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  1. We'll have to bring home the bacon another time... We'll let y'all go this time...
  2. Most of my mom's side of the family is split between California,Florida and Georgia... We where able to trace her side all the way back to a plantation from Macon,GA...
  3. I got Family in Orlando proper, Kissimmee and Winter Park.
  4. Ok so I was getting y'all mixed up... I got alot of family in Orlando
  5. I thought you stayed in Daytona Beach
  6. Orange County,CA and Orange County,FL are both... Very special places... Disney knows they shouldn't be open right now...
  7. You'll get blood from a stone first...
  8. I'ma guess they're in the middle of nowhere... Rarely am I ever in that area of Georgia... Rabun County has some clean air though...
  9. Private Presbyterian College Prep school. They can do what they want and they're super close to NC so I guess they chose to join NC..
  10. Rabun Gap is a private Presbyterian school that's not even apart of the GHSA... They're apart of the North Carolina Athletic Association
  11. 2016 Grayson Lee Colquitt County Mill Creek Harrison Norcross Buford 2015 Colquitt County Kids young man....
  12. Wait a minute... I thought it said 2016... My bad...
  13. 2014 Colquitt 2018 Archer 2018 Cartersville 2013 Norcross 2017 Lowndes 2011 Grayson 2013 Buford 2017 North Gwinnett
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