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  1. St. John Bosco CA vs. De La Salle CA (12/14 @ Cerritos) *Open Championship* Corona del Mar CA vs. Serra (San Mateo) CA (12/14 @ Cerritos) *1A Championship* Central (Fresno) CA vs. Sierra Canyon CA (@ Cerritos) *1AA Championship* Edgewater FL vs. St. Thomas Aquinas FL (12/14 @ Daytona Stadium) *7A Championship* Columbus (Miami) FL vs. Apopka FL (@ Daytona Stadium) *8A Championship* Jones FL vs. Miami Northwestern FL (12/14)@ Daytona Stadium) *5A Championship* Lowndes GA vs. Marietta GA (12/14 @ Ga State Stadium) *7A Championship* Buford GA vs. Warner Robins GA (@ Ga State Stadium) *5A Championship* Destrehan LA vs. Acadiana LA (12/14 @ MB Superdome) *5A Championship* Vance NC vs. Leesville Road NC (12/14 @ NC State) *4AA Championship* Duncanville TX vs. Rockwall TX (12/14 @ McKinney ISD) *6A-I Semifinals* North Shore TX vs. Lake Travis TX (12/14 @ Round Rock) *6A-I Semifinals* Denton Guyer TX vs. Westfield TX (12/14 @ Panther Stadium) *6A-II Semifinals* Lone Star TX vs. Denton Ryan TX (12/14 @ Allen) *5A-I Semifinals*
  2. It was the perfect storm as far as attendance for the Kentucky finals. All of the participants in the smaller classes were football crazy towns who were going to bring at least half of their town. I didn't expect the 6A final to be so low, especially with Male and Trinity being the participants. Fredrick Douglas isn't going anywhere. They have big boy talent and speed to burn. This was a good experience for them and they'll be the favorites next year.
  3. Yeah Kentucky's numbers were up. There was only 1 blowout and some all time type games.
  4. I'm a Niners fan for life. Not sure of the hostility towards me.
  5. 1A - 7,8402A - 7,8013A - 8,2754A - 9,4395A - 9,3816A - 9,108 Kentucky state finals numbers from Lexington, KY
  6. nptb17


    Wisconsin would. Everyone automatically assumes you can't run on them and they don't.
  7. nptb17


    Ever is a long time. Are you sticking with that?
  8. nptb17


    Bama isn't going to stop Wisconsin from running the ball on them. This Bama defense is bad and watch Michigan run the ball on them.
  9. nptb17


    Bama sucks on defense. Both teams are scoring on this weak Bama defense. We aren't talking Ole Miss out here.
  10. nptb17


    Without VTech ND has 3 wins over ranked teams, which is 3 more than what Bama has.
  11. nptb17


    Bama's not stopping either one of those teams from scoring. Penn St is going to be in Bama's backfield. I'd take Bama over Wisconsin and Penn St over Bama.
  12. nptb17


    And USC. Virginia Tech was ranked up til the last week of the season.
  13. Lets talk about the block in the back that they didn't call on Michael Thomas long reception. Right in front of the refs face on Richard Sherman and nothing. They called only the obvious penalties on the Saints except that one and all of the iffy ones on the Niners.
  14. nptb17


    Fact but they beat a lot of ranked teams.
  15. nptb17


    ND deserves to go to a better bowl game than Alabama. That is a fact.
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