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  1. Lets hope you don't have a kitchen sink HOMES! And I want you to give BACK all those millions you've gotten from PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump! Or lets go back to your daddy, Barack Hussein, who famously stated, THOSE manufacturing jobs will NEVER return to the United States!***ROTFLMAO*** It took PRESIDENT Trump SIX MONTHS to DOUBLE the ones that were LOST by the DUMB ASS Barack Hussein! Lets GOOOO SOCIALISM!***ROTFLMAO*** NOW, WHO's the DUMB ASS? IF the DIMMS retake control of the legislature again! I hope YOU'RE UNEMPLOYED as a result! CHANGE that you can believe IN! SOCIALISM by a C
  2. You just worry about Gayson recruitment, and kiss my ass as well!
  3. Don't you private school pussies need to get on the metro recruiting trail? DLS has ALWAYS been a FUCKING JOKE! NOOOO we don't recruit! Your school with an enrollment of 900 and a stadium that holds 500, had ten NFL players because of the Social Worker turned coach, was SOOOOOO great at his new found craft!***ROTFLMAO***
  4. And you DIMM CLOWNS attempting to fuck up the entire country with your SOCIALIST BULLSHIT, ISN'T a CRISIS???????????????????????? IF the DIMM legislators EVER get prosecuted by the DIMM judicial system!(NO chance in HELL) They need to jail yo whacko asses TOO, for accessory after the fact! How bout I BAN MYSELF? I'll tell you WHAT! Why don'tcha lick my ass, and see if it tastes like BARACK HUSSEINS? Nothing is EVER good enough for you clowns! And you KNOW where I sit in the HAWG POUND, if you think I'm one of these cyber pussies! And if you love Mexicans so much, why don'tcha b
  5. the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. Including one lil lad from Moultrie, Georgia!
  6. THAT'S a RACIST remark SHITHEAD! But since it's about white people, and we have a black Left Wing moderator! NO BIG FUCKING DEAL!
  7. Although I'm dismayed at the proceedings in the Gulf! WHY is that topic on the FOOTBALL PAGE? How is THAT different than the future of the United States of America, that you ostracize me for posting on this page? YOU sir, are a PISS POOR MODERATOR! About as slanted as one can get! It ain't WHAT you say, it's who says it that gets the axe from you! Goodbye pukes, the Left Wing whacko is about to ban me permanently because I'm not a DIMM FOOL! As an aside, my family's grocery endured being WIPED OUT by a hurricane in Port St. Joe in the mid 1950's! And there was NO FEMA, and dear ole d
  8. If they DID, I'd KILL MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. THAT'S because EVERYTHING a non whackado SAYS is RACIST in your eyes! And Left Wing protest aren't appropriate at a public dining venue either!
  10. Well, let me splain myownself! There is new info coming out that Mexico is dumping their refuse into the Pacific Ocean! And the currents are taking that fertilizer to the SOCAL BEACHES! Nothing derogatory about THAT, only REALITY! And while I have you here! Your Left Wing whackado tree huggers are perpetuating those horrendous fires in your state! Due to their propensity to avoid removing ANY tree, dead or alive! And THAT is creating far MORE fuel for the aforementioned! FAIR WARNING!
  11. THAT record just goes to reiterate the claims of how MEDIOCRE Cali really IS!
  12. ALL of these polls except HSFBA, looks more to talent than team quality to make their rankings! CONVERSELY, Colquitt has proved TWICE this season, that big time talent don't mean SPIT against the greatest coach in America!
  13. Except that football factories should be EXCLUDED from HIGH SCHOOL POLLS! The ability to rape and pillage the entire countryside to fill out a team, is a BULLSHIT criteria for determining a national power!
  14. Guinnett county ain't IN GEORGIA! Georgia is a RED STATE! Metro is NAVY BLUE!
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