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  1. Neville lost to West Monroe 41-14. West Monroe lost to Longview, TX 17-7 (In Louisiana). Please bitch.. West Monroe would of got bitch-slapped upside the head by Duncanville by 40+ points. Neville would had 60+ put on them by Duncanville and that's with them calling the dogs off after 2 QTS. Neville?????? LMFAO!!! 2019 Neville = TX 5A Marshall. TX 4A Carthage - 38 TX 5A Marshall - 6
  2. I agree... Neville = Berkner, Skyline, Pearce, Lake Highlands. All teams that Duncanville drilled last year.🤪 All teams that wouldn't compete for a State Title on the Texas 5A and 4A level either.😉 Just like Neville.
  3. I notice how stupid shit for brains (Swamppy) doesn't want to talk about Gilmer ( TX 3A) from 2007. TX 3A - Gilmer - 39 Richwood, LA- 0 two weeks later. (15-0) Bastrop, LA - 37 --- Nationally Ranked.... "Cough-cough-cough." Richwood- 12
  4. Probably explains why Neville has been getting bent over by Texas 4A and 5A teams that last 20 years. Ha-ha-ha Neville ain't shit son.. 4-5 kids going both ways with some FAT lineman. They would be lucky to compete in your average East Texas 4A and 5A District for a playoff spot most the time.
  5. It is funny that you mention Texas High... I mean since they've bitch slapped ECA and several other Louisiana schools over the past 20 years. Ha-ha-ha
  6. Texas High never been 6A... Opps!
  7. They're loaded!! Not sure they could hang with Neville, LA... 😉
  8. Ha-ha-ha... Ok.. So the (5-5) John Tyler, TX team didn't beat your (13-2) West Monroe, LA State Runner-up team 42-14. Ha-ha-ha-ha
  9. They had lost a few games before the West Monroe game that year. They just weren't that good. For a few years.
  10. 1999: (5-5) Tyler John Tyler, TX - 42 "Didn't even make the TX playoffs." (13-2) West Monroe, LA - 14 "LA 5A State Runner-up" 1999 Louisiana 5A State Title. Evangel - 20 West Monroe- 14 LMFAO..... your Louisiana #2 Team West Monroe got ass-spanked by a (5-5) John Tyler team 42-14.🤣
  11. It's good to see the Louisiana Flagship program (LSU) get it's 2nd commit from in State.. Hopefully they won't be intimidated by all the Out-of-State kids playing on LSU. What is it now.. 2 Louisiana High School kids and about 10 Out-of-State kids. 😀 Looks like those Louisiana Coaches on LSU know where to go get talent.🤪
  12. 2007: Texas 3A. (14-1) Gilmer - 39 (#34 ranked in TEXAS). Richwood, LA- 0 "Yes that is ZERO!" Two weeks later. (15-0) Bastrop - 34 Richwood- 12 Bastrop finished #2 in Louisiana supposedly (Big JOKE) the #84 ranked team in the nation. Please bitch.... that Bastrop team would of been lucky to win TEXAS 3A that year. Top 100 team in nation.. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.
  13. 2018: Let's also don't forget the great courage that Evangel Christian took on in 2018. ECA finished (8-4) with three loses coming agains OOS teams from TX, TX and Arkansas. ECA was State Runner-up in Louisiana and finished #8 in Louisiana. TX TAPPS Bishop Dunne beat them 23-14 Then Evangel played TX #2 team Duncanville and got curbed stomped 48-14. TX #2 vs LA #8--- TX 48-14 !!🤣 Go away stupid bitch!!! IT'S JUST TO EASY!!!!!!!😁
  14. 2018: (13-0) John Curtis - 21 (Louisiana #1 team) Louisiana STATE CHAMPS!!!!! (8-5) Bishop Lynch- 14 (Texas #41 team). LMFAO... The so called #1 team in Louisiana had to hang-on for dear life to beat a little ole Texas (8-5) TAPPS team. Go ahead Swammpyyy... try to convince again how great Louisiana HS football is!!! Ha-ha-ha-ha. Stupid fuck!
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