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  1. Because he’s severely underperformed in high school. His best year was his freshman year. He has regressed each of the last two seasons lol but 247 loves him!
  2. I was just going off 247 ratings. I agree he has not lived up to the hype after an incredible youth career
  3. Or he’d be number 10,000 and suck against real competition. We’ll never know! That said he’s No. 9 overall and the No. 1 QB in the country. I’m sure he’s content
  4. Brock Vandagriff (Prince Avenue>>>>> Georgia) Carlos Del Rio (Grayson>>>>> Florida ) Aaron McLaughlin (Denmark>>>>>Auburn)
  5. They had so many transfers that season lmao that’s why they were good. Dante Black that RB was a North Gwinnett backup and moved to Brookwood and exploded. They also had several kids move in from South Gwinnett and Grayson
  6. Brought to you first by ATLien weeks ago Good addition Caj! You do good work listing games for folks. Wish this matchup was more even but it is what it is
  7. Great article! Go Eagles https://www.si.com/.amp-georgia/college/georgia/news/usa-academy-could-be-the-next-recruiting-hub?__twitter_impression=true
  8. Coach Palmieri was Joe Brady’s HC back in high school
  9. Head Coach Mike Palmieri (3x state champion) is the new head coach at Denmark High School (just north of Atlanta) Denmark has only been open for just two seasons but they’ve already attracted a good bit of talent early on. Auburn commit at QB & WR as well as a Virginia Tech commit at RB.
  10. I mean, Manny Diaz had a job at Temple for an hour too
  11. Keep that same energy in 2022 🤣
  12. All the Valdosta fans that burned their jerseys and shit are gonna be piecing them back together shortly. So much for not renewing those tickets
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