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  1. 19 minutes ago, HawgGoneIt said:

    Goose Island has a nice IPA I've seen. Never saw any of their stouts. Need a report. :D

    Hides the alcohol well for 14.7% ABV. Less of a chocolatey taste than I was expecting based on the description, maybe need to drink it fresher for that, but anyway it's sweet and smooth and has a nice caramelized aftertaste  I think this one can vary a bit from year to year so check back in 12 months for a review of the 2020 version 😃

    It's amazing how skinny basketball players were in the 60's.

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  2. Haverhill MA traveled to Jacksonville to play undefeated Duval High. According to contemporary articles it was the first time a top Northern team had played a top Southern team and there was a lot of interest--The Boston Post sent a writer to Florida with the Haverhill team, and the other Boston papers also had daily reports of the trip. After Haverhill won the game 27-0, they received challenges from several other top teams--there was even the possibility of a New Years Day game in Pasadena against a West Coast team (either Long Beach or Everett WA), but it didn't pan out. Imagine taking a train from Massachusetts to Florida for a high school game in 1920, getting back home, and hopping on another train to California a few weeks later.






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  3. 38-7 under a minute to go in the half. Central York got a score to make it 24-7, but SJP answered right away with a 78-yard pass from McCord to Cooper, and then it was Cooper with the halfback pass to Hagans for another long touchdown pass. Cooper played QB last year when McCord was injured.

  4. 24-0 middle of the second quarter, two touchdown passes from McCord to Harrison. Both now own the Philly city records for touchdown passes and receptions. CY had a good drive down to the SJP 30 but QB overthrew a receiver for an interception and then SJP scored on the next play.

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