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  1. What sports did he play when he was a student there?
  2. 52-14 Final DLS has some big young size. #65 and #79 in particular. Neither one looked all that great, but man, they looked big.
  3. Here is another question. What do Pelster and Mercer have in common?
  4. You have proved nothing and you made the mistake of saying "sixth period". Not saying you are Block, I've had my doubts, but if you were a DLS grad, you'd catch the irony of this post. Did you?
  5. Nah, its you backtracking when proven wrong yet again. I will give you credit for one thing; you have the emoji game of a 13 year old girl. And that is a compliment.
  6. Oh, and don't think I missed this gem of yours. Here you are insinuating that there is an international conspiracy that is threatening to fire every single doctor who speaks your truth about your supposed "vaccine instant death" syndrome. Lets skip the families of the fallen, lets skip their friends, co-workers, anyone? "They" only need to shut up the providers. Oh, and at the same time, "they" are firing health care workers, including doctors, who refuse to get vaccinated. Oops, doesn't that contradict "giving up their life's profession"? This falls right in line with your supposed and debunked "86% spontaneous abortion rate". Just stop dude. The only one who believes your shit is you.
  7. PS: When your go to move is to "quote" someone while editing that quote to make the author look bad, proves that you are the disingenuous liar incapable of holding, much less sustaining, an intelligent discussion over a disagreement of opinion.
  8. And flawed methodology, along with the inability to draw logical conclusions from a data set, are definitely your M.O, so stop projecting your failure to understand common and simple reality upon everyone else. But of course, you are doing it intentionally because you are a mere internet troll who enjoys being disingenuous if only to get a reaction.
  9. Actually, you have not. You have only offered a scenario where they potentially could be, saying that people are getting a vaccination, getting immediately sick, going to the hospital and dying and are then counted as an unvaccinated Covid related death. You are also saying that this is happening on a wide scale. My response is, no, that is not happening, at least not here. And its also not happening on a wide scale because the doctors who would be aware of it would be singing to the high heavens about the danger of the vaccine instead of promoting it. Most of them actually do abide by the Hippocratic Oath, despite what your quack internet sources want to proclaim.
  10. And you do not understand mine. You are making assumptions and since you lack any sense of integrity or honesty, you conclude that your assumptions are true in every situation because no one else is capable of having integrity and honesty. My original fact was that since August, 100% of our Covid related deaths were unvaccinated people. We have had 2 deaths in that timeframe, neither one of them even received their first shot. So there goes your first assumption. Have we had vaccinated people die? Yes, but none since August. The same goes for the population in the hospital. Has it been 94% since the vaccination first came out? No. But it has since August, at least at the time I first mentioned it. If patients were dying right away because of the vaccination, the doctors would be screaming bloody murder to anyone who will listen. Not just some obscure rando found on Twitter, most doctors. But wait, what are they doing? Encouraging people to get vaccinated. Is our definition of vaccinated the same as yours? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But since you chose to think the worst of people, it doesn't matter what it is. You'll go straight to spouting your assumptions, misinterpretations and claims of lies.
  11. Proven? Where? You used your opinion and tin hat conspiracy assumptions as "proof". Come review our data and talk to actual people working in the field before making assumptions and character assassination. If you won't do that, shut the fuck up because you lack credibility.
  12. I completely understand what you are saying and I chose to disagree with your opinion because I believe you are either just an ill informed conspiracy theorist or are intentionally being a troll. Actually, you're a little of both.
  13. Why don't you come here and speak to our Infection Control staff before you call me--and by default, them, liars? You know, get your information directly from the professionals who deal with it everyday instead of making accusations and insinuations?
  14. Rippers

    Oh Block!

    It proves that Folsom is still De La Salle's bitch.
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