i wasn't neutral enough in my posts
  10. I was a mod for a year before losing it for a short time but I got it back now
  11. I just never heard of a team dropping around 10-20 spots and out of top 100 when the team has continued to win
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