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  1. My biggest story about a Force Recon Marine. On deployment in the MED. We were going to do an OTB operation where we conducted an OTH from 30 miles out. You know.. it actually means you have to get into the Water there Marine. The Force Recon Marine shows up with nothing float tested and had his sniper rife strapped around his back like he was just going to swim it in from 1000M out without any flotations. We (The Professionals) said.. "Hey bro, you going to put in floatation on your equipment?" The big bad Force Recon Marine looked around with a stupid look on his face and
  2. By the way... We laughed at all the Force Recon dudes when the Marine Corp finally joined SOCOM. You know why we laughed.. Because the Marines were knocking at the door of our TRADET commands in Coronado and Little Creek everyday begging for training on how to do the job.
  3. By the way poser.. I've been on Las Flores many times.. Been on Red Beach so many times that I can't recall. Run up and down almost every mountain side on Camp Pendleton. Of course... That's what being a Military veteran that has done many deployment all over this planet over a 20+ year career gets you. Now take the embarrassment that I just gave you... Because you don't know jackshit about Deadly Force Policy with Police Departments on a Local, State or Federal Level. PS. Nice Force Recon Patch.. LOL
  4. Put the Play-Station down. When you have to post "Force Recon." It pretty much tells me that your a Poser. I'm sure your DD214 says.... " Washed out" during the initial tryout.
  5. Also Mr. Force Recon. There isnt any Force Continuum. Police officers on almost every level (Local, State and Federal) don't have to use one level of force above the threat they see. If it meets "Deadly Force".... Deadly Force can be used. Most Department across America. Deadly Force Policy--- "I feel threatened for my Physical Safety or the Physical Safety of others." Put the Play-Station down.
  6. Has nothing to do with the NAVY or the Military or Rules of Engagement if your in OEF or OIF. It has to do with Domestic Law Enforcement on Local, State and Federal Levels. You can't resist arrest, throw punches, fight on the ground, steal a taser gun, take off running in a short foot pursuit and in that foot pursuit with a LEO feet behind you and suddenly turn around with something in your hand (furtive Move) is what its called for you.... and actually shoot and expect the LEO to not pull his service pistol out and use Deadly force. (PS... all this happens in seconds to mili-se
  7. The Fired Atlanta Cop by the Atlanta Mayor will be winning a huge lawsuit when this is all said and done.
  8. If Brooks would of just kept running and never turned and pointed anything at the officer. Yes. The second Brooks turned with something in his hand and fired it... Game over. Meets every level of Deadly Force of every Police Dept in America.
  9. Case is over.. While in a foot pursuit and the suspect turns with something and fires it. That's 100% meets all requirement for Deadly Force.
  10. While in the foot pursuit.. He turns with something in his hands and points it at the Police officer chasing him. Case Over... Justified Deadly Force. PS. He also shoots the taser at the officer. It's clear in the video.
  11. Yawn!!! Fart!!! PS.. take the OOS talent off those Florida National Championship Teams and guess what.. "They ain't National Champions."
  12. Sure... Sorry that the TRUTH hurts you about Alabama. It's basically the IMG of college football. Roster filled with players from coasts to coast and usually the star players that make the team go aint from Alabama.. Oppps.!!! Again, sorry that TRUTH hurts.
  13. Oklahoma, Clemson, LSU and Alabama (Last years final four teams). I could of made a Texas team with just the Texas Starters on those 4 teams. several of them became NFL Draft picks this year
  14. Alabama does it with a roster filled with players from around the country. So has many of the Florida teams.
  15. LOL... it's over your head. I understand.
  16. Florida now has the same problem that Texas has had for the last 30 years. Too many D1 FBS programs in the State that scatter talent around the State instead of just a few programs. Too many OOS FBS Universities Football programs feed on Texas talent to upgrade their teams and rosters (OU, LSU to name a couple).
  17. Most of those Democrats also entered Pubic Elected Life as Middle Class Americans.... After a few decades of Political life. All those Democrats are Multi-Millionaires. Hmmmmm?????????
  18. Wow.. I probably won't be able to sleep tonight just imagining that nightmare scenario you just gave.
  19. The player also had a long list of other demands he wanted. University buildings renamed... Statues removed... (.05%) of UT annual budget going to BLM. along with other things.
  20. Sucks for those people.. but I'll also say... You get what you VOTE FOR!!
  21. I'm imagine it will be about September when we'll hear Coach Rollison from Mater Dei say.. "They tried to say we got 25 football transfers this off-season.. It's a LIE.. We only got 17."😁
  22. If I was the President. I wouldn't do a damn thing. Let the Seattle Mayor and Governor handle it. Let's see how it works out.
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