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  1. Haha I never insisted on anything. All I know is DV has a lot of talent too and whooped up on SJC. ya’ll are the experts not me.
  2. 😂. Sammypreps over here crunching numbers. Maybe, maybe not.
  3. Assumption that SFA is better than Dville.
  4. agreed so why the assumption?
  5. Lol the refs were trying SOOOOO hard for MNW to steal a win. It was really bad, and I was pulling for MNW. IMG kills MNW in a neutral site. That being said Lowndes is playing really well. Who knows?
  6. How many times have you seen Duncanville play?
  7. Very true, and UGA then beat FL who beat both South Carolina and Auburn. Listen I don't think UGA is that great, I really do think FL shit the bed, and Fromm had his best game of the season (again) against FL, but if they get wins vs LSU and Auburn they will have some good wins under their belt.
  8. @concha Truth is teams had really shitty OOC schedules this year. Take the Big 10 for example: Minnesota: Beat both Georgia Southern and Fresno St by 3 pts. Wisconsin: Easy wins vs USF and Central Michigan Penn State Struggles in win vs Pitt (17-10) Michigan State Lost to Arizona St (10-7) Ohio State Probably best OOC win by BIG in Cincinnati (42-0), their other OOC win FAU scored more on OSU than any Big10 team (45-21) Michigan: Escaped Army in 2OTs (24-21) Think about that...the BIG10s best OOC win is Cincy (please correct me if I'm wrong of course). Auburn beating Oregon is probably the best OOC win this year. **edit forgot Michigan's win vs Notre Dame. That might actually be the better OOS win. Debatable I guess.
  9. Well when you consider Auburn being the only loss Oregon has I think it ties into the argument. Don't you? Bama is lucky that Auburn has that win honestly.
  10. None. Now if other teams start dropping and they handle Auburn and LSU handles UGA easily then I could see it happening. Do I want 2 SEC teams in? Hell no, but it could definitely happen.
  11. I think that if all things go as expected from here on out (which of course they won't lol), the SEC's only chance to get two in would be the scenario of UGA beating undefeated LSU (close game)in the SEC game. LSU and UGA would have solid resumes that I'm not sure 1 loss teams like Oregon, OU, Minnesota, Baylor etc would be able to match. Now if Baylor goes undefeated they would get in for sure leaving LSU out. Damn that would be one hell of a shit storm though.
  12. I think I lean slightly towards Utah as well. No, I don't think Utah has the same type of run D that Auburn has, but it's pretty good. I just think that Tyler Huntley is a gamer. I feel he's underrated because he doesn't put up crazy numbers, but he knows he has a stud RB that can do work (Zack Moss). Those two guys can make things happen.
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