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  1. I think he (Guandolo) was a decent Coach though. He has a couple of decent Chaminade teams when his son was QB them. Several players on that Chaminade team that played Tyler Lee went to the NFL.
  2. Horsefly... Come on man. Texas should just keep building Public High school after Public High School after Public High school so the talent level at each Public High school keeps getting smaller and smaller. But hey... Texas Public schools should still keep playing our RECRUITED UP... PRIVATE SCHOOL.... ALL-STAR SPORTS TEAMS!! LMFAO!!!
  3. I'm sure I could go look up St. Johns Bosco going back to 1999 and D1 football signees. 1999 to 2014 they probably averaged... .085 D1 recruits annually. 2014- 2022 - 9 annually would be my guess. Same as Mater Dei. Wonder how that shit happened???? hmmmmmmm🤔 Hurricane and the others just say......🤐
  4. NO.. it's 9th-12th grade. So that means Allen HS is out shuttling athletes into the school each day from all over Dallas? Does that mean Allen HS is out providing "Host families" to 5-Star/4-Star recruits from all over the Dallas area? Does that mean Allen HS is out providing "money" to athletes to attend Allen HS? If Allen HS is recruiting brother.. They need to get another recruiting director because he is missing a lot of 5-Star, 4-Star and 3-Star players that live within 25 miles of Allen but attend other Public High schools.
  5. 247 Sports Recruiting site: Mater Dei D1 (FBS) signees going back to 1999. 1999- 1 2000- 3 2001- 2 2002- 3 2003- 1 2004- 1 2005- 1 2006- 0 2007- 2 2008- 2 2009- 1 2010- 2 2011- 3 2012- 0 2013- 2 2014- 4 (Year the Mater Dei Talent Level on the team starts to increase.) Wonder Why.🤔 2015- 5 2016- 3 2017- 8 2018- 11 2019- 13 2020- 6 2021- 10 2022- ??? it will be high. Ya..ya..ya.. Go from averaging about 2 (FBS signees) for 15 years to basically.. Wow, we average about 9-10 each season. Wonder how that Mater Dei talent level on the team suddenly increased Five-Fold over night? Oh ya.. it's called RECRUITING, RECRUITING, RECRUITING... Host-FAmilies, Athletic scholarship to attend the Private school, Athletic vans to shuttle players all over So.CAL. ya.ya.ya.
  6. I don't know.. Myself and TXBall go back and forth on this topic about TX and some powerhouse Private school coming along. The Texas UIL is pretty tough and the TX Coaches Association is pretty tough too. I think what is slowly coming to Texas is Public Schools having Open-Enrollments when it comes to things like Sports. Athletes will be able to pick what Public school they want to go play for without any tough restrictions being in place.
  7. Hey Hurricane.. Do you drive one the "Football Shuttle Vans" all over Southern Cal or just make sure it's filled with gas??🤪
  8. NY Times: Article about all the recruiting at Mater Dei and SJB. **Tells how the Recruiting arms race between Mater Dei and SJB started.** "Little more than a decade ago, SJB was at a crossroads. Enrollment numbers which had peaked in 2001 had plummeted by 1/3 to fewer than 700 students" (All boys school). "We were on the ropes, " said Paul Escala who was hired as SJB President in 2010. SJB decided that football could be it's salvation. Be more strategic in delivering financial aid (Aka. Athletic Scholarships). "That was music to my ears," said Coach Negro who was hired a few months before Escala. Now.. when SJB built up a little All-Star team and started bitch-slapping Mater Dei and Coach Rollinson. Coach Rollinson said... "Can't beat them..JOIN THEM."
  9. Hurricane helps fund the "Mater Dei Uber football Vans" all over Southern California. Got to feed the narcissistic EGO. Uhhhhh...we're good... uhhh we're special... NO other place in the country can do what we do. LMFAO. Ya.. football hot beds like Houston and Dallas that both have 3X as much high school football talent as LA couldn't do that shit.
  10. Hey bad router.. I also like the same blowhards that say football talent rich areas like Dallas/Ft.Worth and Houston which both have twice as much football talent as Los Angeles.. couldn't build a few power house All-STar teams like Mater Dei and SJB. Dallas and Houston could build Power-house All-Star teams that would knock the shit out of Mater Dei and SJB like little bitches if Texas ran their high school system like the Southern CIF.
  11. Ya..ya... those Mater Dei 3 stripes.. What is it.. "Honor, courage, commitment and... RECRUIT, RECRUIT, Go find football athletes.. give them financial athletic scholarships, find host-families, shuttle vans... but but but... 3 stripes!!! 3 stripes!!! LMFAO!!
  12. I hear ya and 100% agree.. But the blowhards on this site that support Mater Dei and SJB have been saying for years that they don't...... "RECRUIT" Ya.. back in the 80's, 90's and even early 2000's.. Mater Dei might average 2 or 3 D1 athletes each year. Now.. they have 15-20 signing each year. sorry, that screams RECRUITING. They'll be more and more and more articles that shine the truth on these Private School "ALL-STAR" teams and how they build up their rosters each year.
  13. Hey powerpuff.. aka Hurricane.. Do you help give one of the interviews for that NY Times article that explained all the big time RECRUITING at Mater Dei and SJB. LMFAO. Hurricane is one of the shuttle van drivers.. I have a new name for all those Mater Dei football shuttle vans.. " Mater Dei Football UBER VAN"
  14. How many BJ's does Coach Rollison demand from you weekly.
  15. NY Times: Mater Dei and SJB are in a locked arms race to garner the best high school football players. Shocker... Basically pay high level football prospects athletes to come play for your Private School "All-STar team." Ohh wait.. Texas couldn't do that.. LMFAO!! Right Money bag man.. Hurry-up and go find some shuttle vans and Host-families for those next crop of recruits that Mater Dei needs.
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