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  1. Whiteshoes- Will St. Louis be tested against Punahou? I like to think so since they are big rivals and both undefeated. Than I see that Punahou struggled with a 1-5 team with a score of 52-49. Hard to get a feel for St. Louis. I know they have quality win against the Bishop besides that hard to tell.
  2. No issues here. Block, I think you need to read Sammy's post again. You were clearly confused the first time you read it.
  3. Blockhead you are unreal. I will make this as simple as possible. Just one question. Yes or no answer is all you need. And no answering who had the most receptions or a Bulldog will bite a Spartan so therefore.... One simple question- Is DLS a better football team than Folsom? I'll give you a hint. DLS leads the series 4-0 and they just won last Friday nite 42-27
  4. Funny, you point out one spelling error someone makes in a post yet your own posts don't even make sense. You are really some kind of jackass.
  5. If Folsom does not want to schedule any elite teams then they are never going to be ranked top 10 nationally with the exceptioon of a poll here or there. DLS may not win all their games against elite teams but they are not afraid to play anyone anywhere. Until Folsom does that they are going to have a difficult time getting the respect of pollsters and hs fans across the country.
  6. Good for Jonah, he's a heck of a lineman. Former DLS lineman Aaron Taylor has a Super Bowl ring. But that is beside the point. You've hijacked this thread. Go back and re-read Sammy's original post. This thread is about Folsom being overrrated. About them not scheduling top 25 opponents with the exception of DLS. Not about where Folsom's former players are at. This is a team game. Folsom is a good team but they are not yet an elite team. They need to go back to the drawing board and come back with a better game plan if they are going to want to swim in the deep end of the pool. Otherwise they can continue to schedule Antelope and OOS Idaho teams and be happy wading in the kiddie pool.
  7. No, we don't need to argue all day long. The record 4-0 speaks for itself. If the main point you're trying to make is that Folsom has put more players at the next level then start a separate thread. Don't go posting abput Friday night's game on how the score was close, and that Folsom was coming back, if not for a hail mary, and how Folsom recovered onside kicks, etc. For the record, DLS has put more players at the next level and in the NFL than Folsom.
  8. He could've had both. The difference between DLS and Folsom, is that DLS can still win without always having the best players on the field. That's where coaching, teamwork, execution, heart, and desire comes into play.
  9. There's no question that Badger is a baller, and will do well at the next level. But whether he had 5, 15, or 20 catches is besides the point. I'm sure he would be happy to trade all those catches for a win against DLS.
  10. Block, making a comment about norcalnut not putting a space after a period is pretty pathetic considering some of the drivel you post. Just admit that Folsom got beat by a better team. What is so difficult about that?
  11. On a sad note, Franco Columbu passed away. He was 78. Besides being a 2 time Mr. Olympia he was also a great powerlifter who was freakishly strong. At 185lbs he also had competed in the 1977 World's Strongest Man competition taking 5th place. BP 525lbs SQ 655lbs DL 750lbs R.I.P. Franco
  12. In no particular order. Satisfaction Angie Paint it Black You can't always get what you want
  13. Lost cause, I know. 🙄
  14. My outlook is: Folsom 0 DLS 14 Eventhou someone tried to convince me it was going to be Folsom by 17.
  15. Congrats. your big non league win last year was against a 4-7 team. That's awesome! When you are the champs you should fear no one.
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