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  1. I know this is shocking...but after reading this thread...everybody seems to be "fucking"...except me. Rufus>>
  2. If you're talking strictly under Rush...you would be correct. Colquitt has had black QBs. Rufus>>
  3. HawgGoneIt... The Trump virus will infect about 82% of the American people. We'll probably see around a 2.5% death rate. Rufus>>
  4. I believe the question was about Trumpy The Ass Clown..... Rufus>>
  5. I think it came down on whether he thought it was better to help states in the USA or North Korea. Question answered. Rufus>>
  6. Tanks in the streets, Hoss. Tanks in the streets..... Rufus>>
  7. Sir...I am slightlu inebriated...but totally serious. Rufus>>
  8. I was in Harris Teeter this morning when I happened upon a pretty heated conversation between two older guys in the wine department. They seem to know each other and it didn't take long for me to realize they were "discussing" politics. They were on polar ends of the political spectrum and they weren't agreeing on anything. What got my full attention was when one of the guys screamed out..."well, if you support The Cheeto, we can't be friends". Needless to say...that was profound. All of you know that I despise Trump. I do...and I don't see that changing anytime soon. But I have many friends who love the guy. And I don't see THAT changing anytime soon either. So what this little diatribe is about is this...I'm not gonna dump current friends that happen to love "Trumpy The Ass Clown". I reckon I can pity them...but as far as I'm concerned...we're all still friends. I'm not sure they feel the same way...but I hope they do. Like Ms. Violet said when I told her about what I overheard... "Rufus, we all gotta find a way to get along" I'm not saying 1800 tequila solves everything...but it solves a lot. Stay safe guys.... Rufus>>
  9. When Fauci says it...I'll listen. Are you gonna take medical advice from Trumpy The Ass Clown? Please say...NO. Rufus>>
  10. Lime Sink calculates a 15% probability of 2020 football and a 60% probability for 2021 football. If Bernie was given the Despot position today...we'd have football in June this year. Rufus>>
  11. Kuntz was right. Wuhan-400 is the perfect weapon. Rufus>>
  12. I must report that negotiations are a private matter...but once the Bent-Nosed Boys outa North Morven got involved...things moved much more smoothly. Something about "offers people couldn't refuse". Since there will be no high school football this year...Rush's timetable has been set back a tad...but people have already heard him humming the Valdosta fight song... "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y...victory Valdosta High" Rufus>>
  13. What's that called again? Feel The Bern.... Rufus>>
  14. If Bernie were Despot...we'd have football in the fall. He'd kill the Covid-19 and stabilize the stock market without having to send everybody $1,000. But you morons are still stuck on Biden or Trump. We're fucking doomed. Rufus>>
  15. The only thing I would add is....6K confirmed. How many actually infected? Who the fuck knows? Rufus>>
  16. I'm always the last to know.... Rufus>>
  17. I'm stunned. Totally stunned. Where did you hear this ??????? Rufus>>
  18. Will there be any sort of announcement tomorrow...or early Wednesday morning? And I ain't referring to Rush...... Rufus>>
  19. conch...the analysis is correct...but based on conversations with some key people...I don't think the disaster in 2020 will be as bad as it was in 2016. Most of Bernie's army in 2016 absolutely despised Clinton. And I do mean DESPISED. I voted Green Party. Several of my friends did the same. I just couldn't pick between the two evils. Now...that being said...I would surmise...no matter how much Bernie pleads with his army to vote for Jo Jo....most will simply...abstain. They won't vote for Trumpy The Ass Clown. They just won't. I won't. I haven't decided whether I will vote for Biden...if he's the Democratic nominee. I probably will...but as of today...I wouldn't bet the farm. The Jackass Party thinks they can win without The Bern. They thought it in 2016 and they think it today. Montreal is looking more and more attractive. Rufus>>
  20. Alcovy vs Colquitt in Mack Tharpe !!!! Lots of pretty young ladies in EXPENSIVE gowns...and a football game. Rufus>>
  21. PLEASE...don't even ask that fucking question. Rufus>>
  22. ...that alcohol can help with the prevention of the coronavirus. So I just ordered a case of 1800 tequila for me and a case of Swanson Pinot Grigio for Ms. Violet...to be safe. I'm doing this cause I'm old...and...I've been rode hard and put up wet. Rufus>>
  23. Please consider this my six week notice.... I never liked the sub committee. NEVER !!!! Rufus>>
  24. Sir, Why wasn't I notified that Legioncat was being considered for entry into our illustrious group? Did he pass our background check? Do the Lowndes venters know you accepted his application? Do the rest of your members know that you now have allowed..."The Velvet Voice" a chance to spread enlightenment to the masses thru your message board? I'll only say this...and then let it go.... WELCOME YOU OLD CAT FART !!!!!! (Smile) Rufus>>
  25. Hawg...Rush got what he wanted and desperately needed. He got his certificate reinstated. Basically, he accepted a "plea deal". I don't blame him nary a bit. He needed a paycheck and the deal was the first step in achieving that. If he's smart (and there's no huge reasoning to think he is) he'll get a good paying HC job in Georgia (Roswell sounds good to me) and move forward with his life. I did love the headline though..."vindicated". If he's vindicated...I reckon the State of Georgia will award him back-pay with full interest. Don't think so. He got time served. And just between me and you...I wouldn't bet the farm that he goes to Valdosta. I sincerely hope he does cause he's wanted that job for a LONG time. BUT.... Just sayin.... Rufus>>
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