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  1. Saban is the only one bitching about it... Thats the difference Coach Day aint complaining Lincoln Riley aint complaining Just Saban...
  2. Sabans hollering like a hit dog... I wont deny his success... Idc how much i dont like Bama... But I wonder how many teams have been bought by good ole Tuscaloosa money...
  3. Oh dont get it twisted Im not putting all my eggs in a basket on TAMU to not fuck it up... But im saying Saban is doing alot of bellyaching and complaining and he aint even lined up yet...
  4. I was not a good boy last night... Therefore I did not get oreos...
  5. See it works both ways... Saban aint king of the chess board anymore... So now everyone and everybody is gonna be "buying" But Id tell Saban to suck it up Dumbo... And get ready for a hell of a ride
  6. Death row inmates eat this to avoid the chair...
  7. You think youre a giant? Ha now thats the laugh I needed... Wasnt your username Bitch Boy at one point? My bad... Thats just how you act...
  8. And If Im a good boy Im allowed to eat 3 oreos before bed... Because theyre to expensive to go Hog wild she said...
  9. Shit... Fuck that... I got 10 lunchables in the fridge right now thats my lunch for work... Ham&Crackers for monday Turkey for tuesday Chicken nuggets for wednesday nachos for thursday Pizza for Fridays Wildcard on Weekends
  10. Lol yall about to see why literally none of us hyped them even when they won state... CH is not a usual suspect... Theyre normally a 7-5 or 8-4 type team... Literally everyone else was down and they werent thats why they won...
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