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  1. While it's definitely fun having a good QB and respected team for a change, the best part is arguably getting to come here every week to watch Chip frantically fluffing Burrow. 🤣
  2. He’s basically a slightly more literate version of Nordonia Brian. lol.
  3. Yeah, he was literally disciplined for it. 🤣
  4. Congrats on the win, guys. Well done! 👍 Did anyone catch poor Mo's post game meltdown? It was pretty hilarious.
  5. Sidebar: Shawn Cutright stepped down as HC at Colerain yesterday.
  6. Disappointing finish, but still a fun and satisfying season…and I’ll definitely take 3 straight regional final losses over the previous 20 years as a punchline lol.
  7. looked like Elder may have shot their wad the previous 3 weeks...they looked to me more like the team from earlier in the season. If not for a couple of dumb penalties, it would have been 30-3. Moe is obviously the favorite next week. That said, if Mitch plays well, the offense should be good enough to give West a shot at winning. Would be pretty insane if West wins the GCL in addition to the GMC lol.
  8. No, I definitely do. lol. Carry on.
  9. I understand that Will's haikus are pretty turrible...despite how hard he's trying. lol. That said, props for at least coming up with a somewhat original schtick around here. That's at least refreshing. 🤣
  10. Will’s haikus are pretty turrible. lol.
  11. Trying to stay optimistic, but man Elder is kinda on fire these last few weeks.
  12. Literally the only takeaway from last night is that it's well past time to kick Drumpf to the curb. I'm not sure how you do it, since the GOP has spent the past 5 years firmly hitched to his wagon, but somebody better come up with a plan, stat.
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