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  1. NV and AZ went blue, in large part, because they have become extensions of CA.
  2. Where's @Nolebull813 getting his stuff then?
  3. To ban conservative speech from Twitter? That's not what I've heard. All you have to do is stage a right-wing insurrection. That's what conservatives on Twitter are saying.
  4. It's ironic that one bone of contention is post count. I mean, how many times does a guy have to tell us that he doesn't post too much before we'll believe him?
  5. Impossible. Twitter has banned conservative speech.
  6. CNN reports that the QAnon crowd is having a really hard time making sense of Biden's inauguration. https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/20/tech/qanon-believers-inauguration-reaction/index.html Evidently, many believed that Trump was still in charge and was outmaneuvering his enemies in the deep state and that the Storm was still going to happen.
  7. Settle down. It's weird enough that the two of you have four active accounts on a high school football forum.
  8. That means a lot coming from you.
  9. We would't want to give people a reason to distrust authority -- like claim that our elections are rigged and the courts are in on it and so are the Democrats and many of the Republicans and the pandemic is fake and the media works for the deep state and the FBI and CIA are trying to undermine the President etc. That would be really bad for America.
  10. "Unlike other surveys that sampled all U.S. adults, NBC News' poll surveyed registered voters." https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/meet-the-press/poll-trump-approval-remains-stable-republicans-unmoved-after-capitol-violence-n1254457
  11. We should have never given these people the internet.
  12. You missed the point. What leaders? I didn't vote for any of them.
  13. They've already cemented power. They control the voting machines, the election officials, the courts, the House, the Senate, the Presidency, much of the Republican Party, social media, Big Tech, MSM, primary school education, the universities, contagious viruses, etc. That's why Biden will be President even though he really lost the election. Maybe it's not about votes but about white genocide.
  14. Why would the Dems need foreign voters? They control the voting machines, the election officials, the courts, etc.
  15. If "the people" refers to conspiracy theorists, then of course the people didn't elect Biden. Republican Senator Ben Sasse published an op-ed piece arguing that his Party tried to appeal to the Qanon crowd but it backfired on them. He said it's time for the Republican Party to reject internet conspiracies. Rep Greene (R-GA) who used to support Q on her social media accounts, responded by calling Sasse a "never Trumper." https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ben-sasse-qanon-atlantic-op-ed-destroying-gop Are these "the people"?
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