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  1. With the exception of one year, Grayson has been pretty strong since 2008, possibly 2007. We opened in 2000 so that's not too bad. We've won a lot of games since then. I don't see us going away in 5 years.
  2. I understand that in the real world, everyone can't be first. Where there is true competition, there is no shame in being second even though everyone strives for first. I don't live in the fantasy world you do. There often is much more to be learned from being second than first. And before you try to twist this beyond all recognition, yes the games are played and everyone wants to win and that's a good thing.
  3. Dang son! I guess you would know since y'all haven't gotten past the semi-finals in what, 4 years?
  4. Sour grapes are so wonderful to see! Jealous much? It is really fun watching us live in your head. 🤣
  5. "nolebull813 is a proven pathological liar and should be banned!" If this were an issue there would be quite a few fewer participants in this board.
  6. Hoover has been open 30+ years longer than Grayson. I would hope you have played more. Besides, everyone knows you have to go OOS if you are in Alabama to find quality teams. You don't have to do that in GA. It is actually further for us to so to south Ga than to Hoover. 2 hrs 59 mins 194 miles to Hoover 3 hrs 44 mins 250 miles to Lowndes 3 hrs 40 mins 225 miles to Moultrie 5 hrs 16 mins 333 miles to Camden County And those are middle of the night drive times, not daytime traffic times.
  7. But wait! You and other posters claim as long as they come in before 9th grade they aren't transfers. That means the 7th and 8th graders can't be considered move-ins. 🤣 If Lowndes is so good the why did the kid move? Have you ever considered that?
  8. I find it hilarious that we are in 96's head so strong that he pounces on every bit of info on us! He stole this graphic 3 hours after it was posted on the Grayson TD club site. I'm trying to remember the last time I looked at a Lowndes site and it has been years because I just don't care. It must be bad to be that obsessed with something! 😎🤷‍♂️
  9. Last three years are quarter final, championship, and semifinal. Not too bad in my opine.
  10. The county doesn't fund the moving budget.
  11. I don't know. I've come to the thought we may be the last field to get done. The county can't be thought of as playing favorites. So far some of the have not/lessor programs have gotten their fields first. I guess it could happen this late spring/summer after soccer and lacrosse get done but who besides the county offices knows.
  12. Well that went flapping over your head. It was joke! And yes I was talking about your ridiculous comment. Sheesh!
  13. I'm thinking he may be in whomever is footing the bill's helicopter. He was at our place on Jan 14th and it was gray/black and red.
  14. Uh, not exactly. Verizon wireless came from the RBOC Verizon that came from divestiture AT&T. BellSouth Mobility came from BellSouth ad then got bought by Southwestern Bell once they bought AT&T. Fun fact. The paperwork was signed on the AT&T side to be bought by BellSouth when the BellSouth CEO stuck his head where the sun doesn't shine and said nah. Turned out the BellSouth CEO made more money by backing out of the AT&T deal and agreeing to the Southwestern Bell deal. (I worked in telecom since prior to divestiture prior to my retirement and remember the "good old days".)
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