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  1. The QBs don’t play against each other. It’s stupid to compare them to each other only using head to head because one players defense will be better. A better fact would be their stats against the same exact teams in the same year.
  2. Every single time I log onto this site, the front screen says “varsity forum” and “off topic forum” and without fail there will be a Dallas Cowboys logo as the last post on the off topic forum and when you click it, it’s 66 posting in the Trumps world thread. Like clockwork. It’s a sick disease. Please get some help. Death, taxes and 66 obsessing about Trump. The only things guaranteed in life
  3. Wonder if anyone asked these residents how they feel? Lol. https://www.boulderatheists.org
  4. There is none worth it for FL this week. It will be 12/17 that all the real games are played.
  5. It happened with Nick Bosa who is an open conservative going to super liberal San Francisco. Usually liberal places like SF and Boulder are not too tolerant of people who aren’t in lockstep with the majority of people who make up these cities. Deion’s demeanor and mentality might rub some people the wrong way. https://www.sfgate.com/49ers/article/Nick-Bosa-tweets-Trump-Kaepernick-Beyonce-racist-13796870.php
  6. The only issue I can see is will his lifestyle clash with the city of Boulder/Denver’s? He is a firm believer in Christ, and doesn’t apologize to anybody about that. That every decision he makes is Christ-first. In a place like Boulder, will it become an issue with a large amount of the population very liberal and not so welcoming to faith based individuals? I don’t want to inject politics, I’m just suggesting their could be some lifestyle clashes with the locals. Not saying there will be, but don’t be surprised if there is.
  7. When it comes to bowls I always say if the game is good in the regular season, it’s good in a bowl. If the matchup sucks in the reg season, it sucks in a bowl. There are only so many good teams so with that many bowl games, most of them will stink.
  8. These are the worst bowl matchups I have ever seen in my entire life. I can’t remember another year being worse.
  9. 3-loss Kansas State won 10-9 against a 4-8 team. They lost to all the good teams they played. Losing to Kansas State is much worse than Ohio State losing to an undefeated number 2 team in the country.
  10. That was the first game where they perceived Texas as unranked and Alabama as number 1. And they played to a virtual tie. So they corrected the rankings by puttingTexas in. At that time of course
  11. TCU only dropping one spot and staying in doesn’t sound right to me. The reason is can you find another instance all year where a team lost to a lower ranked team at any point in the season and only moved down one spot in the rankings?
  12. Nolebull813


    The only time 30 is better than 50 is when you’re in debt. Lol
  13. No what happened is Disney want to break into the LGBT market. In the end when it comes to companies and any business it’s all about the money. Disney thought that the profit they would make from the LGBT market would offset the loss of revenue from the traditional family values market and actually be greater. That’s one of the only reasons they have been doing this. They also have some weird obsession with exposing young children to sexual themes. That part i don’t understand. It’s evil at best
  14. WAP gonna stay away from this and ride Tulane’s dick now. Tulane is balling all because Michael “53-0” Pratt from Deerfield Beach is killing it!!
  15. He should have went to USF. He’s from Ft Myers, he would have had all the talent in the world in his backyard. He wouldn’t have had to leave the state. It would have been the next step from FCS to G5 and then eventually P5 at Florida State when it opens up. This is an odd match
  16. I think he was talking about Mater Dei’s B team
  17. Homestead will escape after a furious Jones comeback
  18. Homestead vs Aquinas. Gonna be Dade vs Broward in 2M and 3M
  19. The first game was this close. Osceola is battle tested. The game is probably a little slower for them than Lakeland who maybe played 2 teams with a pulse all year
  20. Yeah that is a shocker. 30-10. Homestead lost to a 5 loss team not even ranked top 100 in Florida!!!
  21. The Only thing I see is a lot of really bad football teams in Louisiana
  22. Meanwhile Warren Easton stormed to the Louisiana state semi finals losing a heartbreaker to 13-1 Neville.
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