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  1. Take care. That covid is rough on some folks and not others. Put me down for about 10 days before it let up. You got this. Prayers for you and your family.
  2. The first time it spiked they turned the outpatient surgery rooms into a non covid ER. Hospitals closed the OR for elective surgeries the first time around. Doesn't seem like they are as willing to do that this time around.
  3. I think valdostadog knows him personally. He is the one who posted it on the local board.
  4. Thats no ordinary grass field. that's a cow pasture.
  5. We won the coin toss for next week. It dont mean much til about 11:00 on Friday night though.
  6. Probably petitioning for another year of eligibility of high school so he can attend a couple more schools before he graduates.
  7. WOW! Last time he will be on a football field.
  8. I saw that when Colquitt played them. Its like single file through the tiny banner.
  9. On another level you must mean they are not a high school team. We know.
  10. Let us know when your sister accepts your proposal.
  11. I hope we don't have any players headed southeast this off-season. Unfortunately don't see that happening even with the shit show going on in Valdosta right now.
  12. I almost shed a tear til I got the gnat out of my eye. LOL
  13. Rab said he was quitting the board then proceeded to make 40 more posts in 10 minutes.
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