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  1. 1DayPGA

    Who wins the STA vs DLS game ??

    Exactly. They used to give out t-shirts right. And you felt like you were part of an elite group if you were on Spec. Teams.
  2. 1DayPGA

    Who wins the STA vs DLS game ??

    That describes what happened last time DLS played STA. The QB M. Lescano made numerous plays esp. on 3rd down. He was a really good qb. Smart and athletic. Going to be difficult for DLS with all that new blood on D. As you mentioned since it's the first game STA's playbook should not be that big. Speaking of special teams. That used to be a big plus for DLS. But not so much in recent years. Not sure why. I believe the D.C. coach E. still runs it.
  3. 1DayPGA

    Cancer sucks

    Good luck Woodchopper. I've had friend and relatives fight it win. You can too. Stay positive and take it one day at a time.
  4. 1DayPGA

    Who wins the STA vs DLS game ??

    It was DBP fighting and not giving up, DLS getting worn down in the 2nd half and DLS special teams were pretty bad that night. The punter had an awful game. Constantly gave DBP great field position by only punting the ball about 15-20 yard avg. DBP made adjustments bringing in their safety and LB putting them on the end and blitzing the QB. Then on offense handing the ball off to Dillon Romain who grinded out a lot of tough yards. You knew that DLS was going to have a tough time since the the Spartans nearly lost to Serra 2 weeks earlier winning by 1 point on a fluke play and then having to come back and score two 4th qtr td's against Loyola (which was on the road in S. Cal) the week before the DBP game. The DLS defense was getting pounded all night by Loyola's bruiser RB Anthony Barr who was 6-4 230lb. So yea, they were probably a little worn out but no excuse for why they lost that game.
  5. 1DayPGA

    Who wins the STA vs DLS game ??

    All good points BB. DLS also wore down BG in their first meeting. If this game was at STA again I would be worried with the cross country trip and the humidity. Fortunately being held at O.O. field will give the Spartans a big advantage. I was at the first DBP game and believe they were out coached in the 2nd half and maybe taken by surprise that DBP did not roll over and die at halftime. Good win by DBP. The Spartans are going to have one of their most versatile team in years. Not only does Hale have receivers that can catch the ball and make plays but the RB's can also catch and run as well. If STA loads the box to try and stop the veer DLS will take advantage of STA's secondary in one on one coverage. The Spartans offense will be solid. The defense on the other hand has so many holes to fill I don't know what to make of it til after seeing a few games. Coach Eidson better find some leadership on D. that can fill Henry T's role. Maybe it'll be Hackett at LB or Roe on the line but somebody will have to lead this team on defense. I don't know what STA is bringing to the table so I can't comment on them.
  6. 1DayPGA

    U.S. Open at Pebble Beach

    Could've used a breeze yesterday it was pretty warm and you do a lot of walking at a golf event. Come tourney time the weather will be good. Hopefully the wind stays down.
  7. 1DayPGA

    U.S. Open at Pebble Beach

    Was at Pebble yesterday for a practice round. Weather was perfect. About 75 and no wind. My buddy got us inside the ropes passes so we followed him he was paired with Louie Oostuizen. Louie very nice guy. Small in stature but hits it long. Here are a few picts. We walked over to the practice range and my buddy was hitting balls next to DJ so he introduced us to Butch Harmon (DJ's coach) and his son who coaches Koepka. Then we went over to the Titleist van and met Bob Vokey (invented Vokey wedges) and then Peter Cowen, walks in and says hello. He works with Rory Graeme McDowell, Sergio, Louie O, and a few other European Pro's. One thing I'll say all these guys were very friendly. Looking forward to tomorrow.
  8. 1DayPGA

    Some California news

    Thought you'd show a pict. of the Stache, back in HS. Understand he was a helluva RB.
  9. 1DayPGA

    What happened to these once powerhouses?

    I forgot about Jenks. Them and Union always making some noise. Question for you how come no strong teams in Nebraska? For ex. Omaha population has to be close to 1/2 mil.
  10. 1DayPGA

    U.S. Open at Pebble Beach

    It's going to be great weather at Pebble. 70's Thurs/Fri. then a little cooler on the weekend. I was at Pebble in 1992, 2000, 2010, and will be there this week watching my buddy who qualified for it. He's already met Tiger, Jason Day, and a few other pro's. Hopefully he'll make the cut and play the weekend but it is all pretty surreal for him so we'll see. Lots of folks picking Tiger to win but Rory played lights out the last 2 days in the Canadian Open flirting with a 59. Koepka is feeling very confident and rightfully so and Phil winning at Pebble getting his U.S. Open and the grand slam would be storybook. Others to look out for is DJ who has won at Pebble and lost the Open at Pebble in 2010. Spieth has also stepped up his game.
  11. 1DayPGA

    What happened to these once powerhouses?

    Some other teams that were powerhouses and you don't hear much about anymore are: Brockton- MA Central Bucks West-PA Berwick -PA Rockhurst-MO Bell-TN West Monroe- LA (still relevant just not like they used to be) Union-OK
  12. Back in the day Long Beach Poly had plenty of speed on the football team with Darryl Rideaux, Kareem Kelly, Samie Parker, and company. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1998-may-24-sp-53175-story.html Rideaux was a state champ in the 100 I think his PB was 10.36 also was USA Today A.A. Defensive Back Kelly was at one time the world record holder in the jr. indoor 50 meters at 5.67 think he ran a 10.28 PB 100 Those two guys finished 1-2 in the 100 at the CA state finals and then Kelly won the 200 (20.76) and Rideaux finished 3rd. Both went on to play ball and run track at USC and then both drafted in the NFL Parker and Aaron Smith helped Rideaux and Kelly win the 4x100 relay at state Parker played ball at Oregon then in the NFL Poly's football team was national powerhouse back in the 90's and early 2000's.
  13. 1DayPGA

    The best 55 sports movies of all-time, ranked

    "He's wearing the white shoes"
  14. 1DayPGA

    The best 55 sports movies of all-time, ranked

    Nacho Libre with Jack Black. That was a funny movie. Another movie not listed is Chariots of Fire deserves to be on the list.
  15. 1DayPGA

    The best 55 sports movies of all-time, ranked

    Slapshot when the coach (Paul Newman) walks by the Hanson's hotel room and sees them on the floor playing with slot cars. The look on his face is priceless. Then he calls the GM who signed the Hanson's. "These guys are retards, they brought their fucking toys" Another great line was Tom Hanks in A leauge of their own- "There's no crying in baseball".