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  1. He is originally from South Florida and transferred back there
  2. No you are a robot that is programmed to just say “democrats good, republicans bad” Regardless of the situation. You would throw all morals and integrity in the trash just to align yourself with bad actors. Both parties have crooks, nutcases, bad apples whatever. But you and most people like you can NEVER call out your own. It makes any debate impossible because you refuse to have a scintilla of objectivity.
  3. Dude, the dude was literally getting a tour guide by multiple police. He prayed with and for them. That’s why they are freeing him. Crucial evidence was intentionally suppressed to make the most visible person that day (due to his costume) an example. I hope he’s able to sue the shit out of the people responsible and live the rest of his life comfortably. And it’s disgusting that you and people like you cheer for innocent people to be arrested only because you disagree with their politics. Hitler made use out of people like you
  4. Biden is sending his stormtroopers to crush dissenters and the left cheers it on. But these same partisan hacks will be crying foul the minute republicans in power do the exact same thing. Not a honest bone in their body
  5. This is a recruiting seminar. Lowndes is looking at the 10th and 11th graders they want to poach. I wouldn’t sign up to play in this event unless all my players were seniors
  6. Not in these volatile times. I get it. You have a point there
  7. What the fuck are these clowns doing? This idiot is supposed to be over there telling these African countries to stop fucking with China and do business with us. Not try and push far-left western ideology on other cultures. This has got to be a Onion headline https://www.yahoo.com/news/kamala-harris-promotes-lgbtq-rights-104246161.html
  8. Dematha just lost their stud back to transfer. Maybe Colquitt might wanna bring their kids to go see DC.
  9. But Taibbi isn’t a partisan. He’s just a journalist that doesn’t have any proof of bias in his work. He’s not an activist like most of them
  10. Sad https://twitter.com/bennyjohnson/status/1641233893331271681?s=20
  11. Sentenced to 41 months as payback against Bidens political enemies. You cheer it now but we’re probably pissing yourself when those left wing domestic terrorists were getting arrested for domestic terrorism back in the riots of 2020
  12. Obamas mom was cracker white
  13. Obama was the biggest influence into obtaining guns because of his fascist regime. People felt they needed to protect themselves because they had to defend themself against world terrorists and the government. Obama wanted to dismantle the 2nd amendment like Biden does. So guns sales should keep soaring
  14. I think they need to make prostitution legal because most of the mass shooters are losers who can’t get laid. Paying back society that outcasts them. Maybe if they were able to get some hanky panky they wouldn’t feel the need to go get “revenge”
  15. I think the issue is republicans are afraid that taking chunks out of the 2nd amendment will cause a bad precedent and make it easier to keep dismantling it. I think the red flag laws are a good idea because it doesn’t infringe on law abiding citizens. But as soon as you start banning law abiding citizens from certain guns, you start to go down a rabbit hole. And they don’t want to take that chance
  16. Even signed a bill called Ocoee Massacre Remembrance Day. he rejected the AA studies because it had some chapters on gender propaganda. He said take it back and get rid of the garbage. And the left wingers manufactured this outrage based on lies told on purpose with one goal. To smear him. Hard to take any one of you toadies seriously when you lie on purpose
  17. What high school did you go to? DeSantis literally signed a bill in 2020 instructing public schools to teach about the Holocaust and the Ocoee Massacre. The question you should be asking yourself is being a partisan pile of excrement good or bad for your community? https://floridapolitics.com/archives/343286-gov-desantis-signs-holocaust-ocoee-massacre-education-bill/
  18. That’s the problem! We only have 2 options to vote for. A giant douche and a turd sandwich!
  19. AOC and the squad is the Democrat party. Anti American, Anti police garbage. And they are the new party. And Rufus is aligned with them.
  20. That’s the headline you put out when 6 people are killed? You politicize it? Democrats don’t love guns? People who look like you and vote Dem don’t like guns? Give me a break
  21. This is disgusting. Anyone who says MSNBC is real news should be red flagged for mental illness
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