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  1. The durn 3 downers were in Happy Valley last night. Hard to believe an SEC crew made that mistake.
  2. Better than that. Fabrizio recognized the talent early in the young man's career and flew to the Ivory Coast to get the family to come to Leesburg. According to those in the know he started there in first grade.
  3. The bad part is he probably thinks he is posting a real news story.
  4. That’s the 2nd time we have kicked it up 5
  5. Pelham plays Clinch. Cook beat them last week.
  6. They were referring to your RB from Madison, not the DB from Perry. #Lowndesisallhomegrown
  7. I know better Rufus. Found this picture the other day. I'm sure you will recognize it. If I'm not mistaken it was across the street from Homer Mays' store.
  8. Now you are talking. I grew up on the Flint. We spent almost every Saturday in the summer on the river. Hanging at Sprewell Bluff.
  9. I left out a little. No sense in airing it all out. I’ll say this, if the kid didn’t want to play, he shouldn’t have to play. Sometimes as parents it is easier to blame others than to let our kids make their own choices.
  10. Because the kid missed practice and wasn’t allowed to play? If it was enforced on the best player shouldn’t it be enforced on everyone? Quit getting your news off the Trash Talk page on Facebook. Next question
  11. I gotta agree. Being young is no excuse for just bad form. We aren’t as physical on defense this year. I saw a little start to show up tonight but only in a couple of players.
  12. Cedar Grove QB is sitting on the bench with his pads off.
  13. Cedar Grove QB went out with a leg injury. He wasn’t putting any weight on it leaving the field.
  14. They aren’t bad. They blitz a lot and leave themselves open behind it if they don’t get there. They are athletic
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