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  1. The kids are saying he's killing them in these off season work outs. They're working way harder now than at any time under Rogers. Not that that will translate to better conditioning because rest is just as important as work, but, I guess its a trend in the right direction.
  2. And they were extremely underrated nationally. ~Sammyswordsman
  3. Did hear that Rodemaker and Stanaland are both out and that Dextra is acting as strength and conditioning coach at the moment.
  4. I'll gladly hold the bets for safe keeping until we know who has won.
  5. So, I ordered the new coke bottle, and, Fed Ex claimed they delivered it last Thursday, but, that was a lie. I had given up and emailed Coca Cola, called Fed Ex and etc. Coke issues a refund and apology, then a few minutes ago, I'm outside and what do ya know, a Fed Ex truck rolls up and hands me a package from Coca Cola that they claimed was left at my front door Thursday at 4:51 p.m. Anyway, it's nowhere near as cool as the 1980 version. Plastic label instead of paint, and much less ornate with design. Maybe I won't be 94 when they make another of these.
  6. The Summit kicking ass just like Joe Burrow!
  7. Out here at Pretoria Fields Radio Winter Jam 2022. The Summit from Ohio is setting up right now to be the headliners for the show later. Kind of cool seeing some of them in Bengals gear.
  8. Coaching changes are tough, even when, or especially when you're a name brand school. I hope your new guy does better at getting kids to buy in than ours did 3 years ago.
  9. Where's the beef? I see some veggies from South Carolina and some Bologna from South Georgia on the 23 of Sept.
  10. Cool event with a lot of non-relevant teams. Glynn County Stadium used to be pretty nice. I haven't been there in over 20 years though, so I have no idea what they've done to it since then.
  11. He's practically visited every high school in the state. I guess he has a lot of newfound monies since taking the natty and is making sure everyone sees him making appearances. I also see y'alls field looks to be still natural grass. When are yall on the block for turf?
  12. TCC is 6A now and lobbying, begging and etc. to drop back to 4A. They haven't been good since Charlie Ward played there, and probably won't he good for the foreseeable future being in the region with Lee County.
  13. Actually, it looks like Justin is talking to about 10 people, maybe, in that video. Looks just like a top tier program to me!
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