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  1. Yeah, I don't think folks were tripping too hard on others knowing the plays. It's more about the potential of knowing the sideline signals. That is very valuable information. Things as simple as knowing whether the signal means run or pass can make a difference in the game. At the end of the day, it's mostly all just gamesmanship though. Just little things to sow discord and doubt and hopefully knock one team off their game and gain an edge.
  2. Yeah. We just like to talk about it. It's region 1 football baby! Should all make for one hell of a Showtime series. Fabrizio and the gang are in the same classification and region with Valdosta. It's more important to them in the grand scheme.
  3. I hope they enjoyed it. Tomorrow night the Hawgs feast.
  4. I don't like seeing us play against truly good dual threat guys. If they are as dangerous throwing as running it's very difficult to defend.
  5. Coach Rod told me that he had like 20 something ppl ask him to get them sideline passes. Clearly he still has quite a few friends. Idk how many he actually asked for, but, I don't think we ever give out a lot of those. Game is gonna be lit!
  6. I'm really not certain about this stuff. Your bringing up the part of the rule that says transferring from one GHSA to another definitely set me to revisiting whatever I had thought before. I still can't wrap my head around the legal separation if it wasn't necessary for some reason under the rules though. I guess I don't really care one way or another. I have his folks chalked up in my book as shoddy people and I hope he turns out better than them. Other than that... Let's get it on! 24 hours and 55 minutes and counting. #lethimplay!
  7. He's gonna be on his back some at the Pen. I have no doubt at all about that. Unless Rush and the gang substitutes some similar sized grown construction workers in for their offensive line like the Cats used to do back in the day anyway.
  8. One rushing td also. All in a 12 for 22 night. Pretty crazy stats really. Shows how terrible Banneker was imo.
  9. What I have noticed with the GHSA through the years is that their initial decision usually holds serve. If they ruled ineligible, the courts usually don't overturn. I'm interested whether there was ever any ruling about eligibility to begin with, or if Valdosta just assumed he was good and all.
  10. I have my traditional Thursday night ritual going on save a couple of changes. Instead of rib eye, I have filet mignon on, and instead of Pretoria Fields I'm onto that Cypress Knee Mosaic from Georgia Beer Company in Valdosta. Cypress Knee isn't half bad. Drinking that Valdosta born alcohol working on that voodoo that I do to hex them dastardly Cats.
  11. Jaycee has a lot of connections to Rush and even some of the other coaches over there. Not totally sure what he's up to with the Cats, but... Maybe some of his pissy attitude infects them while he's over there.
  12. Eh, I'd guess a booster has provided them nice cheap rent and another may volunteer to help with their legal stuff.
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