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  1. I'm all for common sense security and policing. I'm dead set against telegraphing it in such an ignorant way, or adopting a procedure that says anything similar to what the dumb CEO said. You can train security to better identify persons of interest that should be pulled aside without a blanket check on every single Muslim man.
  2. I understand, but, the CEO in this case said the risk of Muslim families is 0 and a lot of other dumb and bigoted shit. The more I've read from the guy, the more I lean toward he's a biased idiot. I'm guessing his job will be in trouble pretty soon. He was on a roll that day. Maybe should have not took that last shot of whiskey before going in for the interview. "O'Leary's interview with the Times included a number of disparaging comments, including calling the need for wheelchair facilities on every floor of a Dublin office building "complete and utter nonsense." He made fun of transgender rights and the need for gender-neutral bathrooms; and called obese passengers "monsters" who should consider buying two seats."
  3. As an aside, a lot of counties in Georgia basically decriminalized weed after the hemp farming bill passed, but, there is a new bill going through congress in Georgia that would "fix" the old bill so that law enforcement can go back to arresting people for possession. So much for thinking it was gonna become legal in Georgia.
  4. I figure the same. It's been what amounts to a one year suspension already.
  5. What percentage of the time is the little old lady from Pasadena getting pulled aside for secondary search? If you stop current methods, and go to singling out "single Muslim men", then the door is opened for the terrorist to shift to anything else without fear of being checked. The CEO was stupid to even say that, and, is probably bigoted to answer the OP, but, I don't want to judge the guy on one misinformed or ignorant statement.
  6. I don't see it as any different than someone saying, any single white guy walking into a predominantly African-American church should be patted down. Stop and frisk any single white male before he can enter. Same shit. If that is fine and dandy by everyone, then, maybe it's fine and dandy to stop and frisk every single middle eastern male attempting to board a Ryanaire flight. Plane bombings and hijackings have been very low since 2011. The current methods are working just fine I'd say. That means the CEO's commentary caused a shitstorm for what? Something that is happening less than 0.01% of the time anyway. Racial profiling is bullshit no matter how you slice it. Not all Muslims are middle eastern, so, just saying stop all single Muslim men is dumb as shit. It's kind of bigoted, and it's impossible to do when you can't identify them all. I assume the CEO's real intent was to single out middle eastern men. Men with beards? Men with accents? Idk. It was unnecessary for him to even say given how safe it is to fly today anyway. It speaks directly to a certain group of "commenters" that automatically and ignorantly connect the word "Muslim" with brown or middle eastern people.
  7. Nah. That guy was disrespectful and a bigot before Trump.
  8. You are an idiot and a p.o.s. Legit the type of person I do not ever intend to converse with. I'd appreciate if you never tagged me again. Just saying.
  9. Why would I argue that? In recent times, that has been the trend. At the same time, you can't out and say you intend on profiling single Muslim males. Are they running around carrying a card that says, "Hey, I'm a Muslim." I happen to know quite a few African-Americans that could be single travelling Muslims. How do you identify them separate from single black Christian men if they aren't advertising it. I guess maybe the idea is to pull aside "for sure" Muslims? It would also be dumb as shit to telegraph that you intend to pull aside the single men. Hell, now they know your intention. The CEO even says let the women and children get a pass. Jesus. Ignorance man.
  10. Thanks! Now run along to your cross burning. I hope you have fun.
  11. So are you trying to call him a bigot and your best friend now? I'm sure you can appoint him a nice position in the Klan. You got him measured up for some sheets yet?
  12. It is. Idk the guy. First shit I've ever read from him. I've read your shit for quite a while now. No denying what you are.
  13. I didn't care to read the comments. If he doubles down, I'd guess he'll be out a job before too long.
  14. https://news.sky.com/story/ryanair-boss-michael-oleary-accused-of-racism-for-saying-terrorists-are-generally-muslim-men-11940064 Just like I said. They claim he didn't mean it. It came out wrong. He didn't mean to say it that way or whatever. You, well, you get a pass because nobody knows who you are hiding behind mjd whatever.
  15. It's up in the air at the moment. As we type, his company is in damage control trying to walk back the statement. You on the other hand are trying to use it to double down on your own ignorance and are doing just as badly as before at trying to disprove you are a bigot. I'm gonna guess that before it is all said and done, that CEO will have issued some statement that tries to clarify what he meant because he wasn't hiding behind an anonymous screen name like you.
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