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  1. Already have. Finished Bolton's book. Great read. Now waiting on her book to arrive.
  2. Of all people he did? For what? I can name 5 off the top of my head who deserve it before him.
  3. That was a good game. DBP tried some dirty tactics through the game like yelling constantly about each call the refs made and didn't make. MV got Cali some pay back.
  4. So because a team wins that gives them class? Ha. Ok. See this is why you should stay on the other side of the forum. It's your home,
  5. My bad you're right. Been sick so foggy head has been creeping out every now and then. Lol. Thanks brother.
  6. Come down and me, you and @BUFORDGAWOLVES can have a boys day of golf in Pebble. Cigars and drinks aplenty.
  7. SC would have handled bama. Only chance bama would have had is if they started BY. Then SC would be in trouble. Otherwise it would have been a walk in the park.
  8. Nope there is none. Just parties to see who can get it first. Lol
  9. Your governor is saying there is nothing to worry about and that the virus will disappear. Pretty sure he will force schools to open and by default there will be a football season.
  10. They DBP players started pushing and shoving and talking all kinds of shit. That DLS team was the worst one in many years. The lost or tied 4 games that year.
  11. Wow!! I will stop complaining about the record 90 degrees we have been getting here.,
  12. Speaking of Texas, has anybody seen @thc6795 post lately? Hope he's ok.
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