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  1. I know they have been listed but I can’t find them. Does anyone have the list it’s the dates & times? Thank you.
  2. It could be ugly I agree. My only hope is that being sister schools that SJB calls off the dogs but then again their 2nd & 3rd teamers want to make plays also. I just don't want to see a MD/BC score...what was that? 70-7 or something like that.
  3. Bosco plays SJB on 8/30 so doubt starters going to play more than a qtr.
  4. Bosco has Hackensack home 4pm on 8/21 & away at Mater Dei Prep 4pm on 8/24 Joe's away at Pope John 11am on 8/17 & away at Joe's (PA) 11am on 8/22
  5. Maybe but it helps to know the ability to learn schemes & understand what to do & why. He's also been injury prone.
  6. No longer rated that high. Scored a 9 on the wonderlick. Most have him going any from 15 to end of the first round.
  7. I guess they do not teach the English language with the way these guys speak.
  8. Extremely good hire. Has won at every school he coached & is 128-67 overall having to build 2 programs. Love that he's a former QB who played at Monmouth. Tough coach sort of in Toal mode. Looking forward to him as coach.
  9. Been public for about 2 hours as team was told to report to the gym after classes to meet the new coach.
  10. Bosco is fine, don't be an idiot. Bosco won the first hoops game by 2 points so this lose in OT is no shock. Joe's wrestling team has been better & has become stronger with a couple kids who were not ready earlier in the year. As for Max Prep, Joe's won states & ranked #1 in the state so where else would they go. Stop being a hater!
  11. BC never played Passaic during Morgan's career, or Ironheads. You must be thinking of a different game. Not sure why you brought it up either...Morgan was very good no where near Ironhead's level. Can check it out if you want: www.bergenpassaicfootball.com
  12. Craig "Ironhead" Heyward. Passaic, NJ early '80s. Played RB, LB, Punted & kicked as well as playing special teams on defense. Never left the field. All American in both high school & college (Pitt) & first round draft pick. 11 year career making 1 Pro Bowl. His son is having a nice career with the Steelers.
  13. Craig "Ironhead" Heyward. Played for Passaic High School in NJ then went on to Pitt. First round draft pick by the Saints went on to have a 11 year NFL career making 1 Pro Bowl. Played offense (RB), Defense (LB), punted & kicked as well as special teams on D. The guy could do it all. Played in early 1980's & was first team All American both in high school & his senior year at Pitt.
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