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  1. No St Francis of Mountain View? SJB that far down below a jersey team? I dig your poll, but just a couple head scratchers in there for me.
  2. Herbert is way better than burrows. Just look at fantasy rankings. Burrows is way down the line.
  3. Post the whole article please. Not all folks have a subscription.
  4. We don't deal in hypotheticals. Ja feel?
  5. Now please do the same exercise for the ga top 10.
  6. Pruitt is a grown ass man and makes his own decisions. Is he the only one at UT that did shit? No. But he still is responsible for his actions.
  7. I put it on mute when he yelled, "THIS IS WHAT JERSEY FOOTBALL IS ALL ABOUt"!! I was waiting for him to say crab cakes and football!!
  8. Had to put him on mute. Just brutal. Sounds like his balls haven't dropped.
  9. One of the strongest receivers in the country? LOL!!!!!! The announcers must be high schoolers
  10. Who plays cb. That first half was brutal on offense.
  11. Collins Hill looks overrated. Unless NG is a top team in ga.
  12. Absolutely not impressed with him. Like at all. What class is he? Freshman or sophomore?
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