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  1. So people literally drowning or about to drown is equivalent to coyotes running kids in their desert nights? and I would go through the port of entry and apply the right way. Not come in illegally. Plus North Florida is high enough. I don’t need to be getting red clay on my kickers
  2. Holy shit balls, she’s a man!!!!! You gotta Crotch check nowadays big time! It’s 2019. You don’t know if your dating a stopwatch, bumble bee or shampoo bottle.
  3. I heard La Vega is the real football school in Waco! @Big Bald Hairy Man @Big Ball Jones
  4. If Morgan wins he will join Randy Mac and Rush as coaches who won titles in GA and another state Mac won in FL and Rush in Bama. I know Knotts won in SC and NC. Any other coaches done it?
  5. Yeah your gonna see a lot of teams wanting to play there with minimum assistance needed just so they can experience it.
  6. Here’s some actual Texas news. Har-Ber,AR is coming down to play McKinney And Dickinson has Manvel, Ridge Point and Katy in the non district
  7. Man what happens if Lowndes wins, doesn’t want to participate, and STA says no. Is Buford better than the Washington Champ to play St Louis? Jeez this could be a disaster. Would StL play St Frances?
  8. What’s wrong with STA at Marietta/Lowndes and StL vs Washington champ?
  9. All the more reason to scrap the post season stuff and focus on titanic regular season matchups. That way all the powers and states can be involved
  10. Always ask!!!! Crotch check please!!! It will prove they ain’t a cop or a dude. Or both!!!!!!
  11. I’m just bullshitting. I’m on a roll this morning: Lol. I’d be interested in hearing what type of opportunity he is looking for.
  12. I’m just critical because there is so much potential to keep the tradition of having high profile games every year. When you see some random Missouri teams playing because one has a 4 star tackle that’s disheartening when 2 powerhouses with 20 D1’s are playing the same week and you have to steam it somewhere. Paragon has the resources and tools to get Georgia and Texas together. Cali and Florida etc. the highest ranked teams in the country and matchups real high school fans want to see. fans want GA vs TX. These 2 public dominated power states are a match made in heaven Lets get these games going
  13. I guess coaching me-first primadonnas and finishing the season in October isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be
  14. No one gives a shit about Crummy ass Rummy. Lost to the 93rd best Florida team last year. That’s why they didn’t play them this year. Rummy said Escambia beat us by multiple scores in Louisiana imagine what they will do if we have to travel to them!!
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