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  1. Warren Central was 2 scores better than anyone in Ohio that year. Their free safety went to UF but transferred back home because of family issues. Jeremy Finch and he brought the noise.
  2. We talked about it a lot that year. MNW had the type of offense to hurt St. X 3-3-5 with the big wideouts and deep balls.
  3. Pratville's offense crossed mid field once that game. The game was close because St. X was terrible on offense. It was the beginning of them have a bad offense for a number of years.
  4. nptb17

    Every U

    Wrong the original battle was FSU and OSU. I'm talking all the way back to the 90's. OSU has been pumping out very good db's for that long as was FSU until about 6 years ago.
  5. John Brown was exposed this game. I became a believer in the Pouncey's this game. Best offensive lineman I've seen at the high school level.
  6. On the Texas site back then, all of us not from Texas had SLC 3rd or 4th on the national scale.
  7. I would give Kobe the edge in shooting and creating his own shot. I call Kobe the best bad shot maker in the history of the league. I would say it's a draw as far as defending but I could be swayed to Pippens side.
  8. Magic didn't have Worthy in his rookie year. Worthy Might have been at UNC or a senior in high school.
  9. Well it's hard to average much more when Jordan is hoisting up 30 to 40 shots a game.
  10. Shaq wasn't no 2 playa. When Magic was playing with Kareem, if they weren't running, the ball was going to Kareem to start the offense.
  11. Magic won championships without Riley. He won a game clinching finals game without Kareem his rookie year. What else you got?
  12. He is the best offensive player I've seen from the area.
  13. When dude is not flopping around like a fish out of water, he is the bag of chips.
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