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  1. Great question. Don’t know. he has definitely been lost in the shuffle. This year he has elevated his game.
  2. Bosco has lost in state to SHP & BC SJR has lost to DPC & BC SPP lost to DBP & SJR The bracket could be interesting
  3. I believe it is the BC Local Live broadcast that NJ just uses for free..BC is broadcasting anyway so NJ just piggybacks
  4. Nicely played game by SJR..always come and play with heart
  5. I never have the volume on..I always mute it
  6. they have to continue running St. Fleur..Butler is to slow SJR D line controlling the trenches
  7. BC's Defense is getting tired..advantage SJR
  8. well you did say that you felt your frosh were more talented..they definitely proved it
  9. My guy at the game said it was a better game than the score lets on. Bunch of silly turnovers in the 2nd half and the game got away from them.
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