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  1. We are down 2-1 so far since Darterblue and Canes vote cancels mine out. but i got Drummer to help me tie it up!
  2. Isn’t Hoover an open enrollment transfer Academy around the Birmingham area? Basically take all the studs and leave nothing for anyone else? Just asking
  3. If masks really do work, then the people who truly believe in them should have nothing to worry about as long as they keep their mask on at all times
  4. You guys lie to cover up for the religion you have submitted to. I hope neither of you kill anyone you disagree with. lies about Christianity is what gets Christians killed by animals like you in the first place.
  5. Jesus where do they find these teams? Bainbridge loves them some random ass nobody teams. Lol. I guess they need a breather from the tough SoGA sked
  6. Mad Co is filled this week. Are you talking next week?
  7. Word is Tyrone is holding out for more money from the owner George Soros. He feels he is worth at least $1,000 per black business destroyed.
  8. This was the Prime Minister of Malaysia responding to more Muslims killing the innocent. Do you left wingers support his stance? Is this the acceptable reaction, and should people listen to him?
  9. The only thing you can do about climate change is board a plane to China and India and demand they stop the free-for-all pollution they are guilty of. Hopefully they don’t kill you. America and every other first world countries are doing their part to curb earth pollution. That’s the real issue not some fake climate change hoax. That is a made up term to seize power from a political subject. We are doing our part. Everyone in society is generally mindful of recycling and not polluting. Businesses have been guilty of negligence and should be held accountable. But climate c
  10. Every time a left-wing lunatic gets too much CNN where they have to come on here and start typing away about climate change I love to post this video every time. Please just watch the four minute video and you will see how climate change is a hoax
  11. Frigging backstabber! Now the court is 5-4. We need Trump 4 more years to get Stephen Breyer out of there
  12. Sorry pal. I urge you to take all your gripes and complaints and send them to the Supreme Court!
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