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  1. I think there’s a good chance for a really high ceiling here. You can win at UAB. He obviously did a hell of a job at Lipscomb Academy. Their offensive scheme was fun to watch. He’s obviously a great speaker - I think he’ll be able to recruit well. I’d be excited about the hire if I was a UAB fan.
  2. You have your/Maxwell’s betting listed backwards. Favorite always gets the negative number. It’s Colquitt -1, Hughes -15, Cedar Grove -23, etc
  3. They didn’t play the 8th grader against Lipscomb and they should have honestly. Think the trial and error against Buford toned it back but that was always the direction the team needed to go and Freeman knew that. According to BOL there is a lot of smoke that the kids dad wanted him on a pitch count and not to play varsity the entire season. Ps That’s Tua’s cousin!!! Moved out to Bama from Colorado. He was a baller at the youth level. He’s legit. Completely different team with him at QB. He was always going to have growing pains but they will only be better the next few years because of it. Five touchdowns in the state championship as a 13 year old lol wild
  4. Because the SEC championship is on a Saturday. The Alabama 7A final is always played on a Wednesday night. 6A plays Friday night.
  5. No more motorcycles at Lee County!!!!
  6. I agree that homefield advantage should truly be advantageous. Playing at the HawgPen is special especially in late November. It should be a tough environment. Especially with that new sound system y’all got bumpin and the lights going crazy. Packed stadium. Passionate fans. That’s what makes it fun fwiw - Buford did the same exact thing for what it’s worth. Every time they scored at home they flickered the lights
  7. Oh do I remember pal. Mentioned the Hockman comparison the other day. Definitely does have that feel to it.
  8. Mill Creek wins the eye test. Colquitt wins the title
  9. Colquitt is going to be too much in this one especially at home. On paper it’s a hell of a matchup. Outstanding offenses. Opportunistic defenses. It’ll be great experience for JuJu to play in an atmosphere like this. Win or lose this is a big experience for him and a young Carrollton team. Both teams are extremely well coached. Calhoun and King are among the best Georgia has to offer. I think body per body Colquitt is a lot deeper though and it’ll show out in the second half.
  10. Yeah buddy I went to that game!!! That was a fun quarterfinal. It was so dark in their stadium their lights weren’t great either. Y’all still packed out their little bitty bleachers sections. Not even like real bleachers they were like mini sections lined up down the way. It was goofy. That #1 WR for SoForsyth balled out that game. Unfortunately for them so did Ty Lee and Kiel Pollard
  11. A lot of games are moved. Mill Creek- Milton has been moved to Lakeside in Atlanta. Rome-Langston Hughes has been moved. So on and so forth. It’s all about stadium capacity. Semifinals in Georgia must be able to hold a certain capacity
  12. Has a Grayson kid actually ever suited up for LSU though?
  13. Also, how ironic that Justin Rogers and TCC blew a second half lead last night? @HawgGoneItUp 24-6 and got bullied by Roswell down the stretch. Seemed like he was awful in second halves for the Packers a lot. The Parkview playoff game rings bells
  14. I was thinking the same thing - Colquitt returns Neko Fann their QB (6 touchdowns last night) and both 4 star weapons in Landon Thomas (UGA) and Ny Carr (UGA) This group is setting up more like the 2014/2015 group than I originally thought
  15. Walton needs to get A LOT better defensively. Fantastic QB with a great scheme but they’ve been that way for years. They’ve always been able to score. This group does have better weapons and their JR QB was flashy this season. That said North Paulding bullied them for 500+ yards and 49 points. And that wasn’t an anomaly. They remind me of the Hutson Mason Lassiter teams back in the day. They’ll throw it all over the yard but elite teams will out physical them. It’s why I was always goint Carrollton over them this week despite the Walton love for beating a Buford team that committed 18 penalties and a lot of mistakes. Walton allowed 33, 35, 44, 49, and 52 in five different games this season. 298 total points allowed in 13 games (23ppg allowed). That usually will not cut it as a high class state champion in Georgia.
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