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  1. I don't remember who took over at Hebron Christian but I know they want to take the program to the next level. Looks like they might be off to a good start.
  2. I think the thing to remember is we don't know what the respective coaches were trying to accomplish with the scrimmages. I'm not making excuses for anyone but sometimes the coaches have some issues to work out and they use the scrimmage to do that and the score is important to them. I will add that I am surprised at the Collins Hill score because Lenny Gregory is hyper competitive.
  3. Because the power elite in Georgia aren't just from the metro area. The state legislature has threatened to intervene on several occasions. The Speaker of the House for years was from a small town west of the metro area (Bremen) and had a lot of clout. He has retired but others have taken up the call and force the multiplier because their small, lower classifications were consistently being taken to the woodshed by the open enrollment schools. Without looking it up, there are maybe 15-20 city systems with the rest being private or county. Existing city systems were grandfathered in when legislation was passed to make the school system a county function. If they ever give up their charter, they will never get it back. There have been lower multipliers but the lower classifications kept getting beat. A couple of years ago, the legislature said increase the multiplier to make it "fair" or we will legislatively disband the GHSA and make those functions a part of the State BOE. What I don't know/remember for sure and don't feel like looking it up right now is that I think the multiplier applies to *every* out of district student, not just athletes. If you have 500 OOD students, they get counted at 1,500 for classification students even if only 50 of them are impacted by GHSA regulated activities. What I find humorous is that S Ga people (not all of them for sure but some very vocal ones equally for sure) are fond of saying the metro area controls the GHSA. There are more non metro Atlanta schools in GHSA than metro schools. The metro schools tend to be bigger to much bigger but GHSA actions aren't taken by student enrollment numbers. Each school has one vote whether you have 100 students or 5,000 students. Gwinnett Co has 10% of the entire state's school children. We are projected to go over 183,000 this year. But we have 23 or 24 high schools so we have say 24 votes out of 460ish high schools with votes in the GHSA. 10% of the students but 5-6% of the votes. (Note: In all fairness I haven't bother to look up the high school population numbers to get a more accurate comparison base on high school student number. I am making an assumption, dangerous though that is, that the number track at least semi closely.) I don't know about you but that is far from a controlling interest with the math I was tought a long time ago. Likewise, the metro area has 55-60% of the state's population depending on whose numbers you like but far from 55-60% of the members of the GHSA.
  4. I don't know who peed in your cornflakes but you just need to get over yourself. Teams in South Georgia are far from having clean hands or being as pure as the driven snow. Valdosta in its prime was infamous for shenanigans. To hear locals talk, there has been more than a little movement between Valdosta, Lowndes, and Valwood over the years. No, I don't have direct evidence. Yes, I know of a lot of talking from all the way back in the 50s and 60s. You may hate the metro area but the hard fact is there is a lot of mobility available here and a lot to attract families. I fully understand life is good for those down south who like it. I also know that life is good up here for those who like it. I also understand there are orders of magnitude more opportunities in the metro area that in S Ga. Get over it. Whining every time you post just makes you look childish.
  5. You can poor mouth all you want but from what I've been reading, the Hawgs have some really, really good players on both O and D. It is a unknown at this point but it won't take much for them to jell and be there at the end.
  6. Third hand hearsay so take it for what it is worth. I heard that a lot of players have bailed from Valdosta in the past week or two. Truth be known they could have been talking about Lowndes as I was positive but I thought they were talking about Valdosta. Again, third hand hearsay but interesting if true. I was hearing it second hand from a person that is no longer associated with the program but should know. Your mileage very vary.
  7. With the exception of 2013, we've been pretty consistent into the playoffs since 2010. One no playoff season that we had several games that were one score that could have gone the other way but didn't. A few 2nd round, several quarter finals, couple of semi finals, and three championships. Truth be told, our Achilles heel has been Colquitt who has also been consistently good. Similar if not slightly better playoff records with two championships. While not in 7A, Buford has suited up and won in every classification they've been in. It will be interesting to see how this year goes. I guess we will get to see if they will be able to win consistently against a full 7A schedule. There are other teams that have been good for 1,2, or 3 years but have not been able to maintain it. GA96 talks about Lowndes a lot but it was 2007 the last time they won a championship. I think the time of dynasties that always won a lot and won championships consistently as a given may be over. There just is a lot of parity in general and a special player or two for many teams can push them up just as losing one or two can push them down. I'll be shocked if we see many back to back or more ships anytime soon. As others have pointed out, it takes a good team and more than a little luck in the games and in the bracket seedings. Sometimes the brackets can work out such that the strongest teams may come up against a weaker team that on any given night matches up better and wins. Other times the clear favorites walk through the second season 5-0 with no problems. One thing is for sure. Make to and through the quarter finals and all bets are normally off. No bad teams after that.
  8. If that's the DeKalb Co Towers, Rutland will win. Towers got a new coach this year in hopes of improving the abysmal record over the past several years.
  9. I've seen and heard coaches say some pretty outrageous things. Members of this board don't have lock on that.
  10. I'm always slightly nervous to click on this thread when my wife is moving around as I never know when she will be where she can see the screen. 😲🤪
  11. I don't know. I can't blame the man for being high on the win and proud of his team. And it was his and the school's first championship. Heck, people on here say outrageous things about their teams and have less to do with the outcome than he did/does.
  12. Glad to see you are consistent with your support for your team. Or not. Here's an idea. Since you hate the coaching staff so much and undermine them at any opportunity, why don't you apply for the job. Oh wait, you don't have the credentials to do so.
  13. There is a fallacy in attempting to rate teams at the high school level that haven't and never will play each other. All of the daisy chaining that goes on just doesn't mean squat in the end. I always chuckle when I see people comparing teams that never played each other and they are using different years even. I really laugh at that. Sure, there are those match ups that are laughers from the get go such as Grayson vs the International School of Broward but comparing any decent team really just doesn't hold true. Teenage hormonal boys playing a game are in general just too inconsistent to be able to make a valid comparison. There is normally too much of a change in their abilities from year to year and even game to game to compare.
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