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  1. Damn what I thought was a good start took a turn for the worse and QUICKLY! 4-4 right now
  2. Oakridge just received the Calpreps "close loss" boost. They will probably be Top 30 in the country come Monday.
  3. Translation: Oakridge is somewhere between 20-30 in CA.
  4. Damn. Next week was going to be much more entertaining had Folsom lost.
  5. I was being sincere. If I remember correctly, Caj maybe a post about their talent and it just surprised me at how little they have scored. Their defense has been huge to be able to shut opponents out while barely scoring. It's unusual to see a team winning with zero offensive production.
  6. Please let them hold on. I can't wait to see how Block spins this debacle.
  7. Yeah and they tend to score points because of it. They must load their athletes up on the offensive side of the ball.
  8. Has Pulaski ever been known for defense?
  9. How many points has Rummel scores this season? I hope their offense has been taking the defense out to dinner on Saturday nights. Lol That's not a slight on them, just an observation.
  10. Agreed. It will come down to the Chiefs and Pats, whichever makes it out that conference. The Pats appear to be stronger than ever thru two weeks.
  11. God damn Narbonne always fucks me. They are leading 28-14 right now. If I pick them, they lose... Pick against them... They win. The Gauchos? More like... Got-yo-ass!
  12. The Packers couldn't even beat the Valdosta Wildcats. Lol
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