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  1. The Pfizer shot has roughly the same efficacy as the Polio vaccine. So, it's probably pretty good.
  2. He’s doubling down on the lie by claiming that it was a “get out the vote rally.” 🤣
  3. Sounds like Tim came off as pretty clean and articulate lol.
  4. Cathedral Colerain Elder Manny
  5. Yeah, it doesn't seem like a great idea on paper, especially since it sounds like they're going to be losing a step or two this year.
  6. LaSalle is hosting IMG on 9/3.
  7. Chip is taking time out from calling people “dumb n****r” to type some more takes. 🤣
  8. Evolve how? I feel pretty evolved already. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Of course, Nancy comes through with the immediate retard take. “Hey, thanks for getting murdered dude!”
  10. Verdict is in...being read at 4:30.
  11. Did anyone have Auntie Maxine signing on with Chauvin's defense team at the last minute on their bingo card? 🤣
  12. They’ll lose at least 4 games. 🤣
  13. He’s probably a notch above 50/50 to get dinged on manslaughter. Pretty hard to see how 12 people can get to 2nd or 3rd degree murder.
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