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  1. 10-MD 9-Chandler 8- St.Jeter Regional 7-St.Eds 6- Lowndes 5- Hoover 4-Lovejoy 3- Seminole 2- SJC 1- lake Oswego
  2. Rabun Gap Nacoochee is a private school (50K+ tuition) most expensive private school in the state.... Not exactly sure why they compete in NC...
  3. Asshole!? This is a family friendly thread Captain Cave Cuck!
  4. The AAC has 6 teams applying to join: UT-San Antonio North Texas Rice Florida Atlantic Charlotte University UAB
  5. Put that extra T at the end... The disrespect... The only people allowed to disrespect the Packers are Me and the Lowndes Crew...
  6. I keep getting ads for going back to college... It's a sign... I really do need to go back...
  7. @Bormio@Frosty4024 maybe you can translate the LSU part
  8. I still think Alabama takes one more L... Auburn gonna start Heatin up...
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