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  1. The alcohol is good. I wouldn't suggest opening the Shaq Pepsi bottle though. I have one of those as well.
  2. Well it wouldn't be surprising if those in the middle of it profited from making the movie. That's how shady ass people work. Create a terrible situation, publicize it from arms length, then profit from the story.
  3. It's an expose' for profit. The victims have to recover from the ones who propagated the lies and sold them the sizzle.
  4. Really wasn't an exciting fight. I did agree with the decision though.
  5. Pretoria Fields 🍓 Strawberry Basil Gose
  6. I was asked to run another on April 2nd. I was tempted but it literally costs too much. Haha. Its in Pensacola, costs 94 dollars entry fee. Gonna be over 100 in gas. Gotta spend the night Saturday night and eat. Probably cost 400 dollars to go run that one. Ive already got an airbnb for the next weekend in Pensacola for a pub crawl. Then a fitness festival last week in April. Yeah Gonna pass on the Gulf Coast Half I think.
  7. HawgGoneIt

    I always wondered something about microwaves .. I mean, like when you're trying to reheat something, it will sound like fucking world war three in there. Pow, crack, pop, bang, pirn, pow, etc. Open it up and shit still be cold as hell. Wtf?
  8. They were pretending until they weren't. They crossed the threshold now. Probably not the fault of their parents, family or the Valdosta football boosters and general support. Whatever personality flaws they had, boiled to the surface, inspite of the support, promise of a future and etc. No hate. Just real talk. I never like seeing a kid throw their future away. Especially a potentially really bright future.
  9. We literally used to go to school with rifles in our gunracks out in the parking lot. I don't remember anyone ever shooting anyone.
  10. I don't understand how the kid can be school leadership on one hand and be firing a gun at other kids from the other hand. These two things don't go together. Did he get on some dope? Something else that would cause a shift personality wise? It never ceases to amaze me at how much the community can put into a kid and the kid still go do something like this. Grump Jones in Moultrie caused the death of a man and washed his football career down the drain. Now we see these Valdosta kids in a similar situation. Just doesn't make a lot of sense.
  11. Thanks man! Idk what's next on the bucket list, but, I do know end of April I get to hang out with Jessie Graf (American Ninja Warrior) and compete against myself on the Savage Rig again, down in Jacksonville. That's the next big fitness event I'm doing anyway. My body is still fatigued from the run on Saturday. Haha. All the soreness is mostly gone, but just general fatigue and laziness is hanging on. I guess that's pretty normal. I'm looking at teaming up with Harold Allen Jr. He was the guy that I mentioned before from the run. He has literally logged 1000 miles running this year and its early March. Quite a story. Did 10 years in prison when he was young and could have went the other way, but, he's up at 3 am every day training others. While I'm asleep, they're out there grinding. We are trying to find a way to get inner city youth from the southwest Georgia area involved in training/running/lifting as something to keep them off the streets and away from the gangs etc. We are gonna organize something springboarding off of what he already has going and using my radio gig etc. 💪
  12. The running community is actually a pretty awesome group of ppl. This was our team. In the front was our two spectators who kept hopping every couple miles to cheer us on... Left to right in the front... Jackie from Ft. Walton Beach Florida. Esteban from New York City, New York. Back left to right .. Me, Moultrie, Georgia, Mikaela from Ft. Walton Beach, Florida, Joy from New York City, New York, Lewis from Camp Lejeune,North Carolina via Pasadena California, Nathalie, from Albany Georgia, via Miami Florida, and Amelia from Albany Georgia via Virginia. Quite a diverse group of friends from all the hell over. Also met a guy from Bainbridge who immediately came to me as I finished and congratulated me and said he and I were doing it for the "big guys" that ppl say cant run distance. He and I will hook up to do some community stuff in the future for sure. A lot of great people doing these runs for different reasons.
  13. Thanks! I am. Had no idea I would ever try anything like that, or could actually do it. Haha. We had our splits set up on Amelia's smart watch and basically hit them as we planned. Our goal was to finish 3:15:00 or less and we met that. We wanted to have the 10 minutes ahead of Joy who was trying for 3:28:00 in the full marathon. The heat got to her and she struggled the last 6 miles and it took her 4:55 to complete hers. Almost 5 hours running in that sun yesterday was tough! I felt bad for her because she flew down here from New York to try qualifying for Boston. Just finishing was amazing though.
  14. We walked/wogged whatever basically 3 miles. We averaged 16 minutes on those and ran a couple at 10.5 minute pace. A few at 11.5 minute pace and the rest at 12.5. total average is that 14.2 you see. Not bad for me who never ran more than a 5k before today.
  15. 3 hours 8 minutes 17 seconds Finished. Thats the good news. The bad news is... I need to make a new goal now.
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