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  1. He hasn’t fought with MA posters yet and must be going down the list
  2. Looks like Drew Central Arkansas’ win over undefeated D’Arbonne Woods Louisiana is still holding strong
  3. The Louisiana depth game of the week. The 110th team in Mississippi St Stanislaus chops down the 112th Louisiana team Lakeshore in a mild upset. 38-20 #5,370 St Stan MS beats #5,050 Lakeshore La by 3 scores. Lol
  4. Benton LA got back on track after getting the screws put to them by Texas High. The loss to Texas High must have made them better. They beat previously undefeated and one for the top ranked teams in Louisiana 63-28!!!!!
  5. 4-1 St Louis Catholic rebounded nicely after losing to winless Vidor TX to beat some other Louisiana team 48-0
  6. 1-3 Scotlandville LA beat 4-0 and former undefeated Archbishop Rummel last night. Lol. Scotlandville got the tar beat out them by an unknown Oklahoma team but regrouped to put it to Rummel
  7. The real crime is having Catholic,LA ranked 47th nationally and they almost lost a miracle game against the 1,391st team in the country. Carver Alabama. Remember I said watch out for those Alabama teams. Shades Valley crushed Louisiana state champ Acadiana 39-21 a few years back LOL. Even when Louisiana teams win, they lose. 42-36 against the 1,391st team? SMDH
  8. I told my buddy that my 13 year old son is dating a black gal. I said jokingly he’s got jungle fever. He said WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! Hold up motherfucker. That is an old outdated term that is highly offensive. Lol. He said but since it’s me, he’ll let me slide this once. 😅 I told him don’t get mad at me. Nas said it! “You can’t catch me in the streets without a ton of reefer, that’s like Malcolm X catching a jingle fever!!!!” too funny
  9. Black culture is definitely the most imitated and poached. That’s why it’s so important to focus on the good we all bring to the table. Realize that the majority of all sources for information are created to divide and conquer. Most of the time when you meet new people, you make a judgement if they are a good person before you know their ethnicity, political or religious beliefs. That’s what I try and teach my kids everyday. Don’t ever generalize things and blanket everyone or everything under one umbrella. There is good and bad in every category. It should all be case by case.
  10. His own words huh? You mean like when he said he condemned white supremacists literally the sentence before saying there was fine people on both sides? He was talking about the protesters and counter protesters. Not every single person who was protesting the removal of the statue was a white supremacist. That’s what your media tricked you into believing. The thing he got wrong was the counter protesters were not fine people they were pieces of shit trying to cause terror. Can’t even peacefully protest. SMH
  11. Like I said. I was raised in predominantly African-American communities growing up. I was the minority my entire youth. Lol. but My best friend of 25 plus years is getting married, and him and his fiancée are black. And he told me you might be the only white person there. I said ok, I ain’t no muthafucking square!!!!
  12. I did my picks late so I just put the BT/Roswell game as my 1. And Spartanburg/Byrnes as my 2
  13. Archbishop Moeller (OH) 9 Don Bosco Prep (NJ) 5 Male (KY) 10 Cardinal Gibbons (FL) 3 Eastside Catholic (WA) 8 King Phillip Regional (MA) 4 Blessed Trinity (GA) at Roswell (GA) * Thursday game 1 SHIT THE BED!! Catholic Central (MI) 7 Lone Peak (UT) 6 Spartanburg (SC) 2
  14. This might give you more clarity on why your supreme ruler during Covid did what he did https://www.yahoo.com/news/fauci-wife-apos-net-worth-171855783.html
  15. @DevilDog you can’t blame people with European descent for any atrocities. It all started with Yakub the scientist over 6,000 years ago. He’s the culprit. If he didn’t create the white race, none of this would be going on today.
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