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  1. Talked to Mashpee coach Matt Triveri. He had some good info on that part of the state and more.
  2. Basically. Brockton, New Bedford, Durfee, Bridgewater-Raynham, and Dartmouth. It's a logical grouping.
  3. Did a 10 burning questions for the start of fall 2. Just some general stuff, I will have more good stuff later.
  4. An interesting non-HS league to start in Mass. Read about it here.
  5. So Mass. will not have a statewide playoff for this "Fall 2" season. Teams will play their schedules, and then there will be sort of league championships. I'm going to head up to St. John's Prep on Wednesday and see how the two-time defending D1 champs look.
  6. If you're a sucker for 90's HS football, here is a good Vimeo page. There are some good games there. Brockton is featured with a lot of talented players. The first half of the 1994 game with New Bedford is fun. Hopefully the guy who does the page can get up the second half soon. NB finished that year ranked in the USA Today Top 25. There is also a '94 game between Brockton and Chaminade (Ohio).
  7. Massachusetts has the same start date
  8. There will be a "Fall II" season of high school football in Massachusetts. It starts February 22. There will be no postseason, but the fact that there will be some form of HS football in the 2020-2021 year is good.
  9. Harris went to Assumption, which is not that far from where I used to live. Some area coaches I knew told me about him a few years ago, said he was fast and had a lot of potential. I didn't think much of it at the time, but the guy has proven his worth at the highest level.
  10. He's absolutely going to make some NFL team very happy.
  11. My cousin is a big Gators fan so I've adopted them for this game. I really like watching the Toney kid for UF. Real versatile.
  12. Big news. Class of 2023 safety/wide receiver Joenel Aguero is leaving St. John's Prep for IMG. Aguero is ranked as a top 100 player in his class. He already has a lot of big-time offers and that will no doubt continue.
  13. Coastal Carolina has a defensive lineman and tight end from Massachusetts. Jerrod Clark (DL) played at Brighton, and Isaiah Likely (TE) played at Everett, for that loaded 2017 team. So Coastal has a lot of fans up here for those guys.
  14. Checking up on a few of these teams... It appears St. X returns its entire OL and QB next season. How often does that happen with a state champ? Hoban returns most of its OL, too. I think Elder also has some good juniors. Lakota West might not bring back as many, but returns a solid core. I don't know about some of the other squads, but those mentioned should be among the favorites again in '21.
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