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  1. His team is the team Bosco NJ and Escambia FL took turns on
  2. This is the truest thing you will read in a while
  3. Let me get off work positively contributing to society as a legal American citizen first. Then we riot
  4. Don’t let these race baiters run game on you
  5. @Ga96 is a racist cuck mad at the world because people like @BUFORDGAWOLVES promised to save him and they both failed.
  6. Why are you airing out @Ga96 dirty laundry?
  7. Ima cross the line, run in ya HOUSE, I’m HITTEN everything standing and SITTEN when I dump the clip on the RITTEN!!!!!!
  8. “I go wild with the Kyle, slap you where you sitten, talk shit then I’ll hit you wit da Ritten!!!!!!!”
  9. Waiting for a rapper to say “This ain’t no game of Kitten-Mouse. I’ll run up on you with the Rittenhouse!!!!!!!!!!!”
  10. You didn’t do anything. Other than believe that black people are inherently oppressed and victims incapable of advancing in society without the help of their white savior big Buford. You are poison to black people. You and the people who share your racist and condescending viewpoints
  11. I’ve asked him many times to list the ways he has helped the black community specifically. (Wearing Black Lives Matter stitched into his Kangol hat doesn’t count)
  12. At the very least, the league should refund all the money to the teams parents. This is false advertisement. A scam. There should be some way to file a lawsuit. Getting this team to sign up thinking they are competing for playoffs only to be told they are not allowed after committing no infractions or breaking any rules. My son plays Pop Warner and the team that won the league went 12-0 and didn’t allow a point all season. The smallest margin of victory was 33-0. Highest was 59-0. You just sat back and were amazed at how good they were. They should compete for a national title at their division. Everyone in charge of this decision should be banned for life from any involvement in youth sports
  13. What do you mean? im center right. I believe in legal weed and (Democrats) aborting their babies. Lol. I believe in legal immigration by coming through the front door, and you earn what you get. I believe everyone has an equal shot. I believe you should be judged not by the color of your skin but the content of your character. Racism against any race is bad. I believe in law and order and the right to self defense. I believe in free speech. I am against indoctrination the youth, and forcing people to get a medical procedure. What about my beliefs is “right wing”??
  14. The sick and evil scum bags should be rotting in prison for this type of shit
  15. You are far from a centrist. You are one of the most radical people on this board. Calling people nazis and klansmen is the first hint. Calling them that just because they disagree with you is the dead give away. and anyone who supports the domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter is about as far left as you can get from the center as possible
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