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  1. That's the thing that stood out in that Good Counsel game from last year to me. GC just bullied them up front. SJP can do the exact same thing, and they also have a better passing game than GC did. That said, Marietta's offense could match SJP in a shootout. But not being able to hold up at the point of attack against a team like SJP isn't a recipe for success.
  2. Gilbert is a dude and will be a major mismatch for any defense Marietta faces. Still, I don't think they're any better defending a good power run game based on what I saw tonight. The SJP game will be interesting because I think they can exploit that, but Marietta's offense will still get theirs. Good matchup for sure.
  3. Talk about a highly-debated topic on the old board back then.
  4. I know Mansfield should be a top 10 or so team in Mass. this year, but last year I was at the game against Everett and they just couldn't keep up with Everett's speed. In fact, the Mansfield coach afterward remarked that Everett had the kind of skill that Mansfield sees when they go out of state. So I think Mansfield wouldn't do all that well against a BNU team. I'm not sure how the best Jersey publics are, but my guess is Mansfield would compete much better with them.
  5. Interesting. Mansfield does not really get by on major talent. They may have one D1-caliber starter. But they generally compete well with more talented teams because of coaching and their kids are usually pretty tough.
  6. Ohio guys, what do you make of La Salle this year? They are playing Mansfield (Mass.) out there on Sept. 13. Figured La Salle would be the favorite, although Mansfield has a pretty good team by New England standards.
  7. Woe is Colquitt! (Am I doing it right??)
  8. He said the PrepNation poll will be out Thursday morning.
  9. I like Hoban, but it's hard to know how they stack up overall. That's typical though for most teams other than these squads that play insanely tough OOS comp. They seem pretty talented and well-coached, but there's a difference between winning a game against Iggy and going through D2 and beating some other good team and capturing the D1 title in that state. Just think it would test their depth more (obviously). Again, though, think they're a good squad, just hard to know where to slot them given the circumstances.
  10. Thanks, OV. Polls are fun. They are a thankless task sometimes and very subjective, but even the people bashing you are happy that you're giving them something to bitch about.
  11. No preference but I think Duncanville wins. Like a few others, just hoping for an exciting game.
  12. That's too bad. I enjoy your posts about Illinois teams, and I definitely have an interest in squads from everywhere, including the Midwest. The more, the merrier, imo. This forum gets boring when we only talk about the same three states. Either way, I respect your decision to step away from the board if you choose, but I hope you reconsider and know that your input is valuable and respected (at least to me).
  13. I've posted this here before, but I was here for this '03 scrimmage against Bishop Feehan, which is about 10-15 minutes from where I live now. This video only has portions of the action, but I remember Bosco doing basically whatever it wanted on offense. Feehan couldn't stop Toal, and the DBP receivers were too fast for the Feehan DBs. The Feehan QB had a pretty nice day, but in an actual game it would not have been too close. Feehan had a good season. Their loss to North Attleboro (where I live now) was one of the best games I saw that year (that game is also on YouTube). Back then, Feehan was one of the best mid-sized programs in the state, then for a while fell off a bit. This year the Shamrocks will be in the mix in Division 3 South. Have Caleb Fauria (Colorado commit) and Rex Bruschi, sons of former Patriots Christian and Tedy.
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