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  1. ELCA did lose some All stars but the coach knows something we dont... Coach Gess is a smart man he wouldn't take this if he didn't have something in the tank. That being said I don't expect ELCA to win... Top level Ohio team vs one of GA's best privates.... Thing is St.X is a different breed and Privates in Georgia overall are not on that level
  2. Till I got home... I stubbed my toe as soon as I walked in through the front door....
  3. Today I found a penny... Picked it up and all day long I had good luck
  4. The thing that scares me is we've seen what all Covid can and has done but.... People still fight against getting vaccinated. What will it take?
  5. God also gave us a brain.... and common fucking sense... Some of yall choose not to use it though...
  6. It might sound crazy but I expect Kiffin to throw his hat in The ring when he does retire....
  7. OOOOF..... West Forsyth- No... Walton- No... Archer-.... Maybe... if they can get a QB. Cherokee- Now that's Funny..... Camden- I feel like right at 10 wouldn't be wrong... They got Jeff Herron back.... and I promise you he hasn't been sitting on his hands....
  8. 2 teams with Duncanville but DV themselves are absent from the list... Also missed opportunity Miami Central vs Duncanville wouldve been lit...
  9. I mean it's not... But... Don't let pesky facts get in the way of your argument....
  10. Look we all Fuck up especially as Teenagers we all have made unwise decisions... but sometimes you gotta learn that there are major ramifications for some of your unwise decisions
  11. @imaGoodBoyNow Dammit man you couldn't find anywhere else to light up ya blunts... Now look what you did... Done burned the field up....
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