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  1. National tournament

    I'll start next round tomorrow
  2. National tournament

    West region final 4 results 3 seed Ben Davis (IN) over 4 seed Cy-Fair (TX) 1 seed Mater Dei (CA) over 2 seed St John Bosco (CA) Consolation games IMG Academy (FL) over St Johns (MD) Allen (TX) over North Little Rock (AR) Bishop Gorman (NV) over Centennial (CA)
  3. CalPreps 1st National Preseason Top 100

    Idc about GA Theres plenty of GA posters who will know the GA ranked teams better than me But the rankings of FL was weak, wekiva is not 3rd best in the state
  4. CalPreps 1st National Preseason Top 100

    Can you send me a link to the state rankings? I want to see how bad the FL ones are
  5. CalPreps 1st National Preseason Top 100

    I don't expect or care if Columbia ever is ranked in top 100 But the teams they ranked FL was garbage, anyone who knows FL would know this
  6. CalPreps 1st National Preseason Top 100

    Not a bloody chance in hell These voters obviously haven't watched a game of FL in their lives if they made these crappy rankings And Bishop Gorman being ranked outside top 50 is a joke
  7. CalPreps 1st National Preseason Top 100

    Wow Pitiful rankings
  8. CalPreps 1st National Preseason Top 100

    Sta and Venice both too high Venice without best 2 players are borderline top 100 at best Sta is slowly falling apart despite fact you all won't take my word for it (I'll tell you i told you so later) Cardinal gibbons too low, may very well be best team in broward county if what I've heard is true Miami northwestern could be bumped up a little Miami Central should be ranked Miami Carol City might be similar to 2016 form this year and may win 6a, they should be ranked
  9. CalPreps 1st National Preseason Top 100

    Ok i see i missed AHP was higher than both Poll still sucks
  10. CalPreps 1st National Preseason Top 100

    Complete bombing of the FL poll I wanted to throw up Chaminade number 1 in state? Did they get 30 5 star transfers that only calpreps knows about?? Wekiva at 2nd in the state? What is he smoking I'm not even going to waste time commenting on rest of Florida poll until I've gotten something stronger than water to drink LMAO
  11. DeMatha Open Date Week 0 Aug. 24/25

    Doral academy would get crushed Trust me brah, steer them to the other one
  12. 2018 OOS Game List By State (New)

    Chaminade will keep getting better plus with stuff I'm hearing we could see some shakeup in the powers down there in broward But for the moment look at the arguably top 3 broward teams in 2017 and possibly 2018 traveling to this event
  13. 2018 OOS Game List By State (New)

    From word im hearing cardinal gibbons will be best team from FL going I kinda wanted cardinal gibbons to play North Gwinnett Chaminade struggles with teams with bigger rosters
  14. DeMatha Open Date Week 0 Aug. 24/25

    I understand that generally football is the only sport that makes a profit and it has to support the other sports However i believe it's the same way with these FL teams (I'm using them as example since i know them more than i would any other state) So how do these FL schools still make travel and have enough to keep these other sports afloat? If they can keep it afloat while bringing in far less money then by definition couldn't other states have the same ability to travel? Not being confrontational just curious on what is different between the states when it's basically universal that football will be the only profitable sport at most schools
  15. National tournament

    Updated standings 3 votes Cy-Fair 6 votes Ben Davis 9 votes Mater Dei 2 votes St Johns 7 votes IMG 9 votes Allen 2 votes Centennial 7 votes Bishop Gorman