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  1. Lincoln wasn't perfect... Never said he was but he wasn't wrong about wanting to keep the country united...
  2. Then we'll be just like China a country you hate so much...
  3. Lincoln did the right thing... this country doesn't need to be divided... @concha was right about you
  4. I wish both teams could lose....
  5. Way I see our nation needs help unfortunately I can't see the future Idk what Biden and Harris will do... to be honest I'm not to stoked about Biden or Harris. I believe in giving everyone a fair chance before making a judgment I gave Trump a chance and he burned it...I wasn't to ecstatic about the last election either... Honestly I dont think there is a right answer to anything right now... I'd love to see my country at peace without rioting or protesting... no school shootings,Store shootings or gang violence but thats not the reality we live in... is it all Trumps fault?
  6. Oh what joy... They guy who thinks I'm stupid liberal because I dont like Trump has come to back up concha... Lovely... just Lovely... Classic victim of False dilemna... since I dont support Trump I must be a Democrat I can't not support Trump and be something else huh...
  7. My first question is when have I ever said I supported or was apart of BLM? But yall look for the flaws in everything but your own allegiances. Everytime something comes up concerning yall its "Fake news" or just not right. Also let's not pretend that homicide rates increasing is solely a result of BLM....
  8. Im glad your insight has allowed you to see who I'll vote for... Funny...you and NB preach about how people are just mimicking stuff but I dont need a politician Democrat or Republican to tell me what to think... Unfortunately I havent seen what Biden will do and tbh I dont really wanna vote for him and will more than likely write someone in... but I dont want 4 more years of fucking Trump either.... And BLM has caused "Billions" show me this "Billions"... I know there's been riots and what not but again you're always gonna have shit starters no matter the cause...
  9. I was a little kid in '02... but was the tuck rule really that bad? And did the Raiders really get shafted ?
  10. Let me tell you about IQ... You can have a high IQ and still be stupid... You need more than Booksmarts to make it through life... You need some street smarts and sharp wits to make it as well...
  11. First off I dont watch Revolt TV... And since you can't read I said "Given the chance"... I am being real here... Im making my own judgment based off what Trump has shown us... Based off what Ive seen from Trump he's an idiot... He didnt even think he would win... but he did and he doesnt know what to do. He's a closet racist... based on what he's said and the way he acts I have a hard time believing he isn't He does something every now and then to try and make himself look good... Oh ho let's not forget "I've done more for Black people than Jo
  12. allow me to speak in something you'll understand... Make America great again... 4 more years of Wanna be dictator Trump The cops didn't do nothing wrong The inner city is be brainwashed by racist libtards.. The Only answer to black peoples problems is Trump who given the chance would put us on real plantations... Am I doing it right?
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