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  1. Buford??? Homegrown talent?! bro they’ve been winning state titles with Dekalb and Fulton kids my entire life 🤣 (sorry BGW. Y’all do have some fantastic GFL teams, but as the great Randy Moss would say, C’MONNNN MAAAANNN)
  2. Collins Hill has allowed 53 points in 12 games vs Georgia competition this year
  3. I agree most of the hype on Arch is name related and unfair to the kid. He’s talented but not the top QB nationally from what I’ve seen. That said I feel the same way about SJB’s quarterback Pierce Clarkson , he has a huge name and that’s led him up the ranks. Don’t see elite in him either
  4. LMAO EIGHT SEASONS AGO. Bama has won THREE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS since then. More than OSU has in their entire program’s history 😂😂😂😂😂 Hell why stop back at 2014?!! Mention the 2002 title!! Man USC won titles in 2003 and 2004!! Pac 12 IS LEGIT!! SoCal must the best. 2015 Ohio State- loser 2016 Ohio State - loser 2017 Ohio State - loser 2018 Ohio State - loser 2019 Ohio State - loser 2020 Ohio State - loser Your conference sucks and your conference champion loses against the best of the best every single season. They’ll lose again in a month. Go cry about it
  5. Ohio State’s only win against a team currently ranked in the top 25 came today against an awful program that trailed by the scores of 49-0 and 38-0 the last two times they played Bama Yep OSU doesn’t play cupcakes at all: Indiana (9 losses), Akron (9 losses) Nebraska (8 losses), Tulsa (6 losses) Maryland (6 losses), Rutgers (6 losses) OSU has won 21 straight in that clown conference with zero championships to show for it. Rinse wash and repeat this January. The conference championship last year was against NORTHWESTERN LOLOL It’s embarrassing really but it all works out in the end. Always does 😎
  6. Stroud also played the WORST defense in ALL of college football. I’d like to think he put up monster numbers. Arkansas ranked 22nd nationally in passing defense. Michigan State ranked 130th. Just can’t take the B1G seriously until they do something in the playoffs against real talent. Beating the shit out of slow midwestern teams doesn’t translate to championships. OSU averaged 48 ppg last year, had a better QB, and all those receivers plus Jamo and still got absolutely mollywhopped by four touchdowns to Bama and their awful defense (which held OSU to their lowest yardage total since 2017)
  7. Add in Clemson and this is always the case. Every single year. Welcome to CFB! Wooooo!
  8. Yes every snap of the first half (up 46-0) 97 yards receiving, a touchdown, and an interception on defense. He looked 100%. No way they would’ve risked his future if he wasn’t ready
  9. Mentioned it once earlier this year but man it’s crazy to think my first few days on DJ’s board my guy @Sammyswordsmanand I went back and forth about who sucked less at the time Collins Hill or Servite. Collins Hill lost 6 games that year, Servite lost 7. Arguing semantics really. (Servite was probably better, I’ll let em have it) We bickered over Maxpreps rankings and tiers before his tiers were even a thing! Alas a friendship was made! (albeit after I quit being so persnickety @zulu1128) yeah yeah It took some time, but LOOK AT US! Huge win for the Friars tonight!!! Eagles are rolling and our savior Travis Hunter has returned!! Both of our teams will be playing for a championship this season (oh it’s happening, Georgia lurkers) Absolutely big time
  10. 34-24 SFA wins. Game wasn’t nearly as close as the score indicated. First home loss for IMG in 7 years. Back to back times now SFA has smacked IMG around
  11. I’ll be honest my man, it won’t matter.
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