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  1. Lake Mary at Seminole (FL) Colquitt County- 10 Servite at Mater Dei (CA) Don Bosco Prep at St. Joseph (NJ) St. Edwards at Archbishop Hoban (OH) St. Johns College (DC) at Dematha Catholic (MD) Frisco at Lovejoy (TX) Thompson at Hoover (AL) Chandler at Queen Creek (AZ) West Linn at Lake Oswego (OR)
  2. It seemed like we had a good practice today. I also got a good feeling from some of our defenders after having talked to them. They felt like they played better once there was a lot of pressure on them on Friday night being down on the road. Of course, I told them real stars rise up when others can't or won't. Pressure bursts pipes, but, it also makes diamonds.
  3. Just putting that game in at all. 😂 Even if I thought Lowndes would win, I'd still have to pick Colquitt.
  4. Asshole. I swear! 🤬
  5. Looks like a Folsom bulldog on the outside looking in to me.
  6. Just checking in to see how the number one public in Cali is doing.
  7. I think this is some of it. It's certainly played some role throughout Justin's entire tenure. One would have thought after 3 years it would kind of fade but, it just doesn't seem like it has with everyone. Also, Justin and his staff aren't putting a lot of lies out to the kids and parents about whether their kid is gonna be a Saturday player with a full ride. Without that carrot dangling in front of some of the kids, putting in all that hard work just doesn't seem worth it. Those are what I think of as kids that are on the ledge. It doesn't take a lot of a coach getting on to them or whatever else for them to just pack it in and quit.
  8. I coulda sworn people were trying to tell me Warner Robins was the best team in the state. Things like yeah, they're probably the best team in the state and "you know they'd work Colquitt this year." I don't ever wanna hear some 5A school or smaller is number 1 in in state again... I started buying and put that shit as my 10 pointer.
  9. That in my pic is a 6 dollar shitty beer. 😂
  10. Nice score. Looks just like a mud hole to me.
  11. So since Colquitts coaching is soo bad, I skipped the trip to Camden. I drank all my funny beers and started buying at the track... Also learned that Colquitt can win without me in the stands. 😁 No Mercy 12!
  12. Well, to me too. Id think the team that won 45 to 0 has a more balanced team over all. I still wouldn't be able to say that team could beat the other though. Id have to go diving and see if they have a weak coverage guy that we could exploit or some weakness on the o line. Etc.
  13. Their qb is young. I was fairly impressed with him in the first half. They're building up to have a better year next year I'd think.
  14. I agree about beating NG not carrying a lot of weight. How you beat them does at least for me. I do also agree about matchups, but, relative strength can be judged using daisy chains. For instance, I'd we go beat Camden 45 to 0, and we know WR put 70 on them but also gave up 34, I wouldn't say Colquitt would beat WR next week, but, I'd think we are just as strong relatively.
  15. The Denons could be. Idk. We may have some better idea after tonight. Warner Robins just played Camden. We know what we have, and we know the score from WR vs. Camden. I know folks hate daisy chains, but, when they're close together games like that then, I figure they give me some decent idea. Just like Collins Hill gave up less points to NG than Mill Creek did, and I had been on the thought process that Mill Creek had a better defense than Collins Hill. Now I'm having second thoughts about that.
  16. I'm rolling with Collins Hill and Mill Creek still. Those two will meet next week and we'll have a better idea on who's who after that. While the dummy from Lowndes talks about the Collins Hill defense being suspect, I go to last week Mill Creek beat NG 36 to 17. However this week, Collins Hill held NG to only 7. So, then maybe Mill Creek defense is suspect too. Must be. Just going off that comparison vs the exact same opponent only 1 week apart.
  17. I ain't hating on the guy. He loves his team like I love mine. Of course he spends a lot of time criticizing everyone else's teams so, he gets as good as he gives.
  18. I've heard that about Warner Robins before, and then they lose big to Colquitt, and, Colquitt was a second round exit in the 7A playoffs. Not buying.
  19. I think that last line could be true. Collins Hill did turn up a little more in the second half. Kind of reminded me of Colquitt with the early scare and slow start. 🐌
  20. Yeah those guys are a little rough around the edge. They did get more into a rhythm as the game went on though.
  21. I don't mind rankings. I don't like being constantly sold a brand of them during a game. I've been scrolling my guide on TV and found an AT&T Sportsnet Southwest channel that has hsfb with decent commentary as well. Summer Creek vs. North Shore. 24 to 3 Northshore at halftime right now. So that's 3 hsfb games I have on a Thursday night without having to use a streaming service.
  22. Everything feels like a sales pitch these days. It's kids ya know. But these guys are always trying to sell me ESPN rankings instead of just calling a game. The ESPN color commentary is better than NBCsn tonight outside of that. Lol
  23. I appreciate NBC stepping up to air some hsfb. I've grown pretty tired of dealing with the ESPN games where they only seem to care about their ESPN 300 rankings.
  24. Another Mocama offering. I do like their can art. This beer is one I tried at the tap room. Their Oktoberfest offering.
  25. I swear... I sometimes think we actually only have about 5 or 6 different Cali posters and all the rest are the same person.
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