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  1. Lol Mater Dei would be a 6 touchdown favorite against the best team in Louisiana
  2. @GardenStateBaller get on it! Georgia needs an OOS game where for once they would be the underdog. They only schedule OOS if they feel they are exponentially better. Give them one tough game for the year
  3. What open days do they have? Buford GA has 9/3 and 9/10 open. Atlanta has more to do than NastyVille!!!
  4. It doesn’t hurt having the best coach in the 150+ year history of football coaching him up
  5. Yeah that one was posted I believe. Should’ve a decent game. Bolles isn’t as powerhouse as they were when Corky Rogers was coach, but they still play well and will compete for sure
  6. There is isolated incidents of racism against every race. There is isolated incidents of discrimination against every religion and both genders. But there is no system of these types racism and discrimination. That is the lazy myth to shut down real conversation. I think we can agree that all racism and discrimination should be vehemently condemned. That’s common sense. But to blanket a group as the suspect or victims creates more division and tension.
  7. Standing next to some dude in a cream suit?
  8. Cajun is bragging that the 108th Louisiana team beat the 441st beat California team by 5 points. LMAO! Now I seen everything!
  9. Didn’t DLS butt drill Evangel Christian by 3 scores around that time? Hell if DLS played more Louisiana powers their OOS record would be light years better
  10. IMG has Florida studs on its roster too. Where are the 3 IMG five star players originally from? I’m not saying it ain’t true, I’m just curious
  11. Hey Pt Charlotte vs Charlotte making the national board. All of Charlotte County stand up!!
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