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  1. CCBlackhatter

    LSU gets caught Paying Recruit $180,000 and No punishment??

    Who are the good ole boys and why do they let Clemson and literally schools of every other conference do it? Maybe the dumbasses at USC just weren't slick enough...
  2. CCBlackhatter

    These Cali recruits are Divas SMH

    They must be throwing some huge pay checks around.
  3. Woodward Academy had some pretty good teams.
  4. CCBlackhatter

    Warriors vs Kawhi Leonard Finals 🧵

    95% I don't see Siakam going off like he did in Game 1. He played well above his ceiling in the last game. Toronto's front court outscored the Dub's front court in Game 1 and that may be the only time it happens this series.
  5. CCBlackhatter

    Beer to be sold at SEC home games

    In theory, yes. However that is not reality. I perfected the sneaking in of my bourbon while at UGA, and still use the technique today. I'd rather pay for beverages and drink them legally, but the schools would rather not take my pesos forcing me to hydrate by other means. Lol
  6. CCBlackhatter


    While Bru is playing musical schools, everyone else around him will be busting their asses in the weight room, on the practice field, and learning the playbook. #nocommitment
  7. Any chance this is due to fulfilling religion class credits to be eligible for early enrollment to college?
  8. CCBlackhatter

    Deerfield Beach, FL up to 20+ D1s

    Well your talking to the coaches obviously isn't cutting it. Lol So will Columbia being playing an 8 or 9 game schedule Mr. Insider?
  9. CCBlackhatter

    Deerfield Beach, FL up to 20+ D1s

    Guys... This cat is PMing me the names of teams that Columbia tried scheduling. Very strange... Unhinged.
  10. CCBlackhatter

    Deerfield Beach, FL up to 20+ D1s

    I will edit. He is beyond unhinged. A psychiatric evaluation should be in order.
  11. CCBlackhatter

    Deerfield Beach, FL up to 20+ D1s

    You are becoming unhinged. If you continue getting turned down, then maybe the AD and coach should sit down and ask themselves why... In all honesty, it is most likely because spring ball is over and 99% of teams are booked up because they were proactive in building their schedules.
  12. CCBlackhatter

    Deerfield Beach, FL up to 20+ D1s

    Our schedule has been full for about 2 months now... If your AD and coach would stop waiting for phone calls, then maybe Columbia wouldn't still be looking for 2 games.
  13. CCBlackhatter

    Cedar Grove GA at Valor Christian

    They beat the brakes off of Knoxville Catholic, and by a slightly larger margin than BA did in 17. They would easily be Top 5 in their good years.
  14. CCBlackhatter

    Cedar Grove GA at Valor Christian

    Top 10 is reaching... Top 20, on a good year. I'd love to hear your reasoning though.
  15. CCBlackhatter

    It’s official, STA at DLS on 8/23

    You said the same thing about Hale last year. His progress was minimal at best by the end of the season.