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  1. look I think overall if he can get help this year he could be a wrecking ball. I think the entire D under performed last year but I blame that on coaching & the injury bug (no Morant or Gould). If Mitchell is the real deal then I think the BC D could be special. The offense though is where there are a lot of unknowns.
  2. overall they have always said he was probably a better baseball player..I do believe that is his 1st love but the football road is easier to take for college
  3. Steve Angeli @SteveAngeli_125 WOW!!! After a great conversation with @T_Rees11 , I am extremely blessed and honored to have received an offer from The University of Notre Dame ! #GoIrish @CoachBrianKelly @bccoachvito @EQBcoach
  4. Money is involved but there is also a lot of money in tuition and non-athletic giving. Many of the privates are inundated with applications because of their more enhanced capabilities to deliver an education remotely. Athletics are an important part but you are selling education first and foremost. Alumni giving will always be there, it's a Pandemic for crying out loud. One athlete gets sick (for however he got it) and trust me the Karen's and Kevin's will be all over Facebook trashing the school and the administration. I can hear it now, " I paid $ 20000 so my kid could learn and now they hav
  5. well SJR89 is being optimistic in my book...not criticizing his optimism for Lord knows I hope he is right it is just that I think it will be to difficult for the administrators to allow a contact sport like football when you are reducing class instruction in order to allow for social distancing.. Look, the way I see it, if I were a president of one of these schools would I risk my job and the possibility of a Covid outbreak which would further reduce my ability to provide the real thing the institution is suppose to, Education? The answer is no! Teaneck started, the other publics will begin
  6. these are very difficult times in the evaluation process..Gould has barely played varsity competition..I need to see the proof for all the hype. Malone,Estime & Vandermark have all proven they have the goods. They are more seasoned. Although I do think Malone is a reach for Rutgers. The baseball equation makes him more likely to pick a southern school in my opinion.
  7. yeah a few posts later I admitted my error
  8. yes they played 4 OOS games and I'm wrong BC beat Ed's in 2014.
  9. quick question do you guys have the years correct? I thought Bergen beat Ed's in 2015 and SJR a different year. Since your talking about rankings and such it would effect your arguements. Maybe I'm wrong
  10. thanks..Shue I know about for the mats he is 1 of 3 nationally ranked frosh wrestlers coming in
  11. you know more than me in this realm.. who are they??
  12. https://www.si.com/college/fsu/football/2023-dt-sydir-mitchell-picks-up-fsu-offer-scouting-report We'll soon find out if the hype is real. But if it is Malone & Mitchell will be a hell of tandem on the inside. Just imagine if Booker had stayed
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