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  1. Colquitt had 2 starters benched. One for 1 1/2 quarters. The other for a half. Barely pulled out the win against a 3-Seed. Rufus>>
  2. Actually...I think it's still plowed dirt...with a few sprigs of weeds. (Smile) Rufus>>
  3. Lord...we have had some knock'em down - drag'em outs with Parkview over the years. Our crowd is obnoxious. Their crowd is obnoxious. And both teams play hard-nosed football. This will be a GOOD football game. I'm hearing GPB may carry it. I truly despise televised high school football. It disrupts the flow of the game. I'm also hearing the latest soap opera involving two of Colquitt's starters has been resolved and they should play in Lilburn. But hey...we still got a week to go before the game...so let's not get all excited. Anything CAN happen...and usually does in Norman Park. Rufus>>
  4. 9-1 and 33-6 Just kills you fellers...don't it. Rufus>>
  5. I wouldn't think so...unless Auburn moves to the NFL. Poor Jake is 9-1 so far this year and 33-6 in his career. Rufus>>
  6. SEC EAST Champions. And you did it by beating Auburn. God....Life Is Good !!!!! Rufus>>
  7. Your post is loaded down with.................................................truths. I believe it goes back a ways...... Rufus>>
  8. I think it's hard to compare Boatright and Carolina. I mean...we actually throw the ball to Carolina........ Rufus>>
  9. I've said that for years. Just have Colquitt and another team of your choice fight it out for the AAAAAAA Championship. I don't know WHY we hafta complicate things !!!! Rufus>>
  10. Just to be clear...Colquitt plays Parkview on the 22nd. In Lilburn. But...we know the way..... Rufus>>
  11. I think 1500 on the home side might be close. Very disappointing for a Packer crowd. I drove 200 miles to sit in that "merde". But then again...I just love it to no end. As an aside...do you think having Mr. Edwards in the game...makes a difference? Not sure that soap opera is completely over. Rufus>>
  12. That's the secret to the Georgia AAAAAAA Playoffs. Colquitt survives 35-7 and moves on the 2nd round against Parkview in Lilburn. I survived the nasty dew and the cold and I'm moving on to Amelia Island tomorrow morning to get ready for the Dawgs vs The Barn. I'll check with you fellers later tomorrow. Rufus>>
  13. Myles was just defending himself...as best he could. That Steeler QB1 should be banned for life !!!!! Rufus>>
  14. Amigos, Listen to me. I'm gonna give you some inside Gospel. Tonight is "long john and scuba gear" night at the Hawg Pen. Come prepared. I'm afraid the weather is gonna have a say in our game against North Cobb. Our turf is old and about half paid for...and could be slippery in certain spots. Here's hoping we have a good map of where we greased it. Me and Ms. Violet are coming. I just can't stay away. But fair warning...I may watch the 2nd half on my laptop if I feel the need (in other words if Ms. Violet feels the need). Here's hoping we keep everybody safe...and as always.... GO YOU HAIRY HAWGS !!!!! Rufus>>
  15. (Smile).... I feel it, conch. But you were lying. And what makes it so bad is...you know you were lying. Rufus>>
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