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  1. You forgot about Lee slipping through the cracks. They reported exactly zero students as out of district teams. They wanted no part of moving up to 7A.
  2. I was told most of the 4 or 5 who quit were just normal attrition. If Grage was easy on them 96 would be complaining they were soft. Lowndes didn’t hire the guy that 96 wanted so he has thrown his sucker in the dirt.
  3. You are a dumbass! Did you not read the first sentence in the article?
  4. Jacurri run around is not exactly perfecting an offense. He bailed out bad play a lot.
  5. I only got to watch the video as well but I had someone texting me updates. Lutrell was moving pretty quick on that return.
  6. They are 0-0 and you are already trashing them but you say you will support them if they go 0-10??
  7. None of our athletes have to pay for physicals. We have a night (at least we used to) where a group of doctors and nurses give them all physicals.
  8. There is no rule that siblings have to attend the same school. If one starts school A in the 9th grade they are eligible there no matter what. Then the family move into the district and the other student transfers all the boxes are checked and it is completely legal. You are forgetting/trying to spin this but it really isn’t that hard. The rules are not a secret. Hell even Lowndes got it right for their best player this year. His family moved from FL to meet the requirements.
  9. Apparently the kid has been in Valdosta since January. This is 100% on the Valdosta admin for not making sure the kid and his family knew what to do in order to be eligible. Waiting and hoping for a hardship was either stupid or lazy.
  10. Fred you misread his post. He still "has to check" because in his mind if the player started at Valdosta in elementary school it was only a transfer when he went to Lee. It isn't a transfer if he moves in with his sister in Valdosta. Now...if Valdosta were to beat Lowndes in the Classic, THEN it becomes a transfer and Valdosta only beat them because they have transfers.
  11. 96 calls the running back at Lee County a transfer. His family moved to Lee from Africa when he was a child.
  12. I don't really care either way where he plays. I am just pointing out the hypocrisy. 96 picks and chooses what he calls transfers. He has yet to acknowledge that the best player on Lowndes' roster is a transfer from Taylor county. As a parent I would do whatever it took to get my child in the best possible situation. I'm not sure that Valdosta is a better situation than Lee but I also don't know anything about his family dynamics. He could be moving to a more stable environment and if so, more power to him
  13. So it doesn't count as a transfer because you are sure he was a wildcat first? You are a joke.
  14. Damn Hawg I think you may have hit on something.
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