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  1. This is an American Airlines Flagship Lemonade. Made with real American Jack Daniel's. Not very much of it. Super sweet and tastes a little like sunscreen.
  2. No reason for any decent-sized state to have fewer than 100 schools per class. This is my most strongly held opinion on any issue in the world. Maryland had six classes for football last year as a "temporary" measure so that no one would be knocked out of the playoffs due to COVID cancellations, and of course it's now become permanent. There are like 30 schools per class. That's a region championship not a state championship. MA with eight classes for 275 teams is not much better.
  3. The others here will never recognize it but we know that Brandon Valley was the true 2020 national champion. Who's looking good for this year?
  4. He played on a team that won a Super Bowl with a shitty QB 😃
  5. They had more D1 ballers than the Commanders.
  6. It's the future of HSFB message boards the elite posters will transfer to a new account every season and the weaker posters will fade away.
  7. How has this thread gone almost six months without a post when MA is now the nation's recruiting hotbed? https://theathletic.com/3362036/2022/06/14/samson-okunlola-college-football-recruiting/
  8. That's the 4x100 we know and love.
  9. Springfield Central hosted IMG last year, so not their first national opponent. Their coach left to join Don Brown's staff at UMass and the star QB's father who had been the OC is taking over. I assume SJC will win handily but nice to see teams testing themselves.
  10. Impressed to learn that Chase Ealey ran a sub-12 100 meters in high school.
  11. USA Men Take Gold at 2022 FIBA U17 World Cup
  12. To be fair, it's an actual school, albeit tiny, and is officially recognized as a Catholic school by the Arlington Diocese now. But I'd hold off on donating 100K for an indoor practice facility at a school that was almost foreclosed upon a few years ago.
  13. The founder/football coach got inducted into the Sports Faith Hall of Fame...the Roy Johnson wing no doubt... Schedule is an upgrade from the past, but "nationally ranked"? LOL
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