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  1. After the SJB Servite game, one could have doubts.
  2. He’s as bad is his team is.
  3. Good point. Clearly Rocklin is the better team!
  4. No disrespect to the many fine people living in Texas, but I can care less about that giant cow pasture or what goes on there to be completely honest. Got to keep real.
  5. Last nights game all staters were in until 4th qt. Prove me wrong. I’ll be waiting
  6. Put down the crack pipe. Get help!
  7. I don’t think so. These teams are rivals. The players know each other. It will be a good one
  8. Give a little credit to Servite. They’re much improved. They have over a half season experience now. I’d like to see them do a home and home with Folsom next year and shut that clown up.
  9. Big crowds small market football. Happens all the time. The folks don’t know there small market. folsom is average team. Be proud though👍
  10. Good job except for Duncanville. They’re to high. Maybe @ 6
  11. A lot of people care. They’re our neighbors and are unbiased.
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