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  1. GA, the home of the...

    Ask Coach if he knows Canes from his STA days! 😂
  2. 2018 OOS Game List By State (New)

    I had a gut feeling they were gonna put Chaminade against NG. People keep saying AHP is play SJR. Chaminade/NG is a waste of a game. Look at the demolition Miami Central and AHP put on Chaminade last year. Same shit will happen.
  3. GA football schedules for upcoming season

    The one thing I'm happy to see is ISB not on any GA schedule.
  4. 2018 OOS Game List By State (New)

    Fort Dort is playing Viera as well
  5. GA football schedules for upcoming season

    The guy on twitter said soon. What the heck could take so long if you got the contracts
  6. GA football schedules for upcoming season

    Bolles should be the overwhelming favorite. Who the heck is ACE Charter?
  7. GA football schedules for upcoming season

    Why the hell would Coffee play a 3-7 team not ranked in the top 350 of FL? Doesn't make no damn sense. Lincoln/Lowndes, Ware/Pine Ridge and now this. Head scratchers for sure
  8. GA football schedules for upcoming season

    I was like who the holy fugg is that!!! More garbage. But then I seen Bolles playing New Hempstead so it cancelled out. Lol.
  9. 2018 OOS Game List By State (New)

    The Classic has been posted as of mid-December. Good games between the 2 states https://www.prepgridiron.com/topic/5214-illinois-vs-st-louis-missouri-tripleheader-classic/?tab=comments#comment-179065
  10. JSerra Catholic vs Hoover

    Hoover vs JSerra would be a good football game. Hoover would be 4th-6th in the Trinity League on any given year. This would be an even match up
  11. Bosco vs. St. Joes

    Yeah what has been happening is teams in ATL have been stockpiling talent to the point teams in their own state won't play them anymore. No coincidence that Grayson was playing 2-3 oos games a year and now Marietta has accumulated equal talent and now they are jumping in head first.
  12. Bosco vs. St. Joes

    Be interested to find out how Metro ATL teams feel about all this running rampant in their backyard with the GHSA turning a blind eye. Feedback is much appreciated
  13. 2018 OOS Game List By State (New)

    Raines and Wekiva yes. Oxbridge no. They are de-emphasizing athletics after some controversial decisions made the last few years. And this was a senior dominated team. They were solid. Took Archbishop Wood to the brink. Lost by 1. And almost beat Chaminade. Quality year. But they won't be nothing like their were. Cocoa, Raines, Plant, Lakeland would be even teams for Coffee
  14. Another Canadian schedule

    IMG's other team is playing Superior Collegiate. You can't believe anything Maxpreps says. They originated the fake news without verification.
  15. Another Canadian schedule

    COF Academy is a new team in Columbus,OH The North Bowl is a game against another Canadian team they are affiliated with. So they got 6 Ohio Teams 2 Pennsylvania teams 1 Connecticut post grad team 1 Canadian team IMG Academy