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  1. Ah yes and let's not forget dragged by my Achilles tendon via Meat Hooks... Eaten alive... Impaled by her bare hands... Neck snapped Throat slit open Heart assumedly sliced out Face literally slashed off Even tried to kill myself once and she took my head off my shoulders in one hit... So yes fuck Her level...
  2. Her damn level gave me a headache... I've been beheaded,Disarmed(literally),turned inside out and even held my own innards at one point...
  3. At 9'6 she could choke me with her thigh's.... I mean uhhh... Be a model...
  4. So I was half right... I figured you where Asian
  5. You can be normal and like tall women. I'm normal... I aint going into my fetish's on here...
  6. Tbh if I worked out more I probably could be an absolute fucking monster
  7. You dont like Tall women? What's wrong with you?!
  8. Just curious... How many people here are Asian?
  9. See bro in the 3rd picture kneeled but she's already 7 foot I aint kneeling... I'd just pop the question... I already gotta look up at you...
  10. Nothing I Love tall women.... Hell I want a woman taller than me but that's a tall order. At 6'5 and 284 pounds aint too many women taller than me
  11. 3/4 of these are wrong... You failed the test
  12. I hope he goes where he is happiest at.... The Ohio State
  13. Ngl if Wonder Woman was real I'd shoot my shot... Idc if I ended up with a shattered Pelvis... or Broken neck...
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