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  1. Not quite ready to fully move on to warm-weather beers.
  2. Looked this up--In 1984 (Owens' freshman year) Carlisle lost 81-63 to DeMatha in the final of the Beach Ball Classic in Myrtle Beach. Carlisle's Jeff Lebo who played at UNC scored 41 points in that game, while Danny Ferry had 29 for DeMatha. Carlisle had beaten St. Anthony's in the semifinal. In 1986 Carlisle lost 48-46 to SJC in a tournament in Altoona; SJC beat Baltimore Dunbar with Sam Cassell for the championship. Doesn't look like they ever played in the DC area though. In Owens senior year Carlisle won the Raleigh Times Holiday Classic, which I think is the same tournament now known
  3. Every town in Virginia has at least one brewery now but I had never heard of Front Royal Brewing Co until I saw this for sale. Not many small breweries do an ESB so I gave it a shot and it's a very nice effort.
  4. Robert Parish was the man. I realize this is just for fun but it's generous of them to give Massachusetts two boarding school players from elsewhere (Steven Adams and Jarrett Jack) and a guy who left for boarding school in North Carolina after his sophomore year (Jimmy Walker). If they're going to do boarding school kids they easily could have assembled teams for New Hampshire and Maine.
  5. Haven't had one of these in YEARS. Nowadays we have chocolate chip cookie stouts, chocolate brownie stouts, quintuple chocolate stouts, but once upon a time this was the only "chocolate stout" in town. Much more of a dry stout compared to modern American chocolate stouts.
  6. That Thornton team had three future NFL players, with Antwaan Randle El and Napoleon Harris coming off the bench. Plus a future NBA lottery pick in Melvin Ely.
  7. Meanwhile in Northern Virginia they had a successful winter season and are several weeks into the rescheduled fall season. Really have no idea what they are thinking over in Maryland.
  8. I saw that O'Connell and some of the other lower division teams are playing a few games, are the big teams playing as well? https://www.insidenova.com/sports/oconnell-football-other-fall-teams-in-action/article_4e184a9e-7dc3-11eb-aeba-3fa1ae73b95f.html
  9. VA did basketball before football this year, but had to note that Centreville won the state championship in basketball, and the kid who scored 21 points in the championship game caught three touchdown passes in two football games the following week.
  10. Potentially decent VA game between Westfield and Lake Braddock on Youtube tonight (student announcers­čś× Also Manchester against Monacan could be a good one:
  11. A bunch of VA games on NFHS and YouTube tonight...should be a lot tomorrow since some games were pushed back due to weather. No great matchups but opening night of HSFB in February is certainly a novelty.
  12. Lake Placid FL versus Lake Placid NY. Not sure if the NY school actually has a football team but I believe in miracles so I pick them to win 4-3.
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