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  1. 2.5 hours but yea, over and back in 1 day/night for sure. That's what we did.
  2. Yea, those long term affects are starting to show up. I have a friend whose husband is healthy, works construction, is in real good shape. He got it back in the late summer early fall. Right around Christmas he wound up in the the hospital with a major pulmonary embolism, lung scarring, and cardiac issues. Now he will have to deal with that basically for the rest of his life. Yes, he is part of the recovered numbers but those don't show the long term effects showing up. This stuff can be nasty. Everyone take care.
  3. Well, for the past several years at least some of them have been going to programs like Clemson and Alabama. You know, the guys that have actually won something. To be sure there are those that have gone to other programs that haven't fared so well but at least some have contributed to national championships. Works for me.
  4. Maybe if UGA actually made an effort to recruit Grayson instead of assuming the players fall down in awe of the great Dawg program they could gain some traction here.
  5. That assumes someone wants to invite them. That would kind of like inviting Typhoid Mary to dinner.
  6. Knowing @Rufus69, I'm going to guess there was more than a little sarcasm there that went flying by you without even slowing down.
  7. I make my living mostly with my brain and not my back any more. I fully recognize that when rules change it takes a while to adjust but it has been over two years. It is not like moving a basketball goal up or down a few inches that can throw off muscle memory. If the kid is as smart as you say, he *should* have been able to adjust by now. I often say habit is a strange creature so I could cut him some slack if it was right after the rule change but two years? Not buying it. My seasonal job is probably 90% improvisation. I never know what that room full of kids (and adults!) is going to
  8. Lowering your head on a tackle is not the same thing as shooting baskets. I get that in basketball, golf, or pitching where there are tens or hundreds of repetitive motions involving muscle memory but lowering a head once or twice a game is not the same and more easily changed ... or should be if you are thinking about what you are doing.
  9. So wait. Alabama is getting it done with instate home boys? 😎🤣
  10. If they can't learn in two years they aren't going to learn.
  11. Sorry to make you go to all that effort but I was referring to Grayson. We are in the south and we play defense. 😎🎅
  12. It was clear targeting, no question. The rule has been in place for a couple of years now. I think they have actually eased up a touch on calling it than when it first came into play. If you don't want to get tossed, don't make the play that way. Just like everyone knows not to be throwing a fist if you don't want to get thrown out.
  13. Hope you do well. Seems I remember your parents had it too. Hope they are well too.
  14. Pretty good numbers but realistically the QB isn't going to run unless he is wide open most of the time. Of course there are the QB sneaks for a short first down but most of the time it is when the defense breaks down and there is a hole I can run through.
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