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  1. I read somewhere that it's the 3rd heaviest weight he will have fought at. Still, I take your point.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. I was favoring Fury before I saw the results of the weigh-in and read his comment that he came in heavier because he's going for the KO. Wilder is heavier too. He claims that it's because he's in better shape, not worse, than the last time they fought. I'm still rooting for Fury, but I'd probably give the edge Wilder.
  3. That's a great story. That line would've been solid. I still use it with my wife. I haven't had his wine yet, but I see it all the time. I always think, "He's got enough money. Let me help someone else get rich." Maybe I'll pick up a bottle the next time I'm in the wine aisle. You might check out Ad Astra. It was clearly influenced by Apocalypse Now. You'll be struck by a few scenes: they're nearly identical to scenes from AN. It's not in the same league as AN, but it's still pretty good. It has a few serious flaws, but it's beautiful to watch, and it's contemplative and, like AN, it explores both culture and the individual, and Brad Pitt's good in it. I'm a Brad Pitt fan. There's a documentary on the making of AN -- I can't remember the title -- but it's very good, too. I read Conrad's Heart of Darkness not too long ago. Overrated, in my opinion. But sometimes it's interesting to read the books that influenced the movies.
  4. I know what you mean. "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!"
  5. I have a lot of Christians friends (what a surprise, I know) who are not Trump fans. My pastor, for example, takes your line in church: Jesus would be on the left on a lot of these issues. (It gets to be too much for me sometimes, if I'm honest.) And I think the hypocrisy of the self-styled religious is a major theme in the Bible. In the gospels, Jesus isn't exasperated with the prostitutes and the tax collectors, but with the religious hypocrites. And John's first epistle is essentially a guideline for distinguishing true Christians from fake ones, whom he calls liars; and it isn't about dogma or professed beliefs; it's about charity. So if you're sick of the fake Christians, you're in good company, at least by my lights.
  6. I told my wife I had walked by that theater a few times (to seem cool), but secretly I wasn't sure. Is it the one right outside UCLA in Westwood Village? I don't like the violence either, which is why I've been turned off to his recent stuff. I watched The Hateful Eight a few years ago and hated it. But in this one, the violence was confined to that one scene, and it does make sense, given what QT was up to in this movie.
  7. Right. You can't tolerate someone unless you think they're wrong in important ways.
  8. At least they're not torturing and executing those who don't believe like they do. Progress.
  9. I'm a Christian and a conservative but we don't want to pass laws on the basis of our own religious convictions. That was the lesson that we were supposed to have learned from the religious wars in Europe. That's why Locke wrote his thing on tolerance. And that's why Jefferson cited Locke as one of the two greatest men who ever lived.
  10. I liked A Beautiful Mind and Gladiator a lot, too. I still listen Horner's soundtrack sometimes when I'm working.
  11. I got the title wrong. It's called the King, not Henry V.
  12. Do I believe him because Fox leans right, or do I not believe him because he's a leftist? It's like that puzzle about the Cretan who tells you that everyone from Crete is a liar.
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