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  1. Wait so Jaycee who was the QB for Rogers last year is talking with Propst? Yikes
  2. Doing well also. Glad Texas HSFB and SEC football are back this weekend. I see North Short vs Shadow Creek is on NFHS Friday night, I’ll be tuned in shortly after it finishes to see it archived. You think Shadow Creek can pull off the upset? How do you like them in 6A, or too early to tell?
  3. Colquitt is a better program than Valdosta. Think back to your time on this board... who’s discussed more, Colquitt or Valdosta? The answer to that question wins this game. Propst and Garcia are not enough to overcome the difference. Colquitt is going to eat Valdosta’s line for breakfast and wreak havoc the entire game. This is nothing new. Packers>Wildcats
  4. Lot of good games this weekend. Thompson is an impressive football team
  5. Nothing is wrong with Lake Lanier... if you don’t mind sunken bodies. Place is a death trap
  6. Colquitt’s stream is MUCH better than Valdosta’s. Packers have one of the best streams on NFHS
  7. These teams have seen better days
  8. Uniforms caught me off guard last night, I liked them. Defense was dominant. Offense looked shaky at times but made some plays. What happened to the backup Colquitt QB that came in and threw that nice TD last year? The game where ole buddy hurdled a man
  9. Yes potentially a top 15 team, but I want to see how they perform over the next few weeks. Everyone’s flying around undefeated, will be interested to see how they respond against Rome and Alpharetta after dropping a big game. I expect them to win the next two but want to see them do it impressively
  10. Grayson - Collins Hill thoughts Grayson had much better field position throughout the game but didn’t capitalize until late. Collins Hill took the lead 7-0 midway through the 3rd after a couple nice passes. Grayson responded immediately and tied the game on the next possession. Collins Hill actually got inside the Grayson thirty yard line in the 4th quarter tied 7-7 but penalties pushed them back and they turned it over on downs. Grayson hit a nice pass to Smith on the next drive and eventually punched it in to go up 14-7. Collins Hill played above their belt most of the night before fumb
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