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  1. Precedent..you moved it once out of respect and BC turned around and scheduled it the same date 4 years later..the Bergen admin should have planned this better. First Friday of November is where it should be booked (last weekend of regular season).
  2. well i don't know where he is on recovery..supposedly he was perhaps back for the playoffs but I can't see why you would bring him back at this late stage..if it was my kid it would be see you next year
  3. I have no intel other than the Our starting 5* safety and starting WR Pierson Tobia (done for year)who is gone for the year..SJR04 would have a better read he has better connections into the program than I do.
  4. and it's all bullshit because of the politics of the seating committee..that said I'll map it out as I see it..DBP over BC 24-17,SJR over DBP 21-17, SPP over SJR 30-24..I just do this to start the crap so this thread doesn't descend into another 4 page dissertation about the scrap metal market in Hudson County during the 1980's.
  5. the answer is overlooked due the *****s. Colorado can't get a top 5 player in the country without the warts..he's rolling the dice that the kid will see the light and his presence might help him recruit.
  6. You also can't side down his substance abuse. The kid has been a heavy drinker since he went to Bergen as a freshman. He is battling multiple demons and if it was my kid the football field would be the last place I would have him. He needs to be home! He needs help!
  7. I say we take a collection and give trophies to all the St. Auggie's kids for getting seeded #4. Hell of an accomplishment..they can tell their grandkids 1 day
  8. I don't think he played to lose but he just wasn't going to risk much in order to win..This was about injuries and gameplan. I think almost all of us are in agreement..Richie knew he was the #1 seed regardless and played conservatively. And also almost of us would have done the same thing if we were confident in our position as far as seeding goes.
  9. i said it to you on Saturday and I think you questioned me on that..I think Hansen already knew the outcome before the SJR game
  10. I'm alive..I'm just so friggin disgusted that I needed a few days to digest what is going on in Oradell..I said several weeks ago after the Morant injury and the loss to SJR that this team would be ranked #3 at the end of the year and no higher. Clearly I have to add an asterisk next to that because they could wind up 6th..We now find ourselves in the same position that SJR was in last week but without a signature game on the schedule to prove the negative narrative false. This program which has loads of talent throughout (Frosh team undefeated again) has been reduced to a uninspiring 1 dimensional mediocre team. I will attempt to make the game in Ramsey but I'm thinking it will be for naught DBP 27-14..
  11. SJR89 and you said no way and that everything was fine and I believed you..I hit both of you guys for that reason..I got the truth and now onto the playoffs
  12. nah they'll get it only 1 loss and Hansen is in charge of the Super Conference
  13. hey I have a question..in the BC game SJR had several O-linemen play both ways. have they been doing that consistently or was that a 1 off??
  14. look I'm not giving up but I am feeling somewhat vindicated. Anyone that has followed my critiques over the last 2 months will know that I've pretty much called out the BC coaching staff for ineffective game planning, personnel decisions and a general malaise around this team. They have made imo Zero progress over the course of this season and in some ways I believe they are regressing. So I will continue to call them out until someone or something rights this ship.
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