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  1. All I want for Christmas is..... Rufus>>
  2. You young fellers did what most said couldn't be done. Just goes to show what can happen when you play HARD & SMART and you play for your teammates and ESPECIALLY your HC. Who woulda thought they'd be playing Packer Football in Thomasville, Georgia? Congrats to Zach...his staff and EVERYBODY associated with Thomasville athletics..... Rufus>>
  3. It's 4A but...South Pointe 21......Greenville 7....at the half. Rock Hill still standing.... Rufus>>
  4. The Salvation Army is a very...very...solid and respectable organization. If you are offended...then you're probably guilty as hell. Lime Sink gives to the SA. We know that our money will be spent where it's needed. You Trumptards are really something else.... If you don't wanna donate....well...that definitely sounds normal. Rufus>>
  5. Morning Gurus.... I know most of you wanna talk about high school football...but since Colquitt ain't playing...what's the use? So we'll go to the next best thing. The Dawgs take on the flying "bugs" this Saturday at noon. Now I realize that the Train Drivers don't have a winning record this year. I also realize that they don't have the All-World God Given Genius...Paul Johnson...coaching them up. But they will still be a thorn in our sides. We don't like Tech and they don't like us. It's been that way since Moses was in diapers. I read where somebody put the Dawgs as a 35 point favorite. Whoever it was should be drug tested cause they don't know nary a thing about this game. Now I fully expect Georgia to prevail. My only concern is that we keep our guys healthy. Not one to look ahead...but the REAL game is next week against Bama. I texted Kirby and told him to "handle" everything. I also mentioned that I could be ready if he needed me. That means after he's gone thru the entire team...the band...the cheerleaders and the Georgia radio crew. Hopefully, that won't be the case. This could be the start of good things to come. We just gotta keep our heads on straight. One last thing before I turn things back over to you high school fellers.... "GO TO HELL TECH...GO TO HELL" Rufus>>
  6. I don't think you'll hear anybody from Colquitt making fun of a Texas team for going soft..... I could be wrong...but I don't think so. Rufus>>
  7. My son...Little Alphonze...is curious about this one. He hasn't seen it. Where does it hail from? Rufus>>
  8. Sex on Thanksgiving is the BEST.....or so I've been told. Drink More Makers !!!!! and...Voodoo Ranger....(Smile). Rufus>>
  9. ...wanted to know where I got this. I told him this was done by a true Georgia Bulldog freshman with talent and purpose. Rufus>>
  10. You were doing OK until you got to the part about somebody taking over the mayor's office. Ain't NOBODY gonna unseat Mayor Bill !!!!! Rufus>>
  11. ....A couple of weeks ago I gave Ms. Violet the number the Blue Smokehouse and TOLD her to handle my Thanksgiving turkey. I went with her this afternoon to pick it up. Is it tomorrow yet? Rufus>>
  12. Republicans elected Trumpy The Ass Clown..a.k.a. Trumpy The Orange Dick/Tater Wannabe... but... Republicans have only moved "slightly" to the right.... What a way to spin it !!!!! Rufus>>
  13. conch...we both know that the 35 years of age is only constitutional law. It is NOT Trump right-wing dictatorial doctrine. If he wants to run Ritty as his VP...he'll run Ritty as his VP. He doesn't give one turd about constitutional law. You hafta know that. And Kamala doesn't cackle. She doesn't do much of anything, actually.... Rufus>>
  14. It's already started..... TRUMP/RITTENHOUSE 2024 Rufus>>
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