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  1. My silence over the past month reflected my desire for introspection. For I realized that as we got closer to the election, things were only going to get nastier and more divisive on this board (as well as broadly in the county) and I felt a need to remove myself from this. I have lived in the USA for over 37 years now. So, in a very real sense, it is home. However, unlike citizens born here who have never lived elsewhere, it is not the only home I have had. Thus, my perspective has always and will always be different than that of native-born Americans. To a degree, this is part of the reason
  2. My view of the state of the Markets, October 11, 2020: So, on Friday I closed my PUTS at a huge loss. This action should have been taken a week earlier. Not only did I lose over an additional $32k on the PUTS, but just as importantly, because I was short, it constrained my ability to enter the market early last week, since I never stive to be market neutral (to me market neutral means being in cash, not hedged.) Well, as of Friday’s close, the market is significantly overbought. The last time it was this overbought was in late May. That was cleansed by a combination of volatile down days in la
  3. It screams in pain as it scurries off into the night.
  4. Sticks and stones as they always say. @conchayou can call me whatever you wish. I can assure you it has absolutely no impact on me. Why? Because I have zero respect for you. I don't respect your intellect; I don't respect your lack of integrity; I don't respect the fact that you are unwilling to acknowledge your racism; and, I firmly believe that you are a liar, a loser and a bum. I have way more respect for @HSFBfanbecause at least he is honest. You portray yourself as an intellectual on this board to cover up your failures in the game of life. And, you attack @RedZoneas being raci
  5. I am well acquainted with the rise of Hitler and see many parallels in the rise of Trump. The difference is that in the case of the USA, the damage has been self inflicted. I studied that period of History for my GCE A level exams.
  6. Again, if you thought I was stupid, you would ignore me, as I have ignored your threads. But you feel compelled to respond, don't you? Stupid is as stupid does, and you demonstrate stupid multiple times a day. BTW, I hope your boy collapses in my back yard Monday. His reckless behavior deserves to be punished. God, are you listening?
  7. You are literally the king of vapid. So, in a sense there is something you excel at. It has little use, but that is beside the point I guess!
  8. And it is ironic that you call me stupid since you feel compelled to respond to my threads when I ignore yours. Your dishonesty is something to behold!
  9. You are a stupid Turd, Concha.
  10. Watch the video. Then Google some old Hitler videos.
  11. I see irony is lost on you. I am not surprised.
  12. Actually, Trump was exactly where he wanted to be, away from all these, "disgusting supporters" of his (his own words if we are to believe the young lady who used to be an assistant to Pence). Furthermore, given he sees himself as a wanna be dictator/emperor, the balcony above his throngs of adoring supporters is certainly appropriate. I hope you all get your wishes, but after I am long gone. You are all blind as bats and don't see what's down the river.
  13. Can someone point out Blueliner to me? https://www.c-span.org/video/?476869-1/president-trump-delivers-remarks-white-house
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