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  1. Yea. Hook Westlake up with Mulberry. At least it would be a competitive OOS game.😂
  2. Grayson starting QB sat out the 1st quarter.
  3. This is a national board. After the Valdosta game we were demoted to the Rab board.
  4. http://www.esenetworks.com/live-events.aspx?id=4591
  5. I can only imagine how it felt when they reset it.
  6. We may have to recruit a couple soccer players to play defense. Dropping like flies on that side of the ball. Guess it will help with the 12 man penalties. We may not have that many available.
  7. You recently got reinstated as a Mod? What happened on the other board?
  8. Send Lake Placid down the road to play Lake wales or Lakeland. I'm sure they wont apologize about the final score though.
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