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  1. Idk why I have a feeling the kid is going to be a bust story. I mean, he's clearly a talented high school qb, at 5 high schools already. If stuff doesn't go his way, he's fucking out of there. How will that play in college ball? Gonna be like that Tate Martell kid if he ain't careful.
  2. Well, that's pretty fucked up. Kid was obviously having a rough night already or else he wouldn't have been disqualified to begin with. Stupid.
  3. They should have did like Colquitt does and tap into the construction community and borrow job site heaters. We have construction workers down here going cold so that the kids can get warm on the sidelines between plays.
  4. Like Coach Rogers keeps saying... This is a great group of kids. Personally, I think we are ok on size in a lot of areas, and in some areas, I've come to appreciate being little undersized but superb at technique and stamina. That Charlie Pace was outright beasting to start the game last Friday. That kid is serious fast and can break some defenders ankles. It's like every kid on the team is great. To the point that we never know where the points or defensive plays are gonna come from. The best part about that is, neither do the opponents. When every position on the team can hurt y
  5. https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2020/12/02/the-high-school-football-championship-ending-that-has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed/amp/
  6. We owe them for that and for sidelining Boss Hawg at their stadium in 17. I watch that video from Mark and damn if we don't have some explosive, poor, tiny and undersized hawgs. 🧨🧨🧨🧨🧨💥💥💥💣💥💥💥
  7. Right around the 1:40 mark of this video is a vibe. Its the vibe all Packer Nation has every time Brookwood comes to The Pen.
  8. I know the Auburn fans were sick after that ending. Pretty tough collapse.
  9. Eh, he'll whoop their bitches into shape with one hand and curse out the AD and Super while choking a team dad with the other hand. The ultimate multi-tasker. Maybe that's exactly what Tift needs.
  10. They never were. If you can't survive an injury or two, you aren't better than Colquitt. We go deep at most positions. We basically put the same score on Tift that Grayson did, but, with our backup qb having to come in cold on the first offensive possession of the game and Grayson working the big time USC committ transfer Garcia in. Then we got to hear all the waaah waaah waaah about Brookwood having some injuries too. That's what happens when you play the transfer and stack game. No depth because the other kids just transfer out.
  11. Go Roswell Go! https://www.ajc.com/sports/high-school-sports-blog/ghsa-coin-flip-good-news-to-norcross-blessed-trinity-prince-avenue/F2B6NUGSQNBIXKU2CGHEEHZ3RE/?outputType=amp
  12. The ship has already sailed this season, and quite a few people got away with pulling some bullshit. I'm still not sure how people are getting away with the "maintain the residence for a year" rule as its written, except after folks win and its all done, nobody cares enough to pay any more attention or whatever. Anyway, at least Del Rio, Borders and Garcia won't be setting an example that others can abuse in the future. I hope they get some solid wording installed on schools falsifying documentation and playing ineligible too.
  13. Yes, definitely. They probably can't hang with Columbia on most years.
  14. Johns Creek is a decent match. This is not a top tier program in Georgia.
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