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  1. What's this new thing you're getting the blame for now? Did you eat all the tickets that would normally get sent over to Colquitt County for presale? It's being called the CamCat88GATE aka Camden shananigans of 2019.
  2. Could/would the biffmeister pay for people to come and watch? You know, to try selling how great this stuff is for high school football. To show how excited everyone is to see the hometown team play the Bradenton hometown team. I'm sure they could waive the gate fee and offer free concessions or something. Maybe give away free ball caps to the first 1500 or something. What about giving away ragged tee shirts so you can look like him. Anything to get folks to sit in the stands so it looks like people are excited about this type of team.
  3. What about these Region 1-7A shenanigans getting started already? Camden doesn't send any presale tickets over for Colquitt fans after not having enough concessions last time. They're playing dirty pool.
  4. Easier to hit the A key multiple times with your pinky than it is to use the shift key and reach up to make a hyphenated thing like, Region 1-7A. Lazy typists and just in general stupidity I think. You'll notice I shorthand that dumbness.
  5. I'm probably doing the seafood on Saturday. I figure my Friday is full with travel and dragging my butt and big durned bell up the stands at Gilman. Probably stop for some South Georgia Fine Dining at Chic-Fil-A in Waycross on the way over. Maybe a greasy spoon joint like Waffle House, Huddle House or IHOP after the game. I know better than to wait until I get to Gilman. They were out of food on the visitor side before kickoff last time. I blame @Camcat88
  6. Will there still be a SJB after they play MD?
  7. Man, Idk. The Trinity league is such a gauntlet. Servite then OLU in back to back weeks... I'm not sure that SJB can survive that type of two game stretch at all.
  8. I see McEachern/Marietta, IMG/SFA and St. Johns/Good Counsel as all three pretty tough games to pick. I may have to go to painting quarters in team colors and tossing them at a wall to pick those games.
  9. Probably Sunday. There is some hard ones in this weeks renditions of both pick ems. Some true coin flip games in there. At least 3. Tough week.
  10. I thought those signs said they wanted Rush Propst for head coach... I know they aren't chanting they want Colquitt. I bet Lee never does again either.
  11. Damn them icicle ridden bleachers all to hell. ...and damn them fangers that were too cold and two few to count properly. DAMN THEM! DAMN THEM ALL!
  12. Man, I wonder what the polls would shit out if Marietta knocks off McEachern or vicey versey. We gonna find out. Lowndes rolls until Colquitt rides in, then all bets are off. Gonna be a crazy game down at Martin in 3 weeks.
  13. I found that stuff kind of on accident. The AJC sends out some google alert boards on my mobile at times and one of them was involving how the regions stacked up per massey, so, I followed the bread crumbs.
  14. Start this at the 4:15 mark and look at the o-line play of the week when an undersized hawg, Connor Gay, goes Hulk on a bigger d-line guy... I actually fixed it so the second video starts at the correct time for the Incredible Hulk O-line move.
  15. A little better look at how region 1 7A and Region 1 6A both fall in the national pecking order at Cal Preps. I think Massey has Region 3 7A ahead of both region 1 6A and 7A for some odd reason.
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