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  1. Moeller and Massillon will both get teabagged. Iggy/Hoban should be an interesting game.
  2. The flood waters had mostly receded when we arrived yesterday, but it was pretty creepy how far up into New Brunswick the water line went.
  3. Fan of both. That’ll do…gracias ✌️
  4. My eldest (Columbia Med school) lived in Washington heights last year…I really liked it. It kind of reminded me of Clifton in Cincy.
  5. Thanks man...glad to see you're still kicking. ✌️ I have to admit, it is a pretty nice area. Her neighborhood in Highland Park is really cool. Her current goal is to eventually hook up with their ESG (envomental/social governance) group, which would put her in Manhattan.
  6. Copy that lol. I'll let her know. 👍
  7. She's about 15 blocks away from the river and a little uphill, so I'm assuming her apartment is okay. he Bloomberg Data HQ is in Princeton...is that central?
  8. Yeah I saw some of those shots yesterday. We don't hit town until tomorrow morning, so hopefully it recedes a bit by then.
  9. Highland Park. She's starting her job at Bloomberg in a couple weeks.
  10. Throw 'em up if you got 'em boys. In a matter of hours I'm firing up a u-haul to move my youngest to... New Jersey. 😬
  11. Yeah...Ed/Mentor should be telling. Definitely have an eye on Colerain/Mason.
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