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  1. Mountain Brook AL @ Thompson AL JSerra CA @ Servite CA (10/17) Ralston Valley CO @ Columbine CO St. John's DC @ Good Counsel MD DeMatha MD @ Gonzaga DC (10/19) IMG Academy @ St. Frances Academy MD McEachern GA @ Marietta GA Grayson GA @ Archer GA St. Thomas Aquinas KS @ Bishop Miege KS Don Bosco Prep NJ @ St. Joseph Regional NJ (10/19) Iona Prep NY @ Christ the King NY (10/19) Elder OH @ Winton Woods OH La Salle OH @ St. Xavier OH Dorman SC @ Byrnes SC
  2. I was at every single Herbstreit Classic and saw those games up close and personal. Lakeland beat St. X and not Ignatius. X, Ignatius, Elder, and even St. Edward are hardly ever the most talented teams in Ohio. The talent is the same as it always is. The Pickerington schools as well as Lakota West, Cleveland Heights, and a few others are usually the most talented teams in Ohio. Fairfield has the best back in SouthWest Ohio and I have them ranked second in the Greater Cincinnati area. I promise you they no one is going to out athlete them.
  3. Homewood and St. X played Penn out of Indiana in back to back weeks. Penn got beat by similar scores by both teams but St. X burried them a lot earlier than Homewood. What does it all mean? Not a damn thing. I'm not going to make some ridiculous statement like you tend to do.
  4. Bolingbrook must have a ton of speed to hold LWE to 20 points.
  5. St. X blew out the Canadian team who beat St. Ignatius. St. X was easily defeated by Elder. St. Edward smoked Elder. St. Edward escaped St. Ignatius. Hoban was beating the brakes off of St. Ignatius before an obvious brain fart. St. Ignatius now has 2 losses to Ohio squads. How can the be 2? Is Servite 3 in Cali? I was wrong about Ignatius vs Dematha. I accept that. You were right for once but were scared to take a bet you would have won going away because you don't believe most of the stuff you post with the tiers.
  6. Duncanville would be favored over everyone in Ohio. Mentor, St. Edward, Hoban, Elder and Pickerington Central would be best hopes for a win. If it was a pickem game, I would only take Pickerington Central over Duncanville because Pickerington Central always finds a way to win OOS games. Duncanville is a bad example. Sammy doesn't know wtf he's talking about for the most part. He has no response for Servite being a play and a two point conversion away from beating tier 1 SJB. Servite sucks.
  7. UGA's play calling is not helping Fromm either. They are very predictable.
  8. Burrow is most likely going to go in the first round barring injury.
  9. I can literally hear all Cov Cath games from my house. Their field is abour .6 miles away from my house and I didn't even have to look at the boards to know that Lasalle was getting the works.
  10. There are 4 million people in all of Jamaica. I don't see how that hasn't sunk in for you yet. Jamaicans got 4 silvers in the 4x400 mens race and then 2 more in the mixed.
  11. Tichenor Middle school over Newport Central Catholic middle school in the semi final of the playoffs.
  12. How many Texans were in the 100m finals? What about the 200m finals? 400m finals? You get where I'm going? Anytime the US doesn't win the 4 x 400 relay it's an upset. The US can put a E team out in the 4 x 400 and medal. Jamaican man were terrible in all of the events I described. But wait, they finished second in the 4x400. I forget where the long jump world champion was from. They got young guns just like the US that will probably announce there selves to the world in Eugene in 2021 and now Jamaican men are getting good at things outside of sprints.
  13. X offense was great in the 4th quarter. First 3 quarters they weren't very good. Elder was in complete control of that game but X made it really interesting late.
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