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  1. His last year was 2012. They were very talented in 2011 and 2012. Fell off shortly after
  2. They were dogshit on offense. Not a good football team
  3. Well there are a lot of teams that would’ve performed better than Norcross did in August, the 55-0 was a disgrace and is not hard to improve upon. No one was going to beat them, though
  4. You were 9 years old during that season, grasshopper.
  5. I was going to participate but then I saw you listed Washington County and Allatoona as teams of the decade and realized I don’t belong in this thread
  6. 2017: Lost by 18 to an SEC team in playoffs 2019: Lost by 17 to an SEC team in the playoffs Clemson is elite but they’re not getting better. They were stomped two of the last three years. Their best days (2014/2016) are behind them
  7. @ngdawg you’re not 16. Everyone here is aware of that, not our first rodeo. Sixteen year olds don’t write paragraphs routinely on obscure high school football forums But I’ll be honest that’s not even what gets me. Believing Blessed Trinity is top three in Georgia is still the weirdest thing about you so far
  8. Very popular youth team in Atlanta called the Georgia Gators. But it’s more than likely he’s just a UF fan
  9. @imaGoodBoyNow I’m convinced
  10. Do you truly believe 2018 Blessed Trinity would beat every other team in Georgia than Colquitt and Milton? You realize they haven’t completed a forward pass in like six years, right?
  11. They played three teams ranked in 4A and won by 1, 3, and 15. As you know Cartersville didn’t have Trevor Lawrence in 2018, they had an overrated Tee Webb who led their offense to 7, 9, and 17 in their three hardest games. They were ass. Blessed Trinity didn’t play a team with a pulse the entire season Every single team in the 7A quarterfinals would’ve destroyed them. Every single team in the 6A quarter finals would’ve beat them
  12. 2018 Blessed Trinity defeated Flowery Branch 21-20 in overtime. That Flowery Branch team lost by 20 in the first round of the playoffs. Blessed Trinity defeated three loss Marist 10-7 at home. There is no way in hell Blessed Trinity was a top 15 team in Georgia. They didn’t have a top 20 win the entire season
  13. ... what (and I can’t stress this part enough) the actual fuck?
  14. Glad to see you’re doing well, Canes!
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