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  1. According to this 4 March article, it hasn't been established that he's autistic. Moreover, even if he's autistic, it doesn't follow that he's not culpable. One can be both autistic and competent to stand trial. https://www.news-journalonline.com/story/news/courts/2023/03/04/judge-orders-mental-exam-for-student-in-attack-on-teachers-aide/69970934007/ Mental health advocate Sue Urban claims that the student is not a threat. “That this is being portrayed that this child is a threat, and that this is all on him. This is not this child’s fault. He is not a threat,” she said, adding that the incident is “a mental health issue. This is a problem with our system. It is broken.” https://atlantablackstar.com/2023/03/04/why-the-switch-up-villainization-of-black-autistic-teen-held-on-1m-bond-after-beating-florida-teachers-aide-draws-criticism-attorney-says-he-not-mentally-competent-to-stand-trial/ That's an interesting take given that the kid had been placed in a group home that treats teens and adults with "behavior challenges" after having been charged several times with battery. I'm sure the kid has mental health issues. But in what sense is he not a threat? My guess is that mass shooters have mental health issues as well. But that doesn't mean that mass shooters aren't a threat or that they're not culpable. But you're the expert.
  2. And then he pissed it all away at the end.
  3. He probably buckled under the pressure of all those around him begging him to do something about it owing to the obvious damage it was doing to his legacy and to his party. I'd say the number was about the same given that most people these days have a camera attached to the end of their arm.
  4. ☝️ That is not English. What's it pay?
  5. The cartel apologized because they don't want America to intervene in their business so that they can continue to kidnap, rob, torture, and murder in Mexico. The cops, in very rare cases, kill unarmed citizens, and in even rarer cases, are at fault for doing so. To say that "the cartels have more morals than the police in Amerikkka" is to say something that is extreme in its stupidity. But I think that's par for the course for you and @Ga96. Tweedledee and Tweedledum.
  6. I think he's invested in it because he thought that he had uncovered a COVID conspiracy, "buried," as he put it, in a paper published by the NEJM. And he defended it hard in a thread. And he doesn't like being told that he's wrong. So, although I've explained to him at least twice why the data published by the NEJM doesn't prove an 80% spontaneous abortion rate, he can't let it go.
  7. What is Trump responsible for? How about all the things that the conservatives who got rich blowing him on TV were saying to each other in private.
  8. Yes, I know. That's why I asked. It seems to me that the events of J6 either constitute an insurrection or they do not. I'm curious what you mean when you say that whether they do or don't is subjective.
  9. Really? How are you using the words "insurrection" and "subjective"?
  10. I know, but President Trump and the medical experts were saying otherwise. It doesn't mean that you knew better or that they were lying or anything else. It was complex issue. People in positions of power were making difficult decisions on the basis of the limited information they had.
  11. Case closed. Definitely not an insurrection. Or an insurrection, but led by the tricky Democrats? Or just a few violent rednecks? Or a mostly peaceful demonstration? Or Trump bears no responsibility at all for the events? What is the big takeaway supposed to be from all this eye-opening J6 footage?
  12. It's easy to say that after the fact.
  13. It must be easy for the left to have such a profoundly stupid opponent. I don't think anyone thought that the idiots who stormed the Capitol had a chance of overthrowing the US Government. That doesn't mean that idiots didn't storm the Capitol with the intention of overthrowing the US Government.
  14. Are all drag shows adult sexual performances? I don't know much about it, but I remember a major studio film from the 90s about drag queens that had a PG-13 rating. And haven't there been drag shows on MTV and the like? If people aren't stripping at the events, then why would the law treat them like strip clubs?
  15. Affordable healthcare? That sounds like socialism.
  16. I'd start by pointing out that we'll never be on equal footing. We come out of the womb with differing abilities. We soon develop different drives. The goal of a liberal society should be to guarantee that everyone of roughly the same ability who applies roughly the same effort should have roughly the same chance of securing competitive goods. The idea that a society should strive for equality of outcomes ignores basic facts about human nature. Moreover, we've seen in recent history several earnest attempts at organizing society around the goal of securing equal outcomes, and in every case, it turned out to be an unmitigated disaster.
  17. You sound like a hateful hillbilly. Loosen up.
  18. I haven't had that problem. I've been able to cancel and resubscribe without issue for years. I hope you get it figured out. This sort of thing can be maddening. I feel like I've been able to successfully communicate with them through e-mail in the past, but maybe I'm misremembering. This is probably a stupid question, but have you e-mailed them?
  19. I'm happy they've realized that the NorCal St Francis is now a more appropriate opponent than the St Francis of MD. And I'd like to see the 1960s split back veer this season, or abandon it altogether and go with a modern spread RPO-heavy offense, which, I think, is a natural progression of the triple option - give all those CA QB and WR football families a reason to want to play for DLS.
  20. I think the idea is to organize ourselves into a society that promotes human goods that transcend race, sex, gender, etc. But that's hard to do when so many want to make equity the only good worthy of pursuit and then categorize each individual in society as privileged or oppressed according to his or her (or their) race, sex, gender, etc.
  21. Yes, I am. You're the expert. That's the main premise of the overwhelming majority of arguments you make. Don't give that up now.
  22. Asian American history month and Italian American history month make no sense given what you said earlier. 👇 I guess you're making it up as you go.
  23. Yikes. Very insensitive.
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