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  1. So scared of a marching band lmao YEP
  2. We want @Sammyswordsman we want @Sammyswordsman if Gorman can never beat MD again they will always be guaranteed a servite victory lmao
  3. I don't believe that but if true and they get blown out by bg Tomorrow no one should waste their time and money playing st Louis thet would be considered only island good if you ask me all the ballers are on the mainland
  4. We hear this every year and when they step up vs a top 25 team they get smacked right back down I think bg is to fast and athletic atleast 10-15 guy's are 4.5 or better with atleast 3 or 4 4.3 and this week all the transfers play including #1 and some lineman and this team is scary and this is the fastest team since tate Martell junior and probably most talented they are loaded and weakness I would say Dline and there's a DE with offers but Still weakest part of the team DB core all D1 GUYS and I think it will come down to QB and feel like bg has the better 1 but st Louis will not roll over p
  5. All I have to say is this isn't 2018 BG this team and faster and stronger and on DEFENSE 8 D1 guys and on OFFENSE 8 D1 GUYS so this team is loaded but st Louis will be tough and wont roll over but they never seen what's getting off the bus Friday BG 41-24
  6. Yep worst team in America we had our time all dynasties come to a end no big deal life goes on
  7. Ummmm let's just say there's Still a month away from the season
  8. Yep I agree 1 player doesn't change a football I agree 100%
  9. Not kenny the shitty NEW OC but last year is over focused on getting this team ready to go and ready for servite should be good
  10. Yeah that's how we got to the top so F it hold backs and California players and Hawaii players and whatever it takes but yeah I said it all the time that was the worst team in ten years should have lost by 80
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