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  1. I think a kid should be able to transfer wherever....if all the rules and regulations are followed. Screw "regardless". And I'm more than some guy on an internet board....I'm Rufus. Rufus>>
  2. I'll just say this.... I never liked Lowndes. NEVER !!!!!! Rufus>>
  3. Fred...the only problem about 2nd place in Region is you're only guaranteed one Home game. Then more than likely...you go on the road. And we LOVE to play in the Hawg Pen...(Smile). We going ALL1N..... Rufus>>
  4. Hoss...there's some really mean people over in Westview. And just because it's after Halloween...ain't gonna make no difference to them. I don't think I'd rile them up..... Rufus>>
  5. I will claim FULL responsibility for the restraint of the Lowndes County marching band. I told Leonard McCoy to do that YEARS ago. Of course...he never put in my escalator neither...... Rufus>>
  6. Fred...when you leave Valdosta at 2 pm...you simply can't be at Grayson before 5 pm. LOGISTICS Rufus>>
  7. For full disclosure...Lime Sink LLC is a subsidiary of Trademark Realty Group Corp. It goes something like this.... TRADEMARK REALTY GROUP CORP Lime Sink LLC North Morven Investments....d.b.a. The Bent-Nosed Boys Trademark Treasures Greywolf Industries Greywolf has pretty much toned down since 2016. Trademark Treasures only operates by appointment. In other words...I'm trying to retire...LOL. Rufus>>
  8. Road Block in Tift County...... Rufus>>
  9. Lime Sink has been accused of having undo influence over the GHSA. ACCUSED.... Rufus>>
  10. Lime Sink LLC is an International conglomerate involved in the import/export business. Its flagship product is LSE (Lime Sink Elixir) but it has its fingers in many pies. One being the legal/illegal production of ethanol and certain byproducts. Rufus>>
  11. I wanna be clear. Lime Sink has not approved Garcia to play for Grayson......YET. I'm not saying the check has not cleared....but..... Rufus>>
  12. I hafta admit....this shit is astounding. But as I'm shaking my head the revelation comes to me....it is 2020. There is NO WAY that the Valdosta fans can be upset if Garcia is allowed to play at Grayson. I mean...practically every single one of them said.....It's about the kids. Let Jake play !!!! So they loaded up the truck and moved the f-a-m-i-l-y. Grayson needed this guy. They can't beat Lowndes without him. Rufus>>
  13. No Way.... Somebody would have posted something about it by now...... Rufus>>
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