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  1. And Folsom got beat by Something Something Trail
  2. So true. Even the NFL scouts are fooled by the stadiums and fake hype.
  3. I’m thinking you have never been accused of being the sharpest tool in the shed.
  4. Folsom is the biggest joke in California hsfb history. Lost to Something Trail
  5. So what. The kids a millionaire.
  6. The truth is Folsom is a transferred up all star team that can’t beat Something Something Trail. It’s a no wonder with douche bags like your dumbass as a supporter. Folsom has turned into the laughing stock of California. I suggest joining a league in Reno and quit embarrassing the real programs in this great HSFB state.
  7. All that neighborhood kids BS coming from Folsom supporters. Finally the truth. Folsom is a tuition free recruited up all star public school. And they still lost to Something Something Valley 😂
  8. That’s a tough schedule. Muir brings back a lot.
  9. For some reason I’m thinking the hate started on Folsom 17 YEARS AGO. It doesn’t matter though. The only ones that don’t hate Folsom are Folsom and Pops.
  10. That all depends if they answer Folsom’s call and can get them on the schedule. Could finish 1-9.
  11. Texas has some ugly stadiums.
  12. How’s the QB situation looking Coach?
  13. Hurricane Nick said “ LB & the secondary are definitely the strengths.“
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