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  1. Kid looks like a legit 225-230lbs now. He’s bulked up a bit.
  2. Our defense is horrible. Hopefully getting. Kyrie Campbell back makes a nice difference. Killed us he’s been out.
  3. They didn't really let him rip it, but he has a cannon of an arm.
  4. @golfaddict1 Seems Michigan finally started the right QB? Kid looked pretty good out there. Crazy it took so long.
  5. @Columbiafan That little #4 kid is underrated. Think he might actually be an IMG lifer? Couldn't find out where he transferred from, but saw he plays lacrosse there.
  6. Add me in to this for the excuse thread! Fukn Covid!
  7. Nah people say it's just bad refs, but these refs are conveniently bad. Only timeI remember being on the good side of that was Tebow. Good Ole boys LOVED them some Tebow!
  8. They need to get the review team out of the state of Alabama.
  9. Liberty killing it with Florida hidden gems. Imokalee RB Shedro louis (team that almost shocked AHP) University Christian WR DJ stubbs
  10. It appears I wasn’t crazy after all. At least not completely crazy 😜
  11. Well maybe I was wrong about Liberty being trash??
  12. Jesus man STA is garbage this year. Let’s throw another swing pass! So predictable.
  13. Yeah the sanctions against Florida in 84/85 really Dropped UF back to mid pack SEC. Took ages to become a contender in the SEC. Thank heavens for Spurrier coming in and changing the game in 1990. UF record by year 1981: 7-5 1982: 8-4 1983: 9-2-1 1984: 9-1-1. (Byu won the natty this year lolol) Sanctions 1985: 9-1-1 1986: 6-5 1987: 6-6 1988: 7-5 1989: 7-5 1990: 9-2 (Spurrier) 1991: 10-2 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1985-08-25-8502250599-story,amp.html Fun fact in 1983 the
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