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  1. It would be a lot easier to believe the argument of a better education if the parents didn't work in the Colquitt School system
  2. I am hearing that he is charting better than his older brother at his age and he has a stronger leg. It might be the new coach we have working with the kickers.
  3. The meeting has been canceled. The expert at knowing when he was being recorded got recorded again on Facebook Live. “That does not need to get out. So how we gonna stop that?” 😂😂😂 You can’t make this shit up.
  4. Is that the Lowndes team that had to forfeit games for cheating or that this year? Right way my ass
  5. Rab will you be in attendance at the board meeting Monday? Man, am I hoping you drive down for it.
  6. There was video that was missing from the school cameras. The video of him entering the gym was from school footage.
  7. Typical Alabama answer. How bout rule 140? That is the real reason Dodd left the SEC.
  8. The family is grasping for any hope of a definitive answer as to what happened to their son. I can't imagine the pain they are going through and I can't even pretend to say what I would do in their situation. We all have our opinion of what happened but I'm not sure anyone knows for sure.
  9. Or how about the fact that they never met the requirements of the bona fide move.
  10. UGA is looking at recruiting a South GA kid. There is that better for you?
  11. Why start listening to the attorneys now?
  12. They don't have ties. They vote 5-3 on everything. I'm with Rufus on this one. This is a formality and the board is wasting Valdosta's time with this. I guess if they do it this way they can avoid another wrongful termination suit.
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