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  1. Jake Fromm is a game manager meant to not fuck it up. Think Trent Dilfer - Ravens and Brad Johnson - Bucs. Jake Fromm doesn’t have to do much. Sit behind 4-5 star line, hand it off to 4-5 star backs, and throw it to 4-5 star receivers when his 4-5 star defense is not on the field. Burrow I believe elevated his team. Even though they were extremely talented, the QB has always been the Achilles heel for LSU. Burrow is taking them to the next level. Fromm is keeping GA from it
  2. All I know is Zachary will win state, and Rummel will not oh and Curtis is still vaginal for scheduling Lake Placid. Big Loser W/Nothing out!!!!!
  3. Great story: it almost makes up for scheduling Lake Placid almost
  4. They are native Indians from the region of present day India. They got stuck. That’s it. Nothing more. Europe created the world. We would be animals without the Europeans who came here. I wonder if Native Indians in America use Western Civilization inventions? Hmm. And if so why?
  5. The team of the week is none other then the Christopher Columbus explorers from Miami Florida!!!!! They had a tough loss which put them number two on the gridiron, but will always be number one in our hearts. Quiz...... Who was the most famous freshman on the Columbus high baseball team from back in the day???? hint....... he taps Jennifer Lopez every night before bed 😂
  6. One of the most important men in world history. He found America for Europe. When he got here he found savages and people who resembled animals moreso than humans at the time. People who were closer to the cavemen from ages ago rather present day man. If it wasn’t for his discovery, who knows if Europe would have brought the people who made the world it is today. We might be running around butt ass naked hunting wild boar. God Bless Christopher Columbus. if you can read this, thank Columbus
  7. This season seems to be shaping up as the most competitive run at a Heisman in recent memory. Burrow, Hurts, Tua and Taylor are all neck and neck. It’s going to be a great second half of the season
  8. Man when I get to the halfway mark you’re already balls deep!!!
  9. If it wasn’t for me and @imaGoodBoyNow there would only be 2 posts in these type of threads
  10. No man the only team anyone ever heard of from Louisiana is John Curtis and they play teams like Lake Placid. Neither Rummage or Sister Martin have ever been heard of Outside of New Orleans AKA the nations Port-O-Potty
  11. Who are you talking to? No one gives a shit! They suck with and easy schedule. Got dump trucked by Escambia. Not relevant. Mods please move to OT side please
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