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  1. Lame. One champ. No matter the size of the school. If they are the best then crown they ass.
  2. Good. Maybe now he will play for a "Smart" coach. Get it? Smart?
  3. UIL can do better than that. She at least has to be a 10. And BTW, why not have ONE true state champ instead of the participation trophy and having deuce?
  4. Oh don't say the T word. It offends them. They call it "move ins". Lol
  5. And Allen is the king of football "move ins'. So there's that. I'm sure out of the thousands of kids that go there plus the "move ins" they more than get their share.
  6. Portland is a cool ass laid back town.
  7. Allen has 7k kids of which probably half are "move ins" for football.
  8. With all them Natty's I doubt anyone is sad. Jealous? Yup. Especially a state that rhymes with shmexas.
  9. Allen is a perennial top 5 team in texas every year. How can they not be? With all the transfers "move ins" and the 7k enrollment. Y'all are saying they sucked last year, yet they made it pretty darn far into the playoffs. That alone goes to show just how good they are when last year was considered a down year for them. Look for them to be top 3 next year in texas.
  10. Why would SJB take this game on a bigly down year coming up?
  11. How is ga favored to win? Did I miss a major player being out for Bama? Or actually a few?
  12. You mean when they were winning national titles? Dude you really are special.
  13. How come MD's tweets does not allow replies?
  14. I have no choice but to be "knee deep" in it since it's all I see on the first page of the board. Click anywhere on the page with my eyes closed and guaranteed I hit a Harbaugh thread.
  15. You see the operative word here is "read". We know how ga96 has his troubles with that. Unless it's lowmeds. Then all of a sudden he a scholar.
  16. Yeah I been following this fire. Just crazy. Everything must have been so dry in order for it to get so far. Prayers to the people in the area and to the brave men fighting it.
  17. Dang dude. How many more Harbaugh threads are you going to continue starting? We get it. You hate the guy. Enough though bro.
  18. SAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Sammyswordsman
  19. Portray it how you like to make yourself feel better. If I said anything mean it would have been in retaliation to being called what you called me. And your apology was aimed at others that are Latino. Your apology to me was, " shouldn't you be in Boston, after all it is Bean town". This is my last reply to you. You do you.
  20. We also have a guy on here that called a Mexi a B***er, which is just as bad and he didn't get the boot.
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