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  1. Johnson Central 34 Bishop Sycamore Academy of Urban Scholars IMG of the Midwest Youthbuild? 8. No word on how many touchdowns were called back. Number 71 is big
  2. That's one of the stadiums in the video. We got indoor football in Virginia now: https://www.fox5dc.com/news/t-c-williams-takes-on-west-springfield-in-first-indoor-hs-football-game-in-virginia-history
  3. A Virginia team went up to play at Penn Wood from the Philly area tonight and this happened: This is the kind of cultural experience you only get from playing OOS.
  4. No one will ever know he was my avatar after this slick edit.
  5. Suffield Academy alum Christian Wilkins getting a lot of snaps for the Dolphins, congratulations on nearly making it to the NFL. Biggest news in NE prep school football this weekend was Choate suffering their first loss since 2013 at the hands of St. Thomas More: https://www.gametimect.com/st-thomas-more-ends-choates-48-game-win-streak-in-mansons-coaching-debut/ Some very thinly veiled shade being thrown at the former STM coach in the quotes.
  6. Their playoff loss to Oakdale last year got called early because they lost their cool IIRC.
  7. Start of NFL season a good time to finish off the summery beer.
  8. This is what was in the Baltimore Sun. Any other eyewitness reports?
  9. Springfield Central 40 Everett 12 Central's freshman QB threw for 305 yards in his high school debut.
  10. For the record, Bishop Sullivan is now just Catholic High: https://wtkr.com/2019/06/27/bishop-sullivan-catholic-high-school-to-be-renamed-catholic-high-school/
  11. Highland Springs played Wheaton (MD) Avalon School
  12. Like Bishop Sullivan, the school is a VISAA member but their football team doesn't participate in VISAA playoffs. VISAA basically just organizes postseason tournaments anyway, it is a pretty diverse group of schools in their membership and they are not going to tell you how to run your school and athletic program.
  13. The homeschool kids tried their hand at 8-man football last night and lost to Toledo Christian by three touchdowns. Only the finest teams alternate between 11-man and 8-man from week to week, I'm sure.
  14. I thought Royalty Institute was the indoor soccer arena team. Or is that a popular thing now? Maybe they can be the champions of high school arena football.
  15. Must be something about schools named Life Christian Academy. Happened in two separate games tonight!
  16. Peoria's crazy high scoring offense is back after an off year...dropped 96 points on Champaign Centennial tonight. Next week they have Peoria Notre Dame who they played the 82-80 game with a couple years ago.
  17. Yeah, I figured they built some relationship from playing in basketball the last couple years. Not necessarily a bad experience to play a top team even if they get beat badly. 55-0 was the final.
  18. Simeon down 42-0 at halftime against SFA...according to their twitter it was 7-0 after the first quarter but SFA poured it on in the second.
  19. They are scheduled to play Point Pleasant WV, who are already one game short of a full schedule, so they might be desperate to play that one even if it doesn't count. Belfry KY also dropped Bishop Sycamore months ago and was never able to fill that date, I wonder if they could play Ensworth on October 11 if Ensworth dropped Bishop Sycamore? They're "only" about six hours apart.
  20. SC with some legit talent for a public school of less than 500 kids.
  21. They said there were no programs available. Just an SJC roster sheet.
  22. I went. Not much to talk about other than Littleton running the Southridge dude over, it was a total blowout. The sophomore RB for SJC is good. SJC didn't show a ton of downfield passing but theye didn't need to. Not many Southridge fans there, Jones had a big turnout a couple years ago but it's a long trip. Is Roscoe Parrish from Southridge the son of the former Miami/Bills receiver? He made pretty much their only impressive plays of the day.
  23. Gonna use YGNACIO next time I play scrabble.
  24. Monumental Sports has DeMatha-Imhotep (and SFA-Simeon) listed on their schedule for 8/30.
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