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  1. I suppose the same goes for you. You wanna throw shade at the Colquitt defense...I'll jab you back. It's simple as that. Rufus>>
  2. I'm not sure the Packers could win the SB even if Rab was our DC. Oh Woe Is Us !!!!!! Rufus>>
  3. The Vikings are the best thing since speckled butterbeans. Rufus>>
  4. Just thought it was ironic with you calling out the Hawg defense...and that same defense putting the BIG WOE on The Mighty Warner Robins Red Demons. Rufus>>
  5. Congrats on putting up 14 on that poor ass Packer defense. We are sore ashamed. Rufus>>
  6. How they doing against The Mighty Warner Robins Red Demons? Rufus>>
  7. Fellers...my no.7 should be St X (not St Iggy). Not sure if it's too late to correct that. Like I said...I was in a hurry. Rufus>>
  8. First of all....I've been vortexed from the top of my head to the bottoms of my toes. The airport Mesa....Boynton Pass....Bell Rock...West Fork Gorge...and the U.S. Post Office...LOL....to name a few. I think Jerome and Cottonwood have vortexes as well. Of course...it may have been the tequila....(Smile). Secondly...I would bet that THOUSANDS of Lowndes fans are cussing up a storm cause I picked them to win. And yep...I did it to piss'um off. Hell...I just hope our poor, tiny, little undersized Hawgs can find some frigging defense. But...you already know EXACTLY how I feel about that. Hope to be back on Amelia Sunday...... Rufus>>
  9. Hurriedly..... 10. IMG 9. Christian Bros. 8. DeMatha 7. St. X 6. Lowndes (Kiss of Death) 5. Longview 4. Narbonne 3. Loyola 2. Eastside Catholic 1. Trinity Rufus>>
  10. Headed to the Canyon today to find me a vortex. I may need the inspiration if I'm gonna overtake Hawg with my week 4 picks. I may buy me a shirt that says...."I survived 89A between Sedona and Flagstaff". The Jerome drive was pretty exciting too. Ms.Violet says it's a different world out here. Rufus>>
  11. Prepare yourselves accordingly.... Me and Ms. Violet are flying out EARLY tomorrow morning headed to Phoenix...where we rent an SUV and make the drive up to Sedona. We have a few adventures scheduled. One is to see the Long Ditch up above Flagstaff and one to "stand on the corner in Winslow Arizona". Ms. "V" has other things on her list...but I ain't rightfully sure what and where they are. This is one of her "bucket lists"...so y'all pray for me. Oh...should I take oxygen with me or should I just buy it out there...LOL. From 25 ft above sea level to 5,000 ft above sea level. Buddha Help Me !!!!! Rufus>>
  12. Well of course Ms. Violet is the brains of the family. She despises Trumpy The Clown too. A serious question for you....no memes necessary. Do you think there is any difference between Antifa and White Supremacists when it comes to Terror groups? I mean other than their political views? Antifa is an anti-fascist group and White Supremacists are about as fascist as you can get. Rufus>>
  13. One group uses bike chains. One group uses cars. Not that hard to understand. Rufus>>
  14. "Antifa apparently has a penchant for bike locks as a weapon of choice. Probably because their parents wont let them use the car." conch...I think that cars are the preferred weapon of white supremacists...like James Fields used in Charlottesville. Rufus>>
  15. I guess we'll find out soon enough...LOL. Some political gurus say that Johnnie made a joke about Trumpy The Clown and a Sharpie..... He's gotta go.....(Smile). Rufus>>
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