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  1. I’m only 10 inches away from completing a ruler!!!
  2. I just checked. The 6th ranked Arizona team this past year would be the best team in Louisiana. Which means if you lined up the best 10 or 20 Arizona teams against the 10-20 Louisiana teams it would be a bloodbath. The top ranked Louisiana team isn’t even nationally top 135. Think about that. The 6th AZ team is 79th in the country. It wouldn’t even be competitive
  3. Not sure. He was probably taught that way by extremists. You will definitely see Al Sharptons name pop up on Willys tax deductible donations 😂😂😂
  4. It’s not even close. Would Louisiana even have a top 100 beach? Lol. Their beaches are about as low ranked as their high school football teams. Sad!
  5. Frivolous lawsuit. Won’t go anywhere. His terrorist son got himself killed
  6. What happened Red Zone? Why did a Louisiana team get the shit kicked out of them again by an out-of-state team? “Doesn’t matter. Terry Bradshaw is from Shreveport baby” pussy
  7. This clown found one thing on planet earth that Louisiana is not a fucking disgrace in and now will milk it for the next 2 decades. Louisiana high school football teams are gonna get the shit beat out of them again and again and again, and his excuse is gonna be “But Terry Bradshaw and The Mannings were apart of a lot of Super Bowls” LMAO!!!! What a pussy
  8. Don’t send your daughter here!! https://www.yahoo.com/news/lsu-closed-nearly-300-reported-130002917.html
  9. Do you try to figure out the most fucking brain dead thing in the world and post it, or does it just come naturally?
  10. Mahomes is half white so this Super Bowl will feature 1.5 black quarterbacks, still 50 percent more than any other Super Bowl.
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