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  1. LOL.... About time Georgia added some "class" to its boosters & fans !!!! I would be remiss if I didn't point out that I never alluded to "high class"....(Smile). But we welcome you with a resounding... WOOF WOOF - SIC'EM SIC'EM Rufus>>
  2. Damn...Georgia might actually start the 2021 season with BOTH its coordinators. I know it's early but it's looking good right now. With a little luck...we just might be able to compete for the SEC east this fall. MIGHT. With Florida and Kentucky leading the charge...the Dawgs might be able to squeeze out a couple of "upsets". Hey, it could happen !!! But the game that CCBLACKHATTER has circled on his calendar ain't Florida. Ain't Kentucky. Not even Auburn. It's Clemson...in Charlotte NC. Now there's an opening game. Maybe...we'll be ready to give them Urange Tigr
  3. There is a strong vein of truth in your post. Rufus>>
  4. I'm not sure losing in the 3rd round of the AAAAAAA playoffs is considered mediocre. But...to each his own. Rufus>>
  5. Nah...I think we'll just let the Grayson players fall down in awe of the great Dawg program..... Works for me. Rufus>>
  6. I'm pretty sure that "they" felt that way from Day 1. You do what'cha gotta do...I suppose. Rufus>>
  7. Amigo, I heard last evening.... Colquitt may actually field a team this fall !!!! Will wonders never cease. Also heard that certain shit may hit the proverbial fan...REAL SOON. But you know me...I would never fan the flames nor send pesos to aid in putting an end to unrighteous shenanigans. NO SIR...NEVER !!!!! Rufus>>
  8. I have a...family member...non-immediate...going thru this...and it ain't good. He's 48 years old and in reasonable health (before COVID)...but this mess is taking its toll and then some. He's scared. Hell...we're ALL scared. Ms. Violet and I are hunkering down...the best we can. Rufus>>
  9. Not sure who I feel most sorry for.... Meyer or The Jags A conundrum..... I'll go with the Jacksonville fanbase. Rufus>>
  10. Stupid fucking answer. I NEVER have a problem remembering a lie. And if it ever happened...I'd simply tell another. Life is too short for the truth !!!!! Rufus>>
  11. I don't understand you "maroons". I've lived by this old adage for most of my life... "Why tell the truth when a perfectly good lie will suffice" Damn Closet Vikings.... Rufus>>
  12. I'm not really sure "bgw" went to school way out in Brownsville TX. He told me he was born grown...and if you look directly at him...you'd probably nod your head...yep. Rufus>>
  13. I realize you're not the sharpest tack on the board...but try to keep up..... Yes...Tyrique Stevenson Rufus>>
  14. LOL... Moi? (that's French ya know) Rufus>>
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