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  1. How did you even compose this list? That’s what I want to know. Is there a HS portal website I’m missing or did you check every roster in southern Florida for discrepancies. Solid work either way if accurate. Nothing new or illegal here though. Open enrollment in Florida. STA has been a huge beneficiary of transfers for a looooong time
  2. Gwinnett County’s own baby! Can’t believe Allen is ranked 13th in 6A. Absolutely wild.
  3. To be fair he’s been a Gwinnett kid. Played for Duluth’s (Gwinnett city) youth team the last few years. They were a stacked youth program and have won championships at each middle school level. Competed in a national tournament last year after winning the 8th grade title in the state of Georgia. Several of their kids are now at Grayson, Buford, etc. Once rec ball is over they get out of Duluth.
  4. Freshman phenom OLB/DE Tyler Atkinson moved into the district as well. He’s the top player in Georgia in the class of 2026. He dominated the youth football scene in metro Atlanta last few years. According to 247sports, he’s the first ever eighth grader invited to the All-American Bowl. Kid is a 5 star lock. Will be Grayson’s best player right away https://www.dawgnation.com/recruiting/eighth-grade-phenom-tyler-atkinson-earns-early-offer-from-georgia-football/3PNOZSJ5SVGPXMTTZ5S5J4YHVU/
  5. Buford pulled in Justice Haynes a top 5 RB nationally from Blessed Trinity this off-season too. He was putting up absolutely monster numbers on the lower levels. Workhorse too dude was eating 30-35 carries a game like it’s nothing. Excited to see him against a good schedule https://247sports.com/player/justice-haynes-46094657/
  6. Breaking: privates beat publics in high school basketball
  7. Creekside beat Grayson at Grayson this year… Creekside is a really good program and they’re returning a lot. They’ll be good next year. I’m excited for that game.
  8. And the talent! Few kids may head to Langston Hughes
  9. Not as great as Alabama-Michigan! ESPN is pulling for that one and so am I 😍
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