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  1. Literally the one person on the planet whose passing would be the most beneficial for mankind. Not one other person’s life ending is more valuable. She is old as hell. Time to go sit next to satan for all the evil she caused.
  2. Couple of those Obama holdovers are probably in on it. They covered up for Hillary and you know she was the facilitator for Bill. You think Bill went to Pedo Island countless of times without Hillary knowing? Come on. These people were best buddies with Epstein and Weinstein.
  3. It would only be coincidental if these truly are the names of a particular style of cabinet. If these are made up Wayfair names then it’s suspicion as fuck. Especially if the names change for the same or similar cabinets. Time to go kick in doors
  4. The only way it make sense that those cabinets were named those names is if anyone who deals with cabinets can confirm those are the names of that style of cabinets There are thousands of missing children so it might not be too hard to find a name to match the cabinets. But if these were made up names by Wayfair that is a red Flag
  5. Seems like John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen are linked to a child sex trafficker. Tiegen deleted tweets she posted about how good kids looked on a show she should be in jail. She said that about herself.
  6. Down South was the asshole who accused Jameis Winston of rape with no evidence other than a women saying she had sex with him. No other evidence of any kind. Just a scorned women looking for a payday after trying to get in a relationship with him backfired. D South would have been sued for defamation if he was more than shit on the bottom of a shoe. And now with these bizarre facts coming out about Wayfair his first reaction is to call it a conspiracy theory. Point is this clown has no credibility.
  7. His politics beliefs were of a different origin than the moderators. Suffered the same fate as ORabidOne, Drummer and LamarFan. im only still here because I have photos of unnamed moderators in compromised photos that could break up happy homes. so like the heir of a company, I get to hang around and be a fuck up with no oversight 😂
  8. Are you sure he is alumni? Maybe he was related to someone and tagged along to games because they felt sorry for him. Thought he was pathetic for jerking off to the lingerie ads in the Kmart catalog. Took him to some social functions. Krusty bought a DBP shirt from the school and told people he was alumni. I don’t believe he went there even know he admitted to meeting his life partner and future soulmate there.
  9. It’s gotten to the point that you will have to be damn twin brothers with the person you fight with to not get a hate crime. Now they will just pick the different characteristics of the victim and suspect, and apply the term hate crime to that difference.
  10. He is already past the manager and moved on to corporate. They sent him a $25 gift card under the agreement that he will stop being a pussy. Safe to say he will be loaded with gift cards soon enough!
  11. If you are more upset that Floyd was killed over David Dorn, you have been far too exposed to societal rot. Go take a lap and then hit the showers
  12. I don’t care if it’s a Police officer, my worst enemy, school yard bully etc, if someone is on top of me to the point I could die, I’m at least gonna fight and scratch and claw my way up. Especially if I’m much larger than the person doing it. Once he would have started struggling the other cops would have probably jumped in and tried to forcefully arrest him. He may have gotten roughed up for sure, but he would probably still be alive. Also if he wasn’t a drugged out criminal he would still be alive as well.
  13. Floyd was 6’7” and Chauvin was a pipsqueak. Tiny little guy who couldn’t apply that much pressure and force to suffocate him. Plus if someone simply had their knee on your neck, you could resist that tactic by simply getting off the ground. Especially if you felt like it was killing you. He was so high he couldn’t even understand to save himself
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