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  1. Scared money don't make money.... Go You Hairy Hawgs !!!!! Rufus>>
  2. Personally...I'd like to see them go back to the North/South venue of the old days. One year in the North. The next year in the South. When you play in the North...Cantrell would be adequate and when you played in the South...Bazemore-Hyder would suffice. My 2nd choice would be to simply hold the State Championships at the Mac in Warner Robins. I hate the place...but it would be the most logical choice. Rufus>>
  3. Hoss....you can get in a vehicle in Valdosta and drive straight up I-75 to the Embassy Suites and walk to the Benz. It's a non-stop straight stop (unless you're riding with Ms. Violet). Try driving to Statesboro from Valdosta. Pack you a lunch. Rufus>>
  4. Because I said so.... Worked for my father.... Rufus>>
  5. OK...OK...I'm officially tired of this shit. Lock this one down. Rufus>>
  6. LOL....no Blue Devil Christmas card for YOU !!!!! Rufus>>
  7. I can't help but wonder...why does anybody care how much people donate to the kid? The kid loses both parents to COVID and he's only 17...I'd rather him get the money than some church or politician. People will complain about any fucking thing... Now if he had been from Marietta....... Rufus>>
  8. Man...I'm glad I wasn't there in the frigging freezing cold to see the transgressions beside a Buford fan so tall I couldn't see the top of his head. Yes sir...I'm SO glad.... Rufus>>
  9. Colquitt's Varsity coaching staff and their starters were in Atlanta when the Benz announced their facility would not be available. You might wanna think about retracting.... Rufus>>
  10. Some of these guys have never driven from Valdosta to Statesboro. It's actually a better drive to Atlanta. The only neutral site I can think of is Cantrell...cause McEachern ain't ever gonna need it after Christmas...(Smile). You got that OMacG? Rufus>>
  11. Hoss...peanuts are selling for almost 21 cent per pound. Peanut farmers are buying new trucks. Of course part of their austerity comes from government subsidies....but let's not discuss welfare. Drink American margaritas !!!! Rufus>>
  12. I prefer to call it a...war of authoritarian aggression..... Rufus>>
  13. Have you thought this thru? If property values decline to where the poor can afford them...the property taxes will be peanuts.
  14. So you're saying....FINALLY, affordable housing !!!!! Have you spent much time in Seattle? Rufus>>
  15. I just hafta wonder...who turned Marietta in? OMacG...you readin...?????? Rufus>>
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