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  1. I love the parity in Ohio and Georgia. It makes the games so much more exciting, and it's wonderful not knowing which team(s) will be competing for the state chip until deep into the season.
  2. For a public school to stay good year in and out, it takes a lot of pieces to stay in time with one another. The school board has to be on board, the administration of the high school, the community support, the coaching staff and the participants. I feel like us in Colquitt County take all of that stuff for granted at times. We have all of the right pieces mostly all toeing the same line, while a school like Heritage has big and athletic looking kids but just can't make it work because they are obviously missing some or most of the aforementioned parts. It's easy to lose sight of the blessings you have when you've had them for so long. It sometimes takes seeing a team like we had Friday night here to open your eyes.
  3. They teach math everywhere except Lowndes, and don't teach how to count to 11 at Colquitt.
  4. Been a while since I knocked back a couple of hineys...
  5. We are sometimes hard on our coaches, but, damn... We are actually really blessed. We could have a staff like @Ga96 Lowndes staff, or a little better staff like that at Heritage. We really should thank our lucky stars.
  6. Well, bitchy mcbitcherson up there basically reported the content, so, I moved it instead of going to McDonald's and buying a Big MacBitch because he's such a bitch.
  7. Also, idk how many of you all watched or attended the game on Friday with Heritage, but, having seen that team and their obvious lack of support and coaching... We are very blessed in Colquitt County to have the coaching staff and support we have. Seeing how bad that team was makes you realize just how blessed we are and makes you feel kinda sorry for those kids at Heritage. What we saw will be their high school experience. Very sad.
  8. 836da1be96a262aa0c579eb95a0a732a.mp4
  9. I wanna say something pertaining to the ref situation. Kind of goes back to the up and down officiating we've seen this season. Marietta game, horrible officiating crew. Westlake... maybe one of the best officiated games I've seen ever Cedar Grove... decent officiating Valdosta... Worst officiating crew I've ever seen. Heritage... Decent crew Idk what that means for this week. Lol The coaches across the state got an email from the GHSA about the playoffs. The officials for the playoffs have to be at a certain level, and there isn't enough, so, the playoffs will be split between Fridays and Saturday games to allow the officiating crews to travel. Something to the effect of even number classifications play on Friday one week and odds play on Saturday and then alternating the next week until the teams have whittled down to the point they can cover the number of games on one day.
  10. What if, I mean, Idk, but, just what if, the idea of subbing those players isn't to be fresh or whatever, but to confuse the SC offense? Personnel changes like that can change how the qb has to read the defense.
  11. What you drinking there? What's their tap list look like? Etc.
  12. Shit, I missed the only Georgia game with my 10 pointer too. As a matter of fact, Georgia has appeared in these pick ems twice and I missed both times with higher point picks. No more Georgia, please.
  13. What's up @Adam Kurkjian?! 1 and 2 fool! Let's go!
  14. I eat my Mahi Mahi fried with Louisiana Fish Fry or Tony Cachere's fish fry.
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