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  1. I dont think they have as great of a staff there as we have at Colquitt. They certainly don't have as great of facilities yet, although they apparently are working on that. They do have a little better graduation rate down there, so, if a parent said they were transferring their kid to Lowndes from either Moultrie or Valdosta High, I'd be more likely to accept that than if they said they're going to Valdosta from Moultrie where the graduation rate is a virtual tie. They graduate at over 90% at Lowndes. Environment... hmm. Kids turn up dead and there's big cover-ups at Lowndes. To my knol
  2. I think people may get the idea that I'm being hard on Zane or whatever, or that I don't like him or something. It's nothing like that with me. I like the young man fine. Anything I'm saying is constructive criticism and just my opinion from my perspective in the stands. I fully believe Zane is a capable player. He definitely has some stuff to work on as do we all. We saw Zane look really well last season in certain games, the Brookwood game for instance I think was 40 to 10 final and Zane likely the player of the game. We also saw times when that inexperience hurt us and that busted tri
  3. I'm guessing... Totally spitballing here, but, I suspect there may be some packages for both qbs. I haven't seen anything that tells me that, just a suspicion. You want to win games now, but, you also have to be future minded as well, so, getting the younger qb into some game situations is probably expected. Imagine that Neko is a soph and Zane is a senior. Their measurements and weights are virtually the same on the roster list. Neko has 3 years to gain and grow. Zane is probably maxed at size now.
  4. Idk the two guys times in 40 yard or anything. I only can go by my eyes as I was able to compare them as they rotated on Saturday. Neko definitely has better abilities at scrambling, side stepping and delivering an accurate pass while doing so.. Both of them can take off and run with the ball if necessary. Zane is pretty quick as is Neko. I do think Zane more of a pro style and Neko more dual threat,but, Zane really is a capable runner when necessary.
  5. There is no doubt we have a staff in place that should be able to figure it out. None of that changes the fact that as an avid fan I feel concerned about that position. I see a wonderful receiving corps. Some good running backs and a line that is a little bigger than last season but still a work in progress. None of that matters if you can't keep a solid mentality, manage the game, or keep the balls off the receivers shoestrings. The good thing is, we have a spring game on Friday night against Cairo, and an entire summer to work on these issues through 7v7 and etc.
  6. We were definitely a different team with Xavier. I won't soon forget how the Tift defense played that game he got injured, nor will I forget how the refs let them. Neko is fast and he has a nice presence. Seems fairly accurate from the pocket and the scramble. The only major downsides are he's shorter and he's young so his experience is wanting. Zane is a bit taller and more experienced. He can be very accurate and has a strong arm. He is capable of scrambling and making a run downfield at times. His major downsides are it appears he likes to blame everyone else for his own shortco
  7. Anyone's teams doing a 7v7 tour this summer? Get a chance to get after the Colquitt County Packers 7v7 squads.
  8. I think he already had some big offers for soccer. Seems like maybe Duke or someone was his dream offer and he had their interest. Idk the specific reason but, I'm assuming it had something to do with that.
  9. I'm not overly ecstatic about transfers, even when they land on my team. I do however appreciate a good player just like we all do. I think this kid may be one if Coach Hill can coach him up and all. He definitely has the size and is a very smart young man. Seems like I saw somewhere he's potentially on a career pathway for medical school or got some recognition for being a great candidate for that or whatever. Talked with his grandpa at the scrimmage and he mainly wondered about the Rush Propst thing here and all. I guess kind of curious about whether folks were still split over it or n
  10. Idk if many of you know about our new kid that moved down from the metro area. I think from Hampton. He's got the measurables and seems to be a great kid. Jaden Fowler rising sophomore. 6' 2" 180 lbs at the age of 15. I think he's going to be a big target for whomever we have throwing the ball. Between him, Carolina and Wheeler we look loaded in that wide receiver position group. https://www.ncsasports.org/football-recruiting/georgia/moultrie/colquitt-county-high-school/jaden-fowler5
  11. Yeah, he's just trolling with that stuff. He got mad because I popped him on trying to slide some masking/covid/political story in under the guise of football or whatever so now he pisses and moans about anything that doesn't look like football.... unless he posts it. I'm basically trying to keep the political discussion off the Varsity board. Certain hot button issues and topics just aren't going to make it. I really don't mind most any sports related stuff in the Varsity board. Even some little bits of sparring ot isn't gonna raise my ire either. Mainly the stuff that's gon
  12. I dont give a damn who all has been on his show. I don't think Dean is any better or whatever. He has the option to go on there if he wants and apparently he doesn't want. I really don't care whether he does or doesn't. Not sure why you do either, but, hey, if you do you do, I just don't.
  13. It's a personality issue more than a talent gap. Zane has a lot of good but there is that personality thing. Neko is short but very capable and much more a team guy with my untrained eye.
  14. Zane likes to go to the blame game mannerism on the field and then go stand by himself away from the team with his arms crossed when stuff isn't going well. Neko is in with the team and cheering on Zane and others when he's on the sideline. Big difference imo.
  15. We've still got some work to do in there tbh. Zane had a rough start but came on as the scrimmage played out. Neko looks really good with footwork and scrambling ahead of Zane imo. I have no idea at this point who is the best kid for the spot. Of course I'm no coach or professional talent scout either. I pay attention to mannerisms on the sideline and that type stuff almost as much as actual play. I'm bothered by some stuff with Zman.
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