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  1. Well I lose nothing if I lose but win something if I win... Obviously... Tbh if I was putting money out I wouldn't touch this game either.... But I'm hoping the chiefs can pull through.
  2. Those 2 should be playing each other...
  3. NJ gambling is so chill man... Georgia is on some BS... Tbh I'm trying to quit I'm not as bad as I used to be... But the thrill of gambling is addictive....
  4. Unfortunately not I've been guessing... But I feel like it's low... I'll probably get at least 200$
  5. It's the survivors pick. Everybody who gets all the picks right gets a piece of the Jackpot and a shit ton of people got upset by the Falcon,Raiders and Rams victories.
  6. Yes. You gotta get all the picks right to win the jackpot.
  7. @steeler01 what say you can the chiefs do it and can I win a chunk of that 20K?
  8. Tonight the Chiefs have to beat the chargers... @imaGoodBoyNow
  9. Either you take out the trash or the trash takes you out.... You know what you must do... Avenge me young Padawan...
  10. 4A RD2 Thomson @ Cartersville Americus-Sumter @ Sandy Creek Columbus Carver @ Marist Baldwin @ Blessed Trinity St.Pius X @ Woodward Academy North Oconee @ West Laurens. Perry @ Oconee County Mary Persons @ Madison.
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