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  1. STA/DLS is by far the biggest game going on this weekend. They are both the premiere storied teams from their respective coasts. I would say the Friday night are the marquee games.
  2. I'm sure he is. Its just after all these years of Palma this and Palma that, it started to become blockish. I will give him a chance though. Lol
  3. My source says game is at 6:30. What teen is in bed on a Friday night by 9:30? Child please.
  4. Dude give sammy some time to breath brother.
  5. Got it and replied with my info. Looking forward to it. I just don't want to hear Norcalsportsfan talk all night about Palma. Lol. I kid I kid
  6. I thought Upland was suppose to be good? La Habra?
  7. The prepgridiron crew knows what to do. Raining champs and all.
  8. Hit me up and I can meet you at the SF/CDM game. I love going to SF games. They do it up nice and have a cool ass stadium. Doesn't hurt that they have what could be the largest endowment thanks to a donation of a ton of PRE-IPO stock. Made tens of millions off that alone.
  9. That's because you are no mark. Going to any games tonight down there?
  10. That long? I thought @HawgGoneIt said he would ban him on the spot if he tried coming back?
  11. Nah it's not Sammy. Its mos def block. Same stuff he posts on the NorCal board.
  12. Lol brother, you're arguing with block. Just an fyi
  13. That's exactly what I order when I do go there which is like once a year. Bae always says "You always did love your white breasts"
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