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  1. They are all happy on the Kentucky board, but I'm like he wasn't that good and have always said that, plus he's in his 60's. They still won't touch Covington Catholic.
  2. I'm already better than everyone you tagged. My group of guys talked about it for an while I was at work on Tuesday.
  3. Trevor Lawrence is a better athlete than Justin Fields.
  4. I will accept no excuses about that bum. He had a top 3 receiver in the league for all of his career. He's the Ian Book of the NFL.
  5. Watson is a fucking bum. That bum has cost me so much money this season. Mitch Tribisky is better than him.
  6. Watching all of the other 3 quarterbacks just let it rip and trust their receivers is frustrating.
  7. Bama's offensive line is going to maul either defensive line imo.
  8. The thing is, OSU and Clemson will have their db's in press coverage. Clemson will blitz, blitz, blitz. OSU has faith in their dline.
  9. Ian Book. What the hell you holding on to the ball for?
  10. ND needs to start the true freshman next season. You have to push the ball down the field in these games.
  11. Yeap. Keep Harris healthy for the nati.
  12. Bama's tackling has been outstanding.
  13. Nope Ian Book is scared to give his receivers a chance. Clark Lea is on that SEC payroll with all this off coverage and no blitzes. ND offensive line has played well as has the defensive line. Everyone else has sucked donkey balls. Bama is too much.
  14. Ian Book is 30-4 at ND. Have you been paying attention? SC and Stanford were on the schedule in 18 when ND went to th playoffs. Quit while you can.
  15. Stanford is -42 the last 2 against ND. USC hasn't beaten ND since 2016 and probably won't ever again. ND would have blown the doors off of both Stanford and USC this season. Stop being a homer.
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