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  1. Columbia is a national program? Who knew?
  2. Hey! The field turf is coming from straight up bond money. Don't be blaming us for what the GHSA does.
  3. State law. When the schools were deemed a county obligation, there were a few city schools that remained under the direction of the city. I do not know the criteria used to make that decision.
  4. Because they aren't city schools. They are county schools.
  5. I don't know that I would go that far. Buford is a city school and GAC is a private so there is that. Within the county schools there are the haves and have nots once you get past the basics. The county in the past ten years has tried to close some of those inequities to some degree. For example, Grayson built the stadium, concession stand/office, weight building, and then the field house on their own. Later the county decided to level the playing field somewhat and up the base level. They built field houses like Grayson's for some of the schools that didn't have one. For the new schools built in the Archer or later time frame, the county provided the stadiums and field houses as part of the overall school construction. If you look at the football stadiums it is pretty easy to tell which ones the schools built and which ones the county built. The individual built ones are all different. The county built ones are all the same. Again, I don't speak for any other program but once the county started upgrading facilities for all they did come back and take over the remaining debt the touchdown club had on the facilities.
  6. Unlike some, I don't pretend to speak for any program other than my own and then not authoritatively. AD has a budget that has to cover all sports. And we play a *lot* of sports. There are those that are better able have to fund much of their activities on their own. Those that can raise money/sell tickets may not get the support from the general budget that the non/low revenue sports do. The county funds the big cheeses anywhere in the state but past that it is on the school's budget.
  7. We have had 100+ on the team for several years. Plus, football does not operate in a vacuum. We have a ton of other sports that may or may not have their own funding. Everyone seems to think Gwinnett is so rich but then tend to forget we have 10% of all the students in the state of GA - 180,000+ students in our system. I think it cost us $15k to go to Shreveport a couple of years ago.
  8. When you are ranked as high as we are and projected to have a large degree of talent as we are AND the other teams in the county will mostly only play you if they have to, it makes it tougher to build a schedule. I've also talked with the AD who has said OOS games are expen$ive as all get out. When budgets are tight, that comes into play. It is a further problem when ranking/rating the schedules. When you are number 1, everybody that plays you gets a boost in their schedule toughness that you don't get because everyone you play is under you. It is really difficult to build a strong schedule. Note this applies to a lot of teams, not just us.
  9. Yea and Lowndes has cheated for years by providing jobs, places to live, and holding kids back in 8th grade so they could mature and fill in those holes that needed filling. See how easy it is to throw crap out with no proof. By the way, you do know the current head of the GHSA is from Colquitt County don't you? Seems like any bias would be to the southern area of the state, not the northern but hey! Whatever you say rules. You've been told so many times who my team is that it is truly sad you ask that question. Figure it out on you own. I'm not catering to you.
  10. When your go to response is to immediately personally attack especially when you make the kind of sexual references you do it is clear that you have nothing. No coherent response, no facts, no nothing. Give it up man.
  11. I know this is outside your realm of experience but there are lots of reasons to transfer that may or may not relate to football. Or that could add to football reasons and make it worth while for the family to make a move. Depending on where you are coming from, a different school can fit your needs better whether it be athletics or (gasp!) academics or (oh my!) community or even (holy cow!) all of the above. Just because it is outside what you are familiar with doesn't mean it can't or doesn't happen.
  12. Nice attempt to deflect but your answer totally avoids the question. Oh by the way, last time I looked Marietta is the current state champion and guess what? There is no asterisk next to their title as much as you try to make it so.
  13. Tucker is not as you paint it. I know where all of those schools are. 😎 But to your point about demographics, GA is pockets of everyone from everywhere. Gwinnett county is one of the most diverse counties in the nation. 2nd most populous in the state, projected to be #1 in 10 years or so. Just under a million in population. 23 high schools, 18 football playing. Students come from 181 countries and speak over 100 languages. Here is a breakdown - African American - 32% Asian/Pacific Islander - 11% Caucasian - 21% Hispanic/Latino - 32% Multiracial - 4% source - http://publish.gwinnett.k12.ga.us/gcps/wcm/connect/280e3b29-ecd3-4750-819c-9c919b704d10/2019-20-GCPS-By-the-Numbers_6.pdf?MOD=AJPERES&CVID=mR5iRrB Our schools do pretty well in football and other sports.
  14. So now when you say that you wiped our (generally, not singular) ass you will mean it literally.
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