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  1. Hmmm....I think you are wrong. And I wish you weren't. Participation is down. Attendance is down...significantly. Number of officials is down...significantly Number of Freshman teams are down. Number and consistency of nationally ranked teams is down...considerably. The best of Ohio High School football is, unfortunately, behind us. There are still many good teams and the games are still fun to go to, but to suggest that either the top teams or the depth of teams is the same quality of just 5-7 years ago is just not true. Would love for you to tell me what I am missing. -93CardinalsFan
  2. Is it just me, or has the quality of football in Ohio taken a serious dive over the past 5-7 years? I watch some of these "top" teams and think to myself that they wouldn't have stood a chance 10 years ago against some of the teams that rolled through this state. It's sad to see, no doubt. What's the reason? Or am I off completely? -93CardinalsFan
  3. Sadly, the writing has been on the wall for years. It really is a testament to Coaches Coombs and Bolden that they were as incredible as they were for 3 decades. There are so many things working against the program that eventually, it was going to fall off the table...and quick. And unfortunately, that is exactly what has happened. They will be lucky to be .500 this year. More than likely, they will suffer back to back losing seasons which hasn't happened since the early 90's. -93CardinalsFan
  4. LOL....if this were any other year, I'd have thought you were talking about Colerain. 😆 Bolden loses back-to-back regional final games against GCL opponents....stop me if you've heard this one before. LW is still likely the favorite next year in the conference and who knows what the region will look like. -93CardinalsFan
  5. I would bet the house on Ed's bringing more hardware back to Lakewood. Honestly, if you are betting on anyone else, you are kidding yourself. Another title for one of the State's private school powerhouses forthcoming. -93CardinalsFan
  6. Not surprised, but surely disappointed. They absolutely should have. They had no answer for Drew Ramsey. And the DB's had multiple PI calls against them trying to cover him. The reality is, you are on the road in a hostile environment trying to go score for score against a team that runs one of the most efficient passing attacks in Ohio. And outside the big play, you haven't proven that you can get consistent yardage. Not to mention the "adventure" that has been special teams all year. The kids were clearly dejected afterwards but they played their best game of the year in week 11, so I'm happy. They need to grow from it and use it as fire to get in the weight room and get bigger and stronger this offseason. The days of talking state title are over on Cheviot Road....need to get that GMC Championship trophy back in our case where it belongs. -93CardinalsFan
  7. Just to put a bow on the Colerain loss to Elder.... @Coletrain06, as usual, was spot on with his analysis. Elder usually plays a "bend don't break" defense where they give up 2-5 yards every play and wait for Colerain to make a mistake that kills their drives. This works best when the Elder defense has some speed. Not a ton...just a little. That really wasn't the case Friday night. Colerain Sophomore QB Zae Jennings rushed for a school record 326 yards and tied a school record with 5 rushing TD's. It was a heartbreaker of a loss but honestly, I've never smiled so big after a loss. This team is filled with Sophomores and a few juniors as well. Will be much better next year. Looking forward to it. Here is a snippet of his TD runs from field level from local reporter. https://twitter.com/MarkVSlaughter/status/1454315338863108098?s=20 -93CardinalsFan
  8. Willis could be back tonight vs. East. He isn't lost for the year, that's what matters. The Cards need his athleticism and experience on the field defensively. You nailed it...small and inexperienced. The size on the lines is really what is holding Colerain back. With a shrinking, closed enrollment district, it is destroying any chance Colerain has to be competitive against the large, open-enrollment schools in the conference and the privates which always pull in monster sized lineman. If we are being honest, this has been apparent over the past 3-5 years. Zae has a future. He makes decisions quickly and has a quick first step. He clearly has some growing up to do but he has a good future at the position. I don't remember the last time Colerain had to start so many Sophomores on varsity. Tonight's game will be a great test, not just for the players but for the coaching staff as well. I will be curious if they can stitch together a game plan to stop arguably the best team Haynes has had at East. -93CardinalsFan
  9. This is tremendous....😆 For the record....I am not complaining about what X does or how they do it. They've been doing it for decades. My frustration is when you try and put them and a school like Colerain on the same playing field and call it level....it isn't. Just like putting IMG and St. Xavier on the same playing field....it's not level. Enjoy the rest of the back and forth fellas. I tried to bring it back on topic (thanks zulu for commenting) but doesn't seem any interest in doing that. Take care and good luck to your teams this weekend! -93CardinalsFan
  10. Is this a bad time to remind you that St. Xavier is, in fact, a PRIVATE school and has ZERO parochial feeder schools? -93CardinalsFan
  11. I'm with you Coletrain06...this Colerain team, outside of Jarmon and Willis (who hasn't played yet due to injury), is so talent-depraved, they are going to struggle with almost every team they play. Make no mistake, the best years of Colerain football are in the past. This team is young and inexperienced. Their lines are small and there is the new OC you mentioned. This is the #2 defense in the GMC (Colerain) vs. the #2 offense (Lakota East). If the Cards can score 28 points, I think they win. I'm not sure they are capable of scoring 28 points. Put another way, if they lose tomorrow, the Cards are staring at a .500 record for the first time since the early 90's. 😵 -93CardinalsFan
  12. Look...I clearly don't want to get involved in this back and forth you have with AF, but you can't be serious, can you? Every single young man that matriculates to St. Xavier in Finneytown, OH got there because they were either recruited there or they transferred there. That is a fact and it is undeniable. Now, I have no issue with that at all. But for you to claim that is somehow different than a school like IMG is disingenuous at best, a flat out lie at worst. Now, don't get me wrong...I do NOT believe that these football factories should ever be measured against the closed enrollment public schools across the country. They are playing by an entirely different set of rules with entirely different tools at their disposal. Just like St. Xavier, St. Edward, Moeller, Elder, St. Ignatius, etc., etc., etc. There is CLEARLY a difference in the aim of schools like IMG vs. St. Xaiver, obviously. But how they go about attracting, keeping and paying for those kids is almost identical. How big is St. X's endowment now? $80M? $90M? As for the topic (oh year!), I do not think this year's team is as good as the '07 squad. Football, overall, is down significantly in Ohio and has been trending as such for the past 3-5 years. Just simply look at the players on the '21 team and ask yourself which ones would start on the '07 team. I won't attempt that because I don't know enough about either team to do that. I will leave that up to the St X experts. Good topic. Excited to watch St. X curb stomp every opponent on their way to a 15-0 record and Ohio DI Title. -93CardinalsFan
  13. To be fair...their entire team is based on recruiting and transfers....just not in the way you like to talk about it. -93CardinalsFan
  14. Absolutely spot on. As much as I'd love to think differently, the Cards simply do not have the beef or the experience to keep this game close. X holds the Cards to less than 10 points while scoring 21-28 in the process. Hate to say it, but it is what it is. LaSalle isn't nearly as good as they have been. Likely a 4-6 win team, max, and St. Xavier is primed for another State Title run. They scored 28 unanswered on the Firebirds last week. Cards will be in all black...thank God for the expanded playoffs in Ohio starting this year. -93CardinalsFan
  15. That's a great summary for D1 R4 Coletrain. The win by our Cardinals looks good on paper but the offense is still brutal to watch. Feel good they can beat Mason on Friday but after that, would not surprise me at all if the old ball coach Bolden puts together a game plan to once again, completely shut us down against West. His knowledge of our offense is the biggest weapon on Lakota West's sideline. Also, not sure if you were able to watch the game, but I very concerned about the lack of creativity with the offense. I realize Freddie Johnson had to step in and run the offense in place of an injured Tyler Prather but how many times was a quick seam route open for someone (Myers!!!!) to run with Milford playing 10 in the box and it was NEVER thrown? I mean, that has to be worked into the game plan this week vs. Mason or they will just line up and tackle much better than Milford. Would love another shot at West just to try and beat them. Can't stomach losing to $olden twice in one season. 😉 -93CardinalsFan
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