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  1. MA Fan

    Notable/Semi-Notable Maryland OOS Games

    Here's Westfield's schedule: https://www.westfieldathletics.org/main/teamschedule/id/4035/seasonid/4438323 They are just scrimmaging at QO. Looks like no scrimmage with DeMatha this year.
  2. MA Fan

    Notable/Semi-Notable Maryland OOS Games

    EasternPAFootball has Bishop McDevitt of Harrisburg playing Gettysburg on 8/30. Spalding might be playing the PCL Bishop McDevitt. Broad Run and Churchill could be a decent game, what does Churchill have coming back?
  3. New Bedford (MA) won an Eastern Mass "Super Bowl" in 1993-94 along with state titles in basketball, baseball, and boys' volleyball. Missed out on the track championship, which they won the preceding year and the following year.
  4. MA Fan

    Track and Field

    That Japanese pass was pretty impressive, in a way:
  5. MA Fan

    2019 SFA schedule

    The Royalty Institute fan forum is tough to find because they rented space on an indoor soccer forum but it is on fire!
  6. I don't think it's totally fair to lump Bishop Sullivan in with those other teams. Prior to 2016, they were pretty successful at the level they were playing (12-0 state championship season in 2013, followed by the coach getting pushed out for scoring too many points), and even ranked in the top 5,000 occasionally 😀. When they decided to go "big time", they did what most private schools looking to upgrade their programs would do, and hired an established successful coach that top local kids wanted to play for. It made waves because some in their league weren't happy about it, and because geography necessitated that they play a national schedule, but fundamentally it wasn't really different from what a PVI or O'Connell would do if they decided they wanted to compete with the big boys in the WCAC. It's not the same as ECA which was just a made-up school, or SFA which didn't play football until recently and brings in kids from all over. On-topic for the thread: Bishop Sullivan still has some talent, so one of the big questions for the upcoming season in Virginia is whether those players will stick around BS, follow Scott to Oscar Smith, or end up at other public schools.
  7. MA Fan

    2019 SFA schedule

    https://www.royaltyinstitute.org/2019-football-schedule 8/23 Clayton Valley Charter School (San Francisco California) 8/30 Riverdale Baptist 9/7 National Christian Academy 9-14 - Open 9/21 HD Woodson (DC) 9/28 Calvert Hall 10/5 Avalon 10/11 Open 10/19 Friendship Collegiate (DC) 10/26 St. Johns Prep 11/2 Open 11/15 St. Frances (MD) Post Season Play
  8. How far has Maryland School for the Deaf fallen that they are losing by three touchdowns to these guys? The SFA schedule that GSB posted has them playing a Florida team on 9/6. The homeschool teams are good schedule filler for the Virginia teams that drop out of their districts to play independent schedules. TJ is playing host to homeschool teams from Southwest Virginia and Delaware this year, I guess those teams can combine the game with an educational trip to DC.
  9. MA Fan

    2019 SFA schedule

    NEPSAC school, well-known for basketball but they've only had football for a few years. Had a lot of on-paper talent last year but got destroyed by SFA (and Choate). Coach left for Loomis-Chaffee so who knows what they'll be like this year.
  10. This story does not have a happy ending: https://wjla.com/news/local/boyfriend-charged-in-connection-with-fatal-shooting-ft-washington
  11. I wonder what the winter sports coaches (and athletes) think about this, especially at smaller schools with more multi-sport athletes. Many, many years ago (it ended in the 1970's), Massachusetts had a privately organized state basketball tournament for teams that didn't make the real tournament.
  12. MA Fan

    Official game day drink thread

    Fitting beer selections for the Bruins game tonight. Earlier my spirits were high but now I'm bitter.
  13. MA Fan

    2019 NFL Draft - Where they went to HS

    Wishnowsky went to Lumen Christi in Perth, Australia, which is a pretty impressive coincidence.
  14. MA Fan

    Best OOS records ever .

    Certainly true for some northern states but it wouldn't have applied to MA...most of the industrial towns there were already in decline by 1930, it was very much built around "old industry" like textile mills and tanneries and turning whales into soap. I wouldn't draw many conclusions from a limited number of postseason OOS games in the old days, but I feel like there was something a little different about the makeup of those FL and GA teams relative to now...
  15. MA Fan

    End of Basketball Season

    LaLumiere versus IMG in the GEICO championship tomorrow. I haven't seen any of the tournament but sounds like there have been a bunch of good games. SJC takes on New Hope in an all-DMV girls final, does this mean WCAC teams are allowed to play in the boys tournament too?