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  1. Looks like they let any damn body on that show.
  2. Multiple sources reporting that Rush Propst teaching certificate has been reinstated retroactive to February 2020. More info today on The Afternoon Sports Drive 4-6pm Rush is hopefully going to join me during 5:00 hour
  3. You lost me at John's Creek
  4. McPherson read this thread last night and quit on the spot. Thanks alot guys.
  5. They do it all year every year. Unsportsmanlike.
  6. Gilbert has dropped alot of easy passes this year. seems to catch the difficult ones.
  7. If I set that game up I wouldn't even take credit for it. I think an apology to the board for this atrocious game is in order.
  8. This is news for the folks in the barber shop in John's Creek, not on the NB.
  9. Seems like Colquitt is everyone's big game next year. Just haven't heard of Colquitt scheduling one we would consider a big game yet.😢
  10. We will take all the Cali diss he can put out. Carry on sir.
  11. Got banned for thanking him for translating. He is the same one that comes on here every now and then. Talk about making something outta nothing.
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