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  1. I don't see Green Bay hiring him...but...Never Say Never.... Rufus>>
  2. North Morven spies told me today...no matter how bad the Packers play in Mack Tharpe this season...you should be able to hear everything clearly. The Colquitt BOE approved a new sound system for the Hawg Pen. From what I understand...only (3) coaches had to be fired in order to afford the new equipment. Well....look at the bright side....it could have been (4) teachers. This fall...you should be able to hear AC/DC's Back in Black all the way in Lee County. Nothing but the best.... Rufus>>
  3. I sure hope your buddy from Gray ain't aware of that....(Smile). Rufus>>
  4. What has that got to do with...why is Saban pissed? Rufus>>
  5. Money? MONEY? MONEY? If Texas A&M wants a player in this new era of NIL (the way it currently stands)...there are not many universities that can compete with the Aggies when it comes to Bag Day. GOSPEL !!!!!! Rufus>>
  6. In answer to the damn question that was asked in the subject line..... Nick Saban was BORN pissed !!!!! Nuff said.... Rufus>>
  7. I think Colquitt has a couple of academic problems along the O-Line. I know we have people working with a couple guys making sure they pass the necessary classes. Colquitt is different from Lowndes. Our players actually hafta pass classes to participate in extracurricular activities (sports). Brinson is a durn good addition. Rufus>>
  8. Based on one physical observation...I don't see the LT move...BUT...the way the O-Line is struggling...I cannot completely rule it out....(Smile). I would imagine he will see the offensive side at some point. It's just that Colquitt has a number of very good skill guys on the "O" side who probably have a leg up. But I will say...I'm not sure exactly how many of them will be with us at the end of the season. I reckon we'll see. Damn....it's always something..... Rufus>>
  9. North Morven said young Mr. Luttrell played strictly at safety. Rufus>>
  10. Colquitt doesn't categorize its players as black or white. They're either country or hip hop. But...it was a reasonable mistake. Rufus>>
  11. "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times". Unfortunately, the worst of times outnumbered the best of times. Offensively....the Hawgs showed they can move the ball. BUT...the O-Line needs more seasoning. A LOT more seasoning. And it ain't a pretty picture when QB2 looks better than QB1 during the scrimmage. North Morven spies tell me that Neko never looked in sync. I do believe Neko played the 1st half and Mr. Bussie played the 3rd quarter. Hopefully, that little issue will be worked out over the summer. Neko doesn't need to get it in his mind that he has been anointed. Like Z-Man did. It would seem that our defense is NOT ready to claim the moniker..."Blackhats"....at least not just yet. We definitely have work to do. Out of position quite a lot Friday night I think we have some coaches ready to "coach'em up" but I just don't know how long the process is gonna take. Keeping in mind that this was only a spring scrimmage...and understanding that we just ain't there yet...there's no reason to jump from the bridge. I mean we ain't Tift this morning...(Smile). Lord Have Mercy...Tift !!!! Now for the bottom line. Colquitt has a few discipline problems. And I don't think this is a group of coaches who are gonna put up with them. I once posted that everybody couldn't be a Packer. Just about every coach on Colquitt's staff is/was a Packer. They understand what's expected and what it's gonna take to make the cut. Don't be surprised if several players who are sporting the REAL Black & Gold aren't walking the halls or playing elsewhere this season. I was told that one particular defensive coach was pretty damn emotional in the locker room. He gave 110% every time he put on that Blackhat jersey. And I personally don't think he's gonna stand for anything less from his guys. To sum up Friday night in 4 words.... OH WOE IS US !!!!!!!! Rufus>>
  12. I was told it would NOT be on the radio. Durwood must be in contract negotiations..... Rufus>>
  13. ...over in Cairo. Should be a decent scrimmage. Hopefully, we keep everybody healthy and hopefully we play a pile of people. I would love to see Mr. Bussie get some serious time behind center. It's all about the coaches seeing where we are and who wants to be a Hawg. So you fellers show them. North Morven spies should be on hand to give me a pretty decent analysis. We can only hope that all 50 seats on the visitor's side will be filled...by Colquitt fans. Rufus>>
  14. Would you please stop being so durn complimentary to Packer players? You're not gonna get invited to the Tailgate Extravaganza...no matter what. Rufus>>
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