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  1. Copeland and Curry. That D was awesome. But 1991 Washington would also like a word. "All I saw was purple".....even though that was from the year before.
  2. Stir Crazy, Bustin' Loose and all of his stand up routine movies.
  3. Again, you want to be specific and go year by year. Obviously my point has gone over your head. Ok then. From 2010 to 2015, they were still considered among the nationally elite. From 2015 to 2020, they were considered very good on the national scale. The difference between the two? Results against elite out of state opponents, results in the CIF state title game and peoples personal opinion on what defines dominance. I am not saying DLS was not elite or dominant every year because they were. I am talking about national perception. We'll find out if last year was an anomaly or a sign of things to come. This years team will most likely be very good but because they are DLS and because of their schedule, they still have the chance to be considered nationally elite at seasons end. And I am the offended one?
  4. This is not that far off, but its more than that. More exposure, better scouting and preparation and more teams emulating DLS's workouts has more to do with it. Teams, especially the elite ones with more overall physical talent and deeper rosters, became more familiar with what DLS was going to do and were able to stop it while DLS has rarely been in position to change.
  5. I probably know more about DLS history that you do and my statement will most likely end up correct. They are DLS so they should be what they have been since about 2010, which since you apparently want to take my comment literally season by season, means they have the potential to be either completely dominant or they'll just be very good. Since you mentioned the only 2 times over the course of 12 years that they were dominant in to attempt to say I am wrong, I'd say my projection is most likely not going to be that far off.
  6. They'll be what they have been since about 2010 or so.
  7. Cool story...tell all of it: REGISTRATION All athletes must be fully vaccinated in order to participate.
  8. Isn't this punishment enough?
  9. I was on a jury once where the defense attorney said, in his closing remarks, that "there is a difference between being "innocent" and being "not guilty"".
  10. Are you sure you were at the right game? I seem to remember it being played at DVC.
  11. He actually sprinkles a few of them in here and there.
  12. if you want a good tequila, try 1800 Cristalino.
  13. They probably won't now, their head coach of 26 years stepped away today. https://news.scorebooklive.com/washington/2022/03/08/its-just-time-as-longtime-graham-kapowsin-football-coach-eric-kurle-calls-it-a-career
  14. Not necessarily. Had they called the PI, the Bengals would have had 2nd down with the whole half in front of them. You can't assume they would not have scored.
  15. You pick some strange hills to die on. The NEJM article, which initially made the 80% claim, was subsequently corrected because their claim was proven wrong. The article states this quite clearly, nice try.
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