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  1. Calm down buddy. We’re Roll Tide go Monarchs over here but De La Salle is NOT like a Mater Dei/St John Bosco. Not even close. I have seen DLS lose to way lesser teams than North Shore. They lost to scrubs from Utah and Washington it ain’t the 85 Bears
  2. Truth. Westlake is a damn good football team.
  3. Never thought I’d see this many white dudes in a 6A championship
  4. Westlake to me is the best team in Texas this year. Felt confident they’d win tonight after watching both semifinals last week. They are very good on both sides of the ball. North Shore would beat SLC and I’m fairly confident of that too
  5. 55 yard touchdown run on 3rd and 3. Almost a Statue of Liberty of sorts. Twice today Katy has ran a super delayed draw, (name it what you want) but this one busts up the middle for 55. 24-0 Katy with under a minute left at halftime. This one is on ice
  6. Cedar Hill is clearly not the better team. In order for them to win today, they needed QB Kaidon Salter (Tennessee commit) to go OFF. He had to take over and he isn’t. In fact he finished the first half 5/12 for 34 yards and an interception.
  7. 17-0 Katy. 49 yard field goal is absolute money. Three minutes and change until halftime
  8. Two plays, easy touchdown. 14-0 Katy, 11:20 left in the 2nd. Ton of football left but Cedar Hill needs to find some momentum. Need to string a drive together
  9. Incredible interception for Katy. Tigers take over in plus territory to start the second quarter. Total yards after one: Katy 123, Cedar Hill 46
  10. 37 yard play action touchdown pass for Katy on 3rd and 7. Nice rollout, wide open, CH busted coverage. 7-0 Katy. Late first quarter
  11. Costly drop for Cedar hill on 3rd and long. Hit him right in the hands and they’ll have to punt. Got across midfield but no damage done
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