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  1. Here’s a good read https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2021/09/15/masks-for-waiters-and-servants-but-not-for-aoc-and-the-rest/amp/
  2. Off topic but yeah when it’s rich folk they don’t care about masks, distancing or any of that peasant nonsense. But when they around “the help” and common folk they are masked the F up!!
  3. I said it was a good read. That was it. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t grammatically incorrect. Interesting read. Take a Xanax and relax
  4. Good read. What do you think? https://leagueofjustice.com/the-truth-about-bishop-sycamore/
  5. You fucking loser. I already posted this. mod please delete this thread
  6. Then my sources check out. That’s good stuff. Doesn’t she have a kid on Bergen?
  7. @Mickey @Mickeybern I heard GSB was hanging out with Kellyanne Conway at the Bergen Catholic/Delbarton game last night. any truth to that?
  8. Male looking for a replacement. Who knows what Curtis is doing. They may take a bye. The 3 teams Male has been offered is Clarkson North, IMG National and Ware County GA Ware/Male would be a good one. It would definitely be more competitive. Male was already traveling to NO, so it would be interesting to see if they are willing to travel to Waycross!
  9. Most of them don’t assimilate to our culture and values. They hate this country with a passion. They don’t assimilate anywhere in Western civilization. Look at Europe. It’s a war zone in every major city. And almost every criminal is of Muslim background. It is a barbaric religion that doesn’t help, complement, or positively contribute in any way in Western society. They have no place here. When you produce more bad than good, that’s called a liability not an asset
  10. The worst thing about Florida State being horrible now is we can’t talk shit about how horrible Miami is. Lol
  11. Damn shame they sent this team to play some no name SC team a few years back. Would like to see them against a comparable team from a power state
  12. That’s true. Some teams don’t live up to the preseason hype that they can even control in the first place. They didn’t asked to be ranked high. And when they don’t meet the expectation they get torn down as garbage. Lol.
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