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  1. You can say whatever you want. Getting people to believe it is a totally different thing. There are results. Rolled to the Semis like a big dawg. Final 4. Buford took a shit early just like I knew they would. 2nd rd exit bahahaha! They had their basketballs tight well before us.
  2. Im saying that Colquitt was in the game even though their D-line wasn't in the league with Carrolltons offensive line. A couple of ugly penalties hurt early.
  3. I agree with this. Kid is in the championship game as a freshman. Kind of crazy. They actually have a real chance at winning imo.
  4. Nah, Buford took that second round L with all the lightweight posers. Looked like a Justin Rogers team.
  5. We improved 2 rounds from the Justin Rogers era. Buford got proven a poser. It was a good season. 😁
  6. More or less. Colquitt had chances but too many penalties to overcome. Lost the turnover battle also.
  7. Yeah. Coaching had a couple of blunders and that was pretty wack at the half. All in all, Colquitt makes too many penalties to overcome against another solid team. Seemed like that was a difference in the game.
  8. I switched Folsom to 8. My bad.
  9. 10 Bixby (OK) 2 Springfield Central (MA) 9 Dutch Fork (SC) 4 Bryant (AR) 1 Guyer (TX) 8 Folsom (CA) 7 Colquitt County (GA) 6 Cherry Creek (CO) 3 Clearwater Central Catholic 5 St. Edward (OH)
  10. The wording is very specific. Yeah, I'd just about bet the farm that a lawyer would chew them up if they tried going against anyone not the PA announcer if that you posted is all they have in writing.
  11. Nah the wording is pretty specific. PA announcer code of conduct. All the wording surrounded the PA announcer. That would be the guy on the mic.
  12. What he just shared as a code of conduct read to be linited to the pa announcers. Not the radio crew. Lighting control crew. Groundsmen. Etc. Just keep Coach Croft's fingers off the light switch and hog grunt machine and we are legal.
  13. So, what that is saying is something that should be enforced all the time. Not just this Friday night. Gemerally I have never heard an announcer cheer one team over another or intentionally butcher a kids name or the pronunciation of a school name etc. However, school/stadium operatives do in fact shoot cannons, blink lights, play music, flash the endzone scoreboard at a time when the opposing kicker is attempting field goals etc. Nobody is enforcing these activities and the write up you just gave said the GHSA doesn't accept complaints about it. Therefore... I'd say fuck em and roll that beautiful bean footage anyway. Its good all season, it should be good tomorrow night too. As long as it isn't the PA announcer doing it, we are golden.
  14. I know. That's why I asked him. That read like some legalese from wildcat will. I mean, I get the whole sportsmanship thing which is what I think the GHSA goal is with this stuff, but, where is it at the rest of the year, etc. I've got problems with this. We earned homefield by being a one seed, then won homefield through the coinflip, so, we should have homefield advantage and all that comes with it. Like our ability to control the new millions of dollars worth of lighting and PA system. I wouldn't expect anything less if we were on the road and had lost the coinflip.
  15. Still stupid. Just move the games to a neutral site if you want to be in control. I tried to find something in the bylaws and can't. Maybe they should get some stuff in writing on this. This way it's understood well in advance and by everyone.
  16. I hate the cannon at Tift. When they score they fire off a black powder explosion. If you aren't prepared for it, you my shit your britches. Have a heart attack. Etc. Time to start filing complaints on that now too. Down the homefield advantage rabbit hole we go. Of course this year, that cannon was not firing a lot. Maybe the savings on explosives can be applied to hiring.a new coach.
  17. This is my thoughts on it as well. Idk that there is any rule pertaining to blinky lights. They allow monster scoreboards in the endzones at Bazemore-Hyder for instance and they will flash a white screen about the same time a kicker is kicking a fg attempt. This is like a rabbit hole I dont think they really wanna go down when schools have tied up millions in video boards and lighting/sound systems.
  18. I think folks in Moultrie assume Carrollton filed something, or, North Gwinnett whose eyes are probably still blinking since last Friday night, but, it really could be a statewide thing that is being looked into. Colquitt should issue a ⚠️ FLASH WARNING ⚠️ to visiting schools in advance so they can either buy sunglasses or leave the epileptic kids home or with blindfolds.
  19. The gofan thing makes it more convenient for the travelling teams fans. Thats the only plus to it in my opinion. There are multiple negatives. Additional cost, no matter if its only a couple of bucks, it's still additional. It is apparently complicated for a lot of older people who have never used it and have been attending games forever with paper tickets. Its bad enough that our athletic dept posted in the paper and online that people can come to the athletic dept and they will basically complete the purchase for them. I know we are apparently a bunch of old yahoos that cant work a simple app or navigate a pretty simple website, but, many are finding it less convenient than more. And its a mandate. People around these parts dont like mandates. Some people dont trust the internet or these sites like gofan with their credit or debit info, and, like it or not, it is an opportunity for hackers or fraud if they end up on some fake gofan or whatever.
  20. Apparently, someone that probably saw a lot of scores against them complained to the GHSA about the light shows after scoring at schools who have upgraded to the new led stadium light systems. Like, every time Colquitt scores our lights flash on and off. Apparently the GHSA is considering halting that from happening. As had been mentioned, it seems to be an attempt at making the sites more neutral or whatever. Idk what the fuck homefield advantage is for if you earn it of they start dictating what you can do at your homefield. Thats ridiculous. Idk if they have ruled you cant do it or not. I thought it was just being considered after a complaint. Idk. Now, maybe Carrollton has a kid with epilepsy or something. Idk. But, welcome to the Pen bitches. Lol
  21. Small dude. Hasn't mattered yet. They good fundamentally and strong. Hardly seen any holding calls on Colquitts Offensive line all season. That shows capability.
  22. I bet we blink the lights. If we don't, I better not see anyone else do it ever. I'll personally file complaints and threaten suits when anyone else does it.
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