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  1. Tbh Big Drop you're one of if not the most reasonable poster here. I hope you're around for awhile longer. You've been to places and done things that right now I can only dream of and in all honesty probably won't get to do regardless. But I hope and pray everything goes well for you.
  2. That's it... We done hit critical mass with Quarantine and lockdown... Bringing back threads from December... Screw this... I'm bout to play Tecmo Bowl
  3. I don't like the Red Sox but I will say the Yankees are the biggest cheats in history...
  4. When is the last time a Cali team did anything without being a recruited up all Star factory?
  5. I hate how The BOE handled this but yea it's silly... He wasn't wrongfully terminated. They let the contract run out. Now no one wants to go to Valdosta because the situation has gotten bad. This type of shit scares away potential coaches.
  6. I don't discriminate... Black,White,Latina,Asian,etc... Also don't think I didn't notice Mrs. White at the bottom... But don't worry she can get it too.
  7. How much of that is MD&SJB? How much has everyone outside those 2 lent to the TLs rep in this past decade 2010-2019/2020 ? Again Brag about Jserra,SM and OLU when you feel like it but other times beat them into the dirt...
  8. Show me a league where the teams get praised for losing and underperforming...
  9. Now you sound like the Government....
  10. But this is Servite.... Not MD or SJB... Y'all ass kiss a whole conference for no real reason...
  11. They really did... That SB had the Panthers name written all over it and they blew it...
  12. Denmark schedule: Vs. Tucker (@Dacula) @ Allatoona Vs. Shiloh Vs. Lanier Vs. North Forsyth Vs. Central Forsyth @ Lambert Vs. South Forsyth Vs. Gainesville @ West Forsyth
  13. I'm saying Chargers take it to the bank.
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