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  1. The GHSA is here to make sure the Atlanta schools prosper... And they can't even do that right...
  2. North Cobb hasn't played anyone worthwhile so far other than Buford in week 2. And they got lucky then because if they played again right now no doubt in my mind Buford would beat them. They struggled with Marietta 2 weeks ago And a few other teams.... Lowndes will be the best team they've played all season long...
  3. Brookwood aint been the same since Dave Hunter left...
  4. All yall picking North Cobb are about to get a taste of NC's traditional second round exit special...
  5. Shit man I'll meet ya in Denver.
  6. 10. North Little Rock 9. Cherry Creek 8. Rummel 7. Cardinal Gibbons 6. West Monroe 5. T.L Hanna 4. Pinson Valley 3. Milton 2. Lowndes 1. Norcross
  7. Like I said earlier Tift County needs another Gene Brodie But the question is do they want another Gene Brodie.... I mean look I wasnt around when he was coaching all I know is what the teachers,Coaches and former athletes told us... Like I said earlier they said Gene was respected,He didn't take no shit from the BOE or parents. They told us he did his job well. He had a system in place with the lower grades and Rec. And as far as mommy and daddy ball went he didn't tolerate that shit. Jay Walls might have been the 2nd best coach Tift County had after Gene but he
  8. He dont wanna be there... if he couldn't keep his cool in Florida... Tift County is gonna make him go insane...
  9. Bainbridge is a mixed bag some years they are really good and some years they are really average. Because they are so close to Tallahassee and the FL panhandle they do get some talent. Theyre about 35-40 miles north of Downtown Tallahassee
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