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  1. Rufus69

    Rufus Are You Upset with Me?

    Hawg....you're wasting your fingers. The guy has done the same stuff under every login he's had. Rufus>>
  2. Rufus69

    Probst lawyering Up.

    I pissed off Ms. Violet once. The preacher said..."Rufus, do you take this woman"...and I said..."Well, I reckon so". Been toast ever since...(Smile). Come to think of it....that was 48 years this past April. rufus>>
  3. Rufus69

    Sixty!!!! Days....

    Durn...I could hardly see them on my 26" screen !!!! Oh Woe Is Us !!!!!! But... #stillgrinding Rufus>>
  4. California is right. The NCAA is arbitrary and it sucks. It should have been disbanded years ago. Their "slavery is good for the athletes" mentality has been obsolete for a long, long time. I would hope other states would follow suit. Rufus>>
  5. Rufus69

    Respect For Legend

    Jack Rudolph was one of a kind. Not only did he understand defensive football...he was able to teach defensive football to a bunch of teenagers. Absolutely one of the best I've ever seen. RIP...Coach. And...bang the tin..... Rufus>>
  6. Rufus69

    Rufus Are You Upset with Me?

    I don't get upset with anybody. You're a Lowndes fan...but I'm sure you have a couple of redeeming qualities. It's summer. Colquitt has some preparing to do for our opener in the Benz. But like I told Coach Rogers.... #keepgrinding Rufus>>
  7. Rufus69

    Official game day drink thread

    I prefer to call it....Lime Sink Elixir. But you can call it "home brew" ifin ya wanna. It will cure most any ailment...(Smile). I can't believe your cousin Jed let you take his picture. Rufus>>
  8. Rufus69

    Sixty!!!! Days....

    (Smile).... Amigo...it's coming like a freight train..... Rufus>>
  9. Rufus69

    Sixty!!!! Days....

    Colquitt has roughly two months to come up with a running game. Oh Woe Is Us !!!! Rufus>>
  10. Rufus69

    We need heroes...

    Tick is a soccer guy. He don't know nothin bout football nor birthin babies..... Tell him Rufus said so....(Smile). Rufus>>
  11. Rufus69

    We need heroes...

    All this is fine...but the REAL question is.... Will Colquitt be able to run the football this season? Do we have anybody who can tote the rock? Rufus>>
  12. Rufus69

    We need heroes...

    Either that...or...he doesn't remember how to create another login....(Smile). Rufus>>
  13. Rufus69

    We need heroes...

    You and I have agreed to disagree...and I'm fine with that...BUT... I stand behind my assertion if you're gonna have "trolls" on the board...which we currently do....it's hard to ban two others. A lot of "trolls" will simply create another login and comeback and do the same stuff...but I'll say this for Rab....he doesn't do that. Rufus>>
  14. Rufus69

    We need heroes...

    Eddyr2...I think Rab would come back if HawgGoneIt got down on one knee and absolutely begged him to. Well...the odds are better than 50/50....(Smile). Of course...he'd be banned again within 30 days...LOL. Rufus>>
  15. If he chooses Georgia...he can run with Matt Boling. Rufus>>