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  1. I know when ESPN came to Motown, they had about 6 different trucks, a lot of rental stuff for the camera guys, and maybe 15 to 20 people moving around, not counting the announcers and production people in the trucks I couldn't see. GPB travels similarly, maybe three trucks for them and a couple less people as their people appear to multi-task some. I'd expect Peachtree tv to have a similar type set up.
  2. They'll cover mostly Atlanta area games due to logistics and money, but, definitely good for Georgia HSFB in general. Hopefully they get a couple of regular season games where southern teams play up at some of the ATL schools. No membership or credit card necessary. In the past their coverage has been pretty solid with good camera work and announcers. The price is right at... $Free-99
  3. For me, quite a few of the vids you try uploading are .mov and I can't view them. I can see embedded Tik Toks and You Tube vids. Mp4 format.
  4. Oh I know. I remember when FAMU was quite the destination for football players around here too. However, you rarely see a star kid tweeting an offer from there, or, asking why he doesn't have one from there. We also have Albany State University near me that picks up mostly marginal talents from the region. It just does seem like the Deion effect has some legs on it for the time being anyway.
  5. I just know that I've never seen a Colquitt kid ask about or tweet or anything about "Where are the hbcu's at?" until this year. This coming from a kid with offers from everywhere that's anywhere.
  6. I do think there is some reinvigorated interest from young athletes toward hbcu football programs. It does seem like as far as the mainstream part, it came along with Deion getting a lot of attention in the media. Whether or not that will become a trend has yet to be seen.
  7. We also have him a little help. A young teacher by the name of Ian Brinson. Idk how great a coach he will be, but, he was part of the Twin Towers and best offensive line we've had in the past decade. He took on 9th grade O-line duties but also helps on varsity.
  8. That driver was like... Oh well. Two tears in a bucket! Fuck it!
  9. 30 dollar 4 pack. I just don't think they'll ship it all the way to me. Damn sure gonna check though. I need to try this purple Barney beer. It looks amazing. Hell I've payed 9.72 per pint for small batch pours at Pretoria Fields. This isn't much more expensive. Edit: They definitely won't ship that to Georgia. I'll paypal or cash app or whatever if someone in that area would do me a solid and ship it to me.
  10. I'm gonna need a review from our Ohio ppl on this beer... https://www.citybeat.com/food-drink/cincinnati-brewery-northside-artifact-releases-the-worlds-most-expensive-beer-13187172?media=AMP+HTML
  11. Honestly don't know. I haven't seen any stats and wasn't able to attend.
  12. Need O-line and almost a complete defense. Neko will be fine as QB as soon as he trusts the O-line. He would make a pretty snazzy slot guy too though. Scatback/slot. Out of 100 kids, I'm pretty confident we can build a defense and O-line by August.
  13. Durwood paints it pretty good. I haven't heard that they'll air it for sure, but, I mostly imagine they will.
  14. Probably a negative. I'd think the radio station would have it though. 93.9 cruisin 94
  15. ...Except talk football and pick at STA for a shit game. Some posters have spent their entire careers on here picking on other teams pre-region games.
  16. Imagine how great a roofer he could make if he could center himself in the center of three shingles and pass the nail gun from one hand to the other. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrup
  17. I understand that. They want an easy preregion this time, no skin off my back. I'm not really huge on strength of schedule stuff, because most folks can't quantify a team's true strength of schedule to begin with. So why did anyone attempt such a thing? Like bring up West Monroe or John Curtis? My point is, this thread was basically about STA playing Ft. Myers. Suddenly someone shows up with something about West Monroe and John Curtis. Lol. I can accept that STA wants an easy pre region. Maybe they're down a little this season or whatever.
  18. Interesting. Looks pretty smooth with it on the little twitter highlight film. We should try keeping up with his stats and see how he makes out in real games. Would be interested to know how much "switching" he does in games as well.
  19. Yeah. I just thought it was interesting how Mr. Matchmaker wanted to bring up some John Curtis or other school but have a quick and smooth excuse for STA. Other folks aren't allowed the same smooth excuses for their schools. Only Mr. Matchmaker and gang. They have all the inside info and emails to prove it. I didn't notice anyone claim STA ducked anyone really. Like you say, you just pointed out that it was odd. Quickly folks did start deflecting and excusing though.
  20. That's good for Steven too. UConn wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Keep messing around and we'll start calling Georgia State... Colquitt North.
  21. Wouldn't really risk bidding on one through an auction right now. I mean that one looks like an insurance auction maybe, but, right now, the only trucks going through an auction are trash. Almost guaranteed. The dealers are begging for used trades, so, if one made it to auction, the dealer passed up on it. That means it failed their inspection. The way the truck market is right now, everyone is fighting over the good used trucks and sending the ones that need more work than their value through the auctions so they don't have to deal with the problems.
  22. He probably would have gotten more offers as this season progresses, but, being only 3 or so hours from home and still getting an education while playing ball at a D1 school is a nice draw. I think it could be a good choice. It aint all about college name and or recognition for him.
  23. Sometimes teams don't give two shits what anyone else thinks and do what makes the most sense financially or in some other way. No matter what anyone on some message board thinks. Agenda driven shits on message boards claim teams duck one another or whatever until it's teams they're "ok" or "in" with then it's some other story, like maybe some verbal agreement or something and the other moved on. Yada yada yada.
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