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  1. Nolebull813

    Florida news

    Look at Flanagan. They win State in 2015, go 9-3 in 2016 and then the mass exodus occurs and they go 1-9 last year. It only takes one year to go from contender to everybody's homecoming game. Oxbridge can look on the bright side of turning into a cupcake. Lowndes will always welcome them with open arms. Lol
  2. Nolebull813

    2019 OOS games

    At some point just showing up can only yield so much praise. After showing up you should be required to deliver to garner additional praise. Would you be ok with a 10 year old doing open heart surgery on you if he tried it multiple times and the people died? Would you just say, hey this kids got balls to attempt this type of procedure! Let's do it!! Lol
  3. Nolebull813

    Florida news

  4. Nolebull813

    Florida news

    Lakewood High from California is coming to Florida to play a football game. They picked 0-10 Atlantic High that lost all 10 games by at least 38 points or more. Then Atlantic got a new coach and the coach said no dice. So now Lakewood needed another opponent and they chose Oxbridge post-exodus. Lol. These teams are something else. The crazy thing is Oxbridge has a brand spanking new stadium with artificial turf and everything. The works. So to throw football in the trash is really a head scratcher.
  5. Nolebull813

    Happy Fathers Day!

  6. Nolebull813

    Jaylen Knighten 2020 Deerfield Bch Rb

    If Deer Jerkey had some competent coaching they would be scary good. They have more talent than some states have. If they had a coach making $100K a year, and 20 assistants like in GA or TX they would be national top 5 every year. No one is gonna look better coming off the bus, but once the game starts it's back yard ball. There is no sophistication or discipline. They get overwhelmed by well coached team. That's how they have a dozen D1 players and get bounced in the first round. Hopefully they can show up and beat a nationally ranked team like Buford.
  7. Nolebull813

    @sportnut why did you not wish me a Happy fathers Day?

    Wow I'm surprised you claim him as your son. I wouldn't even claim him as my bastard. Lol You can say you banged his mom but deny he's yours and I would still give you the same amount of high-fives 😂
  8. Nolebull813

    Duncanville vs Evangel Christian @ SMU

    They have the balls of Cocoa but a participation trophy is all they'll get from this running clock game
  9. Nolebull813

    Duncanville vs Evangel Christian @ SMU

    Evangel is an hour from Texas while Florida is anywhere between 7-20 hours away from Houston or Dallas And we still played Katy, Allen, Cedar Hill, SLC, Aledo, Desoto, and Abilene. What is ECA's record against Texas? Post the record then get off your knees and wipe your mouth
  10. Nolebull813

    2019 OOS games

    Good. It would've been a senseless running clock. St Frances is the IMG of their region and a 40 man roster like Cocoa does not need to be playing a team like that. These all star teams just need to have a United States League and all play each other. STA, IMG, SFA, St Johns, Mater Dei, SJB, Bishop Gorman, etc all need to play each other every year
  11. Nolebull813

    Duncanville vs Evangel Christian @ SMU

    Kinda like Cocoa. Over matched and you pretty much know the result before the game is played. I wonder what ECA's all time record against Texas is
  12. So you are saying they are calmly walking up to the exact spot they need to start the process and are being ripped away without any idea why? There is a line of asylum seekers. There is a process. You can't just yell asylum and expect to waltz in. It has to be a case by case basis. Funny how Mexico wasn't good enough for the Central Americans.
  13. Nolebull813

    2019 OOS games

    For 2019?
  14. Yep. It's a political outrage. And it's a blatant lie. To simply suggest Trump or Sessions are responsible for the separation of illegals breaking the law is an intent to deceive and advance a far left agenda. The law is the law. You can't decide what laws you feel like obeying on any given day. It is just as shocking that someone can justify these people breaking the law as it is them actually breaking the law. It is the direct definition of complicity