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  1. Hang in there bud. Like they said, stay on top of things. Hope you feel better soon.
  2. I don’t know much but Zane's dad was unexpectedly and quickly hospitalized after some bloodwork yesterday. From what I was told, the plan was to not tell Zane. As pretty much any one who played sports can tell you, kids know right where mom and dad are at the game.
  3. Zane had more going on than just a football game last night. I don’t know how much he was aware of or told but he had to notice that his parents weren't there and figure something out.
  4. Congrats Larry. Or I guess congrats probably go to Beaux and Mom.
  5. Those were the three worst and best words in the NFL. "Dr. James Andrews". He has done pretty good for himself. Worth upwards of 100 million.
  6. I think it was because at times Brown has looked like superman. Colquitt tackled well tonight for the most part. We were able to limit the long runs and big plays. Brown ran past Valdosta by himself because of some missed tackles.
  7. Trust me. I get it. It is one of the drawbacks of big games in South Georgia. I had the same problem last year. Packer fan was escorted out while the Lowndes fan continued to scream obscenities
  8. No different than the Lowndes fans on the visitors side at the spittoon.
  9. Good evaluation. Great athlete but he has suffered from a lack of development
  10. Not tonight. The game plan was to make him beat us passing and he is not up to it tonight.
  11. You mean the acclimation period that the GHSA has mandated since the beginning of the season? Yep the GHSA is out to get Lowndes. You are the epitome of why people don't like Lowndes.
  12. If I am understanding it correctly, Garcia was not eligible in Valdosta because the parents lied about separating and mom did not move. Both parents have moved into the Grayson district which makes this a bonafide move in the GHSA's eyes. If both parents had moved to Valdosta before the fiasco, he would have been eligible there.
  13. No, but HIPAA has nothing to do in this instance. It only protects your information from your healthcare providers.
  14. Didn't Valdosta loan Lowndes school system money?
  15. My guess is this is more of Rush trying to rally the Wildcats and make it them against the world. I also doubt Rush wants to start a shit slinging contest with folks in Colquitt.
  16. Passion doesn't pay the bills for GPB. The majority of their donors are in the metro and it is A LOT cheaper to show a game up there.
  17. I'm not even going to try and explain economics to a Lowndes guy.
  18. Here is a link to one GPB did in 2018. It was a pretty good one. https://www.gpb.org/television/show/football-fridays-in-georgia/season/8/lowndes-vikings-vs-colquitt-county-packers-0
  19. How bout just meeting him at midfield and saying congrats. Maybe Rush was following social distance protocols because he stayed 50 yards away from Rogers.
  20. I heard that music playing and I was thinking what the hell are they playing elevator music after this win for. Then it hit me what song it was and I thought it was a good choice. I'm sure no one under 20 had any idea what that was.
  21. We all need to thank our lucky stars that Rush didn't land at a Metro school. He would never lose with all that talent.
  22. All I can figure is they didn't think the ball was going to roll 10 yards. When it turned up field they were on their heels.
  23. If it isn't 2 nights it will be a long night for Marietta. 6 hours on game day is just too hard to overcome
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