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  1. Well if you wanna enjoy the game could always watch the replay of the UF game SMH. The amount of bad juju in that game was crazy.
  2. I usually go by HS, but it doesn't matter much I guess.
  3. Didn’t Polamalu go to HS in Oregon?
  4. Yes I was gonna actually mention him. A lot of elite players get lost on small market teams.
  5. Mike Peterson was one hell of a MLB. Maybe not list worthy but damn people on the Jags never really got any fame.
  6. "We want the ball, we're gonna score" (NFL still not allowing embedding SMH) Damn for a young cat you do your research!
  7. Where can you find a list of NFL greats by state? I was thinking Al Harris DB. I feel like there are some other CBs that might make this list (poss over Lito)
  8. Damn man sorry to hear that. Sending a few prayers your direction.
  9. This is what targeting looks like. UGA was getting desperate so they took out our best player in the 2nd Q SMH.
  10. You serious? Only the biggest matchup problem in NCAA this year save maybe Devante Smith.
  11. I remember mentioning him as one of the recruits I thought would shine. The routes he ran at the camps were the best I’ve seen for a TE. And his hands are as good as they get, he’s one of those guys that could catch an egg thrown 80 mph without breaking it.
  12. Chauncy Gardner is becoming one of the most elite trash talkers in the league lol.
  13. CB Jamel Dean. Playing very well CB Quinton Dunbar also considered a top corner These two might be playing better than Jenkins/Peterson lately. S Derwin James might make that list when healthy.
  14. Damn bro. To be fair ya’ll beat down most SEC teams too.
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