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  1. Texting a buddy of mine who is a tax pro with Ernest & Young. See what the real deal is.
  2. I get all that, but half a mill in back taxes? Don't people go to jail who owe that much?
  3. Can't gsb clear this up for us by simply texting him? I mean they are bff's.
  4. Dang that's so much money!!! I still get floored by the amount. How does a hsfb coach get that far in debt with taxes?
  5. Take your word for it. Can't read the article.
  6. Dang it just saw your post. You beat me.
  7. Now that's how you build it! Pass this post along GSB to your boy.
  8. That show was awesome!
  9. That's some crazy ass #'s. Schools offer that many people in one season?
  10. And those are only the ones that posted about it. I wonder how many more there are?
  11. Cabbage I will take boiled in a stew, but other than that it stays out of my mouth. Its nasty. Almost as bad as cauliflower.
  12. What's the difference in salary?
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