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  1. Saw you on the comment section. Lol
  2. That is way too wide of a track. Can't see jack from the stands. Hope you got sidelines.
  3. I should be shocked, but I am not. So many sick ass folks on here praising the death of a guy just because he did not share your political views. This side of the board gets sicker every day.
  4. Take it easy on the poor guy. He's from texas. He doesn't know better.
  5. Who? Stop name dropping like we are suppose to know who players are that are just because they are from Texas. Makes it really hard to follow.
  6. Lord, forgive him, for he knows not of what he speaks.
  7. Why would you buy used panties? Nevermind. Don't want to know.
  8. 10) SJR 9) Iona Prep 😎 Grayson 7) SJC 6) Marietta 5) DeMatha 4) Elder 3) St. X 2) SFA 1) Cathedral Catholic
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