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  1. Thought the same thing, but damn I'm glad I gave it a second chance.
  2. I actually stopped watching it like half way through the 1st episode. I don't think I was in the mood for this dude. Then I came back and watched it after binge watching Ozark and I was like WTF why did I ever stop watching it. Before they got to the episode of the husband I thought that lady just gave me bad vibes and then "The Secret" episode came on and I was like FUCK YEAH she killed him!!!
  4. I will also allow, district and a few yet to be named.
  5. Rodemaker will not see a penny. Was not terminated. So how can it be a wrongful termination? His contract was up and they chose not to renew it. Judges do not tend to side with the employee in the case of a contract not being renewed. They know better. Otherwise it would open up the flood gates for any coach to sure because he was not retained.
  6. Are you still going to give your fed check to USA Academy?
  7. Bro, your credibility and ability to tell what a good team looks like is non existent. Lol. Your .02 are worth just that. On a good day. Go humb some fly by night academy and leave the football talk to the grown folk.
  8. Looks like tonight you will be getting some great rest when you fall asleep early. Lol. That's not a bad idea, I still have the games you sent me years ago, so I will join you in watching games. Plus ones on youTube on smart tv. Enjoy brother!
  9. @Sammyswordsman do your thing. You know where this post belongs!!!!!!!!
  10. The league has 2 of the best teams in the nation. In one league! Then you have 2 others who are top 50 and possible top 100. In one league! Show me another league that not only has 2 top 5, but a top 50 and maybe top 100? I'll wait.
  11. Who's PC or DBP playing? Where have they been ranked in the last 3 or 4 years? Yeah, thought so.
  12. Source, proof? And no, your word mos def is not credible so something concrete and legit that SJB and MD and DLS and every other Cali power turned down an already proven inferior team to Cali's top.
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