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  1. So now you are counting assistant coaches changing jobs as transfers?
  2. Maybe they are actually moving and following the rules.
  3. It is a simple answer. Money. There are so many high schools in Metro and the coaches all get the same supplement. They can move to smaller one county schools or other schools outside of Metro and make more money and set themselves up better for retirement. No different than Westbrook leaving Warner Robbins to go to Peach County.
  4. What happened to the NC team that was supposed to come? I am hearing Colquitt has a good opponent.
  5. It is the backup that entered the portal. Their starter is graduating. Makes me think the backup knows he can’t win the job there next year.
  6. Why? You are arguing about Ohio State being better not TCU. The game against Michigan was the conference championship for them.
  7. So their performance in one game makes them better than their performance in a different game? Using that logic, UGA shouldn't be #1 based on their performance against Missouri.
  8. Wasn't Ohio State at home the first time? Why would a neutral site make them better?
  9. Yeah because Lowndes doesn't accept players from out of town *cough cough* Perry FL *cough cough* Madison FL
  10. Coaches don't stay because the pay is much higher in South Georgia in general. If you worked at a job that paid retirement based on your two highest years wouldn't you take the leap and take one of those jobs for at least two years (maybe)? Gwinnett pays all their coaches the same supplement I believe regardless of what school they are at. The TD Clubs just don't have the backing that non-Metro ones do to add much to the supplement.
  11. He was the OC there in 92 under Mumme. I think he followed Hal to Kentucky as well. He definitely marched to his own beat.
  12. I was at VSU when Mumme and Leach were there. Those were fun football teams to watch as they developed their "Air Raid" offense.
  13. There is nothing in the bylaws. I have looked at the white book and the only thing that is addressed is seating.
  14. Agreed. If it isn't in writing it is difficult for the host schools to make plans to comply. From my understanding they send out a memo with their expectations to the schools but nothing is in writing prior to this memo.
  15. This is the GHSA trying to make the site a neutral site in the semi finals. They basically take over everything at this point. They even limit what the PA announcer can and cannot say. Basically they are saying if we flash the lights when we score then we must flash them when Carrolton scores. It isn't a complaint from a school. This is in line with being forced to use GoFan for the tickets.
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