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  1. It looks more like a weather balloon gone rogue.... One was found over Latin America today as well... That being said I trust the CCP as much as I trust our Government... But Im not gonna let my own personal bias get in the way of what is more likely.... Because from what Ive seen what spy balloon wouldn't have some sort of camera.... Right now Im going with Weather balloons gone rogue... Which slight against the CCP for letting their Aerial Devices go this far...
  2. Why did you frame it as a question? Its a declarative statement...
  3. Lowndes has only recently started OOS and has played MNW,Plant and AHP
  4. Weren't you just riding Joe Burrows Dick? They lost and now here you are... Rather than admitting you where wrong about something you jump out one three ring circus into another...
  5. As A wise man once said "WOOOOOOOO!!!!"
  6. I figure Some schedules are already pretty much put together here in Georgia haven't heard any LA vs GA matchups yet....
  7. Swat gonna pull up on his ass like...
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