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  1. Coffee 2021 schedule: Vs. Drew (Riverdale,GA) @ Houston (Warner Robins,GA) Vs. Bainbridge (GA) Vs Salem (Conyers,GA) Vs Camden (Kingsland,GA) @ Glynn Academy (Brunswick,GA) Vs. Ware County (Waycross,GA) @ Warner Robins (GA) @ Veterans (Warner Robins,GA) Vs Wayne County (Jesup,GA)
  2. Shit I don't know nothing about this... I aint posted nothing You dont know me You never met me I never met you This discussion never happened
  3. I'll say this... @imaGoodBoyNow I wouldn't have posted this... Better get it deleted
  4. Should be some good games this season
  5. @HawgGoneItI will be at a few Colquitt and Lowndes games this year... And @Columbiafan I'll try to make some Columbia games as well. Since all 3 are within a reasonable range. last time we met I didn't get to stick around long because I had to drive back to Savannah after that.... disastrous game.... Tifton to Savannah is already 3 1/2 hours on a good night.... needless to say that was not a good night... took me 4 1/2 hours that night. I swear that was the longest running clock ever....
  6. My Girl can be flat as paper up top... But She gotta have some junk in the trunk....
  7. Lowndes (GA) would destroy Lowndes (AL) and Lowndes (MS). Camden would beat every other Camden... Milton (GA) would beat Milton (FL)
  8. @GardenStateBaller Lee County needs a game
  9. Wasn't Viera supposed to play Westlake
  10. Grayson would Running clock Grayson(NC) and Grayson (VA)
  11. Gonna be real.... Alpharetta just got reclassed to 7A... And they already have put themselves on the chopping block... It aint saying much considering not all the schedules are out... But even then this will easily be one of the toughest schedules in the state... Open up the season home against down the road rival Chattahoochee... Then 4 straight road games against: Hoover North Cobb Collins Hill Milton Alpharetta must know something we don't this season
  12. DFB better be on their A-game and that still might not be enough
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