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  1. I thought all that was "water under the bridge". There has to be some sort of statute of limitations. I blame the Republicans. Rufus>>
  2. OK...OK....my educated guess...Warner Robins. Demons in the Mac on any given Friday night in front of about 13,000 crazy YAHOOS. Tough road to hoe... Rufus>>
  3. Valdosta will beat Lowndes....according to a guru out of Warner Robins. He told me that the Cats were the better team...even though the Vikings have got Jacurri. I didn't argue with him cause he's coached a lot of football..... Rufus>>
  4. Lowndes. They have got Jacurri..... Rufus>>
  5. Hey...it went against The Barn. I see no evil. (Smile) Rufus>>
  6. I realize it's Sunday. I realize it's way early in the week. I realize it's non-region. I realize Rush is nowhere near us these days. I realize practically all the faces are new to this matchup. BUT.... I never liked Northside Warner Robins. NEVER !!!!!! A bunch of no-good three-downers.... Let's all hope they make it thru Norman Park. Rufus>>
  7. Well...I went with a Charlotte craft last night to help the Dawgs overcome the Chickens. I'm proud to say...it only took 5 in order to get the job done. Not a bad brew. And I love the pull-top bottles. Rufus>>
  8. First rule of thumb..... NEVER agree with HawgGoneIt....publicly....(Smile). But I also like these type of games. Even though I've slipped out of the Top Ten. There's always upsets. There's always surprises. This is a GOOD format. Rufus>>
  9. Sammy....just for you and nobody else..... There's a game next week between Warner Robins and Lee County. Whichever team survives belongs in Tier 3 with Collins Hill and Milton. The loser goes to Tier 4. All the other Georgia teams that you have listed...belong in Tier 6. Well, except Colquitt...who is not eligible to be listed at this point. Gospel.... Rufus>>
  10. Probably not this year...but...we don't hafta be. We do hafta play a complete game with all our bullets...at least the ones eligible to us. The Blackhats will also hafta tackle instead of trying to blow somebody up. From what I've seen...we're about 50/50 in that category. Next week will be a good test. The Three Downers will definitely come to play. Rufus>>
  11. If I were you...and LUCKILY I'm not...I'd worry about beating Valdosta and Cedar Grove first. I'll give you Tift. But you got fish to fry before you get to us...and frankly...I ain't sure you'll win your next two games. Of course, Colquitt has its own problems. We gotta find some way to beat Northside, Alcovy and Camden before we even start to think about the Vikings. Oh Woe Is Us !!!! Rufus>>
  12. I would love to see Heritage Conyers against Lithia Springs. That should be a nailbiter.... Rufus>>
  13. I actually thought the Patriots would put up a much better effort. I would say they reminded me of the Keystone Cops...but I wouldn't wanna offend the Keystone Cops. I truly hate those types of games like we had last night. As an aside...I'm hearing Mr. Touchton is doing pretty well over in Pelham....(Smile). Rufus>>
  14. Damn...did I do so bad I didn't make the front page? Rufus>>
  15. The irony is...Heritage had some athletes !!! It's not like they were 7th graders. They just could not do anything right. And the poor long snapper....Buddha bless him. It started as a small snowball at the top of a giant hill...and then things went south. I hope our poor, tiny, little YOUNG undersized Hawgs realize....Northside ain't gonna be anything like what they saw last night. Rufus>>
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