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  1. I hope you're not talking about your self. You're a cool kat and easy to get along with. Unlike some of the others on this side of the board. Be happy you're not filled with hate like certain one's on this side. They have it worse.
  2. I know how you like minded folk think. How dare a minority speak up. Know my limitations? Lol. Okie dokie grand wizard.
  3. Brother, you really can't take him seriously. Keyboard warriors like him need to be left alone. Knowing full well he would never say anything of the sort to one's face. Let him be and don't feed him the attention he seeks. Treat him as you would block.
  4. The c was purposely left that way, since I know you are not one. Seriously, if I have to spend time explaining everything to you, then I will have no time left in my life for anything else. If spelling corrections are your only come back, then may the good Lord help you.
  5. Ha bitches like you can't be taken seriously. Homie.
  6. Enemy? You're not my enemy. Don't give a fuck if you "left the plantation" or whatever. Hate to break it to you, but I do not consider you my enemy. But if you feel like that, then I'm sorry brother, but living a life where you consider yourself the enemy of people all because of politics, then you're right. Do you. For the record, being black does not mean you can't be racist. By calling me an "essay" I guess you're assuming I'm some sort of Mexican banger. Lol. far from it homie. Enjoy your evening. I'm out.
  7. Who said I don't have one? I just don't need it to fight my battles. Only bitches who have no business fighting, need a gun to win one. You just better hope you don't cross the wrong person talking your shit and that gun jams. Just a little friendly advice to a "christian".
  8. Uh this makes no sense. If the point did not drive through my head, wouldn't I be asking for more threads so that it could? Isn't it past your bedtime anyways kid.
  9. I didn't include you in the post, yet you start with the racist comments? If you wanna go that route no worries. We can.
  10. You'd end up shooting your own ass. GTFOH with that crap. Real men don't use weapons to fight. Hand to hand is the only way to go.
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