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  1. Dude STFU... I tried not to say it but the only reason y'all even play OOS is because nobody in your state wants to play the transfer loaded BNU teams... So you think everyone should schedule like y'all and that's just BS... If y'all where on par with the rest of your state you'd see a lot less OOS games because the in state teams would be willing to play you... Longview has something good going on with what they're doing so... Yea shut it... When Longview is ready they'll schedule somebody else...
  2. The Gator fanbase would have a whole ass Duck if Urban went to FSU...
  3. There's most definitely a new #2 in NorCal... And it ain't Folsom...
  4. You mean SJB or MD... Quit giving the whole league credit for what they do.... And I doubt this would fix anything.... Don't be stupid...
  5. Was the MNW a home and home deal or nah?
  6. The city of Valdosta Dominated in both OOS performances... Valdosta 44 Beaufort 7 Lowndes 48 MNW 21 Next week Valdosta plays @ Lowndes.
  7. I fucking hate the Midwest states always screwing me...
  8. Parkview 20 Tift 7 (ugh...) Northside WR 33 Baldwin 28 Houston HS(Warner Robins,GA) 2 Veterans HS (Warner Robins,GA) 7 Crisp County 24 South Gwinnett 21
  9. The Concrete Palace is not an easy place to win... Or play... Lowndes stadium is as hostile as it gets...
  10. Benedictine 77 Groves 0... (Tch... Would've been a waste of money)... North Gwinnett 35 Walton 0 Mceachern 30 Collins Hill 14 East Coweta 42 North Cobb 23 Cartersville 28 Cherokee 7 Lee County 56 Southwest HS (Macon,GA) 7
  11. John's Creek 41 Chattahoochee 0 Camden 48 Brunswick 21 Grayson 35 Westlake 21
  12. Some final scores coming in: Milton 16 Roswell 12 Colquitt 31 Warner Robins 7 North Murray 30 Calhoun 7 Lowndes 48 MNW(FL) 21 Pierce HS 10 Bradford(FL) 0
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