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  1. I apologize for taking the bait and responding to racism with more hatred. I apologized for myself because I am man enough to admit when I was wrong. You racist scum bags just roam freely and ruin every thread you can get your hands on
  2. Anyways. Cut these cancers out. congrats on the TX champs. Glad to see another state complete their season. The kids all deserve it. It’s been tough
  3. What are you gonna do? Cause violence if you meet me? Haha too funny. You would risk your freedom and potentially dying from self defense against terrorism like you? Lmao! You need Jesus. For real. Also you need to change church’s because the one you claim to go to obviously isn’t working.
  4. Actually I wouldn’t have even thought of it if you racist scum bags didn’t bring it up. Your obsession with race and identity politics is destroying the country. It’s putting everybody in a separate category to divide and conquer. it’s sickening and has no place in society. so please quit destroying football threads with your racist post about the color of the players skin
  5. @ATLien12x is a white guy and going by the history of his posts has no hatred or ill will towards white people. So him making that comment wouldn’t register as racist. @AztecPadre @BUFORDGAWOLVES and @Ga96 are all racist pieces of shit. So their posts would definitely be viewed as racist or having racist overtones. it’s all context
  6. I think so. It’s tough because some people were born in a state but prepped elsewhere. So it’s a matter of opinion and criteria. Andrew Luck was born in DC and moved to Texas at 12. He prepped his entire HSFB career in TX. Does DC get credit or TX? it all depends on criteria
  7. Cali Coach Joe Gibbs QB Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers, Warren Moon, John Elway, Dan Fouts RB Marcus Allen, OJ Simpson, Ollie Matson FB Lorenzo Neal, Joe Perry WR Lynn Swann, James Lofton, Henry Ellard, Keyshawn Johnson TE Tony Gonzalez T Anthony Munoz, Gary Zimmerman, Ron Yary, Bob St Clair, Ron Mix G Bruce Matthews, Larry Allen, Max Montoya C Bruce Matthews*, Mel Hein DE Jared Allen, Greg Townsend DT LaRoi Glover, Dan Saleaumua LB Junior Seau, Hardy Nickerson, Joey Porter, Chad Brown CB Mike Haynes, Eric Allen, Dave Grayson, Chris
  8. @954gator remember Rashean Mathis? Baller for the jags. Didn’t have a HoF career but he was one of those guys that gets lost in time but he was a playmaker if you watched football at that time. Mid-2000’s
  9. Katy just sits back and takes care of business and let the clowns run the circus. They do things the right way. They earned it and deserve it
  10. This is a thread about garbage Louisiana teams. I think you were looking for the thread about OOS games
  11. Yeah. Guarantees from playing top programs who give generous offers in exchange for ass whoopings
  12. Even though Cedar Park does things the right way, I don’t think that’s gonna be enough. Ryan will win by a small margin. It would have been a blowout but the fact that Cedar Park does it the right way will keep it close in this game. Bad guys 38 Cedar Park 31
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