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  1. You like to look stuff up...don't be a lazy weird Chip. lol.
  2. They have 13 starters back, a 4 year starter at QB and 10 D1s from an 11-2 team? 🤷‍♀️ 🤣 @ poor Chip. Maybe he should attempt fewer football posts. lol.
  3. 🤣 @ Chip just typing random words again. Looks like getting jilted by Maimone messed him up worse than we thought. lol.
  4. West is pretty stacked this year…remaining cautiously optimistic as always. TSF has them #1 in SWO.
  5. Happy "iT's nOt rEaLlY a rEcEsSioN" day, guys. lol.
  6. FWIW, she didn't need drive to Indiana, as the Ohio law would have allowed the abortion.
  7. Imagine spending your golden years sitting at a computer 24/7 frantically searching articles about Drumpf to rage at, and then breathlessly running to post them on a HSFB forum. lol.
  8. This was soundly debunked a week ago, sport. lol. That said, your meltdown when he's sworn in will probably be pretty entertaining.
  9. Again, where did I say they were "bad?" You having a stroke or something?
  10. Thanks, Gramps! How's the pudding today? 🤣
  11. Where did I say that? Looks like you skipped nap time again, gramps. lol.
  12. Yeah, they're definitely helping in Illinois. lol.
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