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  1. No, I'm saying that it does.
  2. Republicans were right to worry that the extra $600 per week would incentivize people not to work.
  3. That was a good team. They were almost good enough to win two in a row, but the Lakers beat them in 6 in '87.
  4. It's not right. We have friends who own restaurants and they've had a hell of time. Employees who were laid off don't want to come back to work since they make more on unemployment and employees who have kept their jobs are working like they want to be fired.
  5. It sounds like the gap between the rich and the poor has been widening since the 50s and that the middle class has been disappearing, if 50% are so poor that they don't have to pay income tax and 10% are so wealthy that they account for 70% of the fed's tax revenue. Someone should look into that if it's true.
  6. She sounds like a libtard or a DemoRat. Has she already forgotten about Obama?
  7. Maybe for a season or two. But Shaq and Kobe couldn't get along because each needed to be the star and they lost to the underdog Pistons and the Lakers had to trade Shaq, who wanted out. My guys would do better in the long run.
  8. Suppose you get to draft 5 guys from history to try to win as many championships as possible, but you don't know what era you'd have to play in. So, you might not have a 3-point line etc. You've got to take into consideration synergy, longevity, etc. 5. Kareem. Probably the most efficient scorer of all time, but he also led the league in rebounds and blocked shots. Durable. Was able to run with Magic when he was an old man. 4. Russell. Winningest player of all time. Dominant defender and rebounder. Ferocious competitor. Natural leader. Wouldn't have to score on this team. 3. LeBron. Swiss Army knife. 2. Michael Jordan. Google him. 1. Stockton. He could pass the ball, but he was also a solid defender (5x All-Defensive Team) and led the league in steals 2x; and though he was never a big scorer, he was very efficient, often shooting well over 50 percent from the field and forty from behind the arc. He wouldn't have to create his own shots on this team.
  9. A recent study out of Oxford suggests that almost half of the UK's adult population believes in some conspiracy theory regarding the alleged pandemic. One-fifth believe that either Jews or Muslims are responsible for it. https://www.newsweek.com/covid-19-conspiracy-theories-england-1505899 People are prone to conspiratorial thinking in times of crisis, and the internet isn't helping. Maybe each nation has its own target. They don't have Democrats in the UK, so they need someone else to blame. Apparently, more than 100 cellphone towers in the UK have been burned to the ground, since on one popular theory, 5g technology either causes or exacerbates COVID-19. https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/05/22/860947708/1-in-5-in-england-think-the-coronavirus-is-a-hoax
  10. I'm not trying anything. Your view is that the Democrats have masterminded a global economic depression on the basis of an exaggerated viral threat, for the purpose of undermining Trump's electability, and almost everyone in a position of power across the world fell for it, including Trump, right? That sounds like the sort of thing the Jews used to do in Europe, doesn't it?
  11. You can blame him for not saving more lives or for not saving more jobs, but you can't blame him for both. He has had to make some very hard decisions, based on imperfect evidence. That's a tough position to be in. Plus, I've heard that Democrats are the biggest threat to this country at the moment.
  12. You make it sound like the Democrats are the new Jews. Are they really that much smarter than everyone else?
  13. Here's a drive-by post. I haven't read the thread or watched the video. Apologies. (I'll try to get to it later.) It seems to me that we do have a right to assemble, but we also have a right to life, which is more basic. The state's job is to project our rights, which sometimes requires prioritizing some over others. Politics and law aside, there's a conceptual framework for justifying "stay at home" orders. I've seen arguments here that appeal to driving. "Driving's dangerous, but we let people do it. Therefore..." But that misses the point that driving is a heavily regulated activity, precisely because it's so dangerous. Normally, socializing isn't. But now it is. So, there's a reason, grounded in the rights and interests of persons, for states to regulate it.
  14. EDM? (I don't even know whether that's the right word to use.) I didn't expect that. I'm gonna have to update my psychological profile on you.
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