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  1. Pretty obvious that the democrat party is finally realizing their nominee's diminished mental capacity is going to become increasingly problematic between now and November.
  2. I doubt anyone would question that. You sound like a great friend lol.
  3. The fact that you typed this part with what I assume was a straight face pretty much tells everyone everything they need to know about you. ✌️
  4. I know I sure as hell don't lol. I'll let you get back to your daily regimen of foot stomping, processing UE claims and trying to call people stupid. Sounds like a full plate. ✌️
  5. The Apocalypse is definitely nigh when Andy and Chip start fluffing each other lol.
  6. Thank god AngryAndy is here to answer the call from the Mouth Foaming Zealot brigade lol.
  7. "Without evidence, Trump claims there is hope."
  8. While it was obviously inappropriate, counterproductive and dumb for Drumpf to reply like that...the fact remains that Peter Alexander is in fact, a pretty terrible reporter.
  9. This is definitely my new top concern right now lol.
  10. Thank god you're here to fill the meaning and substance quotas for us lol. Carry on. 💪
  11. It also helps pass the time to watch you cry about it. So, there's that.
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