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  1. I get there are rules, but this is bullshit. The rules should be modified. Hair is natural and you shouldn’t be punished for it. I get changing colors not being allowed but for the guy to have natural hair that is deemed too long is BS and it seems like the backlash that should follow isn’t worth keeping this up. They should just admit the rule is wrong, vote to change it, and make a new rule with realistic accommodations
  2. The problem is you lefties just scream diversity is a strength and cite random isolated instances throughout history as justifying open borders and mass immigration. That’s ignorant. The country can not sustain that type of infusion no matter how virtuous you feel. For every Indian doctor who comes here to make the country better there are 1,000 low skilled immigrants who have anchor babies and put strains on our hospitals and schools. Every penny spent on illegals could be going to American citizens in similar situations. We need to take care of our own before taking care of everyone else this stuff is common sense to the point that people who disagree usually do it because of politics and they want democrats in power, or they simply hate the country. The virtue signaling is a bullshit excuse
  3. Bro you posted this at 4am local time. I officially take up 24 out of 24 hours in your life. I have wiped shit off the bottom of my shoe that was more pleasant to deal with than you.
  4. I don’t trash them. I simply said that they would not be nationally relevant without the annual infusion of stud transfers. Which is true. I shoot from the hip. No sugar coat
  5. Cajun melting down in real time is what gets me through the day 😂
  6. I take it all back. I’m willing to trade Cajun for 100 unvetted immigrants.
  7. Hey don’t get mad at me because you and that pussy Jeff Curtis get your haircuts from the same barber who cuts this guys hair
  8. Just stating objective facts. Heres another fact. John Curtis absolutely refused kicking and screaming against playing STA. They politely said hell to the fuck no we ain’t playing them!!! Then he managed to find Atlantic as a consolation and even had the game posted on both teams schedules that they both released. Then at the 11th hour the Lake Placid coach got back to him and he told Atlantic to go fuck themselves. The 400th best Florida team just called us back. That is the biggest pussy move in pussy move history. They will create a statue, and it will go in the pussy move hall of fame. It will be painted on the front of the building for the pussy move hall of fame located in River Ridge,LA
  9. They scored triple the amount of points as SJB and SJB finished as the consensus number 2 team in the state. Thats all you need to know
  10. Exactly. You don’t feel the negative affects so it doesn’t matter to you. You can virtue signal from the sidelines while it negatively affects a large portion of other Americans. usually people don’t really care about the cons unless it affects them personally.
  11. You guys are just posting personal experiences as if that is the fool proof blanket statements that apply to everyone. The word diversity is so vague. Probably one of the most broad and vague terms out there. There are definitely instances and examples of where different amounts of options is a good thing. Brothels, buffets, uniform combinations, etc. Lol. I’m only talking about the instance where the word is primarily used. And that is for mass immigration. Importing and flooding the country with as many immigrants as possible doesn’t make the country stronger. This country is not so ignorant and incompetent that we need foreigners to come teach us how it’s done. A lot of European nations have open their borders for the sake of diversity and it has backfired tremendously. Gang rapes bombings and stabbings are common now. It’s just part and parcel I guess. Not one person in this thread has given a good excuse as to why America should mass absorb foreigners. Some have elite skills and are educated but the majority of them are middle to low skilled. Why should we import middle to low skilled people to compete with our middle and lower class? You selfish pricks that it doesn’t affect just pat yourself on the back why most common Americans suffer from this. Government agencies, hospitals, schools etc feel the wrath of mass immigration and since it doesn’t affect any of you, you could care less. You only care about the end result and that is to keep Democrats in power to push your left-wing ideals. Such a terrible ass backwards way of thinking
  12. You guys like to cherry pick a case, story or whatever the hell link you post to make it sound like we have to bring in as many foreigners as possible in order to be better. That is dangerous rhetoric that will dramatically change the country for the worse. Europe is the blueprint on what not to do. They are turning into unlivable war zones with mass immigration. You open border advocates have blood on your hands from all the people who fall victims to these animals that illegally come here
  13. Mitch McConnell is one of the greatest Americans to ever live. He has been the shield for America against domestic terrorists (Democrats) trying to destroy the country. Confirming as many conservative judges as he possibly can will help this country heal. We can resist the baby killings, mass illegal immigration and infringement of our 1st and 2nd amendments. McConnell is a hero
  14. You don’t give a shit because the people being imported here don’t affect you in the negative. It doesn’t negatively affect your schools, hospitals, law enforcement, govt agencies etc. the percentage of quality foreigners that come here does not outweigh the amount of burdens. You love mass immigration because if they were able to become citizens then you know they would vote the way you think. That’s what it’s always been about a power grab
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