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  1. Whatever you do...don't play the slots at the airport !!!!! (Smile) Rufus>>
  2. Did any of our poor, tiny, little undersized Hawgs get in on the O-Line? Rufus>>
  3. Hawg...might be a tad windy tonight. Might be a tad chilly as well. You going? Rufus>>
  4. That feller got wheels....(Smile). Rufus>>
  5. Lemeke is playing in the International Bowl in Dallas Tx. Being carried by ESPNU @ 8:30 pm tonight....I do believe. Rufus>>
  6. I understand Lemeke is playing tonight..... Rufus>>
  7. Rufus69


    Valdosta/Lowndes/Colquitt HAVE gotten together lately. Every year. Rufus>>
  8. Well...I think the best thing to say would be....there's a whole lot of people...who know a helluva lot more about football than you....who really like the kid. I think I'll go with them...... Rufus>>
  9. Well....like I told my brother...we'll see. I've heard a LOT of good stuff from people who should know. BUT...we've got some WRs and a few O-Linemen who have to step up this fall for Mr. Newman to have his best impact. I honestly think we'll be fine at RB...unless we have a ton of injuries. Rufus>>
  10. Fred...looks like you boys are up to your old tricks from 2016. Say it ain't so !!!!! Rufus>>
  11. I don't know about a million...... (Smile) Rufus>>
  12. Just between me and you...and nobody else...can you imagine moving from Powder Springs to Sylvester? Talk about culture shock !!!!! Rufus>>
  13. I fully expect Georgia to bring in a Grad transfer QB. Right now...based on what I've been told...the kid out of Wake Forest is being looked at strong. But worst case scenario....I think Stetson would shock a lot of people. The guy has skills...just doesn't have the experience. Rufus>>
  14. If the NCAA won't give him a hardship...he can always sue them. Rufus>>
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