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  1. Ya... because St.Joes Prep and Bishop Gorman are recruited at the same level as teams like Mater Dei, IMG and SJB... NOT LMFAO!!!🙄
  2. Hey.. let's give a big shoutout to former TX 5A Denton Ryan QB- Seth Henigan for leading now (3-0) Memphis to a big win against (2-0) Mississippi St (SEC team). Not bad for the TRUE FRESHMAN QB from crappy Trashy TX 5A football.
  3. Hey Steeler... it's hard to believe that a crappy "TRASHY TX 5A Team" could beat a 3X State Champ (Bryant, Ark) and National top 100 team (What #65 Bryant). Especially since Longview already got blown-out by fellow TX 5A "Crappy Trashy TX5A team Denton Ryan. Especially since they played Bryant, ARK without their best Defensive player and 2nd best offensive player. You know.... crappy trashy TX 5A. Signed.. TX 4A Argyle--- just as fucking good as your Trinity league Santa Margarita Catholic team.
  4. Santa Margarita Catholic (CA Top 10) = TX 4A Argyle TX🤪 Los Alamitos (CA Top 10) = FW Nolan Catholic TX😉 Mater Dei DB Domani Jackson-- Hometown Temecula, CA... only about 70 miles from Mater Dei campus. Ha-ha-ha-a
  5. TX4A Argyle- 45 Trashy TX 4A football.. Ha-ha-ha. Nolan Catholic- 29 (most of the points in the 4th QT). ----------------------- Santa Margarita, CA- 31 Nolan Catholic (TX)- 13 ------------------------- Santa Margarita- 42 Los Alamitos- 21 Wow.. Santa Margarita Catholic isn't any better than a top line TX 4A team like Argyle. Santa Margarita Catholic just beat (4-0) Los Alamitos 42-21.🤪 Los Alamitos was suppose to be a California Top #10 team and Top #100 Nationally. I guess that makes Los Alamitos on par with trashy TX TAPP Nolan Catholic.😛🤗 Here STEELER the idiot.. Let me help you out SON!!! Santa Margarita Catholic = TX 4A Argyle Los Alamitos = TX TAPP Nolan Catholic. Only difference... Santa Margarita and Los Alamitos are considered Top #15 caliber California TEAM!!!! LMFAO!!!!
  6. Let's all give a big shout-out to former Denton Ryan QB- Seth Henigan for his great performance at the University of Memphis this week. He was named the starter for week one and is 2-0 as the starter and was named 247 True-Freshman of the week last week for going 22-34-410 yards- 5 td passes. Not bad for a true freshman that came from the no good Texas 5A football.🤪 Let's forget the fact that his High school team was TX 5A State Champs (15-0) and loaded with tons of talent. Ha-ha. Anyway.. great job Seth Henigan from Denton Ryan 5A TX football.
  7. Eric Sondheimer- LA Times Prep Reporter for 40 years. "The recruiting all started with SJB Coach Negro, He's the one that created this wya of doing things to attract players. It was Rollo (Rollison) who hadn't won a championship since before 2000 who didn't want to recruit. Bue he saw SJB success and decided..."SCREW THIS" so he adopted SJB way of doing things- Get in touch with the youth football coaches and host camps before bringing in kids Left and Right." PS.. Again, not my words.. the words of the LA Times Prep sports reporter for 40 years!!😉
  8. Petros Papadakis--- " But since the number of high school football players is getting fewer (In California), we need places for serious football people to go play."--- "Negro and Rollison ramped up the high school recruiting."
  9. Eric Sondheimer.. LA Times Prep reporter for 40 years. Move Resident = Host Family. Petros Papadakis... "Recruiting is now in hyperdrive at schools like Mater Dei and SJB and they act like football academies, Transferring has gotten out of control." PS.. These aren't my statements.. Those are two statements from California dudes that cover football.
  10. I know Hurricane.. You're the same dude a couple of years ago saying that Texas doesn't have more football talent than California. Opppss.. WRONG!! But hey.. enjoy your recruited up All-STAR PREP ACADEMY FOOTBALL Team.😉 It's like the staff of Texas High School show all said that night... "Texas doesn't play by those rules an congrats to Mater Dei.. They have a great recruited up team. Their good." Mater Dei should be good Hurricane.. Their all RECRUITED UP with D1 prospects all over the 2-Deep roster. LOL!!! Shocker!!! REAL Shocker!!!🙄
  11. Steeler use to pimp DLS when they were the flagship Private School in California. Since the Southern CIF changed their transfer policies a few years back and DLS is fading in California and about to become the Odessa Permian of Cali. He is now hanging his hat on recruited up Private School All-Star teams like Mater Dei. 🥰
  12. 2020 NFL Rosters by Home State: #1 Florida - 194 #2 Texas - 192 #3 California- 170 and Falling!!!🤔 Steeler says... "but, but, but, but... recruited up Mater Dei!!!"
  13. Wink-wink-wink.. The past four NFL Drafts.. 2021 NFL Draft: 2020 NFL Draft: 2019 NFL Draft: 2018 NFL Draft: TX- 34 TX- 33 TX- 27 TX- 28 Cali- 19 Cali-23 Cali-22 Cali-27 Four Year Total: TX- 122 Cali- 91 Steeler says... "But, but, but, but.. Mater Dei"🤪 2020 US Census: California - 40 Million Texas- 29 Million.
  14. New Mexico, New Mexico St, Hawaii, Wyoming have about 50/50 TX and Cal kids on the roster. Nevada is like 75% California kids. UNLV is about 70% California kids San Jose State is like 99% California kids= Rice most years. San Diego St is like 90% California kids.. almost the other 10% on that team are TX kids. Fresno St is like 90% California kids = SMU and Houston on most years. I would take freaking North TX and UTSA over teams like UNLV and Nevada that are loaded with mostly California kids. I think Texas has pretty much doubled California in the amount of NFL players drafted the last couple of drafts. So, seems like the NFL Scouts see something.😉 PS... I've broken down the Final Top #25 College Rosters the last 10 or so years. Guess which State is usually #1 with players on those Final #25 College rosters?? You guessed it.... TEXAS!! Honestly.. I don't think California is every even close to the discussion. It's been TX, Florida, Georgia.
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