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  1. Tannehill probably is pretty average for an NFL QB.. Just like about 20 other NFL starting QB's. There is about 8 Elite NFL QB's, 20 Average NFL QB's and about 4 on life-support regarding NFL starting. There is about 10 NFL backup QB's that would qualify as NFL Average too. It's about that same ratio every year too.
  2. Let's be honest Steeler.. If you say that Tannehill sucks.. What does that say about QB's like Mark Sanchez, Jimmy Clausen, Matt Barkley, Josh Rosen and the list could go on but I don't have time.
  3. LOL.. and you wouldn't be saying that he "Sucks" if he was from California. LMFAO!!
  4. CAlifornia-- Trinity League 101: Let's over-hype Orange Lutheran so when SJB beats them like 45-14.. We can all talk about how impressive a win that was!! LMAO
  5. Servite vs JSERRA Katy Mayde Creek vs Katy Taylor. About the same caliber of football.
  6. Stop it !!! Stop it!!! you're not suppose to talk about Trinity League "TRANSFERS" on this site.
  7. Steeler doesn't understand Texas HS football as much as he has always like to blap his fat mouth. His so used to California "PRIVATE SCHOOLS" that recruit or get several transfers each year that he doesn't get Texas Public Schools and how some can come and go over this or that season depending on what kind of Senior Class they have. If Lancaster played in California Northern Section.. The Northern Championship game each year would be DLS vs Lancaster..
  8. One of Mayfield biggest issues is the Browns have no O-line.
  9. I think the case of Kyler Murray (Allen HS) and Josh Rosen (St.Johns Bosco) has been settled now. First.. Arizona got rid of Josh Rosen so they could draft Kyler Murray. Second.. Kyler Murray is already playing better in the NFL than Rosen ever has. HELL, Rosen just got benched again. Let's call it what it is.. Josh Rosen has always been over-hyped and over-rated since his days playing at St.John Bosco. I think it's safe to say that neither Josh Rosen or Matt Barkley has ever lived up to 1/10th the hype they had coming out of Mater Dei and St.Johns Bosco. Too be fair... There is a long long list of over-hyped, over-rated California (5-Star All-Universe) prospects that never live up to the hype!
  10. Ya... common sense and watching them play. Servite and JSERRA would be after thoughts in the State of Texas. Put them in Texas 6A and you'll never hear of them. Texas 5A they might make it around #11-#15 range.. "maybe."
  11. LMAO... those over-hyped Trinity League teams like Servite and JSERRA would be lucky to be the #3, #4 or #5 teams in Katy District. A lot of things coming out of the Trinity league are over-hyped.. Like QB's Josh Rosen and Matt Barkley.
  12. That's funny.. DLS gives financial aid but it really doesn't mean anything. DJ Williams would of never attended a Private School like DLS if there wasn't some financial aid package (Ie. Athletic Scholarship). I'm also sure that DJ Williams community service was called.. "DLS Football service." I'm glad you're a DLS Alum but you don't understand. Those kids (Elite athletes) would never be walking through the front door of Private School "DLS" if they didn't get some type of Financial aid package. I'm also not saying that DLS is as abusive with the system as other Private Schools around the country like Mater Dei, SJB, STA or Don Bosco Prep. I have a nephew that played football at Don Bosco for 3 years... He played on the DBP (NJ) team that had J. Peppers, Wr-Carroo and few other elite athletes. He told me the whole insight to how DBP works. HELL, Carroo lived like 80 miles from Don Bosco and lived with another players family during the school week. There was a DBP "Sugar Daddy" Alum that basically paid several of the kids (elite football players) school tuition each year. LMAO.... I'm well aware of how it works with many of the so called Parochial Private Schools around the country with so called Elite Athletic Teams. So I'll say it again.... Financial Aid = Athletic Scholarship = Recruiting.
  13. Agree... but let's not over-hype the level of play of Servite and JSERRA. Neither one of those teams is World beaters.
  14. Private School Recruiting also is giving financial aid packages for athletes (Football players, Basketball, ect) to attend (Name that Private School) and play. Financial Aid = Athletic Scholarship = Recruiting.
  15. LB-DJ Williams didn't pay the full-tuition out of his families personal bank-account to attend DLS. He came from a poor family. Somebody at DLS (Alum, DLS Sugar Daddy, or some other financial Aid) was put to use to get DJ Williams at DLS. Financial Aid = Athletic Scholarship= Recruiting.
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