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  1. Heading into Friday: The bulls staged a decent stand Thursday. But they only scored a draw. They did not turn the tide definitively. And, they should have. The market is oversold, badly so. In fact the last time we were this oversold, was early in the brief, but very scary bear market last February/March. As I type this, stock futures are mostly down. Only the NASDAQ futures are not. And they are not up, but are approximately breakeven. It should be a fascinating day. And it could be consequential one. Should the market take out, decisively, the lows put in on Monday, then the last stan
  2. That works for tristate. But I don't get the rest of the country. It's not like housing markets have been very strong in the Southeast. Never really recovered from the collapse of the housing bubble.
  3. Where did they get that kind of cash?
  4. What I don't understand is where is the money coming from to buy these houses?
  5. I heard that on the radio this morning. Like 23 million cases over a number of years. This is a real problem internationally.
  6. After being all over the place, stocks closed broadly higher on higher volume. On the surface, this sounds just great. Markets up, supported by institutional buying. Not so fast. While the day was not negative, it was far from positive. It was a day when the bulls and the bears were locked in an intense battle. When the smoke cleared, they had played more or less to a draw. At the close, the range of gains was from .01% on the MID Cap index to .58% on the NASDAQ 100. As would be expected from this range, given the narrow nature of the best index, losing stocks led by margins of 15-14 on the NY
  7. There are obsessed with the OT section of the message board. I guess that includes me, too, then.
  8. And then there were two: At about 10:30 am, I sold 660 shares of DHI at various prices. Proceeds from the sale amounted to $47,380 on an original cost basis of $47,577 for a loss on the trade of $197. DHI is a very good company whose stock will likely go higher once the market goes into an uptrend. However, in keeping with my bearish thesis, now is not the time to be long substantial positions. With that sale, I have 180 ZM and 668 NEM. My other positions are short via primarily PUT Options on the QQQ and MDY. I also own a small position in the inverse ETFs of these two.
  9. If it jams, I am pretty sure he would get his ass lit up.
  10. He is. I actually respect that very much. I almost feel like if we were at war and I suggested a duel with a coin flip for choice of weapons, that he may agree to it. So, in a sense, he has more honor than many of the other posters here.
  11. Fighting to keep on its feet: The market is like a boxer struggling to stay on its feet with 2 minutes left in the round. It could survive, but the odds don't favor it doing so. Today both the DOW and S&P 500 came very close to taking out the lows made intraday Monday which would be the lows for this correction. The NASDAQ indices on the other hand are over 100 points away from doing so. Another weak day tomorrow would just about spell doom for those that think this is just a correction. So, if this is a bear market, how low do I see it going? I never pick price targets on the downsid
  12. I think he wants to shit and is fighting to keep it in. Been in a couple of those situations myself.
  13. Stocks closed broadly lower on much higher volume. They also closed at or just above day lows. Notably, though, they did not sink to the intraday lows of Monday. They did take out the lows of last Friday and yesterday. At the close, the range of losses was from 1.92% on the DOW to 3.16% on the NASDAQ 100. Losing stocks led by margins of 9-1 on the NYSE and nearly 6-1 on the NASDAQ. It was a very bad day. Stocks went from being mixed to mildly down at the open to being down big across the board. In the process, all of yesterday’s gains were erased with a lot of room to spare. And, while Monday’
  14. The Governor is intelligent and knows better. But he is in someone's back pocket.
  15. Good lord, this is going to be very messy. I would not want to be a coach or administrator handling this.
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