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  1. Has Mater Dei or SJB announced some of their new recruiting classes for the 2020 season? Especially the QB positions.
  2. Under Armour All-American Game. Deion Sanders during the interview about Zach Evans...."This kid is going to play on Sundays." But hey... What does an NFL Hall-of-Fame football player like Sanders know compared to "The GURU." Ha-ha-ha-ha
  3. I don't know... but apparently he knows what Toss-Left and Toss-Right mean... and 38 Blast and 39 Blast. To most College coaches that's good enough.
  4. Wow... it's funny how many California people are dissing on DLS. WOW!!! I mean... all we basically hear all the time is how North Shore and Duncanville really suck at the end of the day. HA-HA-HA-HA!!!😆
  5. Ya.... I mean you Cali people love "National Polls." I think most of the National Polls had DLS as a Top #20 National Team. But hey... Now they ain't no good and aren't really a quality California opponent. LMFAO... Can't make this SHIT UP!!!
  6. It's amazing how many California people all the sudden want to trash DLS. LMFAO!!!! Suddenly DLS isn't considered quality football.. Wait a second... Is DLS "TRASH FOOTBALL" like Steellessnuttzzz idiot boy claims Texas 5A is. Ha-ha
  7. to any Power state Top 2 team As of today, They have resisted my advice tho Let me give everyone the translation of this statement... DLS needs to start "RECRUITING HARDER" to get more legit college football prospects into their program like Mater Dei and SJB do before they'll be a California power. Ha-ha-ha
  8. Ya... you could clearly see in the Under Armour All-American game how slow he was. ha-ha-ha You know... The game that he was MVP in.😎
  9. He doesn't know... Like 99% of the kids showing up on college campuses.. Those playing sports and those not playing sports. Ha-ha
  10. Texas 6A D-1 State Title game (North Shore vs Duncanville) in the Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium has an announced gate attendance of 47,818. That beats 27 out of 39 College Bowl Games. North Shore vs Duncanville- 47,818 Notre Dame vs Iowa St - 46,948 Minnesota vs Auburn - 45,652 The Total attendance at AT&T Stadium for the three State Title games on Saturday (Dec.21) was 112,234. Ok... One, Two, Three---- TEXAS HATERS GO!!!!! Ha-ha-ha
  11. I'm still waiting to see when Mater Dei will announce their new FBS (Power-5) QB transfer. You know it's coming.
  12. Academy teams... You mean the "Recruited up" --- "Select All-Star Teams" that go around Peacocking how great they are when they just had 11 FBS (P5) Prospects transfer into their program to add to the other 20 that transferred in the previous years. Ha-ha.
  13. By play football at high level... You mean a couple of recruited up "Select All-Star" Teams from others states. Ha-ha-ha
  14. Wow... Mater Dei and SJB still haven't announced their 5-Star QB transfers yet? Ok. they must be waiting until after New Years.
  15. What would California be if it wasn't for two recruited-up "Transferred-up" Select All-STar teams? Hmmmmmm..... Oh ya... NO BIG DEAL!!
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