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  1. I'm sitting at No. 10 with 275 points. Somebody is tied at No. 17 with 261 points. It's about 70 degrees where I'm at. Rufus>>
  2. And you'll STILL go 8-2 !!!!! Rufus>>
  3. Then you're in the good half.... Rufus>>
  4. I don't know what's going on with the rest of you but I got MY picks in early in the week. All you fellers who are picking after the games have been played need to forfeit. Rufus>>
  5. To add clarification...Jack is our safety/wide receiver/punter/kickoff returner/punt returner/cheerleader (Smile) Rufus>>
  6. I would be remiss if I didn't point out...the Lincoln/Colquitt game is over. Time to move on to the next one. Camden County is a former multiple Georgia State Champion and they can beat any Florida team south of Amelia Island and north of Key West. How Colquitt can matchup with them Bluecats is a frigging mystery. OH WOE IS US !!!!! Rufus>>
  7. NB...Lincoln wasn't world-beaters...but they weren't sausage dogs neither. They had a few athletes. Especially one of their RBs and that durn All Everything linebacker. I believe their QB might have had a better showing in different weather conditions...but that's just a guess. Not sure that they're any sort of State Title contender but they could make a bit of noise along the way. I mean...they're no Lowndes...but...hey, you never know. A 23 point win for the Hawgs. We'll take it on 2 days practice. Rufus>>
  8. Colquitt barely gets a win against the 2nd best team in Tallahassee and we still get a Top 30 ranking. I just don't see it yet. But....I don't do National polls...so I'll slide back into the shadows. Rufus>>
  9. LOL..."e"...you're in the good half. Rufus>>
  10. ....and I don't believe in banning. But around half you guys are just trolls. Damn trolls. And this ain't the damn 1800 talking. Start your own thread and argue your asses off. Rufus>>
  11. I don't think you guys get this. Colquitt played Cedar Grove last Friday night in a slobberknocker. The coaches game planned for about 1/2 day Saturday. The Packers practiced Monday and Tuesday. They line up and play tonight against the 2nd best team in Tallahassee. Second only to FSU. Add to that...Colquitt won't have all their bullets tonight. Say it with me... OH WOE IS US !!!! Rufus>>
  12. "I was born in a crossfire hurricane" 10. Male 9. Bosco 8. Moeller 7. King Phillip 6. Lone Peak 5. Spartanburg 4. Roswell 3. Gibbons 2. Eastside Cath 1. Cath Central Rufus>>
  13. You know Hawg....I'm sure you heard what Coach Hoon said in his post-game interview with Darrell..."dirtiest team I've ever played". I still can't believe the "stripers" didn't eject the Cedar Grove player who took a swing at our DB. It was clear as day and everybody saw it. I don't like playing anybody on Wednesday. You just don't have time to properly prepare. Now...I understand why. But Lincoln was off last week. They've been preparing for us for about 10 days. I realize there's nothing we can do at this point except line up and go balls to the walls. Maybe we can come out on top. As an aside...I saw on Facebook that the Methodists are having their Pregame supper and Bible Study at Mack Tharpe tonight. And they've invited EVERYBODY to come. Even the Baptists. Lord, you gotta love Moultrie...LOL. Rufus>>
  14. It's Official !!!! Colquitt is NOT gonna forfeit its Wednesday night game against Lincoln of Tallahassee. There was tremendous speculation whether the poor, tiny, little undersized Hawgs could be ready to go with only 2 1/2 days of game preparation. The decision to play was solidified at the Soulfood Sunday Feed the Packers meal. Most of what you'll see Wednesday night will be generic. Pedal to the medal on offense and our version of the Chinese Bandits on defense. Sometimes...you just do what'cha gotta do. Here's hoping the Hawgs find a way..... Rufus>>
  15. Hawg....since I'm the author....delete this FUCKING thread. I got no use for this shit. Rufus>>
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