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  1. The more people involved the better the tournament results are produced #GottaVote #makevoicesheard
  2. Next Round Matchups St Frances Academy (MD) vs Massillon Washington (OH) Elder (OH) vs Covington Catholic (KY) St Xavier (OH) vs St Ignatius (OH) Gonzaga (MD) vs Pine Richland (PA) St John's (MD) vs Don Bosco Prep (NJ) Winton Woods (OH) vs Varina (VA) Archbishop Hoban (OH) vs Pittsburgh Central Catholic (PA) Dematha (MD) vs Colerain (OH) St Joseph Prep (PA) vs Bergen Catholic (NJ) Mentor (OH) vs Highland Springs (VA) Pickerington Central (OH) vs State College (PA) South County (VA) vs St John's Prep (MA) St Peter's Prep (NJ) vs Londonderry (NH) New Rochelle (NY) vs Springfield (OH) Good Counsel (MD) vs Louisville Male (KY) l Southern Columbia (PA) vs St Edward (OH) Poll closes Friday at 11pm EST @BUFORDGAWOLVES @Omaha Vol @Sweetlarry @AztecPadre @WCACFan @WCACguy @GardenStateBaller @HSFBfan @imaGoodBoyNow @SJR89 @Coletrain06 @abbatt Also since sports is halted consider this one of closest things to still having it so let's take advantage of that 🙂
  3. Teams who will advance *Note since I had 4 total voters this round I broke any ties otherwise I advanced whoever has majority with the 4 people who voted* Miami Northwestern Columbia St Thomas Aquinas Grayson Booker T Washington IMG Edgewater Dorman Dutch Fork North Gwinnett Lakeland Maryville Marietta McEachern Cardinal Gibbons American Heritage Plantation
  4. I'll get the votes tallied up later tonight and break any ties and hopefully get next round up as well
  5. Imagine being so desperate that you have to hide behind a high school athletic academy like STA because you suck as a person and don't have a college or pro team who is worth a shit this decade
  6. I thought the kid was from overseas
  7. Next matchups Miami Northwestern (FL) vs Colquitt County (GA) Columbia (FL) vs Clover (SC) St Thomas Aquinas (FL) vs Miami Central (FL) Grayson (GA) vs Miami Palmetto (FL) Mallard Creek (NC) vs Booker T Washington (FL) Armwood (FL) vs IMG Academy (FL) Columbus (FL) vs Edgewater (FL) Dorman (SC) vs Warner Robins (GA) Dutch Fork (SC) vs Clearwater Academy International (FL) North Gwinnett (GA) vs Gaffney (SC) Lakeland (FL) vs Buford (GA) Maryville (TN) vs Apopka (FL) Marietta (GA) vs Thompson (AL) Acadiana (LA) vs McEachern (GA) West Point (MS) vs Cardinal Gibbons (FL) Milton (GA) vs American Heritage Plantation (FL) Polls close Saturday at 7pm @HawgGoneIt @Omaha Vol @BUFORDGAWOLVES @Sweetlarry @AztecPadre @954gator @MC Rockets
  8. Next round matchups will be posted tomorrow but will have a extended time on it since we plan to bring the fan vote option for the next round
  9. No worries you can still vote in the remaining rounds Still a ways to go lol
  10. Here's the winners from this round Centennial (CA) Chandler Hamilton Buchanan Calabasas Servite Corona Del Mar Fresno Central Punahou Lone Peak Portland Central Catholic Camas Saguaro Sierra Canyon American Fork Salpointe Corner Canyon Bozeman I'll post next bracket sometime tomorrow so keep a look out for it
  11. Now I will admit I have been wrong before but I truly believed everything I said when I did at the time of saying it and I was saying everything I have with completely honesty
  12. Fine prove where I have lied You will find crickets
  13. Only I have no need to lie on this forum Just because some on here are too ignorant or stupid to see the truth they assume I'm lying
  14. Sorry for the delay I'll tally votes tomorrow and add my picks in to any potential tiebreaker situations on the current round
  15. I can't stand hypocrites or liars and Los (guru) checks both boxes on both portions of that
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