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  1. People have used the phrase "I don't recall" countless times over the years during sworn testimony...Drumpf's opponent in 2016 most notably. Best of luck this time, though lol.
  2. I don't ignore it. That's just silly. I mean, I suppose it can seem that way to someone who chooses to foam at the mouth over him 24/7 over any degree of objectivity, but whatevs.
  3. It's actually over 3% in most cases. Not sure how you're coming up with "less than 1%." In any case, more than double is nowhere near "about the same." Sorry. Also, LOL at your constantly picking some rando timeframe to try and prop up your position. 22 months lol. The market is up over 56% since Election day 2016...not starting from a near bottoming out like we had in 2009. I know you're hard-wired with Drumpf hate to the point where you can see nothing remotely regarding him with any degree of objectivity, but damn lol.
  4. It's actually more than double what a bank pays, but go on I guess. https://www.nerdwallet.com/best/banking/savings-rates
  5. Seems like that's the secret to pretty much everyone's playoffs, but hard to say for sure, I guess.
  6. That's a fair point, but they're far back enough that even if they do win out, they'd need some help to contend.
  7. Which is why I mentioned the fine. Also, he didn't "grab at" Garrett's helmet. He had both hands on the facemask and tried to torque it off at least twice before Garrett got up.
  8. That's pretty much the only scenario in which Oregon is left out. If LSU runs the table, Oregon is in over Alabama, and you can commence pretending not to be mad lol. It didn't sound that way at all. Now it's like you're just being dumb on purpose.
  9. Three games for Pouncey, and One game for Ogunjobi. Kind of annoying that Rudolph didn't even get a fine for starting (and escalating) the scrum.
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