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  1. Right now, the over all statistics look pretty good for the USA comparatively, but, not sure we are comparing same time lines at the moment either. I'm feeling like the American number is subject to change though as the hospitals fill to capacity. Not hoping for that, but, looking at the odds so to speak. I know the death rate is over 3% in Dougherty County, Ga., in part because they had a spike that over ran their ICU. I guess the newish term they're using now is they had a "super spreader" situation. That could be the story nationwide before it's over with, in reality. Of course here, when you finally have either died or recovered after weeks in the ICU, you or your family will be in financial ruin as well. I reserve judgement on the death rate and quality of care for after this thing is pretty much over and we can fairly compare.
  2. Mom and pop little spot in Boston, Ga.
  3. https://www.valdostadailytimes.com/news/lawsuit-filed-in-rodemaker-ouster/article_89e7d4a2-72cc-11ea-b707-0faae962f7b7.html
  4. Fuck pizza! Eat calzones. Hate eating food like that from a to go box, but, it's a sign of the times. The marinara was a little lack luster but the crust was wonderful as was the filling.
  5. We had the president of the USA with all of the information. With spies all over the world. With satellite surveillance of the planet. With world renowned epidemiologists giving him information in real time, and giving him warnings and telling him what we needed to do to protect ourselves. Then he waddles out onto the stage daily and makes shit up, spouting nonsense while the rest of the government sells off their stocks taking the chips off the table so to speak. Then we had the overblown media created hysteria thread where numerous posters rinsed and repeated the president's nonsense. We had a guy on here that claims to be a doctor, selling bullshit for weeks about this thing. Worried about his portfolio and politics over what people may or may not view as medical advice from him. Clearly pumping the president's propaganda in the face of his own oaths and profession. Now, we have squeaky voices from those same people. Saying things like people that speak contrary to the president aren't saying much really, because hind sight and all. Capt. Obvious and all or whatever angle. Idiots like GSB calling the media the enemy of the people when they were trying to save his dumb ass life since January while the president would watch him die to preserve 15 cents a share on his stock sale. Yeah. That pretty much covers it.
  6. I'm afraid you maybe are missing the point a few of us have been making for days and days already. What I was saying applies most especially when the experts are telling you that, which was the point of having experts to come in and talk to the administration to begin with. However, as we know, the markets were placed ahead of human life in this situation as the warnings from the experts were largely ignored, as was the examples we were all watching from other countries. Maybe you forgot about all the weeks of that on here as many followed the president's lead with down playing all of this, but, I have not. I know the argument before you even try to come back... Hind sight is 20/20 yadda yadda yadda. Of course it is easy to say for those that didn't have the benefit of the experts sitting across the table from you and giving you the warnings like the president did. He had the information and bullshitted it away. Now people like you come on here every single day and say shit like hind sight is 20/20 and that people like me aren't really saying much when we point out the failings. Blah blah blah blah blah. I just hope all the lives lost are worth the money people save or make in the markets after playing the realities down for weeks on end.
  7. For some reason it won't let me download that graph for viewing.
  8. Yep, definitely a waste of time with the likes of the folks I've been reading from on here for several years. I can't think of a bigger waste of time at all to be honest. Hence my extended hiatus. As you know, it took a disaster like covid-19, cancellation of all sports and entertainment for me to spend much time at all over here.
  9. What does this have to do with me suggesting it's a waste of time to discuss? It's not like I stuck around and tried to discuss anything about environment with you clowns. You thought you'd be funny posting some meme with that little autistic girl who is trying to champion environmental protections, and I made a statement about how she's probably excited about the lack of pollutants hitting the atmosphere right now. Somehow, you think you found a "gotcha moment" in that now I guess. The next time you see me give a dissertation on environment over here with you guys, I welcome you to reenter this post I quoted claiming me trying to discuss environmental impacts.
  10. If you sit a guy like GSB in the corner with a dunce hat on, he uses that time to smirk and jerk off. Time out does not work for knuckle heads and morons. You need belts, switches, canes, extension cords and etc. for them. They need to feel it to know they fucked up.
  11. Idk. A lot of them needed some spankings when they were young I think.
  12. By the time people infected with SARS-1 were contagious, they were practically too sick to spread the virus to other hosts. Trying to explain shit like that to idiots can be fun, but, in the end is just a huge waste of time. The guy that tweeted that nonsense is a reporter for several right wing nutjob sites. Not surprising that morons follow morons on Twitter, and then retweet moronic shit.
  13. I saw this when the announcement first got made. I thought it was kind of odd considering this covid-19 thing was all a big nothing burger and overblown press created hysteria. Figured it was a large waste of time to even try discussing with the mentally challenged group that frequents this OT section.
  14. Considering the date she made her statement and the dates your goofy ass tweet say the ships arrived contradict the point you're weakly trying to make... one could remove the little s at the end and pretend like she was the president, and spend months apologizing for her. There is someone that gets stuff at least mostly right in that story alright. Hint: it ain't the tweeter, the retweeted nor is it you.
  15. Certainly strange that the Democrats and liberal media would poison their ownselves to a greater degree than they would poison republicans in order to bring Trump down. Matter of fact, in light of this new evidence, a lot of conclusions could be made about who unleashed this virus on whom.
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