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  1. I know they have been listed but I can’t find them. Does anyone have the list it’s the dates & times? Thank you.
  2. Just got confirmation that St Augustine coach said if he had to travel to Bosco as the 6 seed for a Friday night game to lose & get home at 2am then they would drop out of the playoffs. Just more confirmation of the corruption in the NJSIAA.
  3. go to nj.com & watch the video of 2 of their reporters talking about this, even they are shocked & basically say it’s wrong. BC wins Saturday they’re the #2 seed, they get upset & drop to 6 because SA beat Williamstown? How does that make sense? SA lost to 2 public’s! When was the last time one of the Big 3 lost to a NJ public? Just ridiculous!
  4. Guaranteed it was about money. State gets the gate for these games. What would you rather have, BC @ SHP or BC @ Bosco? Then a semifinal of either BC or Bosco @ Joe’s with one of the original Big 3 playing SPP for the championship. This whole thing reeks! Shame the NJSIAA is so dirty.
  5. No disrespect but easy to be armchair QB after the fact. No fan of Augie or Stern but can’t kill them on going for big play with 2 minutes left & up by 10. Looking for the knockout punch.
  6. Will be interesting to see how it plays out no doubt
  7. If Bosco is seeded 2 & BC 3 BC people will lose their minds & honestly I wouldn’t blame them. Giving Bosco the home game in the playoffs after BC beat Bosco & BC having a better record, how would the committee justify that.
  8. I just learned that non public groups 3 & 4 are seeded by a committee. Strength of schedule does come into play but so does how a team is playing at the end of the season. Good luck on figuring that out.
  9. That’s fine but 7-1 may very well do it. Like you said they played a lot of big public’s
  10. Quick was right. Only first 8 games played count for states. This win by SHP might cost Bosco a home playoff game. They may very well play at SHP in 2 weeks.
  11. 9 years? Maybe the last 3 but were state champ in 2015 & still national worthy.
  12. It could be ugly I agree. My only hope is that being sister schools that SJB calls off the dogs but then again their 2nd & 3rd teamers want to make plays also. I just don't want to see a MD/BC score...what was that? 70-7 or something like that.
  13. Bosco plays SJB on 8/30 so doubt starters going to play more than a qtr.
  14. Bosco has Hackensack home 4pm on 8/21 & away at Mater Dei Prep 4pm on 8/24 Joe's away at Pope John 11am on 8/17 & away at Joe's (PA) 11am on 8/22
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