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  1. Knighton looked like he was gaining on the other pros too.
  2. 17yr olds Erriyon knighton and TJ Slade finally raced. Not wind legal though. They both were right there with Yohan Blake. Very impressive.
  3. What teams/conferences have made D a priority? And how would/did they fair? The best offenses are ahead of the best Ds no matter the conference.
  4. Yup. He played excellent that game.
  5. Palmer was underrated though. Who was the other WR that had a solid game vs Gorman (specifically after the catch) when Grimes went down? Palmer and there was another guy.@Atticus Finch
  6. These guys didn’t play against Joes. These kids are from 15-17.
  7. Yeah he definitely didn’t regress. His issue, IMO, was his route running. If his hands were a bit more consistent it wouldn’t matter, but it was still a big surprise he didn’t get drafted.
  8. If you wanna ask traditional TE questions how are LBs going to cover him? Chip that monster DE and slide out for the quick out. I mean I agree he’s not going to be lining up at the traditional TE spot very often.
  9. Except they win championships.
  10. So one of the IMG guys was from Fl. Didnt feel like checking lol.
  11. He’s honestly not a bad blocker at all.
  12. IMG 7 AHP 6 STA 3 all had at least one guy immediately sign as UDFA. WR Grimes (STA) to Eagles, TE Eubanks (AHP) to Dallas, and Dylan Moses (IMG) to Jags. I definitely thought Grimes and Moses would have gotten drafted. Edit Miami Northwestern 2
  13. So far IMG is killing it. Through 4 rounds... IMG 5 AHP 4 STA 3 Any other schools getting up there? edit IMG just got a 6th in the 5th.
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