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  1. I saw my new most favorite t-shirt today. It was being worn by a woman at the beach. I'm guessing she was 30-35 years old. It was baby blue with white type. It said.. EAT MORE PUSSY And in smaller letters centered under it... --calories be damned-- She was getting a lot of attention !!!! Rufus>>
  2. And if you know anything about football...which is up for discussion...then you know none of those years have anything to do with 2021. Rufus>>
  3. Nah...he'll transfer before too long...(Smile). Collins Hill has moved into the "go to" school. Rufus>>
  4. Hoss...you can talk about your golf game all you want...but it ain't everybody who is honored with the "Golden Ball Marker". Eat your heart out !!!!! Rufus>>
  5. Well...we had this guy named Knowshon Moreno in Athens....(Smile). We expect Mr. Bell to follow in his lead. Woof Woof - Sic'em Sic'em Rufus>>
  6. Lowndes would stomp a mudhole in SJP and BC. A MUDHOLE !!!! Rufus>>
  7. Even without several starters nursing injuries and Pickens lost for the season...the Georgia offense showed that it should be ready to compete come September 4th. Now...that is using the assumption that not only do we get our injured guys back and ready to contribute but also we keep everybody else healthy. Daniels did what we all expected. The RBs played fine....albeit, not flashy. The O-Line needs the most work. I think we'll be fine...but the proof is in the pudding. I was worried about the receivers and tight ends...but after watching yesterday...not so much anymore. The Daw
  8. I was talking to the Packer Touchdown Club President this morning and he said it was a sight to see. I think we had some leaders STEP UP and really motivate the Hawgs. This was a physically challenging exercise but it also helped build teamwork and unity. And those Army guys were in their groove. Now...bring on spring football. Have I told you...I never liked the Cairo Syrupmakers? NEVER !!!! Rufus>>
  9. Hawg...have you followed this? I've been watching it on Facebook. This is something else !!!! Rufus>>
  10. ....that HawgGoneIt has done brought in the U.S. Army to train our poor, tiny, little undersized Hawgs in the Colquitt IPF. This is new...LOL. Rufus>>
  11. I had hallucinations. I hallucinated that Grayson had to forfeit the games that Jake Garcia played in in 2020. That was downright scary. Worse that any LSD trip I ever took. Rufus>>
  12. I don't believe this is Rab. He hasn't made a single outrageous political post. Nor has he let loose with an expletive laced thread shouting how Rush is being crucified. Just doesn't seem right..... Rufus>>
  13. Hoss...we got more coaches than we do players...add to that...we were notified by Robby Hines that none of the coaches have a dab of eligibility left. And depending on what happens to Valdosta on Monday...our recruiting department just might choose to dissolve. I was told point blank by the Packer Touchdown Club President...that the bake sales and car washes just weren't getting the job done. We might hafta contact Nick Chubb and ask for some of that money back. And if that ain't enough problems...Arnett is fighting us over a delivery of Hybrid Grits. They want CASH ON DELIVERY an
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