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  1. So I was thinking the other day and wouldn't the following scenario be ironic? And I am not advocating or promoting this, just throwing it out. Between Trump taking the drug and one of his kids saying that the virus will magically disappear after the election, wouldn't it be poetic justice for Trump to not only catch coronavirus, but also quickly die from it, say in early June. And then, almost immediately after the death, the virus "magically" disappears? This would almost be win/win for everyone. Trump gets proven somewhat right, at a great cost, but he also gets to be considered a martyr, ala his hero Lincoln. He gets the vindication and the "immortality" that he craves. And then the rest of us are freed....
  2. It was a couple of years later, but the Red Army team once fielded a line of Sergei Federov, Pavel Bure and Alexander Molginy. That would have been pretty tough to beat.
  3. We're planning on being $42 million under the budget by the end of the fiscal year. And while the last month has been very quiet, we are down to 22 positive patients at the moment, our lowest since the peak, the ER is starting to pick up again. We're also slowly delving back into elective surgeries as of last Monday, so we'll see what the ramp up does. But yeah, we're having tons of patients calling asking if its safe to come in because we were one of the first hospitals to deal with this. I keep telling my staff that we're probably safer here than we are outside. But I also keep saying that most of us have probably been exposed but never developed any symptoms nor were infectious (kind of like latent TB), but that is another conspiracy for a different day.
  4. Medicare only reimburses about 20 cents on the dollar to begin with, so its not like hospitals are making money on this. We lost $14 million in March and roughly the same in April, which is about the average loss for the main hospitals up here.
  5. Here is the conspiracy du jour: Kim Jong Un has died, according to both TMZ and the New York Post. Don't know if it is true or not, but that is the next domino. With North Korea in a state of transistion and the United States distracted, China makes a move and tries to take over North Korea. A bloody battle ensues with two possible outcomes: China quickly absorbs the country and then, unimpeded, invades South Korea. Or, a desperate North Korea defends itself with their last resort. Either way, by the end of May, nukes start flying from all directions.
  6. This years "Bye, Bye Block" Super Bowl. I think that once the Niners choke was official, he ran out the door so fast that it did not have time to hit him in the ass on his way out.
  7. You should go read "Space Force" by Jeremy Robinson. Its dumb but its funny: https://www.amazon.com/Space-Force-Jeremy-Robinson-ebook/dp/B07JYD9W4H/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1586890838&sr=8-6
  8. You can touch door handles, just wash your hands after. All of this glove wearing is probably just spreading the germs around even more since people "think" they are protected so they are touching more surfaces with dirty gloves than they would with their hands. Unless you have cuts or open sores, your hands are water proof and washable. You can get anything on them, just don't let it in you, hence your nose picking comment.
  9. I'm still here and still healthy. Busy and the only political comment I'll make is that its asinine to withhold Federal emergency medical supplies because the Prez does not like our governor. Now having said that, stuff is slowly beginning to trickle in. And I did not foresee our freeways becoming the Autobahn....
  10. She is responsible for a lot of viral infections being passed around, so I've heard
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