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  1. Yeah i know right! I rarely venture to this side and I’m missing out on sports talk! Wtf!
  2. Lived in Milwaukee for dental school. Have to admit I had a great time there. Pleasantly surprised by the women there too. Only issue was it seemed pretty segregated, but housing/zones seem to be segregated in most cities now. Huge Mexican part of town with incredible Mexican food (at least better than anything I’ve tried in Sofla). I’ve learned over time that most all cities/places have something uniquely beautiful about them.
  3. Lol going by the computers today is still a bit sketch, you go back past 2015 and it’s a laughable joke. Only just recently have they become even the slightest bit acceptable. Go look at those computers before 2015 and they are a mess. Go further past 2010 and they are beyond horrible.
  4. 2004 sure maybe. The rest... you crazy.
  5. He was just upgraded, which is why I bumped it.
  6. 247 and rivals finally came to their senses. Dex is a composite 5* now. @Columbiafan
  7. Battle tested team, who knows. Would have been a good game.
  8. Problem is before the playoffs teams thought they had to do something great to get in. Before you could have a sick 1 loss or even undefeated P5 season and not get in. Now I feel teams are trying not to fk up instead of prove their worth with OOC. I mean think about it, in the previous BCS Clemson is in the Orange Bowl and not in the championship game.
  9. The irony of a hater telling a homer he's blind to reality.
  10. Damn man not a great OOC slate for next year. Since the playoffs started teams are getting extra careful.
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