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  1. Maybe someday the boob squad will finally invent a nickname for Mitch that doesn't blow up in their faces lol.
  2. Diversity isn’t a positive or a negative. It’s simply another political football for people to kick around...as illustrated perfectly ITT.
  3. Let's not let Cocaine Mitch distract from the fact that Michael Avenatti is currently sitting in El Chapo's old prison cell just 18 months after Chip guaranteed us he was gonna bring down Drumpf lol.
  4. Chip is glued to the TV on our behalf, keeping us posted lol. Thanks Chippy! ✌️
  5. Yup. Burrow isn’t gonna even make a dent in their problems. Still hoping they trade down and work on the OL/DL.
  6. Thank God there isn't any middle school prepubescent crap over here lol.
  7. Nick was just named NFL Rookie of the Year.
  8. Block thinks I wasn't laughing at him. What a boob lol.
  9. Congrats to LSU, and especially Joey B.
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