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  1. Down here in the West Morven area this morning... Hawg stepped out and said in a booming voice... Aye Hood! Y'all hear whether CRP entered the transfer portal yet or not?! Got back echoes. Will shake the 8 ball again tomorrow.
  2. Yeah, that's a solid stout as far as stouts go and all. Never been my favorites, but, I do on occasion down one of those in the winter. I'm more of a porter type than a stout guy tbh. That particular beer is the first beer that brewer made and opened their doors with about 4 years ago. Crowler sales only for most of that first year as their core 4 came online and their canning operations was finished. I'd say that one and their Skywater golden ale are their best two brews, then I'm partial to the Rye Charles although they've changed it a little and it seems a little more fruity tha
  3. From what I could gather from the deposition is that money was asked for and apparently raised for the purpose of 2500 to the Garcias for rent and 850 for Amari for rent. Whether or not any money made it to them or was used in some other manner by Rush seems to be kind of unknown or unanswered in there. I could have missed something though. Its long and detailed.
  4. Read that he has some severe leg trauma to both legs and that is what the surgeries are trying to repair. Always pretty squirelly reporting early on though.
  5. Deeper than the holler. Deeper than the oceans. Longer than the song of a whippoorwill.
  6. 98b3d343a2dbbab86ddada929400ddc9.mp4
  7. Funny thing is he readily admitted having been a convict or whatever. Idk why he would let the arrest record cause him to delete his profiles. Some dirty folks out there. Dirty and petty.
  8. I've seen this guy on Tik Tok. Foolish Waze I think he was called.. I always thought he was kind of funny until he got into the political arena. Best video was talking about scanning Kool aid packets for steaks since you don't work there and never got trained. Haha. A lot of tit for tat stuff once you get tangled up in politics. Too much petty shit. I've seen folks exposing each other on there left and right. Sending stuff to peoples places of work. Reporting them to the moderators of tik tok etc.
  9. I think Showtime was following him around. Seems like unless some legal action halts that release or places a gag order, there could be some hell of some stuff for that documentary.
  10. Gentlemen, I will say this... Be very careful what you say publicly about any of this stuff. Don't get yourself subpoenaed.
  11. Hearing a whole lot of stuff, even outside of that deposition that got posted on the vent.
  12. It ain't a ford though!
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