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  1. I guess only one way to find out
  2. While Trump was shutting down China in regards to travel, the democrats were trying and failing to impeach him. He said the democrats mass hysteria was the hoax. He down played the outbreak because he didn’t want to cause chaos and hysteria. He said from the very beginning that is serious and will be monitored accordingly. But when you have 350 million people living in one country with millions traveling daily it can spread pretty damn fast. Faster than any professional or expert can predict. So he is doing the best he can with the resources provided. How is this related to the pollution? I don’t know and I dont give a shit. Just wanted to post it in a thread that wasnt already 20 pages long 😂
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.saturdaydownsouth.com/alabama-football/alabama-misses-out-princeton-recruit-2018/amp/
  4. Some kid turned down Alabama to go to the Ivy League. Had an SEC offer.
  5. Don’t you hate it when you go 4 quarters and it’s a scoreless tie, and then in overtime your opponent scores 38 points? #MaxPreps https://www.maxpreps.com/games/8-23-2018/football-fall-18/ed-white-vs-westside.htm?c=aQk26qF3QU6FznvUqhhG3w#tab=box-score&schoolid=
  6. Some kids will stay close to home, or where they think they can thrive. Some of the offers might be from programs they don’t have great relationships with or the depth chart is stacked. There are plenty reasons why kids pick the school they pick. And if you have every Sun Belt and every CUSA team offering you a scholarship then you technically do have over 20 D1 offers
  7. Must have been getting a contact High from all that marijuana you guys were toking on in the other thread
  8. I would say Gary Joseph - Katy Tom Knotts - Dutch Fork Bill Castle - Lakeland John Curtis -(even know he makes questionable schedules) Randy Allen - Highland Park
  9. You guys smoking the devil’s produce are gonna get your selves killed!!!
  10. North Texas might want to rethink how they put their logos on coffee mugs
  11. They will protect him at all costs. He is an empty suit that will be used to push extreme agendas outside of the mainstream. The Democrats in power will only look out for themselves, and their power. Both actions will destroy the country.
  12. CNN is the true enemy of the people. Tara Reade has credibly accused Joe Biden of Sexual Assault. And you can’t find one syllable about her on CNN.com CNN is the go to source for all you left wingers. How can you justify this journalistic malpractice?
  13. This video makes this song so much greater. Lol. Beautiful gal
  14. Man a bunch of culture vultures taking this queen’s talent like its their own 🤬
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