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  1. Lebron has been loyal his whole career. Chose to team up with his best friend in the league.
  2. I think Boling could be top 5 long jumper in the world.
  3. Jamaican women will smash the 4x100 wr with something real stupid. Women's 4x400 could fall depending on who we throw out there. I agree with the guy that said no Felix.
  4. Knighton is getting that 200 wr. That records falls well before the next Olympics. All the hurdle records are in danger.
  5. 3 world records will fall in the sprints at worlds, from the 100 to 400. Knighton will break Bolt's 200 wr within the next year, and maybe in 3 weeks.
  6. So Kobe made players better but Lebron didn't. You are showing selective memory. You are judging Lebron off of his last few years of basketball and forgetting his first 15. The dude is the athletic version of Magic who I considered the best player ever until Lebron. Lebron has always been a pass first player who can score whenever he wants.
  7. So Lebron doesn't make his teammates better?
  8. Will they have someone to push them leading up to state? I can definitely see a repeat performance from them at the state meet. What district or region are they in?
  9. Georgia's offensive coordinator needs to be fired
  10. I'm handing out free Madden lessons on the PS5. Respond if you ready for school.
  11. Cincinnati had a few players sit out as well and Cincinnati controlled that game up until they didn't. But that is how football goes sometimes.
  12. Can you admit that playing against a Cincinnati defense who did have pros on it is a little different than playing against Bama's defense, even if it's really not one of their best.
  13. Most elite team JT has played against while at Georgia?
  14. JT lost how many games at SC including his starting position. And now he can't beat out a walk on. I'm just saying.
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