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  1. Kids, this is what they mean by "the beer that defines the style"
  2. How is it? I've been eyeing this but I don't like regular KBS all that much compared to the original Breakfast Stout so I haven't pulled the trigger.
  3. Happy New Year everyone! I can't be the only one who was surprised to that see that En Vogue was still a thing.
  4. Hides the alcohol well for 14.7% ABV. Less of a chocolatey taste than I was expecting based on the description, maybe need to drink it fresher for that, but anyway it's sweet and smooth and has a nice caramelized aftertaste I think this one can vary a bit from year to year so check back in 12 months for a review of the 2020 version 😃 It's amazing how skinny basketball players were in the 60's.
  5. Dipping into 2019 to finish off the year Tonight's game is the 1967 Illinois basketball state championship, with the legendary Bob Starr chatting up cheerleaders in the pregame
  6. Local, doesn't really have the bready/buttery taste I expect from a Helles but it's alright.
  7. Had enough dessert beers for a while so warming up for the Celtics game with something German.
  8. Can't remember the last time I poured most of a beer down the drain but omfg that beer in the instant coffee can sucks. From now on the only beers I trust from Richmond-area breweries are gingerbread-themed.
  9. Yeah everyone was tiny back then. Art Parisien (by then up to 148 pounds) came off the bench to lead Notre Dame to a comeback win over USC in the schools' first-ever meeting in 1926.
  10. Just a normal high school football weekend, being greeted by your state's senators on the way home from the game in Florida while you start making plans for the next game in California
  11. Haverhill MA traveled to Jacksonville to play undefeated Duval High. According to contemporary articles it was the first time a top Northern team had played a top Southern team and there was a lot of interest--The Boston Post sent a writer to Florida with the Haverhill team, and the other Boston papers also had daily reports of the trip. After Haverhill won the game 27-0, they received challenges from several other top teams--there was even the possibility of a New Years Day game in Pasadena against a West Coast team (either Long Beach or Everett WA), but it didn't pan out. Imagine taking a tr
  12. Feel like I am collecting more than drinking at the moment. I picked these up because I liked the instant coffee-themed cans.
  13. I hope they declare themselves national champions and issue an open challenge to any team from Oklahoma Territory or Indian Territory.
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