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  1. Who's MC scheduled to play? They've already played Hoover and Dematha. I'm sure STA will play St. Joe's. To my understanding there was another school from the WCAC scheduled to play MC that's not mentioned on this list.
  2. Yo! I don't know who in Miami pissed in your cereal, but whatever you have against MC you're making known every chance you get. Did a deal on a game go bad? Did they back out of a game, or are you still in your feelings about them hanging 50 on DBP being that you're a Jersey guy? MC did not get manhandled by IMG your b*tch a$$ would know that if you saw the game. They were up on IMG until midway through the qtr. a blocked punt in the endzone turned that game around. And let's be VERY clear SJC is not an elite team. They had a two year run a few years ago and wasn't much to talk about before that. Two year runs don't make you elite. Ohhhh wait, they're elite because they are a private. Ahhh yes!!! Your panties get REALLY wet when it comes to privates. You get on here as if you know what you're talking about, have as much of a clue as you did in the "music industry." And on that note, just because you "claimed" to have work with Quincy Jones, that does not exempt you from being a racist. You know how many people worked with and under Obama that were racist too? GTFOH!
  3. I'm not a huge fan of them either, but when someone else is paying for it, you roll with it.
  4. Don't show one without the other...CORNBALL!!!
  5. My man, I've been on this board for years. Don't waste your typing. People are going to be people at the end of the day. Let's just hope they compete.
  6. MD picked up Liberty, NV 9/10.
  7. Much appreciated. I knew you were mole. Make sure you add music to it as well. Makes it better to watch.
  8. This clown ass dude. So you got a bookie service too huh?
  9. To further prove you get on here and have no clue about what you're talking about, I wasn't the one who bet you. #assclown
  10. Somebody please let this guy know...🤔 Thank you @FootballGuy
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