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  1. Why the emphasis on Del Rio? He has nothing to do with the forfeit. The issue is Covid and forfeit. If he were the kid with the virus it might be significant but we don't know that.
  2. I don't know whether it is or isn't. I don't get paid to make that decision. Take it up with Coach Carter. I don't second guess him ... at least not much.
  3. You might be surprised who plays how much and who doesn't. Coach Carter says anyone that comes on the team has to earn their spot. Multiple times you've spoken to the willingness to let something slide at Grayson yet you ignore it when it applies to your team. Who had to sit so Chase could play those years the Packers won state? At least our players live in our county something Chase *never* did and yet everyone was all holier than thou because he started going to Colquitt Schools in the 8th grade like that made it okay. It was all legal, right? So who cares right? How about all th
  4. It was the comment about creating good upstanding members of the community that made me blink. You act as though we have control over who shows up and who doesn't. While my original comment was very much tongue in check in humor, there is some truth to that. We definitely did no recruit Mr. Garcia. They picked us based on a feeling they could have a chance to do well and pick up quality reps against strong opponents. They must have not felt that way about the rest of the south Ga programs or they would have stayed there. As much as you at times say you get our environment, comments lik
  5. "I" does not equal "all". I speak for myself. I guess you aren't used to going from fast moving games to the turtle crawl TV dictates. The zebras love TV games. Then they know they aren't the most hated person in the stadium. The guy with the red hat is.
  6. Hello! Are you in there? ESPN TV game means our game will last 3 hours or more. 😠 No, I'm not a fan of our games being on TV if you haven't figured it out.
  7. Is someone holding a gun to your head forcing you to read all of them? The scroll button is your friend.
  8. I said "did" as in past tense. Jake hasn't left yet. Playing the entire season shouldn't be a criteria for dissing us/him as if things had gone his way, Jake would have played the entire season at Valdosta.
  9. Austin Meadows of Tampa Bay fame is playing in the worlds series. He's a Grayson kid.
  10. The big difference is Jake rolls in upfront with his intentions and his reasons. Everyone knows what is going on. I remain convinced Kurt's dad played everyone including Kurt. I base this on Kurt wanting to run track in the spring but not being allowed to when his status changed to migrant student.
  11. One, count them, one player did that. Any others graduated early (a good thing I might add) and enrolled in their committed institution of higher learning to get a leg up on their skills. Kurt's dad played everyone including his son. Speaking of creating good upstanding members of the community, I don't believe any Grayson football team members have been charged with murder. Can you say the same? 😲
  12. on ESPN2. At least I think it is ESPN2. If not, ESPNU. The time is right for sure.
  13. Y'all keep claiming we recruit. When you've got it, you don't have to recruit. They come to you.
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