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  1. I don’t doubt it. It could really hurt a lot of teams.
  2. You all think he will be available for this next year or will he have to sit? I was honestly worried about a UGA team with a running QB threat, but if this last year showed us anything it's that a gunslinger in the right system can be deadly. Especially with the Oline and defense they're gonna have.
  3. Honestly I feared UGA having a qb that’s a run threat honestly, but JT is a great pickup for them.
  4. Hmmm good or bad decision you think?
  5. Yeah isn’t ducks elite a youth program?
  6. Not sure I know they were upset by Western in the playoffs.
  7. I only said that I disagreed with Palmetto playing SFA tougher than IMG. We’ve been recruiting these kids at Fl for some time now it’s not a surprise. Even DS said they probably go 8-4.
  8. Yeah man Palmetto has some alphas. They have another true DT that must have dropped out too. It will be interesting to see how MNW does now that the coaches were suspended.
  9. Yup 100%. Still, that hit in the championship game to set the tone will always be one of my favorites. Man made a statement lol.
  10. Yeah but I mean Barkley was talking trash and the timing was just great. Brady was like suck my rings bitch. He shoulda just dropped his club and dipped.
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