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  1. I hope Barron's does not cause the whole airline group to pop at the open, Monday. Back in the day, it certainly used to have that effect. At least it did not mention UAL as a preferred buy. LUV, bounced straight up off its lows (V shape bottom). I tend not to like V shapes as there are usually more losers left holding the stock who will be inclined to sell on the way up. But, occasionally, the V's can be the most powerful bottoms. I guess we will see how it all plays out soon.
  2. As of now, UAL will be bought at a limit price of $27.60. The other position will likely be ADI or SHOP which was not on the above list, but which has a compelling chart. If SHOP, I don't intent to pay more than $747 for it. ADI's purchase price is more flexible. The stock has a tighter trading range and anywhere within it is fair game. @imaGoodBoyNow @FootballGuy I think UAL is a screaming buy here subject to not paying more than $27.60. It has had massive accumulation at the lows and I don't think there is much downside risk, but the upside could be at least 60% in the next six weeks. I like those odds. If it works out, I owe one of you dinner.
  3. Jacob Reynolds, back up tackle/center the past two years. Got some playing time last season as several kids were out with injuries during the course of the season. Father is a JV coach. Not shocked that he would make a post like that. Apopka is split politically. And there are "red neck" attitudes among many of its residents. Overall, this has not been a factor with the football team over the years, as Darlington kept a tight ship in place, and the city celebrated its success. Kid is clearly an idiot, as the football team is heavily minority. Not sure how he expects to put on the blue and white his senior season if he is into making public posts like that.
  4. It helped that at the time, I worked for an international organizations that had offices in Finland. He spent a year with us in our NYC office. Interesting guy ...
  5. Potential buys I am looking at: Repurchases: TEAM, LLY, and JD New Buys Growth: SEDG, MSFT, SFM, CMG, TMO and ADI New Buys Cyclicals: LCII, UAL, H and GM Whatever I do, I will not purchase more than two positions. The goal is to contain risk, but make money. Often the two are in conflict. So, it is possible one will balance off the other if I go the two position route. TEAM is in the process of consolidating its gains and may be building a very powerful pattern. But if this assessment is correct, it may need several more days (possibly over a week) to complete it. Most of the others are, in my opinion, buyable here. The following caveat applies: I am a position trader looking for short to intermediate term profits. My long term views of all the above may be at variance with my assessment of their intermediate term prospects. None of these positions represent long term investment endorsements!
  6. When I lived with mom and dad, and then with dad, before going to live with mom, we spent 7 years in Buff Bay, a bucolic little town of about 1,500 people. For a good part of that time there was neither electricity nor running water there. So, the town would literally shut down by around 8:pm. But there was a river that ran through the town down to the sea. During that time me and my friends would catch fresh water shrimp in it, as well as mullets and African perch. We would also go down to the river mouth where we caught drum in the brackish water, as well as small jacks. In addition to learning to fish there, I also learned to cook and clean them, as we would put on the pot in the back yard (rotated turns), and fry or what Jamaicans refer to as "steam" them. Used to eat that with either boiled green bananas or various types of Jamaican yams. We would sometimes steal (decided not to use a euphemism) tomatoes from a local farmer's crop to go along with that.
  7. Yes, with the exception that at Thanksgiving I will do turkey and Christmas a pot roast or rack of lamb. The rest of the year, the only animal flesh I do is fish, and a few other sea creatures. I eat a lot of vegetables, a fair amount of fruit, and whole grains. I will also eat eggs and cheese sparingly. As for fish eating in Jamaica, there are actually people I know that prefer the head. They get some kind of pleasure picking the flesh from the various bones and cavities therein. Personally, while I have no issue with eating fish with the bones in it, the head is not my cut of choice. Reminds me too much of poorer days ...
  8. That is a good question. The answer depends on what kind of trader you intend to be. If a day trader or swing trader, you need a combination of intraday charts (in minute or two minute intervals) and maybe five day and twenty one day charts. If you are a position trader, you need six month, one year and monthly charts over a two year period. If I was advising a young trader, I would suggest he/she start off with position trading first (a position trader as I define it, intends to keep his winners for at least weeks and often months and every so often, when they find a big winner, for as much as a couple of years). Why? I feel it is harder to day trade when you have little market experience unless, as in the old days, you were a floor clerk/runner and was able to take in the action from a ringside seat. Why is it harder for a beginner to day trade? There is a lot more stress as to do so effectively, you have to pretty much monitor positions tick by tick. This is a very emotional experience and is at least one reason why, many of them are drug addicts. Unless you have nerves of steel and ice in your veins, this is very difficult for a beginner to do. Having said that, I am not implying that one cannot successfully day trade. Just that you should have some market experience first before you do. In short the charts you look at should mostly reflect your horizon. The same applies to the indicators you use. They should be at a minimum tailored to how long you expect to be in a vehicle.
  9. Actually, he is. In Jamaica the head would be there, too! Poor people can't be wasteful like you first worlders!
  10. Stocks closed out the month of May mostly higher today on much higher volume. Further exhibiting bullish behavior, most indices closed very near day highs. At the close, the range was from a loss of .52% on the Mid Cap index to a gain of 1.47% on the NASDAQ 100. Advancing stocks led 17-16 on the NASDAQ, but declining stocks led 15-14 on the NYSE. Although secondary stocks lagged today (the Russell also lost over .4%), secondary growth stocks did quite well, thank you. This at least partially explains why breadth was not particularly negative despite the MID and Russell losing ground. So, what do I make of the day’s action? Decidedly bullish. Why do I say that? The market really rocketed upwards after POTUS’s Press Conference. Now I happened to listen to it and there was plenty stuff that I found concerning. However, it is not what I think, it is what the big boys with bank think. The lack of DJT scrapping the China trade deal is all they cared about. Selah! On the day, I did very well, as all three positions were up. The two stocks TTD and ZM had banner days with ZM up about 9%. The options position was also profitable but not as much as the S&P’s close would imply. This is because some of the current price was baked in after yesterday’s close. With the gains today, I was up about $7,500 on the week, recouping almost all of last week’s misadventures. I may add to my positions early next week, as currently I am only about 20% invested. No, I won’t go all in, as I have reservations about the market and I am also retired and not the plunger I used to be. But I could easily add two positions here.
  11. Funny you ask that. A childhood girlfriend of mine who has spent the majority of her working career at Macy's called to ask me whether she should invest in it. Now this woman had never bought a stock in her life and her only exposure to the market was in her 401k plan. I spent a few hours going through M's Securities and Exchange Commission's filings and said the following to her: "The company has about 6-9 months cash on hand assuming that Covid-19 has cut sales in half. If we get back to normal before then, then Macy's at current prices (it was trading at $5.50 when she called me), will probably be a good investment. But if not, then it will need to be able to borrow or it will need a bailout." I suggested that she could put some money into it, but it should be no more than what she could easily afford to lose. Today, M trades about a $1 higher than it was when she and I spoke. My feelings are the same. Most of the states they operate in have opened up to some degree. I could see it going higher over the next six months to a year. Longer term I have my reservations. I like M more than KSS and JWN.
  12. Yeah. So, too, did Time Warner which essentially bought them out. Now if AOL had remained independent, who knows how they would have fared? But with TW in charge, it proved to be a horrendous investment. Many large acquirers make very poor acquisition investments. Closer to home, in the late 1990s, Sears bought out a local termite and pest control company. As part of the due diligence process, I and a two other employees from my firm, did some work on behalf of Sears. Five years later, the acquired company folded. This was a company that had been in business over 50 years and had been profitable for everyone of them. No wonder Sears is on the brink of failure today.
  13. I have. Worked with one when I lived in tri-state.
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