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  1. 2015 Long Beach Poly vs Narbone. Poly lost 52-13 to BG and then Narbonne was undefeated at the time had all these preseason rankings but honestly they always play bad teams so they're sort of like a paper tiger and they posted memes, videos, callouts, the whole team was filmed laughing at Poly's fumbles in the game. This was one of Narbonnes most loaded teams in school history apparently. Then Poly won 13-12 in their home! LOL
  2. Games needed to schedule which I THINK they will have a good chance of beating now: Just like how they avenged BG's 34-7 loss, I want to see the Spartans do the same! Lakeland from Florida Don Bosco Prep STA (This season) Trinity from Texas who else?
  3. Wow...so just from start to finish? How good was that 2009 DBP team guys?
  4. Yeah..but IMG ain't ever gonna see a Cali team again. Anyways I heard CC might be pretty good this year. Their no huddle offense is insane. MD-CC have a 5-5 split series.
  5. Nunizo that year knew he would have a loaded BC team that year and called out a Trinity league team. Little did Nunizo know, he had NOOO clue just how loaded MD would be that year.
  6. Oh man! That game shocked me as well. I remember how we all thought CC and California defenses were a complete joke, especially the East Coast guys and the Georgia guys. IMG had beaten a LOADED Grayson 26-7 a week before, which Grayson would then go on to win the GA State Champs and finish Number 1. Then next week CC just put up 49 points like it was a video game and should have putten up more, the refs called alot of bogus calls against CC.
  7. How did DBP blow out DLS so badly? Was it as bad as the STA game in 2011? 30-6
  8. Why was DLS held scoreless? Which team was more taleneted? Did DLS get too cocky? What was DBP's reputation before this game? Were they considered some no name NJ team? Sorry for the questions, but this is honestly like one of those legendary HSFB games every fan needs to know. For us HSFB fanatics this game is like knowing the 10 amendments.
  9. 2013 MC destroying DBP 50-21 2013 SJB destroying every team
  10. Let's all be honest here folks. For me, 2010 DLS murdering 14-0 Socal champs Servite 48-8 2016 STA giving BG HELL. BG destroyed every single OOS team with Tate Martell and his goons but STA was so close to beating them. 2018 MD destroying NJ State Champs BC 62-14
  11. What happened this game? Theres no film of it on Youtube
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