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  1. Nah. That was the Valdosta posters. Just watched it and it was a pitiful crowd. I dont know how they were able to type while sucking their thumbs.
  2. Fred get the welcome party ready. Jake just withdrew from Valdosta and and is probably on I-75 with Graysons transfer relocation crew.
  3. Robin Hines will be on Phil Jones show today. Will be interesting to hear his take on these transfers.
  4. How many have played for two different schools in the same season?
  5. Seen where Lowndes Dubose has been hospitalized with covid. Prayers going his way.
  6. Alcovy's budget took a hit. No Colquitt or Lowndes.
  7. I knew Northside was bad. At least put up a fight. Valdosta is going to have a long night by the looks of it so far.
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