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  1. They cheat at every sport https://www.google.com/amp/s/usatodayhss.com/2017/grayson-ghsa-georgia-girls-soccer-ineligible-player/amp
  2. One. Berkeley Prep from Tampa. And they are gonna embarrass them. Peyton and Eli are gonna ask ESPN to cut into some old Texas Hold Em Poker tournament when the running clock starts
  3. This clown is the guy with the brown bag on the side of the road talking to himself. Talking about people who wouldn’t waste good water to splash on him when they hit the corner 😂
  4. Sad if they would try to change and erase history. You are never supposed to cave to a mob ever. For any reason. They should be proud of who they are and never apologize
  5. Come on man!! No one gives a shit. Are you trying to compete in the “No one gives a shit” Olympics? Because you look like a Gold Medalist to me!!!
  6. Can you please explain to me why anybody should give a shit? Honestly, you crap on everyone’s thread with pure garbage, then you post about some junky team who recruited a few good players and now you think it’s nationally relevant? Man the people on a Louisiana board if there is one wouldn’t even care about this nonsense
  7. If you didn’t have to pay $2500 to play the Tuba and not get laid you would have enough money to pay to watch the game and someone to watch it with #DoubleNegative
  8. Greg Reid was a phenomenal talent but he was from Valdosta where if you hang around people like @Ga96 enough it comes back to haunt you.
  9. That “swagger” got him booted off the team. Yeah they fed off that incompetence for sure. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.jacksonville.com/article/20120801/SPORTS/801249541%3ftemplate=ampart
  10. Slim pickens at the Black Panthers rally huh? I think all the money went to that BLM leader to buy a mansion in an all white neighborhood.
  11. He said 3 year run you dumb shit. Create your own lame ass 5 year copy thread if you want
  12. Yeah just going by crapPreps. I have no idea where they ended. Usually if it’s Maxpreps it’s wrong. Except in the case of Escambia being 93rd in Florida when they bulk whipped the 10th best Louisiana team. That was true. Lol.
  13. Has to be the worst person in forum history. Will bash people for posting threads about nationally relevant programs and try and have good football talk but will spam the board with useless garbage about teams no one has heard of or gives a shit about.
  14. Maybe the making of syrup is prevalent in the Cairo,GA area of Earth
  15. STA 08-10 went 43-1 with 3 state titles and 2 national championships
  16. 04-06 Lakeland FL They went 45-0, won 3 straight state championships, and won a piece of 2 national championships. one OOS game played. Beat St X in Ohio 25-22. X finished 3rd in Ohio Plus a slew of college and NFL players
  17. Why doesn’t Pussaski play Midget Ridgland? Sounds like a better game. Weren’t you the one laughing at the MAIS teams when Greenville Christian decided to play in the event in ATL that Easton ran from?
  18. I don’t pimp them. You can’t find me hyping them up. But I will say its refreshing you have teams running towards competition instead of away from it. Louisiana teams are king pussy who run from comp like the plague. Runaway from teams like St Thomas Aquinas and Grayson to play Navarre and Lake Placid. Lmao!! I remember the battle of the border promoter telling me that John Curtis gets to pick his team and he usually picks the worst opponent coming. The promoter said he allowed them to do that because the name was a big draw. Pussies!!!
  19. Red Flag is creaming over a team who had probably the most horrendous in state schedule of anyone ever discussed here. Pulaski Academy WON the 5A State Championship!!! But the team they beat who finished 2nd in 5A wasn’t even ranked in the TOP 1,000 In the country!! Jesus man!! this pussy has no shame
  20. Valdosta finished 10th in Georgia while Madison County finished 101st in Florida. But they will line up and play 4 quarters. And no one will cry like a little pussy about the game. But when you thought Warren Easton was playing Grayson man. You shit a brick. LMAO!! You couldn’t hold the pussy in. It will be etched in the all time lore of being a pussy!!!
  21. You are a cancer to the board and life. The day you breathe your last breath will be a net benefit to the earth and all its inhabitants
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