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  1. It would be nice, but with states ending their playoffs at different times and kids going on to other sports it becomes a problem. Then you go into the whole too many games being played, long layoffs issue.
  2. Colquitt won a poll in 2015. It was Prepforce, I believe.
  3. Damn that! Look at the finishes. 4/10 public.
  4. Happy Father's Day to all you! Fathers are so important to their kids. And you'd be surprised on how much we need them just as they need us. Enjoy your day fellas!!!
  5. Me too, but safety first. And I totally agree with you on how folks get on certain threads and just her waaaaay off topic. It's like some of the these guys had HD(high definition) ADD! Just can't seem to stay on track. I wish there was a way to delete comments that aren't pertaining to the topics.
  6. Duncanville vs STA has been canceled. It was part of a four game event in Ohio. As of know MC vs SJB is still on. The CIF has set a date of July 20th on when they will decide on fall sports.
  7. I totally agree. Back in 2013 Miami Central played Booker T Washington in #1 vs #2. They had a game with two teams from Kansas on all because an offensive lineman was on the top of their 300. An offensive lineman? C'mon man!!!
  8. And TV exposure, especially if ESPN has their hand in it.
  9. And TV exposure, especially if ESPN has their hand in it.
  10. BTW probably has the best QB in Miami Dade County. With WR's coming back too, I'd be shocked if they don't make it back to state.
  11. Yup! Been saying it for years. #westcoastbias
  12. I disagree. Reason being they have a chance to knock off #1. That could springboard them into MNC consideration.
  13. There was an event in Ohio that had STA vs Duncanville. SJB vs MNW and BG playing someone else too. I believe due to Covid-19 concerns the event as a whole canceled. MNW actually upgraded as far as SOS. They picked up IMG in place of SJB.
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