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  1. Stay the course with masks, distancing and hygiene, vaccinate the teachers now, open school back up. Just stay smart about everything and slowly branch out instead of acting like its gone.
  2. Today marks the first day since 2/28/2020 that we have not had a Covid+ patient in house.....
  3. Update....I just read that Hale and Hearns have changed their minds and will play.
  4. DLS just announced their six game schedule, starting March 13th: St. Mary's, Jesuit and then 4 league games. Hale opting out though.... https://www.eastbaytimes.com/2021/02/23/return-of-prep-sports-de-la-salle-announces-six-game-football-schedule/
  5. Add Patty Murray from Washington to this list, mainly because when she first ran for office in the late '80's she ran on a "I am just a mom in tennis shoes" platform and said that she was against life long politicians so she would do her term and then get out. That was over 40 years ago and guess who is still in office.
  6. Its snowing in the Seattle area as I type this and its supposed to get worse this weekend. Not only does the DOT not have the equipment, they won't salt because "it hurts the environment". Add in the fact that people cannot drive in the snow, its supposed to dip below freezing and there are hella hills here, get ready for some viewing entertainment on the news over the next few days.
  7. I was a junior and was in physics class at the time. Br. Clarence knocked on the door and whispered something to the teacher, Mr. Dean. Dean said something like "oh" and then ran over to turn on the TV, which then put on the launch. We figured he had forgotten about it since he was a bit scatter brained, but you know, it made sense cause it was during physics. When it blew, there was a collective "holy shit" from each kid in the class...
  8. Report is that he was off his bi-polar meds.
  9. That is fair enough. I have just never seen you come out and say it that way.
  10. I don't see where you get 50-60 "immediate deaths" when the article says 13 (but mentions 15 although that number inexplicably jumps to 45 a sentence later so there may or may not have been a typo). 4800+ injections since January 9th and not one mention of how many of the 15 were involved. You'd think that if there was a correlation, that would have led off the story. The article provides no details other than they died. And if your argument is that the vaccine does not work, if they started on the 9th, they would not start with the second dose until the 30th at the earliest.
  11. Exactly. And this sentiment of yours is the exact reason why it is a waste of time to "engage" with you. You just want to sit and fling shit up against the wall until someone reacts. I will try not to fall for it again.
  12. Triple the cases--pre vax, triple the chances of someone dying. 13/3712 is 3%
  13. It means durable but manufactured by the lowest bidder.
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