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  1. Yeah look this has been an ongoing concern and it gets really bad in wrestling because of the limited weight classes. Coach Antonelli from Blair resigned a few years ago because of the same thing. He went back to coach at the college level. The pressure on the coaches at the top programs has become unbearable. About 8 years when Bergen was climbing the national mountain it was discussed about getting a board of directors, so to speak, made up of alumni to help shield Dave from the immense pressure he was under to get certain kids on the mat. In a way, he was a victim of his own success. Sad. Great guy.
  2. So allow me to share..My brother who is a big contributor to the program reached out & got the answer to the situation..Bottom line is Dave can't fight anymore. 5 years of litigation have destroyed his family. Now a day before districts a parent is looking to sue because of a wrestle of. He's spent!!! he resigned for the sake of the school & the program.
  3. you don't resign if you are in the clear..i'm thinking text messages
  4. this story is not done..the day before Districts??? What do you think??
  5. Ahhh thank you for the clarification.
  6. Best DE? Who are you talking about? Lester? Look from what I saw last year I believe he took a step back from his sophomore season. At times he seemed to get lost. If that is who you are speaking about. And your LB corp was a joke. Young?? ok I will give you that, there is a maturation process but we discussed this all season long in which I just thought from eye balling them that they were slow & lacked athleticism.
  7. well I said by default for the preseason rankings. Every team has question marks because of graduation but I view Bosco with having some very large shoes to fill. New QB, pretty much a whole new O-line & the defense was for the most part just marginally better than SJRs. So yeah, unless I'm missing something BC would be the logical choice. We all know this will all change once the season starts.
  8. SJR if you had to, how would rank the teams going into next year? Many of us (myself included) originally had Joe's #1 but I'm being told the weakness of the defense precludes that ranking. Your thoughts??
  9. I said the same thing except it has been thrown back at me that SJR has a defense problem. Unless something changes drastically they will repeat the drill from last year. High flying offense and a give it right back defense. Kind of like the BC teams of the early 2010s. Bergen's defense will be the strength of the team again. If it's not Joe's then I guess it will have to be BC by default.
  10. Oh Testy,Testy,Testy when will you learn??? A friggin 45-0 beatdown at MetLife & you are still running your mouth?? Dear Lord you are a dumb one! Loveable because you don't give up, but dumb none the less. BC will most likely hoist the trophy again come November.
  11. that post was several days old..BC added Chaminade-Madonna a Top 5 team so now I think Bergen has stepped up. BC playing only 3 home games this season. Very strange
  12. Bergen just picked up a game with Chaminade Madonna
  13. No I came in with SJR up 21-9 I think it was 144 I figured there was an upset somewhere Mullen lost about a month ago in the finals of I forget which tournament..2 years in a row Delby was heavily favored & lost..last year to BC & this year to SJR.. unbelievable
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