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  1. FUCK YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Its only the red states that really would be heavily affected since they don't balieve in them that there shots. Just aax them Tucker told em so. LOL
  3. Yeah it was. But damn the memories that place gave me I could never ever regret going. In High school the upperclassmen on the football team would take us freshman with them to concerts and wrastling matches in this pick up truck that had wooden boards all around the bed of the truck so that we could have our couple of kegs pumping and 10 or so of us in the back boozing all the way up to the palace. Passing the folks up in the cab their drinks for the 2 hour drive. They taught the select few of us freshman that go to be included a whole lot about partying and what not. Much respect to class of 1990. Lol. They were geniuses when it came to partying and hiding it.
  4. Ha one of us? Not one of me thats mos def!!!! But I hear ya.
  5. I thought one of the board rules is you are not allowed to pimp a business? @HawgGoneItWhat say you?
  6. The Cow Palace was the spot for concerts back in the days. Miss those days of being young and dumb.
  7. She does have some serious man hands. But them boobies look NICE!!
  8. I saw them with AC/DC in high school like 100 years ago. Best concert ever. Grew up watching their videos on MTV with their sick ride. A lot of the acts I grew up liking and following are passing away. Guess that happens when I get old. But man that concert with AC/DC was a fucking blast back in the day. We were so drunk and just being kids and enjoying some great music.
  9. So this earlier. Saw them in concert a few times back in the day. RIP Brother!!
  10. You started a thread about something from years ago and his opinion on CFB? Lol. Come on bro.
  11. They did not look like scrimmages. Looked to me like real games with refs and both teams trying their best and getting upset when things didn't go their way.
  12. They did play in the spring season of 2021. And it was ugly!!!!
  13. Post it with this years ratings. LOL!!
  14. The players they have are not any where near an all star team.
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