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  1. Save us some seats at the hearing. 🤣
  2. zulu1128


    Need @hardhit1 or @OdbCleto see this...one of them would probably know. Oh, and Chip is still a pudgy cuck who no one likes. ✌️
  3. Watching block twist himself into a pretzel to try and spin this into something “not a beatdown” is pretty awesome TBH.
  4. Cool to see Burrow getting his shot and running with it...he’s a pretty good kid. 👍
  5. I’d do it, but I doubt it would go over well lol.
  6. Agreed, it's a fun match up for sure. Given Ig's less than stellar record in high-profile games, I'd go with the Stags here by a couple of scores.
  7. RIP. One of the greats...despite being from Cleveland. 🤘
  8. This is almost as entertaining as Chip’s meltdown/ragequit.
  9. Man, Moeller has now been shut out for 13 consecutive quarters.
  10. Dunbar has been a complete shitshow for the past five years. This incident has less than surprising.
  11. Sammy’s new schtick is pretty funny.
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