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  1. Bok-ko Bok-ko Man, I gotta be a Bok-ko Man. Bok-ko Bok-ko Man I gotta be a Bok-ko -- Man!
  2. Stop with the qanon bs. You're making yourself look even worse...
  3. Well, if you want to compare deaths by auto accident to deaths from COVID-19 in the US for the past year, the numbers are approximately 20,600 to 730,000 respectively. Luckily, deaths from COVID-19 have been going down. But this can be attributed in large part to the introduction of vaccines, and the use of masks. Still you like the odds?
  4. 52 minutes! I was wondering how long it would take to get a response. Personally, I thought it wouldn't take that long... 6 and 4... That's something to build on for next season...
  5. Bosco prayin' for a Delbarton win. Delbarton loses and they have to take the long trip down to Richland...
  6. Precisely! How long will it take for the rest of the state to see this?
  7. How many think SA makes it to the final?
  8. Playing almost the same competition DPC has actually given up fewer points...
  9. Yes, in fact I did see the game. I was very impressed by SHP's defense. Given time the SHP QB will pick SPP apart. He didn't get the time at DP. But he will against SPP...
  10. Yes, SHP has a much better offense than SPP. And their defense is playing well right now too. But I'd also be interested in a Donovan Catholic-BC game. BC will win, but by how much? I don't think Joes will get 4 turnovers against Bosco a second time around...
  11. Just 3-1, not undefeated? Gee, thanx! Really went out on a limb there....
  12. So DP has to go undefeated to be taken seriously -- vs. schools 2, 3, 4 times their size? When was the last time anyone in the BNU did that?
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