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  1. Sometimes teams have verbal agreements and can’t commit to anything else until that falls through. Miami Central could have had something line up and couldn’t commit to anyone else and then it fell through but STA already moved on. Those teams have already played. They don’t duck anyone. They aren’t John Curtis. I highly doubt coached and ADs schedule their opponents based on what makes a message board clown happy. Lol
  2. I forgot about John “lift up their Skirtus” Curtis!! 😂
  3. West Monroe could have scheduled 50 teams in Louisiana and 250 teams in Texas all better than South Broward but they decided to schedule that horrible team from 1,000s of miles away. Why would they do that?
  4. What number 1 team you freaking troll? Lowndes went 2-3 vs Florida team this year and the 2 teams they beat are garbage
  5. No I thought it was funny that Hoover had Buford and Collins Hill begging, and they said no thanks. Buford and Collins Hill are the type of smoke Hoover don’t want! I don’t care that Hoover lost to Allen and Curtis 10-15 years ago They have been cherry picking inferior teams lately and it might be because the coaches don’t have faith in the team anymore. Hoover is on their way to being just a name like Byrnes, Trinity KY, Poly etc etc
  6. Hoover was supposed to play Buford but they realized that Buford was not North Gwinnett or Alpharetta!!!!
  7. See you knew that playing those shit teams will get a reaction. Lol. It’s predictable
  8. Finally a Georgia team is playing bishop Gorman. Florida has already played BG six times. And GA is closer!
  9. Herron is an all time pussy. He chose 3 garbage FL teams by design. You guys make excuses for him makes you just as bad as him
  10. Yeah the entire state of Georgia plays one or two marquee games a year and you guys crap your pants. I know the feeling of playing national competition just doesn’t feel right if you’re from Georgia. You are used to International school of Broward type teams.
  11. One good Florida team doesn’t make up for the two garbage ones you guys scheduled. Your coach doesn’t have the chest to win a championship. Give him another year and he will be back in Alabama coaching some 2A team. and you will still be hitting that same crack pipe waiting on the new one Joe Biden sent you
  12. But he is his own person. Everyone doesn’t have to be in cahoots at all times with everything. Quit saying y’all. I don’t lump you in with the clowns like GA96 and Red Flag. Lol
  13. No I didn’t put it together when he was saying the lurkers hometown. When you or someone else I can’t remember made the comment about it that’s where I realized that’s what was happening. I am not tech savvy. I don’t think he doxxed private info or anything like that. I posted the interviews because it was supposed to be good football content. Some people are saying that he was lying about interviews with coaches. It wasn’t a lie. Is hobby is to help teams secure my profile games out of state. It sounds boring but there is nothing more scandalous than that. I know he is made out to be a villain for getting involved with some bad apples but overall he does really good for the game
  14. Not sure about any of that. I wish it could just strictly be football only. The downhill trend was when people on the political side would attack posters on the football side because of their political beliefs. So there would be a legit football topic, but then the name calling, hi jacking and venom would he back and forth between people that are ideological opposites
  15. I don’t know nothing about IP addresses. That’s way past my purview. He posted it knowing it was exposing his personal address. No one was looking for that info because no one besides Old Twerp cares. He knew what he was doing.
  16. But you could have posted a screen shot with the personal address blocked out
  17. That’s dishonest. He posted that bizpedia crap knowing what he was doing. It’s like knowing someone’s name and posting the public record of them closing on a house. And posting the link to it. Then when called out you just say, “it’s public record”
  18. I believe it. Probably the one true thing you said. Lol
  19. Couldn’t crack the lineup at a virtual school? It happens. No biggie
  20. Bro Red Lion was created by some millionaire so his kid can play for a recruited up all star renegade team whose ambitions were to traveling around the country with no oversight. He literally created a fake scam virtual school so his kid can play club football
  21. GSB didn’t tell me anything. You did. You couldn’t keep your lies together and got busted lying about your achievements. That proved you were a fraud. You should have taken Mark Twain’s advice “If you always tell the truth, you won’t have to remember anything”
  22. we could all get along if there was no hypocrisy and virtue signaling. I enjoy the good football talk. Just not the lying about athletics achievements and pretending to be outraged about things just for internet trolling sake
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