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  1. They're not lying about the peanut butter
  2. I heard they were in negotiations with Dana White to use Fight Island. Easier for international players that way.
  3. Give it a few years and they'll let you play for six teams each week.
  4. I posted a bit on the national board on yappi when that was more active...that was years ago but I still check in there to follow your adventures.
  5. Great to see the legendary Sykotyk here. Huge pickup for the board.
  6. Someone speculated about that on the WV board back in April but no one else had any info: http://www.wvtailgatecentral.com/forum_tgc/index.php/topic,19051.msg221791.html They are scheduled to play at Martinsburg this year and Highland Springs next year. Would be first game for Martinsburg's new coach after the coach who built the program took a D2 college HC job. Based on this post from VirginiaPreps it doesn't look good for Virginia teams playing in August: https://virginiapreps.forums.rivals.com/threads/vhsl-to-furlough-staff-return-to-play-scenarios.67488/
  7. Hoping the Highland Springs-Martinsburg game comes off.
  8. Tysons is open now, I don't know how many individual stores are open though. 10 customer limit per store. TBH the "hot spots" are very localized in specific neighborhoods (and nursing homes!).
  9. I learned that Mondays are better when you get steaks and beer delivered I learned that there aren't as many 1960's NBA games on YouTube as I would like I learned that chocolate chip blondies come out really well when you use all dark brown sugar I learned that a Canadian school used to play baseball and softball in the Detroit Catholic League in the 90's and 00's I learned that BP is putting up huge numbers in NBA2K League I learned the difference between a trebuchet, a mangonel, and a perrier thanks to Battle Castle
  10. Working my way towards the summery end of the Bluejacket catalogue:
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Bowl_LI
  12. Picked this up in PA on the last weekend of the before time. Lives up to its name in terms of chocolatey-ness...the first can was great but not sad to be done with the four-pack.
  13. A bunch of people may have gotten infected at an Indiana playoff game, though it's impossible to know for sure. Five people who attended the game have died of COVID-19. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/04/18/coronavirus-indiana-lawrence-central-basketball-sectional-10/5145870002/?fbclid=IwAR28PzP91VqHrlGyjuIRQGGH9PzmWLaT7N27kJFkrmcyJS_MJc6DblU8AZo
  14. Props to Neighborhood Provisions for hooking me up in this time of need.
  15. I don't care what kind of football they play, "Lord Tweedsmuir" is an awesome name. BC High School Football Playoffs feel the excitement
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