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  1. She is a lot smarter than her dad. She is going to use those brains to get into school and not let people continue to hit her like Larry did.
  2. That's what I said. The entire thing is a gold mine of comedy. Especially when all the lawyers were talking to each other about reporting everything to the GHSA.
  3. The best part is when they asked him if he knew of any college coaches that were paying cash and he said "you can lock me up, I'm not answering that"
  4. It really is worth reading, but... Allegedly: He cashed a check that was supposed to be for advertising. He asked the Touchdown Club to pay rent for the two quarterbacks that moved in He asked the Touchdown Club for 10K in cash to use at his discretion with no accountablity.
  5. That is what I am hearing too. I think that is the reason for the hesitation out of Valdosta right now. They are trying to figure out how to contain this.
  6. According to this, he didn't funnel, he stole and then paid it back when he got caught. Pretty much the same thing he did in Colquitt. "OOPS I deposited the check in the wrong account"
  7. Here is the link. There is some comedy gold in it if you take the time to read the entire deposition. https://portalprod.lowndescounty.com/PortalProd/DocumentViewer/Index/PhmsSEeuU8OhQvDDuYzihoZn9Pg3qqq-YibB93WkmXzOrjYGL1AZz_o3p0OiaznUxE7fcSFxpTPxOsU_tF8S4Wt8NucIVuVeccnu5Ukme4c1?caseNum=2020CV0534&docType=Document&docName=Notice of Filing Deposition of Michael Nelson - FOR FILING.pdf&eventName=Notice&docTypeId=3&p=0
  8. Is it really nuclear if everyone expected it to happen? I agree though that it is big news. I don't think Rush survives this one. Valdosta knew what they were getting and they are getting exactly that now. In the words of Dennis Green "He was who we thought he was"
  9. Not much going on in Quincy. The good news is that it is close to Tallahassee. Tallahassee is a great town. It still feels like a small town. I don't know much about hunting in the area. Good duck hunting close by. If you get down during football season give me a shout and I'll have you a ticket to a Packer game.
  10. You would think Lowndes fans would get this. Their all world QB from a few years ago is a lights out safety now in college.
  11. I'm not sure Colquitt would have been celebrating. Remind me again how Lowndes did against him as our DC.
  12. Hang in there bud. Like they said, stay on top of things. Hope you feel better soon.
  13. I don’t know much but Zane's dad was unexpectedly and quickly hospitalized after some bloodwork yesterday. From what I was told, the plan was to not tell Zane. As pretty much any one who played sports can tell you, kids know right where mom and dad are at the game.
  14. Zane had more going on than just a football game last night. I don’t know how much he was aware of or told but he had to notice that his parents weren't there and figure something out.
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