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  1. I feel that if SJP can stay hydrated in the GA heat they will beat Marietta.They are very physical and strong in the trenches.They must be able to get a good pass rush on Bailey to disrupt his timing and force his receivers to improvise.Marietta`s def will have a rough time stopping Joe`s running game.
  2. Does GA have a slaughter rule ?.... Rome looks like a deer in the headlights.Even if Rome scores some they can`t stop Marietta`s OF.
  3. That drive was a hot knife through whipped butter
  4. In all of the broadcasts that i`ve seen with GA football state championship coverage ....I`ve always been impressed with the excellent feed......camera work....announcers enthusiasm and knowledge. This is the first time that I`ve seen this problem with the feed.
  5. Right now the voice is out of synch
  6. UPSET................Rome 34.......Marietta 30........
  7. I eat a vegetarian diet......but dang I want to try that sandwich........not really....but some of these comments are hilarious...very enjoyable thread. this post..should be put in the Prepgridiron Vault for future generations.
  8. ECHS05...... You know that their rating system is screwed up. They have 2 Illinois teams ranked in the top 100.......40 in the top 1k....but they have 1A and 2A teams rated higher than top 10 teams from 7A-8A. !!! They have no clue...I think that they are blindfolded and throw darts at the wall to get their absurd ratings. They have a top 10 8A team Oak lawn Richards rated below 2.. 1A teams......Richards would demolish those teams about 80-0 and knock out half their kids from the game. GA should have 6-8 plus top 100 and probably 60 plus top 1k.
  9. Illinois football would be the best in the country if it weren`t for about 10 states ahead of them
  10. How are St.Ignatius and Pickerington Central looking in their scrimmages ?
  11. Bones, Just don`t lose to Proviso West !!!! What is wrong at Bolingbrook ??? You certainly have tremendous Athletes at the school....big linemen.....Is it coaching problems...bad attitude ? Can you elaborate ??
  12. Bones, Simeon has one of the biggest OF lines in the state. If they can show well against St.Francis it would be very impressive. Their problem is lack of depth...I believe only 50 kids on the Varsity. I see Bolingbrook has more than a few 2-3 *
  13. Whiteshoes, Outside of the Marietta omission...which you are aware of.......this is the best poll that i`ve seen you do. It`s very balanced and well-thought out. My only comments are Christian Brother`s MO. lost a good amount from last year.. Yes..they are a strong program......I would have them 70-75.Their weakness is always on DEF. With all of the big early match-ups the weekly poll can change quickly. How does Penn Mishawaka look this year ? Homewood-Flossmoor IL is playing them there. HF is loaded....... What were your next 10 ?
  14. Actually i think that Ohio will take all 3 match-ups...but they are going to be earned. Naperville North is hosting Massilon Perry. Has Perry ever played OOS before ? I don`t know if it`s a home/ home.NN had a losing season last year but they were pretty competitive....they bring back a decent number of starters...I guess it could be a good game...but I`ll take Perry by 28-21. Naperville Central smoked Louisville Ttrinity last year, but they lost a lot from their lines.and a 3* QB. they do have a very talented QB in place...Sam Jackson who is very mobile and has a whip of an arm.He`s got a very skilled, fast receiving corp.to sling it around to. If the line can protect him it will be quite a game......Of course NC has to deal with Pickerington`s excellent QB...so both DEF will be majorly challenged.With the game at PC I think that they prevail...38-28. Loyola vs. Iggy is a very intriguing game. 2 very well coached teams.....disciplined and physical. The chess match between the 2 stellar coaching staffs will be worth the price of admission.I think it`s probably a toss-up...this game will show if The advantage of pre-season scrimmages are the difference-maker. I just wish that the IHSA would abolish this archaic restriction.I`ll take Iggy by 24-21. Interestingly...later in the year Loyola also plays Chicago St.Ignatius.Happily the game will be broadcast on SIBN thru the IGGY website. So...what do the Ohio guys think about these games ?
  15. Hey all of you Ohio guys.......It`s all good -natured, competitive ribbing.......The season is starting soon and i wish you well and all of your teams success...except of course when they play Illinois teams.So comparing apples to apples.....Ohio is still a bit better at the top than Illinois....but our teams are certainly capable of beating yours if the Planets are aligned properly !!!
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