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  1. Just started watching the Good Counsel vs SFA game on youtube and GC is beating SFA like they stole something!! Pretty cool to be able to watch some HSFB in the spring!
  2. Deported? Hahahaha. You forget we have a new great prez in the house. If anything I can now bring many many many more in. Here's hoping the majority settle in your area. HAHAHA.
  3. Funny how you like to use racist terms freely about half of my heritage. Why not attack my other half? Why stop at only the Mexican side of me? Call me a dirty wop or a greasy dago? Only someone like you would interject racist hateful crap in a thread about the death of one of the greatest black players in baseball history. Sad life you must live.
  4. You bring the ladies @imaGoodBoyNow and I will procure the party favors. We can meet in Vegas.
  5. With him yeah as long as you're the right color. I guess technically my half Sicilian side would, but then again Sicilian's don't consider themselves white. Who knows. It's all one big mystery. Lol. In my eyes I only see the soul of a person. Not their color. Dang it I really need football stat!!! Anybody down to party tonight?
  6. This puto culero lives on hear to act tough, but we all know those that talk that much shit online and try to act tough are nothing more than prison bitches. Don't give him the attention he craves. Just like his idol the orange fat ass. Shit you live in a neighboring state to him. I guarantee you his pussy would tighten up if he ever tried to confront your tall brown ass in person. LOL. I would pay to see that.
  7. He only detects one thing. And we all know what that bitch is.
  8. Gotta say I do miss the fool. He made it very fun because he took so much shit and still kept engaging with all the posters. Those were the good ole days. Before certain bitches started showing their true sick ignorant selves. Pre Off Topic shit.
  9. It all started with DJ. There's a reason people started calling him Atlanta Jackson. Lol
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