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  1. nah last week slapped SJR out of their funk..33-13 SJR
  2. The truth is, no one knows what kind of a team Bergen is..1 real scrimmage and a clear feel it out game with Imhotep doesn't give you a feel for what to expect. We all know what the BC defense has in store for opponents but GSB is right when critiquing the offensive side of the ball. Not only do we have a QB issue but the RB position is also a ? because the guys playing the position haven't played it against a top team like SPP. It is coin toss in my opinion but going with what we've seen you can't be surprised that they are picking the Marauders.
  3. go to Bergencatholic.org..athletics homepage...select LocalLive..sign-up for free and watch all the Bergen home games..but you must promise not to comment on the 2 young guys who announce the games for they can be pretty brutal
  4. good stuff but i will probably go myself..we will learn a lot about the boys from Oradell over the next few weeks
  5. yeah I hear ya SJR. I'm not crappin on DPC but I do think your comment earlier is correct in that the SJR running game will probably be too much for DePaul.
  6. don't know for sure but lets just be honest in that this week's game against SPP will either validate it or reject it. I have to figure he is keeping with it for I don't think 1 game would be enough for him to change his mind. If they lose or even struggle he will have to jettison that approach in my opinion, for everyone and their mother will be him on him.
  7. you will have bigger problems then with DBP than BC although that view might be tempered if you believe the Bergen O-line is better than Bosco's.
  8. I have to give you credit SJR04 for you mentioned your worries about the D-line about 3 weeks ago. Like you said though, if they are correctable then Auggie will right the ship.
  9. went to Rahway junior year and then to Colonia his senior year if I am not mistaken
  10. plain and simple..he's now an adult so I will speak candidly..The parents are screwed up and not model citizens. He had behavioral issues from the minute he walked through the doors at Bergen Catholic which translated into a drinking problem that began to grow out of control. The BC staff attempted on several occasions to get the kid outside help but to no avail. The straw that broke the camel's back was pre-season 2017 when he assaulted a younger player at practice. The team's captains convened and asked to have him removed from the program. They then called several military schools to see if he could be admitted and that did not happen for whatever reason in which he went to public school for his last 2 years. The events that I just described were relayed to me 2nd hand and I did not witness any of it personally.
  11. Well we can't be surprised for all of us who have watched this trainwreck over the last 4 years: https://sports.yahoo.com/nick-saban-5-star-freshman-dt-who-hasnt-played-in-2019-has-disappeared-a-little-bit-011656371.html
  12. it is worse than that..how many PAT missed?? Kearny gone seems like we have a kicking problem as well
  13. I will not harp on this all night..but Vito must recognize that he is no longer coaching Seton Hall Prep and playing Milburn on Friday night..
  14. you experiment mid way thru the 3rd quarter up 24-0..then I say nothing..this is pathetic in my book
  15. alright fine I'll give that but 1 thing GSB..no STA and a bye week next week and then I believe SPP & DBP?? Sorry you need to get this team to gel and quickly..Can't watch the game but it does seem IC is able to move the ball..No?
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