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  1. I agree. Both teams have some areas to work on but I believe Lowndes has it. Brown is very good. Valdosta Qb is still learning to read a Defense. He did good running the ball but did miss several reads. But thats football. Hope both go all the way. They have a great shot the next coupled of years to do it.
  2. Thats about the only thing stopping the Vikings this year.
  3. I Thought Valdosta should have kept running it.
  4. You are exactly right. Cant compare the schools. Big difference. But Lowndes cant beat Valdosta for the next 100 years straight. I could care less. But they will always live in Valdosta's shadow. Always. And Lowndes will have to do more recruiting to win state. The D Lineman from Valdosta and RB from Madison aren't going to cut it. Enjoy Jacuri while you can and enjoy beating Rush while you can, cause that won't last long either. You have your best team in 20 years and Rush has his worst team that he will have at Valdosta, and your asshole was puckered the whole 4th qtr. You will be
  5. If Garcia plays, Lowndes looses. But he didnt and Lowndes didn't. But their assholes were puckered on that side for a while. Propst teams will only get better. You can tell they turned the corner tonight.
  6. Shut down Jacuri and you shut down Lowndes. Thats a tall task. He is a heck of an athlete.
  7. Good game for Lowndes. Got to work some kinks out if y'all are going to win state. Propst has Cats going in right direction. This will be his worst year at Valdosta. They will only get better. Go Dawgs
  8. Close for qtr and a half then Lowndes depth takes over, as it should. . But, Valdosta is kind of like a Newton right now. You let them hang around long enough, they could pull it out. They have the skill players to do it. Got to put your foot on their throat and never let up and it will be over. Better get them while you can. You have about 2 years, then Rush will find enough legally separated parents with kids that can play. 31-3 Lowndes
  9. Watch this game on ESPN Friday and you will see packed stands. I am sure there will be a few empty seats with Covid and all but not many.
  10. You think this is surprising. Look who's is running the school system. Same ones that fired a good coach. They weren't even going to let bands play. Stupidest thing I have ever seen. The band makes the football game. Especially Lowndes band. The atmosphere at this game is like none other. Glad the got it changed. Lowndes by 28.
  11. There's more coming. You were a Rush supporter for years. You should know this. I'm not a Rush fan. He's a good coach with good players but that's about it.
  12. I may go to Lowndes Moultrie game. I pull for Lowndes when not playing Valdosta. I think Lowndes puts running clock on them and ends their home game winning streak at the pen.
  13. Shhhh. Moultrie doesn't play transfers.
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