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  1. You can tell I’ve been gone awhile because idk who VeniceClub is or who Loyola is 😩 Isn’t that some 8A team in Illinois @abbatt
  2. @HooverOutlaw Pretty incredible to think he led the country in rushing at the high school, NCAA, and NFL levels FullSizeRender.mov
  3. Only from our pal Nolebull who needs to justify every win and loss OOS. Everyone knows it was a mismatch
  4. And 80 of that came on one play when they were down by like 500
  5. Against Buford! They got absolutely destroyed but he did break off an 80 yard touchdown run at the end of the game
  6. Guilty as hell bro you know I like to use my key words for my guy @imaGoodBoyNow
  7. Who the hell has said that? Lol. 247Sports will move him up to No. 1 overall in their next update according to their latest podcast. I’ve never heard nothing but incredible praise for Hunter from EVERYONE in that space. He’s the undisputed top skill player in the class of 2022
  8. Yeah I agree that winning 7v7s doesn’t correlate to state titles. Last year they made the finals (real football) for the first time in school history and bring a lot back so there’s definitely enough there to build the interest. State championship is certainly the goal
  9. You do not remember correctly. They finished 26-0 and didn’t drop a game the entire summer
  10. Across three 7v7 tournaments this summer, Collins Hill has not dropped a single game. Sam Horn 4 star QB and Travis Hunter the 5 star WR/DB will lead the way for a very powerful offense in 2021. Buzz has never been this high for a Collins Hill team.
  11. Collins Hill finished 12-0 💪🏼 Proud graduate class of 2011 🤣
  12. Collins Hill also has Travis Hunter the No. 2 player in America. NFL first rounder in three years
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