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  1. 2 of em actually... 1... Oklahoma is a fucking joke... 2. Alabama is gonna be on upset alert... I think the Hawgs are playing with a fire lit after last week. And they're home... SOUIIIIEEEE HAWGS!!!!
  2. Yall got a team ranked higher than a Louisiana school and thats a crime to Caj
  3. Collins Hill wants to know your location
  4. Im trying to act my age and not my shoe size but man... This dudes name...
  5. Unrelated but @15yds4gibberish UCLA bout to upset The Huskies
  6. Looks like Lone Peak is gonna take it
  7. I wouldn't bet on Bichigan Jr. Being Sober right now...
  8. "This week" But next week we going raw dog wild west out here
  9. In all fairness I thought BT would do better too... But I too was disappointed
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