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  1. My poor tiny undersized packers are up on brookwood 35-3... guess the broncos beat must be out with the Rona
  2. Haven’t posted much this year... but had a date last night and we agreed at the beginning of the game everytime Marietta scores we would take a shot.... both woke up hungover as fuck this morning!
  3. Shit happens unfortunately! Good game tho
  4. Yeah I’m hearing the same thing. Also heard a coach from jones county to colquitt
  5. Rumors are a circling... Ryan Herring of Oxford high school (Alabama). I dunno how true they are, maybe we will find out tomorrow. https://www.easportstoday.com/2019/04/11/herring-leaving-oxford/
  6. So instead of white privilege, this is an example of wealthy privilege.
  7. BTW, Rufus I sent you one of them there facebook friend requests... dunno how on earth I found ya!
  8. Yeah that is the big question. Is the names Im hearing who they are chasing, or is it coaches that are chasing us.
  9. Ive got to the say this, the names I have heard being floated makes me at least think that we are swinging for the fences
  10. Dude, take my boy Todd down.
  11. From what Ive been told, his wife prefers the big city life compared to us slow country folks. Cant blame him for staying where the family is happy.
  12. Well it looks like Calhoun has passed on the opportunity. Word on the street is Grage has also passed. Running out of options quickly.
  13. winning is winning.... just comes to a point where winning isnt enough. Combine that with an AD, Principal, and Superintendent which are all new. They get to claim that they have been documenting everything since they took over and decided to act.
  14. Bird on the tree told me some individuals made a trip to carrolton in the last few days.
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