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  1. Kids want to play in the Benz. No one on Lowndes team knows who Edgewater is nor do they care. But every single one of them know the Benz and where the Falcons play every Sunday. It’s a big deal to kids to play in that stadium. They would tell people forever they played at the Benz, no one is talking about playing a pretty good Florida team one time that’s never even won a state title.
  2. Washington had seven catches in 12 games. Got bullied by linebackers and safeties all season long. Dropped a ton of passes. That kid was rated highly as an athlete off freakish size and athletic talent but he certainly didn’t deliver year one (nor do I see him ever, just isn’t a great TE) Kirby was recruiting Gilbert hard in press conferences and games down the stretch. They were all in on Arik. Unfortunately for Kirby AG saw what Florida did with Pitts in Mullens offensive system and determined that to be a better fit (he’s not wrong) He would’ve won more games at Georgia but if h
  3. Percolate lololol my man ain’t ever played a down in his life
  4. @steeler01hasn’t posted a year and came back with this? Silliness.
  5. Calm down buddy. We’re Roll Tide go Monarchs over here but De La Salle is NOT like a Mater Dei/St John Bosco. Not even close. I have seen DLS lose to way lesser teams than North Shore. They lost to scrubs from Utah and Washington it ain’t the 85 Bears
  6. Truth. Westlake is a damn good football team.
  7. Never thought I’d see this many white dudes in a 6A championship
  8. Westlake to me is the best team in Texas this year. Felt confident they’d win tonight after watching both semifinals last week. They are very good on both sides of the ball. North Shore would beat SLC and I’m fairly confident of that too
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