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  1. Lol, there is definitely a "thing" between them. Defenses can play 11 on 10 against us because Carter isn't getting the ball.
  2. It is all politics. The committee puts UGA at 4 knowing they still have Auburn and LSU to play and counting on them losing and taking themselves out of the conversation. They had to drop Alabama to avoid any suspicions but can move them up once UGA loses.
  3. That was three rows in front of me. We had a pool on how long they were going to get to stay. They both lasted longer than I thought they would.
  4. Rufus you can stop circling Gray on the bypass, Rab has been located and is now posting again on is Apple IIc.
  5. Rufus I was thinking the same thing about the Ol guy. I know he has had issues with his Commodore 64 in the past but it isn't like him to not find a way to at least get word out that he is ok. I hope all is well with his ticker.
  6. I don't think these are back taxes. These are more of the did not file a tax return type issues.
  7. That is the gospel. Deal with issues when they arise or they snowball. The fact that nothing was dealt with when it occurred is my whole beef. I don't think you will find many people that don't agree that he should be let go. Oh yeah just fyi, Rush hasn't been fired. The board is waiting on PSC for that one. They know they only have hearsay evidence and can't use that to dismiss him.
  8. That is my issue. This supposedly happened in 2012 but it was only an ethics violation in 2019. Same with meeting with the new principal. It wasn't addressed when it occurred. My guess would be that if someone started digging, the school system payed for rooms in the past as well, just not this time.
  9. Here you go genius. The recommend dose is one. You can take two but they recommend one.
  10. Actually the recommended dosage is one pill. If you are taking more you must be a drug head.
  11. The pills will be he said she said. There is proof of the taxes. The others are just things the superintendent said he did.
  12. These coaches and the trainer are all mandated reporters and no one said anything for 7 years??? I hope there is more coming. I don't and won't defend Rush but I am also not stupid enough to think he was alone in that part of it.
  13. Just a thought but wasn't the AD an assistant coach in 2012? I wonder if he was the assistant that might have maybe remembered he thought he saw something...
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