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  1. yup..might be a good thing actually for BC...this years team is talented but very sloppy. They turn the ball over a lot. DBP vs. SJR on Sunday Jamboree semis. BC plays Ramsey in the other
  2. Angeli is on this list due to his monster potential. Horrible usage last year makes him unproven in high pressure varsity situations but he has all the tools to be the #1 QB in the state. There is a reason why he has all of these Power 5 offers and will receive plenty more over the course of the year. He has size 6'3" 225 (and still growing),great athletic ability so he will be used in a dual role and he has an absolute cannon for an arm. But I'm a believer you can't anoint someone until they have proven they are worthy.
  3. Going into the week Delby was ranked about #10 & BC was ranked somewhere between 7 & 9..that will obviously change
  4. because we are members of the NJSIAA and wrestle in our state tournament
  5. Blair is great every year...they have 11 of their 14 starters ranked in the top 20 in the nation at their respective weight classes
  6. Look it really wasn't a shot at SJR but more of an acceptance of the fact that Delby has climbed the mountain and it is their time to rule the roost. SJR is probably a few years away from really being able to go toe to toe.
  7. First off Robert Howard took one for the team here and basically wrestled with 1 arm. He should not have been out there (before this match he was ranked #1 in nation)..#2 this was not unexpected to those who follow wrestling, Delby was the better and more balanced team on paper at the beginning of the year. An 8 year run of being undefeated in state and touching #1 in the nation for a few weeks in 2018 is a hell of an accomplishment and something to be proud of but as you DBP boys can attest to in football eventually your close competitors close the gap. Bergen will regroup but I don't see them ever able to challenge the likes of #1 in the nation Blair again because of talent dilution. Delby has caught them and SJR is building their program out as well. Oh and just let's be clear SJR is going to get blown out. It's Delbys year and congrats to Coach Stoll who as has been mentioned is a great and very well respected guy.
  8. hopefully we have seen the last of the 1 year deals we travel and noone comes to oradell BS in my opinion
  9. so what happened with the BC contract with STA?? because of the hurricane it is null & void??
  10. thanks..I figured you would have the backstory
  11. anyone know this kid?? this is probably an area for SJR04
  12. Kaj Sanders @KajSanders15 thank u coaches that have showed me and my family nothing but love, support and respect. You all have great academic and football programs. This decision was difficult. My family and I have decided that I will be attending Bergen Catholic to continue my education @coachvito_bc 9:14 PM · Feb 1, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  13. I mean I don't know all the details but after BC beat Blair at the Who's #1 tournament at BC Blair's coach Antonelli said they wouldn't wrestle Bergen at that tournament anymore. They then handed an ultimatum to FloWrestling saying basically choose between Bergen & us with regards to the tournament, even though Coach Bell was the driving force behind it's creation. I don't know what caused all this animosity but my thinking is that the rise of BC (and now Delbarton) has put competitive pressure on Blair's marquee program in it's own backyard. Does Robert Howard go to Bergen 10 years ago or to Blair? The answer is simple, he wouldn't be in Oradell. This has forced Blair to be more aggressive in recruiting from out of state. California just passed a rule not allowing their teams to wrestle at tournaments against schools who don't wrestle in their home state's state tournament. This rule is clearly aimed at Blair (and Wyoming Seminary) who recruited and was able to get Dominick Mata (Cal State Champ) to transfer from Poway to Blair. Although Blair is a boarding school and they have always recruited nationally, depending on the year their wrestling roster is usually between 40-60% NJ and eastern PA. They had the playing field to themselves and now they have to share. This is my take on the situation and I have heard this theory bandied about by other local wrestling fans.
  14. No..that match up might not happen for a while. Really bad blood between those 2 programs. It wouldn't be much of dual anyway. Blair is on another level.
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