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  1. I never said you weren't big time! We all know you rub elbows with those high rollers. Miss Violet has you on allowance so you can only give so much!
  2. That has never been his strong suit. Sony Michel was the receiving threat out of that backfield duo at UGA.
  3. Hell it wouldn't even get you into the "prime" tailgate location on the North end of Mack Tharpe. Maybe if you knew somebody that knew somebody
  4. Oh ok! So now you are in MAYBE the top 50% of donors. I'm pretty sure Rufus donates that weekly and he isn't even close to the biggest UGA donor from Colquitt County alone. Lol
  5. Wait... I thought you all were too boosters? 20k won't even get you close to the sidelines homie.
  6. A mediocre season surely didn't help make the decision even more difficult.
  7. So they decided the Wildcat shade of yellow didn't compliment them as well as Packer gold?
  8. Funny how Urban always finds a team to coach when he is guaranteed to have a talented QB.
  9. Well looks like I donated another $250 to Vegas. Had OSU +290 and felt good about it, but Smith said fuck you!
  10. Huge difference between high school and SEC defenses. He was athletic enough to scramble in high school, but he is now playing against 300lb lineman that can move just as good as he can.
  11. I will send my best wishes to MTPs friends and family for their loss, it is saddening without a doubt. However, I will NEVER and I mean NEVER give the Lowends Vikettes a single peso.
  12. FSU and Miami are having to rely on the transfer portal because they cannot compete for the top players out of high school any longer. While this strategy may help them improve, it will not make them title contenders.
  13. JT has shown in limited snaps that he is one of the better QBs in the country. I hope he makes the improvements necessary this off season to move himself into that "elite" status. He needs to develop better pocket presence and better recognition of the blitz pre-snap. I think the OL may struggle next season (definitely early on), so it is imperative that he improves in those areas. JT just doesn't have the mobility to make up for these deficiencies. Also, I think he too often looks to hit a home run deep down field and it allows the defense to get to him when he should just check dow
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