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  1. Brought home six golds last week and all I had to do was drive to Wegmans
  2. St. Thomas More is a Catholic boarding school in Connecticut, they have had a strong NEPSAC basketball program for years and started building up their football program a few years ago, we have discussed them here before. They played a team from Germany a few years ago: https://www.maxpreps.com/games/9-8-2018/football-fall-18/nordrhein-westfalen-green-machine-(dusseldorf,-germany)-vs-st-thomas-more.htm?c=WBihMFMQkUCygpefFIT8aA#tab=matchup&schoolid= What I want to know is who is AHOP Christian Academy?
  3. There are lots of teams for homeschoolers popping up in Virginia since homeschool kids can't play for VHSL teams. Mostly they play each other or small private schools and are not very good but provide opportunities for the kids to play football. None of the others are travelling to play OOS powers so IDK if these guys have some ambitions or if they just think it will be a fun Friday Night Lights experience. Here is one of their games from last season, I count sixteen players: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVWSZXaV3t0
  4. One of the all-time great ass-whoopings:
  5. 2012 VA state semifinal LC Bird's Paul Robertson with 32 carries for 426 yards and 5 touchdowns against Oakton.
  6. The Coastal Plain League has some creepy mascots what is that snake planning to do to the baseball
  7. The article notes that the Woodland Hills AD is moving to Chambersburg, and this article indicates that he would like to set up football and basketball showcases there as well...it is reasonably well situated to get teams from DC/Balt/Phila/Pitt was well as Central PA...could be something to watch for in the future...
  8. Interesting that Episcopal is playing them, they usually have some good players, including a Canadian pipeline, but I don't remember them ever playing a big non-conference opponent before.
  9. Are there kickoff classics in 7x7 or do they skip straight to the national showcases?
  10. Please make sure they know the high school rules for intentional grounding and pass interference.
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