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  1. A lot easier said than done.
  2. I hate penalties. That was crazy though, Spain couldn't net one SMH. Big props to that keeper. Morocco get's through. A little unfortunate for Spain as I think they had the toughest first round matchup. Senegal was another but England seemed to have no issues (couldn't watch that one)
  3. They definitely could. All the top teams have looked great save their game 3 throwaway group stage game.
  4. I don't much either. All I'm saying is I'd love to see that matchup. But crazy shit happens in WCs and its still doubtful both make it.
  5. True but damn last game in a WC they played was 2006. It's time they get another one in the books is all I'm saying. Would be a great game.
  6. Do they? They rarely ever play. Last two times they played were 2013 and 2015 friendlies and those don't mean much. Teams are a lot different.
  7. Please please please Brazil vs France final!!!
  8. They're playing really smart. Not too aggressive on press just waiting for that crazy counter attack. Easily the most dangerous counter attack I've seen. France on the counter attack is like the 2011 Miami heat in transition after a turnover lmao.
  9. Damn, that little "next year pal" was touching at the end. We don't get much of the down here haha.
  10. Can Someone tell me where the fuck Arik Gilbert is? he still on Georgia?
  11. Bro a one loss Skyridge Utah team is #3 and #10 in the computer rankings. Think about that. That alone is enough to invalidate the entire model completely.
  12. They absolutely should be honestly.
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