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  1. Basically has the same resume as the last coach.
  2. Supposed to be going to a start up program in Gainesville Georgia. Ok then.
  3. May finally get to see what the backup can do. Hopefully.
  4. Nice piece on our radio broadcast. https://www.si.com/college/ucf/high-school-football/durwood-dominy
  5. I'm hearing the secret weapon is a go. Per the secret weapon. Guess we will see when the pigskin hits the air.
  6. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sports/reports-expose-bishop-sycamore-program-featured-on-espn-high-school-football-game/
  7. I like episode 2 when they come to the Moultrie. I don't know why.😆
  8. 6:50 mark https://www.facebook.com/2452394141647243/posts/3116856425201008/
  9. Probably wouldn't have been down two scores either.
  10. Just listened to Dubose post game interview. Someone should tell him they lost.
  11. Good or bad looks like they will be another WR suit up next week.
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