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  1. Guess I'll be watching cornhole on Sunday afternoons for the next 20 years.
  2. Mean and bitter...must be election time.
  3. Solid push by the receiver
  4. Huh, looks like the stream I posted was taken down because of PIAA rights fees issues, but the game is being streamed on NFHS network https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/central-dauphin-high-school-harrisburg-pa/gam86fc615f5a
  5. While we're on the topic of Central PA Class 6A football, the other district playoff game will be streamed tonight: Interesting matchup. Central Dauphin lost to SJP in last year's state championship game and hasn't been challenged this year. Central York has outscored opponents 354-10 in their six games and have a 2022 QB already committed to Penn State but they play very weak opposition and their league hasn't had much playoff success.
  6. Sad story from PA. Harrisburg has been one of the top programs in the state in recent years. Their school district originally was not going to let them play this fall, but reversed their decision in early October. Harrisburg had to find 4 games in 18 days in order to be eligible for the playoffs, and heading into the weekend it looked like they would come up short, but Sunday afternoon they were able to arrange a Monday game with State College, and after winning that one they were the top seed in District 3 Class 6A when the brackets were announced on Tuesday morning. Hours later, a Harri
  7. I give Aberdeen credit for showing up, unlike a couple of Brandon Valley's other opponents. It's a long trip from the HIGHLANDS of Scotland to the BADLANDZ of DEATH VALLEY. Brandon, SD got its name from Brandon, VT, the birthplace of Stephen A. Douglas. It's been 160 years, but the BAD BOYZ will be winning the grudge match with Lincoln (if they show up) to take their rightful place atop the Mount Rushmore of HS football.
  8. Looks like he is well-traveled: #44 on Manchester JV team in 2018, Manchester is another Chesterfield County school https://manchesterlancerathletics.org/main/teamroster/id/3693009/seasonId/4357744 8th Grade team at Benedictine: https://www.benedictinecollegeprep.org/athletics-old/middies/middies-football/8th-grade-team
  9. PIAA semifinals are that weekend.
  10. A few "independent" HS football games in Connecticut last weekend: https://www.gametimect.com/heres-where-you-can-watch-broadcasts-for-the-first-fcfl-senior-division-football-games/
  11. @Frosty4024 @Rashid October is here and as predicted the BADLANDS BULLIES (that part of SD is more like Flatlands but I'm gonna run with it) are firing on all CYLINDERS https://www.argusleader.com/story/sports/high-school-sports/2020/10/16/joe-kolbeck-tate-johnson-run-wild-brandon-valley-routs-harrisburg/5967847002/
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGBLJ0MUVzQ SJP was up 28-0 in the first half, LCA got back to 28-16 early in the fourth but SJP was able to get their offense going again and made it 41-16 before LCA scored and added a two-point conversion on the final play of the game.
  13. "Mingo Central is slated to play its second game in three days on Friday as the Miners are set to travel to Oak Hill" https://www.loganbanner.com/sports/billies-hit-the-road-at-mingo-to-play-second-game-in-five-days/article_e0ed2177-b61b-59d1-a98b-ec9fd0a496aa.html
  14. Philly Catholic schools are back, not clear how many games or what the schedule will be like: https://www.inquirer.com/high-school-sports/pennsylvania/catholic-league-football-covid-coronaviris-fall-sports-20200925.html
  15. In SC they don't require a divorce as long as one parent also acquires a local spouse.
  16. Great news. How many counties do you think will play?
  17. Sweet victory for Spring Valley having gotten ripped by Martinsburg in the state championship game three straight years from 2016-2018. Positive for Martinsburg is that they only have seven games scheduled due to half their original schedule being against OOS teams whose seasons were postponed...might be a little easier to fill some dates now.
  18. Martinsburg running the ball on the first three downs that last possession, not much faith in the QB... Announcer dropping the "even De La Salle lost at some point" line.
  19. Martinsburg scores and then recovers an onside kick. Have the ball at the Spring Valley 49 with 2:12 left, trailing 22-20.
  20. Mburg QB throws up a prayer which is intercepted but marginal roughing the passer call given them another opportunity. Home field advantage! Next play they put their RB at QB, he runs for 34 yards and a personal foul is tacked on the put Martinsburg at the SV 25 with 3:45 left.
  21. Spring Valley converts a 4th and 5 with what may have been their first pass of the night and then scores on the next play. Extra point is good and its 22-13 with 4:54 left.
  22. From what I've seen Martinsburg would have been in trouble if the Highland Springs game had happened, but then this hasn't been the normal beginning to the season. Definitely don't look as good as the past few years though.
  23. Martinsburg strikes back in two plays to cut the deficit to 15-13.
  24. Some interesting politics in that district IIRC. This is Spring Valley WV from all the way on the other side of the state near Huntington. Five-hour drive on a couple days notice due to COVID schedule reshuffling. SV scores and gets the two-point conversion to make it 15-6.
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