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  1. One of those games do not belong 😂 My prediction: Grayson, Marietta, and Colquitt each win by more than one score.
  2. It was 38-0 at halftime and the entire second half was played under a running clock 🤣
  3. I only liked this one to balance out the reactions after purposely downvoting that silliness above
  4. Definitely agree they’ll score. Offense looks very good and Burrow is a much better QB than people realized before this season started. Dude is a gamer with arm/head talent
  5. Do you think they beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa?
  6. ATLien12x


    LOLOLOLOLOLOL Alabama hasn’t lost more than ONE GAME in four years. There’s levels to this shit. Please do not speak on Alabama as if they’re a Georgia. Roll On, Hornet.
  7. ATLien12x


    Lololol at the folks picking Georgia over Alabama. You know... there are folks that mocked Alabama’s performance against USC
  8. Lmao blatant cheating? Good grief dude. It was a bang bang play last second of the game. No way he did that on purpose and put himself in this position this AM
  9. I like to wait until the day of!!! Injury’s! Scandals! Never can be too sure
  10. Colquitt looked good last night. TCA put up 50 on the first drive and then seven yards the rest of the half. 45-0 running clock always looks good even if the youngins did give up a TD in the final minute. Overmatched. Packers seem to be playing much better as the season goes on
  11. Looks like they lost to me... outscored 16-0 down the stretch
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