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  1. He never got the answer he wanted. And he said he called everybody who he thought would know. For his part...Marvin said....I don't remember shit. Poor Ryan... Rufus>>
  2. I would like to go on record.... Nolebull and Freebird are BOTH retarded. It's a shame...but it's Gospel. Nothing wrong with playing Lincoln. Their only embarrassment last year was losing to Lake City - Columbia. Hell, sometimes...shit happens. Rufus>>
  3. First of all...you can hear ANYTHING these days. I'll acknowledge that. But certain sources are saying that Colquitt's Ny Carr could very well end up playing for FSU instead of Georgia...in a year of so. Frankly, I'm not so sure that wouldn't be a GOOD thing for Carr and the Noles. A lot closer to home....a much better support system...and he'd have a pretty decent fan following in Tallahassee. Personally...I could see it...even if it is a "rumor" coming out of North Morven. My question is....would Landen Thomas follow him? You hearing anything...Hawg? Rufus>>
  4. I agree. It could have been 72-7. Or maybe even 75-7. Kirby called off the Dawgs. Kirby took Stetson out. But then the backups scored twice. It could have been a whole lot worse for Dallas/Fort Worth. Rufus>>
  5. For the record.... Eric Ainge ain't never been right a day in his life. I don't see the big deal. Stetson bangs on some doors after having a few too many. Shit...he's a frigging choir boy !!!! Rufus>>
  6. I shut the site down....but...I only shut the site down to L-O-S-E-R-S !!!!!! If you couldn't logon.....NUFF SAID !!!!! Rufus>>
  7. I'll start.... WTF !!!!! But if you knew Tepper....you'd understand. Rufus>>
  8. This Board went down when Franklin Stephens left McEachern. Coincidence? I think NOT !!!!! Rufus>>
  9. If the game ain't in a "snow blizzard"......he ain't all that. Rufus>>
  10. Tommy said...if the pesos were right...they'd play Valdosta on Friday night and stay over and play Colquitt on Saturday. And for the record....I've been thrown out of Austin's Cattle Company. But it wasn't my fault..............I was with a crew that included The Velvet Voice. Rufus>>
  11. After reading where "classified documents" have been found at Trump's, Biden's and now Pence's properties...I asked North Morven to institute a full search to determine if any such documents are laying around both Lime Sink and/or the BNB in North Morven. As of this posting...NONE have been found. I will have full disclosure if any are uncovered. Rufus>>
  12. The gate might be a tad larger due to the interest from surrounding community fans if they brought in a Dutch Fork or a Northwestern or some team with national exposure....but it could jeopardize their win record. Male Kentucky is within striking distance right now. They can fill Bazemore-Hyder to about 65% capacity with just about any Florida school. And THAT...is some serious pesos. So why they would vary from that...makes no sense. Rufus>>
  13. Please don't tell me that Captain Carter wouldn't let you use his shared bathroom? Durn Fred...I thought you were somebody !!!!! Rufus>>
  14. If you think the Cats can carry their entourage to Ohio and back for $20,000.....you should think more clearly. At the same time...if the Cats play a reputable team outa Florida or Carolina in Bazemore-Hyder...they rake in the pesos like it's Christmas. I'm sorry....I forgot. You're an Alabama fan. Rufus>>
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