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  1. Uh, the real Rab has at least one and maybe two post grad degrees. Just saying.
  2. Dude. Don't know who this is you are talking to but it ain't Rab. Spent too many years going back and forth with him.
  3. Been reading Rab's comments for 11 years. This ain't him. It is tough to be consistent and this isn't consistent.
  4. You care if what he says supports your agenda as in this case.
  5. I hear way too often from friends of people that have harmed themselves "We had no idea. S/he was so strong and seemed so in control." Sometimes the ones that seem to have it together the most are the ones hanging by an unraveling thread.
  6. I guess there must not be as much for the parents to do in Tift and Colquitt counties as there is in Ware Co. 😮😎
  7. Several people have answered so you should have a good idea. Gwinnett Co has 23 high schools in the county system with 18 or 19 (I forget) and 3 or 4 major privates. Greater Atlanta Christian (GAC) is the biggest and plays in 3A along with Westminster who is smaller. Hebron plays in 1A and there are several privates near Gwinnett that draw plenty of Gwinnett players. Buford City Schools is also probably 75% or slightly more in Gwinnett with the remainder in Hall. Gwinnett chooses to go with big schools. Our largest is around 4,000 and we are broken into clusters around each of the major
  8. Fred


    Hmmm, making $500k plus at arguably one of the top 5 college teams in the nation with a long time friend as your boss and a great environment. Yea, that's a no from me dawg.
  9. I've thought of this often. What do you say to your kids when they find out you have another family? What do you say to your kids when you aren't there for some of their life events or even regular holidays? What do you say to your wife and kids when you are dismissed in the job and community you love and were respected in? What do you say to your family when yet again, you have messed up to the point you are probably going to lose your job and your ability to provide for them? While I still wonder about this some, I will admit that Rush's actions for the past several years appear to
  10. Fred


    Oh heck no! Everyone clamors to be on our team and they are beating on our doors begging us to take them in.
  11. I don't know. How does it feel to have the coach you advocated so strongly for so long admit he was cheating while he ran your program (his words, not mine)? In our case, we acted in good faith and while the Garcia question is still to be resolved (I think in our favor because I know the circumstance of how he came to us but who really knows what the GHSA will do in this case) the other case was clear cut in our favor even though you won't admit it. If you don't think the GHSA watches everything we do then you aren't as smart as I've given you credit for in the past.
  12. *Everybody* can and should be talking crap and laughing at Valdosta right now. Had this come out 3 days later you wouldn't see them ranked anywhere.
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