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  1. Hawg...this is just hypothesis on my part...and not at all 100% Gospel....but if Valdosta happened to offer...this cert thing could very well boil down to..."time served". Rufus>>
  2. That sir...is Gospel !!!!! Rufus>>
  3. Bernie won't take no merde off of Trumpy The Ass Clown. And neither will the Bernie Bros. Not sure Mikey has the fire to stand up to Trumpy The Ass Clown without looking like a deer in headlights. But the DNC is hellbent on keeping Bernie from becoming the torchbearer. We got a shot with Vlad's help...(Smile). Rufus>>
  4. I ain't sure you're right. I still think Mikey is gonna get the nod. But me and Bernie ain't going down without a ruckus !!! Rufus>>
  5. The term "democratic socialism" pretty much is self explanatory. It is a mixture of democracy and socialism. Pretty much exactly what the USA is today. Bernie wants to take it a bit further by redistributing the revenue. The military budget is flat out obscene. It needs to reflect a more balanced split. Healthcare and taking care of OUR poor and elderly should be a higher concern. I don't care about the Vermont college thing. I think it's been resolved. I also don't care what Bernie's daughter got paid. I want the tax structure rectified. I want to do away with Citizens United. I want to stop welfare to other nations. Keep the money at home. I want Trumpy The Ass Clown to be deported to Russia. He's a Manchurian Candidate if there ever was one. I want a bunch of other stuff...but it's past my bed time. Rufus>>
  6. Just between me and you...and nobody else...his cert is still valid...but he's fighting its decertification thru his legal appeal process. As far as I know...there is no time table for any finalization. If a school were to offer him a position...it might speed up everything. I do not believe that has happened. Rufus>>
  7. I don't see why Rush couldn't be the most expensive Community coach in the nation..... Rufus>>
  8. LOL...it ends when Ms. Violet says it ends !!!!! Valentine's night was tough. No vino. A man was only meant to drink so much unsweetened tea. I'm pretty sure it will end around April 1st (if not before). Rufus>>
  9. Saw a bumper sticker that suggested it. And I read it on Facebook. So many changes going on...it's hard to keep up. Rufus>>
  10. I believe the thought process by several of us was that Darrell was a better organizer and planner. He could have probably saved the offense and promoted Jimmy Francis to run the defense...but...that was not the direction we took. Not being able to score points with the Wing T ultimately killed us for five years. Not knowing what the hell was going on...doomed us for the next three. People around our region have NO clue what Roy Saturday meant to the Packer program. There was a coach who could "sniff out" talent and prepare it for the next level. Simply put...invaluable. Rufus>>
  11. Lord Jim retired at the end of the 1999 season. Colquitt had a problem. They could promote their DC or their OC and have a pretty good nucleus. A lot of us thought the OC would have made a better HC...but when all was said and done...the DC was promoted with Lord Jim's blessing. And frankly...nobody raised any flack about it cause Mike was a SOLID guy. The OC stepped down when he didn't get chosen and Mike made the decision to change the offense...BIG TIME. He went to the Wing T. Probably because McEachern had beaten him so bad with it in the 1998 semis. But it was a disaster for FIVE years. Mike got five years because he was a TRUE Packer who had given a large part of his life to the Packer program. He never won a single playoff game. Going from Lord Jim's performance to his...well...he flamed out. Then came the con artist. Three more years of something that only could be described as "football chaos". A lot of longtime Packers tried desperately to give Commander Cokely the benefit of the doubt. It was a LOST cause. Here is where Hawg is getting his "laughing stock" from. It's not even an exaggeration. When Rush took the remnants of the program over in 2008...most people don't know just how bad it was. What Rush did was more than a miracle. The man is a force of nature whose talent and ego are equally sized. Wherever he lands...the man can coach. His antics can be debatable...his decisions can be debatable...but his damn coaching record is simply amazing. Rufus>>
  12. Lowndes will be deadly strong on defense this fall. And I'll say "adequate" on offense. Could be a tad stronger than adequate. Even though most gurus think Camden will rise to power in Region 1...North Morven says...it's still Lowndes as the team to beat. NM went on to say that Colquitt had a 88% chance of winning its Homecoming game. Oh Woe Is Us !!!!! Rufus>>
  13. I have been a Bernie guy for years and years. I still am. But conch is pretty much right. It's hard to win when the DNC is working as hard to beat you as all the other candidates combined. Mikey simply has the inside track...at the moment. And he has smart people helping him. I think Midwest Amy would be a nice compliment to his campaign. I have advised Bernie to go ahead and beg Michelle to be his running mate...and as soon as she says "maybe"...to go ahead and put it out there. Bernie is old. He could live to become the despot...but then again...he might not. If he didn't...Michelle would get the job done with Barrack as VP. I have a Plan..... Rufus>>
  14. I'm not sure you guys understand the concept of debates. They only mean one thing...and that's the concept of bringing in political contributions. If you do well (at least the pundits think so) you have a shot at increasing your funding. If you don't do well...you can see your revenue stream start to evaporate. Unless your name is Mikey. It doesn't matter what the pundits say...or the political boosters...Mikey has his own money. Keep in mind that in today's world...debates don't do hardly anything to change people's minds. The votes tell the story. Warren looked like Attila in the debate...but she's a goner. Bernie, Mikey and Petey will decide the Democratic nominee. Personally...I don't expect it to be pretty. The DNC is hell bent on keeping Bernie from the crown. They've really been pushing Mikey to insinuate Hillary as his VP choice. I don't believe he'll do that. All they can do is threaten to withhold funding...(Smile). Mikey don't give a shit. I think he'll go with Midwest Amy if he wins the thing in Milwaukee. But Bernie won't go down without a fight. Like I said...it ain't gonna be pretty. So stop worrying about debates. They ain't even entertainment...unless you're into wrasslin. Watch Star Trek Discovery instead. And keep throwing out all those cute little memes...cause if that's all you got....Heh, Heh, Heh.... Rufus>>
  15. There's a big "discussion" in the Bernie Bros camp about the VP running mate. Us sensible ones are screaming Michelle !!!! But there are those shouting...Stacy. Bernie better listen to me..... Rufus>>
  16. He's about to land another job. The interview went well..... Rufus>>
  17. Sherrod would be an excellent choice. I just don't know that he'd accept it. Rufus>>
  18. conch...he's gonna go with my gal..Amy. The rumor of Hillary was put out by the Trumpy The Ass Clown camp. You know it. I know it. Now the whole world knows it. Rufus>>
  19. The general consensus has changed from a Mikey/Petey ticket to a Mikey/Amy ticket. That actually might work. Right now...I'm still supporting a Bernie/Michelle ticket. But we got ourselves one uphill battle...for sure. Rufus>>
  20. Here's hoping they have a new HC in place by the end of April. Sound familiar? Rufus>>
  21. Hawg...not speaking for AR...but sources close to the situation say that Rod and Company won't be satisfied until they vote 7 times and one side gets 4. It's the American way. As an aside...when the Valdosta BOE hires a new HC...that's when it's gonna get awkward. Just ask Colquitt...... Rufus>>
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