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  1. Read my lips... Jake Garcia will not be playing basketball, volleyball, softball or any other sport at Grayson. He is another Kurt Taylor rolling in to play football, period.
  2. And then they leave right after football season. Way to create good upstanding members of the community. 👏
  3. They had to actually move the entire family unit to the Grayson district. Something they didn't do at Valdosta
  4. cc6b3ddf2ee575e81b18a331700111d9.mp4
  5. So, when the Pack traveled over to Dothan, I hit a couple of bottle shops in search of stuff that I can't find or hadn't seen before where I live. I found this Louisiana craft beer and decided to pick it up because I haven't tried any from The Boot before. Pretty damned good double ipa to be honest. 8.5 abv, dank, hazy, juicy and smooth. Too smooth. Very drinkable.
  6. The field was a mud hole and the weather horrible, but, these 7th graders calling the game were pretty good. Start the video at the 11 minute mark for the game. https://m.facebook.com/119470438102957/videos/855589231876608
  7. They do distribute their core few beers. Gnat Knocker which is a pretty nice lager and Nada Banana which is a Weiss beer ale are my go to if I'm drinking their stuff. I've posted those two in here before probably. They have a New England IPA called Up Yonder that I have yet to find, but, I think they distribute it also, along with their Doc Dweller Berliner Weiss and a true sour called Sour Puss. They kind of got into the hard sparkling water game and really made a push on that with advertising, it's called Island Rain. Ran their head brewer off with that bullshit and now he's at
  8. Don't laugh @hardhit1 It's some bullshit for real. This brewery is in the middle of nowhere in an old school building that closed and they converted it. They don't sell that beer outside of the tap room that I know about and if I drive 3 hours I'm probably drinking a few. Idk where the nearest hotel even is to there. Hahaha. Have to pass out parked in a field somewhere to sleep it off. It's bullshit bro.
  9. Omaha Brewing Company down here has an oatmeal creme pie stout called the Big Deb that is pretty damned good. Have to drive three hours to get one though.
  10. Coffee may well cover, and could even take the game outright. I'd like it better if it was at Jardine though. Damned old Gators are tough in The Swamp. I may have taken them and 6 myself if I were a betting man. I'm just glad our kids are getting ready to start up again. All this stopping and starting is pretty tough on everyone and we've got some hangry BlueCats heading over here in a week.
  11. Didn't have time to wait on you to wax your your stick. I needed to git er done.
  12. Idk. It does seem like a good few of the 8th and 9th grade type coaches help also with position coaching and sometimes work in the box for varsity at some schools. Could be that he's one that tries to stir it from the box and then get people ejected from the stands. Saw that very type activity last year. Real douche type stuff.
  13. What hypocrisy? You really are a special kind of idiot aren't you? As it turns out, my job as moderator is... drum roll plz... Thanks for the drum roll... I get to help decide what type of content is allowed here. I've decided no stupid politics or active racism, and to allow posts about all sports and a couple of long running OT threads on the Varsity Board. I've decided to not actively moderate the OT board and only go even read anything back there if it's reported to me. So, do you have a problem with that? If you do, why don't you just
  14. I guess I must need for you to explain to me what my job is so I can plainly understand how to do it. 🤷‍♂️
  15. I remember a time when Dougherty was a pretty tough out. Football was way different back then though. Dougherty and Westover both had decent teams at times. Now Dougherty gets blown out by Bainbridge 59 to 7.
  16. Most of the Valdosta fans that sit on the visitor side are pretty cool though. There certainly is a few loud mouths that try to stir shit up over there too though. Lowndes is worse. Even their coaches that are up in the box behind us talk shit out the window and then call the cops up to have fans removed that talk back. It's a shit show at that stadium. Fuck em if they don't like how we handle stuff at ours.
  17. Not varsity related move to the other board
  18. This. Just abide by the rules. Don't try to be slick and all that. He could have already played 5 games, but, noooo, they had to try being slick. Now, they're off to high school number 5 in this kid's career.
  19. Says the guy on an internet board. Or just because a guy feels it is right, is just as irrelevant.
  20. Lowndes only let's visitors have two tiny little sections in that big ass concrete urinal they call a stadium, and they mix asshole fans of theirs in that section to start shit as well, and then have the gall to bitch about another school limiting attendance on both sides of the field during a pandemic.
  21. I do agree with this. A lot of times, coaches could sacrifice some athlete's character issues in trade for needing the athleticism at the position. Coaches are often in a precarious position of catering to the folks that ultimately pay their bills, and wins matter, or they won't work there very long. It's a bit of a juggling/balancing act for the coaches I guess. Idk if they had seen trouble on the horizon with this particular kid or not, but, once they did, of course they tried to remove him and it caused the team to basically lose 3 players at once. I haven't paid a lot of attention to
  22. As much as I dislike the type of program this is about... I don't think anyone can blame the school or church for the actions of a student and his father really. I do hope the injured young men heal quickly and have no lasting physical effects from this attack. I'm sure they will have a lot of mental stuff to deal with for years to come. It is incumbent on the school and program to do everything they can to protect their student athletes though. Likely some money going to be doled out behind this.
  23. ITG better be careful posting polls with Lee ahead of Colquitt, else the Lee faithful start chanting "We Want Colquitt" again.
  24. This thread has been brought to you in part by Manpons brand Manpons, where there are no strings attached, guaranteed. We now return you to the regularly scheduled programming of a grown ass man crying.
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