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  1. I think you just have to keep plugging away at stuff like that. Sometimes these guys have people trying to set them up to play a Bishop Sycamore so I can understand why they would be a little stand offish.
  2. We be keggin! What a wild day yesterday! Recovering today. Hahaha
  3. Shit, nothing wrong with Thirstday drinking. That's become my "brewery family" night. Did one of the "family's" bday tonight and drank a few Hef'n Good hefweizens. This is my new favorite beer at the moment. I didn't snap any pics but here is a screenshot from their instagram... Seems like I can find a reason to be there at the brewery for sure two nights per week, and sometimes three. 😂 Radio show. Brewery family night. Red White and Brew music festival Saturday. Next weekend I'll figure something out. Hahaha. It really isn't about the beer as much as the people. Now I've wriggled my way into a position at the station on accident, I'm set. Free beer is one of the perks. 😁
  4. Buford T Justice What we've got here is a complete lack of respect for public school football in the state of Georgia.
  5. This is true. They pretty consistently have one of the most talented teams in the state but don't always finish first. I guess the same could be said for other teams as well. Winning a state championship in Georgia (big class) is like catching lightning in a bottle. Like @steeler01 pointed out, with the bug heavies being fantastic, it isn't happening. Colquitt can attest to that.
  6. Im in wait and see mode. Talent is important but it isn't the end all be all. They are certainly the most talented team though. They definitely have the chance to prove it to all of us this time.
  7. The good thing about this year is they will actually prove it if they are number 1 in Georgia.
  8. I really can't hate on these old guys trying to get one last hoorah. They spent so much time "on top of the world" that they miss it once they're out of the lime light. It takes a special "gene" to love being in the spotlight and that gene doesn't die with age. Some of them certainly don't age well, and some/most aren't really able to perform at the level we remember from the past. It can be a bit painful to watch.
  9. I thought that was right. You have a couple of years on my son.
  10. Also... I forgot to add Happy Father's Day to all the other dads out there in my initial post, so there it is. Hope you all had a fantastic day!
  11. Well, he's grown. Maybe your age, I can't remember how old you are. Never married, but, it's complicated. I like to think I was smart enough to slip the trap or whatever... Hahaha.
  12. My son and I took off and went to St. Marks fishing and had a fantastic day. Of course I was out there channelling my dad since I can't actually fish with him anymore. His love for the Big Bend Seagrasses area was instilled in me and now I pass it to my son as well. That's the ultimate way to make sure Dad's memory lives on.
  13. I heard the same thing. A group of people (acquaintances) payed almost 200 dollars per seat, drove to Atlanta and had to pay for lodging and etc. and were disappointed. I was gonna go see them in Jacksonville on the 2nd but, I've changed my mind. Going to Pensacola instead to see Lovves and Hell. A mashup between Vegas Hell Band and the Lovves since the guys got rid of their front woman, Tyran, and basically have bookings through the end of the year and no lead singer. Cheaper tickets and better music. You should come down or over if you're chilling in Destin for the holidays @HooverOutlaw. They're performing three consecutive nights. July 1st, 2nd and 3rd at Bamboo Willies on Pensacola Beach.
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