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  1. Final Rd of Pick Em Playoffs: St. John Bosco CA Serra Central (Fresno) CA St. Thomas Aquinas FL Apopka FL Miami Northwestern FL Lowndes GA Buford GA Destrehan LA Vance NC Duncanville TX North Shore TX Denton Guyer TX Denton Ryan TX
  2. Not everything needs to be viewed through a tribal lens. I understand that is the norm in this day and especially here, which is why I muse on over much here less often than before. It's very counter-productive to our society so I choose to not engage in furthering us down the proverbial shitter.
  3. This of course went very deep and I will certainly be in agreement with most of it. I should like to delve into study of some others that you mentioned, as you have clearly been more educated in this area than myself. I certainly appreciate the reasoned response. I think the knee jerk reaction of Bormio immediately following my initial posts, go directly to the issue we are currently having as a society. It wasn't exactly the debate I was looking to have, but, it became that. In a way, it proved that he sees the same thing I see in the current office holder as he immediately saw it as an attack on him. I think in his instance, even though I see him as a highly intelligent person, he allowed tribalism to override common sense at the moment he initially posted, and at the same time, he found himself slobbering at the sound of a bell just as Pavlov's dog did. I still didn't point that out at the time, because it really wasn't the debate I was looking for nor was it my wish to try one upping or whatever. I was looking to get people that may not normally do so to think further than their nose. Even if I had not previously thought that I could be right in the opinion that the current office holder is/was attempting to usurp the powers of the other branches, the type of response I got initially would have helped to solidify the opinion as a potential truth. Every president has been frustrated by having to deal with lawmakers that do not see eye to eye with him, but, not every one has looked right at the camera and basically said his intent is to expand the boundaries of the office not only to their preconceived limits, but, potentially beyond if he can so get the courts to side with him in the endeavour, thereby weakening the institutions he is frustrated with and giving himself more power over them. As I previously stated, somewhat in this thread and in other threads over time here, I may not like the person, or the philosophy of the person that the Selena Kansas congressional district elected, but, that representative isn't for me to like as it doesn't represent me anyway. Why would I cheer on a president to "stick it to" that representative? Why would I wish the president to steal away the voice of the people of that district by usurping the authorities of the body of government that person is a part of, to the detriment of my own voice through my own representative? That type of thought process was the one I was looking to stimulate, but, as per the norm here, it became another tribal head bash. Just another waste of time, until just earlier.
  4. I think the general support group, especially on here, for this president, not only applaud these attempts, but it's exactly what they want. They have issue with the representation from another area of the country than their own, so, they not only wish they could usurp that representative's authority, but they encourage the president to do it. It's definitely dangerous and very problematic for our democracy in general, whether we agree or disagree with the current president philisophically or not. It's just as problematic as shouting the words impeach him on day one of his presidency. For the record, I disagree with that as well, because it certainly weakens the institution if and when an actual need to impeach arises.
  5. Of course we can all disagree, I suppose that I prefer an actual reason for disagreement over the simple and stupid thumb down, as I took the time to offer a thought out post to begin with. I could have posted... Don J. Trump 👎 constiution, but, I didn't. I presented an article, from a professor, and then, however tenuously, attempted to make a connection through a thought out post. As far as disagreeing about his attempts to expand the powers of the office, it's not even debateable. He has looked directly into the cameras and said into the numerous microphones before him that he is doing it for future presidents. This is one of the most amazing things with him, and his supporters, that he can say things directly to you through a camera and the next day people will be on here saying he didn't say that, or, that even if he did he didn't mean it as such. It's a crazy phenomenon with him and his general support. Let's just remove his name from the equation. I'm of the opinion, that, the attempts at expanding the office are in fact dangerous to our democracy. If the office is able to usurp oversight or any other authorities from congress, then the actual most local representation portion of our government is being weakened. Period. That again is another thing that really can't be debated. The office is less representative of my personal view and the people in my congressional district than is my senator, who is less representative of my personal view than my congressman. We should not applaud the office for attempting to usurp my most local representative person's powers for itself. The reasons why I believe there is an attempt to do this are certainly something that would be better introduced at a different time and different albeit likely directly connected subject. Now, is it better for you, and debate purpose that I call it the office rather than apply the president's name?
  6. So, what is it that you ddn't agree with about my connecting the story to actions of the current president, or as you say, turned you off from being interested? Apparently, nobody can disagree with this president attempting to expand his already vast constitutional powers, without someone either losing interest, or rejecting the premise without debate. Do you not think that is his intentions? It can't even be denied that he is forcing many things to go through the supreme court that most presidents before him accepted as norms.
  7. No one said a peep because you're the only ree ree that says shit. That's my entire point.
  8. But, other teams from other states get nothing but bullshit from people like you for playing easy opponents like this. Even for homecoming.
  9. The comment section gets pretty sporty too. First comment I saw when I checked in, was about how he forgot to take the lid off the bleach bottle before he "drank" it. "Rookie mistake" it said. Hahaha. Anyway, Congrats to LSU, OSU, OU and Clemson... 3 of you will be on this list soon. Hahahaha.
  10. The type of talent they have this year doesn't come along every day. It takes about two or three year cycles to build that type of team for these public schools. They normally get a two year up and one year down type of cycle with the exception of just a very few teams over the past decade or so.
  11. If I know anything about anything GSB, Marietta will be grossly oversold next season like Milton was this one. Lowndes ain't going too far away from the Concrete Palace and they will likely be the only sure thing top 5 I can name right now.
  12. Not perenially up til now. They built a team last year that finally coelesced legally this season, with the addition of Ricky White. They lose Harrison Bailey and most of their major receiving contributers. Difficult to replace that type of talent these days with the microscope on you.
  13. Seating arrangements were much better at the dome. The Benz was designed to give a lot of unique areas to enjoy, but, they screwed the pooch on seating and what it takes to get to your seats. The unique areas aren't available to the high school football fans anyway... I finally figured out a half decent way to get to around the 50 yard line near field level after my third visit.
  14. This right here is some of Lou's best work. This guy is quite a character. The Alabama fan 90 proofer Luther... hahaha. #ysio
  15. At this point, I think you have to think Lowndes will start the season top 5 next season. Gotta wait on silly season for the metro schools, but, I'm guessing Milton would be top 10ish, unless some major kids transfer out. Probably have Grayson up there somewhere. Maybe Parkview and Archer. Not sure where NG will be, but likely top 10. Mostly imagine Marietta falls off. Colquitt falls off. They could be fringe top 10 though. That's 8 and I'm just guessing on them before the apartment leases get signed, power meters get pulled and etc.
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