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  1. Bruh its unrelated but wtf is up with all these George Soros Conspiracies? BLM? "George Soros!" LGBT"George Soros!" January 6th "George Soros" Protest against gun violence "GEORGE SOROS!" delusional...
  2. UConn Creighton UCLA Bichigan Jr. San Diego State Tennessee Miami Xavier
  3. No because Im not a Ice Cold bastard.... Doing shit like that comes back on you... While Im not a fan of McConnell he's an old man... Something like that cam be a life/career ender for him...
  4. Imagine... Making fun of a stroke survivor who instead of sitting home drawing SSI and disability ya know the things Republicans want to gut so badly... He gets up and pulls himself outta the mud and does something for himself and tries to better his state... In short "pulls himself up by his boot straps" something Republicans claim to want everyone to do... But you laugh at him?
  5. Its poorly held together by Fuck around screws and Find out Staples..
  6. SDST is most certainly the team capable of doing it to em too
  7. Tell 911 to bring the mortician... and extra large body bags
  8. @15yds4gibberish UCLA! UCLA! UCLA! UCLA! UCLA!
  9. Im not a big Syracuse fan but I liked his teams...
  10. Alot of these players are starting to understand bigger doesnt always mean better... Yes you may get a offer from Duke,Michigan state,Kansas and Kentucky but so are all the other Top end talents you'll see little to no playing time... So why not go play for FAU? FDU? San Diego State? Georgia State? Kent State? Etc? Schools where you can play and still have a Ok to Solid foundation...
  11. My brackets where already busted but I had Kansas winning in 2 of 6.. UCLA winning in 2 Houston winning in 1 Duke winning in 1 I miss Syracuse and Boeheim.... I miss them alot...
  12. It just hit me Alabama is a 1 seed... Tennessee is beating Duke... North Carolina didnt even make it... WTF is happening to me?
  13. FDU is going to the sweet 16 they're gonna beat FAU
  14. I found a hair in my egg salad and realized she didnt love me anymore
  15. Dont eat those raisins...
  16. Why 2 layers of tomato?
  17. Why is Iowa so disappointing... ?
  18. @Cossacks @FreeBird @Frosty4024 @Ga96 @HawgGoneIt
  19. Arizona in a dog fight with Princeton reminding me that I am nothing before the almighty March Madness
  20. Gonna have to call em Nia because Furman just took the Virgin... Because the Cavaliers just got fucked...
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