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  1. f133aca43ad70e88b9a51aa837505043.mp4
  2. Another issue here is so many different entities making decisions on how best to deal with everything to do with this. For an example, if you ask infectious disease experts, you get one answer, an MD may give a totally different answer. A governor one answer then a mayor a totally different one. One system superintendent chooses one path to reopening schools and another a totally different one. One school may deal with a positive test from a kid by just sending the kid home for 14 days and cleaning overnight with no direct contact tracing quarantine stuff while another school may lock down the entire class/athletic dept. Etc.,for several days. All of this inside of just one region of play as well. Like Region 1 for instance.
  3. Well, I'm not sure there'll be a Tift/Colquitt game or any other game this season yet, but, either way, hopefully you find happiness wherever you land.
  4. Yeah, I'm thinking maybe local or even just region games in an abbreviated season if at all, but, it's so fluid with the pandemic and different areas having different outlooks, infection amounts and etc. Just all very wishy washy. Kids aren't really dropping like flies from this virus, but, seems like teachers are concerned for their own safety, then of course we need to be concerned about kids taking it to people that are more high risk.
  5. Talked to CRP earlier and he gives it a 50/50 whether we have a high school football season in Georgia right now. There is a huge amount of variables involved. Like me, seems like he thinks, having seen some of the decisions of college conferences and all, makes the thoughts drift toward the snowball effect where one decision sets precedent for others.
  6. #nightnight 🌙 Just because nobody has talked about Colquitt in this Folsom thread. Daijun poppin' NG like Orville Redenbacher.
  7. A couple of jv coaches and at least one player at Valdosta tested positive as well.
  8. https://hbcugameday.com/2020/07/09/ciaa-and-siac-to-postpone-fall-sports-in-2020/
  9. D2 Albany State University just announced they've cancelled all of their fall sports.
  10. We have to get her hooked up with the maskless "I feel threatened" avenger guy at Costco that lost his job for being a dummy. Peas in a pod. Dummies say and do stupid shit that could cost them a lot all the time. Shit, just read this forum. An actual name placed with a post here or there and a lot of folks on here would be seeking new careers.
  11. I was having some security certificate issues with the site a week back. My browser was warning me that the security certificate date on the website didn't match the date as listed on my computer. This could mean the site had been hijacked by a hacker that is redirecting traffic through his own site in an attempt to identify members or capture various information about them. I seemed to be getting that error message for several hours per my Chrome browser, so, I did avoid using the site during that time outside of one advanced log in to see if others were active on the site, which they were at the time. Hopefully these are just some bugs from a server/hosting update, but, I'd remain vigilant.
  12. By assuming a position of total equality of all people regardless of race, religion or any other measure, you'll never find yourself on the wrong side of history today or in the future. Basically you will always be correct.
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